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by: Earnest Greenholt


Earnest Greenholt
GPA 3.94

E. Beasley

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About this Document

E. Beasley
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Earnest Greenholt on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 2577 at Louisiana State University taught by E. Beasley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see /class/222597/kin-2577-louisiana-state-university in Kinesiology at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
WHY DO YOU NEED A LESSON PLAN oAccountability oPreparation 0 You already know what you re going to do amp what potential obstacles you may have oOften as a 1St year teacher you re required to turn in DETAILED lesson plans oEasier directions are best NASPE STANDARDS 0 Standard 1 Demonstrates competency in motor skillsamp movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities 0 Standard 2 o Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts principles strategies amp tactics as they apply to the learning amp performance of physical activities 0 Standard 3 o Participates regularly in physical activity 0 Standard 4 Achieves amp maintains a healthenhancing level of physical fitness 0 Standard 5 o Exhibits responsible personal amp social behavior that respects self amp others in physical activity settings 0 Standard 6 0 Values physical activity for health enjoyment challenge s expression ampor social interaction OBJECTIVES o Psychomotor Skill based 0 Cognitive 0 Knowledge based 0 Affective Belief based 0 What your students are going to LEARN during the lesson 0 Behavior following instruction 0 Objectives must be specific TLW catch a ball with proficiency vs TLW extend his or her arms in preparation to catch a beanbag 0 Students should know objectives 0 Give them a purpose SMART 5 ELEMENTS OF OBJECTIVES o SSpeci c 0 Who 0 M Measurable 0 W111 do 0 AAttainable 0 HOW much 0 R Relevant 0 Of What 0 TTimely o By when WRITING OBJECTIVES 0 Use verbs to write your objectives TLW demonstrate knowledge of the locomotor skills walking leaping skipping jumping amp hopping with proficiency during an aerobic game WhatWhenHow 0 Objectives must be measurable o Bloom s Verbs 0 Standard 1 Demonstrates competency in many movement formsamp proficiency in a few movement forms The intent of this standard is to enable students to demonstrate mature locomotoramp non locomotor skillsamp combine these movements into smoothamp rhythmical sequences in a variety of conditions 0 Benchmark 1P1 Performs locomotoramp nonlocomotors skills a1 a basic level progressing to simple sequences utilizing shapes levels directions pathwaysamp ranges o GLES 9 1P11 Demonstrate all locomotor skills walk run leap jump ho slide gallopamp skip EQUIPMENTMATERIALS IRESOURCEs o What will you need for this lesson 0 What equipment do you already have 0 What can you make 0 What can you substitute 0 Sometimes you have to get creative SAFETY o What potential problems could you have in this lesson 0 How can you adapt the lesson to suit your class amp space 0 How are you going to avoid injuries 0 Accident reports are no fun ANTICIPATORY SET 0 How will you hook the students as soon as they come in the classroom 0 Get them excited TRANSITIONS o EXTREMELY IMPORTANT 0 Should be 30 seconds 0 How will you switch between activities 0 Smooth transitions mean more time for activity INSTANT ACTIVITIES 0 Should be simple 0 Get the students moving as soon as they enter the gym 0 Instruction should be brief LESSON PROCEDURE amp ACTIVITIES 01 11 95 HO LOSURE oaHow will you wrap up your activity OSWhat was the purpose of the activity oHYVhat was learned ouRemind the students of why this activity was important c h C d ACCOMMODATIONS amp MODIFICATIONS o How will you meet the needs of all learners o All children can learn 0 Differentiated Instruction ASSESSMENTEVALUATION o How will you measure students performance 0 Students should know how they will be assessed 0 Essential to PE 0 Can be formal or informal o Formative Summative 0 Should relate back to your objectives Assess What was covered in your lesson 0 How could you assess your objectives


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