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by: Zelda McCullough


Zelda McCullough
GPA 3.63

C. Seifried

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About this Document

C. Seifried
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zelda McCullough on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 4513 at Louisiana State University taught by C. Seifried in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 308 views. For similar materials see /class/222614/kin-4513-louisiana-state-university in Kinesiology at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
KIN 4513 Mid Term Review 35 questions all multiple choice or truefalse Do not have class after Will have answer sheets and test exam bring a pencil First 5 questions are all on stages of facility Do not worry about the articles that is on the final just worry about the notes Will give you pictures on the test will put pictures on the slide and will have one minute to say what stage it is know the stages of the stadium well 0 Ifyou cant do it in a minute after your done with your test you can come to the podium and look again Some long division questions Bid process the lecture that Tutka did will be on the test PowerPoints Introduction to event and facility management 0 Know all the stages know what distinguish one stage from another stage 8 stages 0 Stage 4 slide temporarysemipermanent enclosed 0 Going to describe a set of buildings complex in like a paragraph and be prepared to follow multiple choice or true or false after that 0 Girls playing tennis is stage 2 because you have lines on the field equipment its not stage 3 because you cant se bleachers o How big is the sport industry 0 Spent a great deal talking about motivation to go to sport events 0 Size of sport industry 0 Know that sport venues can host a variety of other venues American Sport Facilities Trends and consideration for the future 0 Think we are a Architecture firm in process of developing something for the NFL teams 0 Know the rules of thumb 0 Luxury seats at least two question s I How do you decided how many luxury seats to buy I Square footage ranges 0 Energy costs 0 Themes 3 different areas where designers focus on size 0 One or two questions on the environment I Consider the environment Know who would be best suited 0 Technology at least 2 questions I Smart seats seats with a computer or TV monitor I Video boards I 3D technology Needs Assessment 0 Phases of Building I Identification prioritization conceptualization R 0 Goals and objectives Determine 5 or 6 questions I Know the definitions and apply I Will change up the examples I Rehab Fenn way park example lights 0 Other areas for consideration I First year operations know the figure should be budgeting in about a billion dollars 0 Last set of questions has to do with the Olympics 0 3 stages how many stages of the bid process 0 Voting process how does it work 0 Phases applicant phase voting phase candidate phase 0 Very last thing on the exam 0 3 bonus questions 0 One of the questions is in the World stadium notes looks at Rome Greece Egypt First 5 questions there will be pictures projected on a screen 0 The answers will be a number between 28 Next set of questions are about scenarios 0 0 000 O O O 0 It s going to be about facilities that are in a process being built He s going to talk about facilities that came before it Questions 613 are going to be about the stages of construction and growth of facilities Stage two rule standardization and tell the difference between Massachusetts and NY baseball elysian fields new jersey no fences bleachers Stage three started putting up fences enclosure union grounds Brooklyn Stage 4 still temporary and built out of wood manual scoreboard significantly larger than previous stages Stage 5 located outside city limits made out of steel elevators escalators Stage 6 lights city grids make it impossible to grow bigger so they had to build in and up and there are more restrooms not located outside of cities anymore county stadium Milwaukee Stage 7 located in suburbs cookie cutter stage circular in nature modernistic architecture vertical circulation giant parking lots public money is funding these facilities multipurpose in nature tv camera locations beginning of suites Houston astrodome did it first AstroTurf Stage 8 field turf single purpose baseball returns to using grass putting garages up for parking open concourses restaurants hall of fame minicities Camden yards Understand the difference between stages Why are people moving out of cookie cutter venues and moving to suburbs stage 7 I Want to leave the city center because of crime and urban decay great depression WWII people are driving more highways are built which makes it easier for people to get there nothing located around the stadium creation of new leagues AFL Future of facilities 0 O O O Q You are a member ofa work group and you re trying to get yourselfa promotion and to do that you need to demonstrate your knowledge of the future of facilities Alternative sources of energy I Tidal power wind power solar power Air conditioning vs thermal chimneys I Use thermal chimneys in humid conditions You need to know when and where the best places are for these new technologies Seat delivery options I Smart seats you can order your food through your seat through an app or from the seat access statistics and replays A stadium uses the same amount of energy as 1900 homes They want to reduce the size of the facility I Make better use of the innards underneath the seats I Better use of telecommunication wifi Future trend with the building of college facilities Want to increase enrollment centralizing recreation 0 Rule of thumb 0 Parking there is going to be king division 0 50 rule about building new 0 Handicapped seats Stage 8 ADA rule I 1 0 Points of sale I Concession stands based of beer sales 1 out of 150 0 Cost of facilities related to retractable roofs I Yearly maintenance on that roof is 1 million 0 Luxury seats I Ranges on luxury seat construction per sq foot 0 Decision to build luxury seats 0 Population number of fortune 50039 39 in the 39 avg 39 income for the community are there other pro teams in the area 0 Feasibility notes 6 questions 0 Difference types of renovations o Gives us a written description and we re going to have to know what type of renovation it is 0 Restoration return to the past 0 Preservation no changes just upkeep o Rehab improving the building to meet current demands addition of technology 0 Reconstruction rebuilding of something that has been degraded or damamged 0 Size of the sport industry 0 Milano paper sbj o SSS o Phases of building 0 First phase identification 0 Prioritization o Conceptualization hire an architect o Realization o What is extensibility Use of communication technology to change your consciousness from one setting into another 0 Members of the fan nation 0 Escalator want to make fans more and more loyal 0 Low identify vs high identify 0 Extensibility paper 0 Needs assessment o It can take 20 days up to years 0 Global ancient civilization set of notes 0 Egypt hunting parks wrestling swimming 0 Greece rome developed sport on a massive level coliseum amphitheater gymnasium heavy sports areas bath houses 0 Hippodromes chariot races circus maximus o 45 questions all multiple choice or tf


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