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by: Burnice Kemmer


Burnice Kemmer
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Burnice Kemmer on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THTR 1020 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/222582/thtr-1020-louisiana-state-university in Theatre at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
Chapter 16 Study Guide Luke LeJeune 1 Discuss the history of state subsidized theatre in the United States Why do you think programs like the Federal Theatre Project are temporary or the National Endowment for the Arts are controversial and subject to budget cuts a 57 The USA has no national theatre sponsored by the government which is different than the rest of the European countries Even struggling countries find a way to fund their national theatre In 1990 the NEA withdrew its support of individual artists due to sexually explicit material The NEA now has standards of decency being use in awarding grants In the 1930s the government had some statesponsored theatres in the Federal Theatre Project These Programs maybe temporary due to lack of interest in the arts and more interest in modern films People have drifted away from live performance to still film projection movies Maybe because there is not many professional theatres around anymore if so most of the common folk do not know about it 2 Looking at the categories for quotwhere theatre happensquot p410 419 listed below choose one or two which you feel could serve as a model for keeping theatre alive in the United States today Describe how the model works and why you think it would keep theatre viable a International theatre festivals and Colleges and universities could very well serve as a model of keeping theatre alive in today s world Colleges and Universities show various styles of theatre through the theatre departments and can Spark new interest in the younger generations of people in today s society Festivals definitely inspire people to appreciate the older styles of theatre Shakespeare being the most popular 3 Explain how the economic organization of the following types of theatre function and what their corresponding producers do to make theatre happen a Commercial theatre and the commercial producer This is the style of theatre on Broadway Commercial theatre is rarely placed for experimentation This type of theatre is considered llmaking itquot The producer must be fully invested in the making of the play His goal is to make money They must find a property They also have to raise money to fund production costs Notforprofit theatre and the notforprofit producer They contain a season of plays for set run They focus on particular kinds of performances This type of theatre relies on subscriptions grants and donations for their survival The producers usually have managing in and producing directors The board is responsible for fundraising and planning Common interest theatre and the alternative theatre producer A group of artists come together by a uniting interest such as a goal or political view This is the offoff Broadway productions The producers are often directors with specific projects They raise the money rent the theatres often build sets and buy props 4 Briefly define the following theatre occupations by explaining what each person does a Stage manager They hold the show together emotionally practically and technically They receive all ofthequot 39 of39 39r39gther 39 b Production manager In charge of schedules staffing and making sure the information relayed by the stage manager is done on time They also decide the order in which things will be finished c Technical director is responsible for maintaining the theatre space ensuring that everyone in the production will be safe They also keep the equipment in working order They are responsible for executing the set designer s plan d Master electrician Helps execute the lighting director s plans They set up the electrical circuitry and watch the electrical crew hang the lights and make sure the lights work properly e Sound engineer responsible for implementing the sound designer s effects They also hook up the amplifiers and speakers f Costume shop manager oversees the costume shop They know what is available for immediate use and the order new supplies They adjust the costume for the specific performance g Props manager Responsible for making or buying props h Running crews They run the show from the control booth every night that the play is showing includes sound operators lighting operators and stagehands i House manager makes sure that the theatre is clean and ready for the public showing They organize and instruct ticket sales and are responsible for supervising the ushers


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