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by: Burnice Kemmer


Burnice Kemmer
GPA 3.67

Benjamin Phelan

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About this Document

Benjamin Phelan
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Burnice Kemmer on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THTR 1020 at Louisiana State University taught by Benjamin Phelan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/222573/thtr-1020-louisiana-state-university in Theatre at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
DarwinMarxFreud Realism amp Naturalism1129201o 15500 AM Popular Structure o The WellMade play 0 Eugene Scribe o The Melodrama o Starsystem build themselves a play around a popular character 0 Spectacle 0 Lack of social conscience o The wellmade plot was usually based around a secret Social Awareness o Darwin 0 Sparked an interest in naturalism o Marx 0 Material comes first o Freud o Unconscious o Ideology all the systems that make up the thing that we assume are true but we don t even realize we believe it sometimes 0 Ex we believe we should have 3 meals a day Realism o 3 concerns 0 Observation setting up a house removal of the 4th wall 0 Material 0 Psychology Insisted on the solidity of the home Wellmade play with a social conscience A Doll s House by Henrik Ibsen Realism has a social conscience Naturalism o Laboratory put some characters in an area and you are going to observe them o Zola tends to be gruesome plays o Strindberg Miss Julie Modern Theatre Realism 11292010 15500 AM Daguerreotype early form of photography from Louis Daguerre 1840 modern photography Realism call for things to be real sets to be more genuine acting to be more honest o Became a hunger to uncover the basic forces of human nature and to show people as they really are Darwin Frued Marx all influenced Realism Realistic protagonists were products of their environment upbringing and psyche Darwin humans are equal with all other animals Freud human unconscious plays a major role in shaping behavior Marxdemocratic socialism and revolutionary communism o Playwrights started writing realistic stories that spotlighted human oppression o Questioned society s values and discussed the social and domestic problems of the middle class Problem plays based on the idea that before a problem can be solved society must first understand that the problem exists Box set a truetolife interior containing a room or rooms with the fourth wall removed so that the audience has the feeling of looking in on the characters private lives Realistic playwrights did away with heightened or poetic speech Modern Theatre Naturalism 11292010 15500 AM New photographic realism Exposed the squalid living conditions of the urban poor and explored such scandalous topics as poverty venereal disease and prostitution Exposed social ills and repressive social codes without preaching about them During this time women s rights became an important issue in the US and England Symbolism an attempt to show inner truth through symbolic acts and images Expressionism attempted to show life from the point of view of a particular character Dadaists attempted to mirror the madness of the world Surrealists attempted to reveal the higher reality of the unconscious mind Absurdism result of the atrocities of the world wars o fatalists o existentialists o hilariousabsurdism Epic Theatre 11292010 15500 AM Why the term epic o What the class considered epic something courageous memorable bold exciting Key Aspect verfremdungseffekt o Alienation effectspectators could be alienated or estranged from the play and thus conscious and critical Reveal the work of the worker Keep the audience entertained o French definition to hold the attention Ex Dogville The Good Person of Setzuan The Caucasian Chalk Circles Epic usually a story play or poem that has a large cast covers a long period and includes a large number of sometimes unrelated incidents The Musical 11292010 15500 AM Musicals an integration of music dance and drama a standard for most cultures throughout the history of the world Late 19th century the operata started o Some dialogue mixed with a lot of song looked a lot like musicals The focus is on the music not what the music can do for the plot Oklahoma first modern musical Singing a song that furthers the story along watched clip in class Character reaches a point where talking is insufficient Pause the action to express something grand Avenue Q musical wpeople and puppets watched clip in class Theatre and Cultural Diversity 11292010 15500 AM Culture The values standards and patterns of behavior of a particular groupof people expressed in customs language rituals history religion social andpolitical institutions and art and entertainment Multiculturalism Stage entertainment consisting of songs dances and comicscenes performed by white actors in blackface makeup originated in thenineteenth century Theatre of identity Plays by and about a particular culture or ethnic group Theatre of protest Plays that criticize the policies of the dominant culture anddemand justice Cross cultural theatre Theatre that joins contrasting ideas whether stagingtechniques or myths and rituals from diverse cultures into a single work inorder to find parallels between cultures and promote cultural pluralism NEA National Endowment for the Arts pg 64 Minstrel show Stage entertainment consisting of songs dances and comic scenes performed by white actors in blackface makeup originated in the nineteenth century Yiddish Broadway The Jewish theatre district on Second Avenue in New YorkCity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Harlem renaissance An African American literary artistic and musical movement during the 1920s and 1930s centered in the Harlem neighborhood inNew York City Three Types of theatre o Theatre of identity promotes a particular people s cultural identity and invites members of that culture and other culturesto experience that culture s joys problems history traditionsand point of view 0 written by member of the particular culture and staged byactors form that culture 0 Performed in streets and small theatres in china india latinAmerica Poland and Nigeria 0 Yiddish Broadway 2nd avenue in New York City location of manyjewish theatres Willis Richardson first AA to have a play on broadway that wasn t a musical Play was called The Chip Woman s Fortune Harlem Renaissance period of black struggle for artistic independence during the 1920s and 19305 Black artists actors poets musicians and writers converged in Harlem to tell the stories of their lives their history and their people Black playwrights o Amiri Baraka The Slaveinterracial couples 0 Adrienne Kennedy Funnyhouse of a Negrohuman unconscious and search for the meaning of truth Minstrel Show form of theatre where white actors wore heavy dark makeup to portray black characters Contained comedic scenes ballads and dance interludes all based on their perception of blacks o Blackface white actors with black makeup on to portray blacks August Wilson an American playwright 0 First big writing success was called Ma Rainey s Black Bottom Also wrote Fences Joe Turner s Come and Gone The Piano Lesson Susan LoriParks represents a new group of writers who are not waiting for mainstream or commercial theatre to recognize their plays Wrote Top DogUnderdog 0 Theatre of Protest objects to the dominant culture s control and demands that a minority culture s voice and political agenda be heard Can also be called theatre of social agenda or theatre of militancy Purpose was to protest and change Vents hostility towards that ruling class race or culture Date back to the ancient GreeksAristophanes Lysistrata the first antiwar play the action of theatre like that of plague is beneficial for impelling men to see themselves as they are it causes the mask to fall reveals the lie the slackness baseness and hypocrisy of our world French Director AntoninArtaud Luis Valdez founded the El TeatroCampesino theatre a Spanish speaking theatre in America Improvised plays to support Filipino and chicano migrant farmworker Wrote the Conscience of a Scab Zoot Suit most famous play and La Bamba Karen Finley tours the country performing one woman plays about sexual abuse violence prejudice censorship AIDS suicide and male domination of politics We Keep Our Victims Ready is most notorious piece 0 Cross Cultural Theatre mixes different cultures in an attempt to find understanding or commonality among them Borrows contrasting ideas from diverse cultures to create a single work Can include borrowing stage techniques or rituals myths and styles William Butler Yeats Irish poet and dramatist who was influenced by the masks mime and dance techniques of Japanese Noh drama for his poetic dramas Four Plays for Dancers and At the Hawk s Well Universalism 11292010 15500 AM Shakespeare unites all people star trek example AA EutopianideadAA Problem other cultures don t perceivevalueexperience things the same as we do Therefore Shakespeare can t be universal c He talked about the scholar that believed Shakespeare was universal until she went to some Indian people or something and tried to tell them the story of Hamlet They didn t believe in ghostsspirits so they didn t understand the story proving Shakespeare is not universal Western Educated Industrial Rich Democratic NonWestern Theatre 11292010 15500 AM Post Colonial Colonists brought with them idea that European ways of thinking were the best ways of thinking o Europeans were able to obliterate amp subjugate the world o South American African other North American countries struggled to be independent until even the 1960s PostColonialism What to do when Western ideas meet nonWestern ideas o Cultures collide amp clash o Watched Ghana video Sanskrit o Flourished around 1000 AD o Baharata around 200 AD wrote the Natyasastra o Natya song dance musica drama 0 Made characters forget lines mess up Some demon thing Mention of a special pole I m not quite sure what all this was about o Rasa means flavor taste 0 Actors perform various bhavas catch up day 11292010 15500 AM Postmodern TheatreOther Theatres Performance in Cyber Space 11292010 15500 AM 11292010 15500 AM


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