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by: Earnest Greenholt


Earnest Greenholt
GPA 3.94


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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Earnest Greenholt on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 3802 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/222618/kin-3802-louisiana-state-university in Kinesiology at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
Event Event Event management overview 4 basic ways to view events 0 New events 0 Existing events buying or taking over existing event 0 Event bids working with another group 0 Recurring events season long schedule Understanding successful events 0 Clearly defined purpose participant vs spectator based 0 Planning can t start soon enough 0 Date and location are critical 0 Effective and efficient publicity and marketing 0 Determining your staffing structure 0 Executing the plan Management Process Determine primary objectivemission PAPER Test Promotion Audience Partnerships Environment Revenue Determine and prioritize your secondary objectives strategies tactics Operations A TEAM ATMOSPHERE It s important to be able to walk amongst your team on all levels As the Event Manager it is your job to make sure that everyone understand how important their job is to the success of the event As with any good team it s important to keep people motivated and it s extremely important here because of the strong possibility of the public interacting with your staff So the better offpeople feel about their own role and about you as a leader the better they ll perform Clearly want to make sure that people are also in jobs they are capable of handling You don t want a lot of IDK among your team members because they aren t comfortable or welltrained for what they can handle Most importantly as the event goes you ve put the structure in place and done your homework let people do their jobs and you MANAGE the event as opposed to managing the details Great leaders may not always be the smartest people around but they do understand the value of surrounding themselves with a strong team The worst thing you can do to kill team morale or decrease your event s likelihood of success is to MICROMANAGE your staff Not only will they hate it and be less inclined to perform but you ll miss other important functions where you should be spending your time WHAT ARE OUR STAFFING NEEDS TOURNAMENT GM is the 2 person on your staff This person should be able to carry the event if you are unable to for some reason Their main job is to truly manage the staff and details of the event while you continue to focus on big picture Make sure you get a GOOD person you can trust and communicate with for this role SALES MANAGER s job is to generate nonticket revenue Get this person on board early and keep them busy and fairly compensated Hiring the RIGHT person for a sales function is a re ection of YOU so make sure this person has the proper skill set to accomplish YOUR objectives TICKET MANAGER does all the planning for ticket sales and seat planning If you have negotiated this into your venue rent this should be an area where you only need to communicate with but not manage as you would a direct employee FINANCIAL MANAGER can sometimes carry this role but is typically better to have focused on your money This way you can have a snapshot at a moment s notice without having to manage the financial details and there will be a lot yourself ADVERTISING MANAGER should be almost as close to you as your GM This person will handle your communication promotional planning execution of sponsorship details and general image building ofyour event While Event Week jobs are temporary they are by no means less important They will handle more detailed jobs that tend to be eventspecific and functionfocused Your STAGE MANAGER is one person who will handle all the coordination ofproduction in terms ofwho needs to be where and when especially for TV Expect a fastpaced manager to be helpful here The TALENT LIAISON is the one who ensure that all those things you promised to get your talent to participate actually happen Someone who is professional but understands the quirkiness of celebrity The PRESS OFFICER is a slight extension of these in that they control media access to your event s talent as well as behind the scenes Timeliness is critical and you NEED to have a good relationship with the media in order to gain favorable coverage Many jobs can be volunteer positions but you still need to make sure that the important jobs aren t handled by just any volunteers TIME MANAGEME T Event timeline should be roughly 1824 months out This gives you time to get in with sponsor budgets planning TV hiring volunteers venue schedules etc Give yourself as much time as you need but be sure to be disciplined once you set and agree to an event date Every month will bring new deadlines and boxes to check so stay with it It is also important to make sure you have a POST EVENT timeline just because the event has ended doesn t mean the work is done Moveout wrapup and closing down all take time so be sure that you plan an appropriate amount of time to accomplish these things There is nothing like writing down on paper everything you have to do Even ifyou think it isn t that big write it down Ifyou aren t addressing it yourself perhaps you can delegate OR simply determine that something isn t as important as you may have otherwise thought when compared to other items that need to be done Writing up a list helps to prioritize and can be beneficial for time management Also be sure NOT to put off difficult unpleasant or less enjoyable tasks in favor of the easy and fun ones Ifyou do you run the risk ofpiling up a lot of unpleasant work which is never good for you and certainly not for your staff So prioritize based on TIME needs and not on whatis FUN or EASY LOADIN AND SITE PREP NOTES Depending on your seating arrangement this could take a couple of days to set up properly and ensure stability So ensure that you budget plenty of time to get seating right If you get it wrong it will have a ripple effect throughout your event and your staff will bear the brunt of the fans who are inconvenienced Make sure you have ALL ofyour insurance set before you start the loadin This will give everyone peace of mind to do their jobs and cover you should anything go awry in setup As author states quotIf the food is good someone may remember but if the food is bad everyone will remember and this applies to staff crew volunteers and participants So get good food that everyone will enjoy Workspace is important You ll need to have a secure place to spread out have discussions phone calls or simply a quiet getaway at times Pick a place that is out of the way from the bulk of the action but make sure it meets your needs and is readily accessible Access is managed through highly visible credentials so your staff doesn t have to scrutinize people and they can come and go freely with more ofa glance Security and other area personnel should be trained on what to look for and who is allowed where This is your job to make sure that people are where they are supposed to be and are not allowed places where they can hinder your staff from doing their jobs DAY OF EVENT NOW WHAT So the big day kicks off and the gates open now what Hopefully you have a team debrief at the beginning and end of each day ADP Rep story what did we do well today What could we have done better This will allow you to make necessary changes on the y You can also share key information that the staffneeds to know for that day or later in the event It s critical to always be communicating with EVERYONE who is working your event Walking the oor and talking with staff at the event will get you this information without cutting offyour access to important areas or details You will also want to be visible and accessible to sponsors or anyone else who s paid to be a part ofyour event in a major way As far as the Media goes give them a workspace and meet them there Expect that every interaction you have with them is business and on the record This way you ll be sure to maintain a professional image because with the media you just never know their intentions You need them for publicity so be careful in your management of them Remember FLEXIBILITY will be your strongest management technique during the event so be ready to use it SPECIAL GUESTS SPONSORS Spend a lot of time with the sponsors Get feedback ensure they are having a good time But MAKE SURE that all of the agreed upon details are being completed per the contract You can do this while quotshmoozingquot and observing at the same time Also probably a good idea to have someone available to them at all times to make sure they re happy All of this is geared towards continuing a relationship or upselling the level of sponsor TALENT As before there is no event without the talent So make sure they re prepared and have what they need to do what you asked them to come there to do You want them to WANT to be a part ofyour event this and in future years Make them comfortable but not in a quotstalkerquot sort of way As the event manager you have the connection so don t be starstruck Be professional and be friendly At the end of the day you re both peoplebut people with specific talents that the other respects So keep it professional but keep it light MINOR ISSUES THAT AREN T FLEXECUTE As far as TV goes remember you just want to quotmanagequot the production team and ensure they are covered on their needs You don t need to be calling cameras or sitting in the truck Live events won t change and prerecorded events can be edited Because they are not usually easily accessible in basements or outside the venue have a mechanism in place so that you or a member ofyour staff can contact or be contacted easily PREDATORS RUN vs Media area at top of stadium In dealing with problems expediency is the key You need to assess the problem quickly determine a course ofaction and quotFlexecutequot This is never anything you can plan for but it s important to ensure that the event keeps rolling as smoothly as possible with only a few people handling issues out of sight THE SHOW IS OVER POST EVENT Take some time to relax talk about the event in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the fruits ofyour labor In tear down be sure to meet your moveout but ensure that things are properly packed and shipped especially rented merchandise Do what your Momma taught you and put everything back where you got it It is a good idea to keep running notes on the event so that you can easily make postevent reports Here you can refine for next year or make adjustments to your event management strategy You should also be able to write thank you notes with specifics about the people you re writing to This gives a nice personal touch and will re ect positively on you even if the event is not as successful as you planned You have to keep working the event may never happen again Simply put the best time to sell your event for next year is while it is taking place THIS year It s much easier for a potential sponsor to visualize themselves at the event in a sponsor role while the event is happening So let your event help you sell with some eyepopping visuals As I always say quotA picture is worth a 1000word proposal Event Budget Management Budget expenses first costs determine revenues needed to meet financial goals Budget includes two components 0 List of RevenueIncome 0 List of ExpensesCosts Specific Event Costs 0 Venue costs 0 Playergame related expenses 0 Event operations I Insurance I Staffing expenses I Legal services I Communication tools I Volunteer program I Venue infrastructure I Storagewarehousing I Shipping and freight I Permits regulations I Indoor or outdoor 0 Marketing and promotions 0 Sponsor fulfillment I Sign design and fabrication I Comp tickets I VIP receptions I Gifts I Premium items I Labor for product sampling 0 Guest management 0 Event presentation I Event producers I Stage managers I Technical directors I Lighting designers I Script writers 0 Contingency plan I Less than 50000 budget 10 I Budget between 50000 250000 75 I Budget more than 250000 5 Event Revenue 0 Ticket sales 0 Sponsorship and advertising 0 Merchandise 0 Food and beverage o Broadcasting 0 Tournament fees 0 Grants and donations 0 Miscellaneous revenue Host Cities and Venues Partnerships between hosts and organizers require intimate understanding of the wants needs and interests of the other The Host City Sport Event Organizer and Event Facility all want something REVENUE Bid Solicitation with a RFP Request For Proposal comprehensive bid document Generally two event facility types Privately owned and Publicly owned NEGOTIATING THE BEST DEAL O O O O STRAIGHT RENTAL you pay at fee to the venue most risky GUARANTEE PERCENTAGE lower at fee small of ticket sales less risky STRAIGHT PERCENTAGE NO at fee larger of ticket sales even less risk BUILDING BUY venue pays YOU OWNS 100 of the revenue least risk of all Event Planning Strategies The Six P s 0000000000 0 People Place Product Public relations Promotion Pricing strategy Performance Process Progress Purpose Positioning Train your volunteers Common to see grassroots organizations and events comprised of100 volunteers Sponsorship Relationships Relationship between Sport Event and the Sponsor is the most zealously soughtafter hard fought ESSENTIAL AND DELICATE relationship in event management KNOW WHAT YOU WANT out of the sponsor relationship Three main elements a sponsor can provide 0 0 Revenue lower the revenue more you rely on sponsors Activation when sponsors invest dollars beyond their sponsorship fee to promote their relationship with a sports event to build awareness of the event ticket and merch increase Cost Avoidance understanding value in kind VIK companies more inclined now to provide products or services in lieu of or as a supplement to cash payments providing products or services to an event and value them at the retail price an organizer would expect to pay if the organizer had to pay cash Direct Sponsor Benefits 0 O O 0 Exposure Customer Hospitality Sales Opportunities Funding for Corporate Opportunities MOST EFFECTIVE PUBLICITY FOR ANY SPONSOR IS AS A TITLE OR PRESENTING SPONSOR Sponsorship is about increasing sales for the sponsor O O 0 Direct sales expos food drink exclusivity apparel Product Demonstrations Sampling Opportunities this and demos put the product right into consumer s hands Associative Sponsor Benefits 0 O OO Exclusivity Ownership Actual or Perceived a sponsor has such strong connect with event fans think that the sponsor owns the event Prestige and Presentation Passthrough Rights when a sponsor offers a portion ofits contracted entitlements to a third party Drawbacks fast food place enjoys an assoc with an event through rights from an event sponsor Coke the organizer will have tough time getting a new food place Positives good if they provide potential for ticket sales promotions or exposure opportunities beyond those in the available market Sponsorship Sales THE ONLY THING MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SPONSORSHIP RELATIONSHIP IS SELLING SPONSORS Two basic varieties of sponsor benefits 0 0 Those that will generate expenses against the event budget Those that can be provided wout the organizer s encountering any outofpocket expenses Understand Stakeholder s Objectives USO philosophy means we focus on understanding what sponsor s want from sports events THE SPONSORSHIP SALES P OCESS O Qualify and Target Prospects narrow potential partners down to those that perceive sponsorship of an event is an effective marketing opportunity and cost efficient business solution I Shotgun Approach common but generic presentations with standardized packages for everyone Ri e Shot Approach precisely tuned campaign to reach a specific target Ltle top powerful farreaching tool for corporate partner Presenting sponsor s identity follows the title priced lower to remove the corporate identity from the event name Category Exclusive Sponsors official largest number of them stick out by creating their own element in the even NonExclusive and Of cial Sponsors not practical for grassroots organizations media partners are good nonexclusive partners 0 Design a Sponsorship Program exibility is key 0 Present the Opportunity catches the eye illustrate the value of the event anticipate questions and objections before they surface I Sponsorship Deck widely used term for the written presentation of sponsorship opp ortunity I Writing the Sponsorship Deck Overview establishes attractiveness and legitimacy of the event Introduction demonstrates the attractiveness of the event s audience The Event fully describe the program The Opportunity present business solutions entitlements and benefits demonstrate how the opportunity can help that company to meet objectives 0 Next Steps commit to working for best interests listen to questions and comments determine what is essential Revise the Proposal taking all questions and feedback into consideration and adding some creativity exibility and intuition make adjustments to the Opportunity Close the Deal present revised proposal in person again prepare to negotiate on the spot Taylor Roussel KIN 3802 Sponsorship Proposal October 10 2011 Title Sponsor Intercollegiate Flag Football Christmas Invitational This event will invite the top men s intercollegiate ag football teams from Louisiana to compete in a tournament at LSU The event will take place on Friday 12162011 through Sunday 12182011 at LSU s UREC andor SAC feilds with the championship game held in tiger stadium To be invited to the tournament every member of each team must be enrolled in an FBS or FCS school in Louisiana Each team must have also won its schools men s league or Greek league fall championship Only FBS Greek league champions will be invited This will be around 16 teams which is around 200 participants This event will not just be a ag football tournament There will also be timed drills 40 yard dash vertical leap 4 comers long jump a skills challenge an obstacle course and other exciting competitive football related events There will be a champion named in each event and an overall champion List of possible sponsors Red Stick Sports Under Armor Nike Reebok PowerAde Dick s Sporting Goods Academy Sports and Outdoors Sports Authority Vitamin Water 0 Gatorade 1 Raising Canes HHPW QM eP Nf Title Sponsorship Proposal Sponsorship Cost 5000 or 200250 printedjerseys Sponsor Receives 0 Name on event Title Sponsor IFFCI 0 Event name will be featured on in the all of but not limited to the following itemsads I The front of the jerseys I Banners posters yers I Tshirts I Advertisements in each participating school s newspaper I Advertisements on popular radio stations in each schools area 0 Name displayed will be the biggestmost noticeable of all the sponsors Biggest booth space at the tournament Allowed to put any merchandise in participants rooms Event staff must wear title sponsor issued clothes Presenting Sponsorship Proposal Sponsorship Cost 1500 or 750 and 15 50 gift cards to a local sporting goods retailer Sponsor Receives 0 Name on almost every promotional item 0 Event name will be featured onin the all of but not limited to the following itemsads I Banners posters yers I Tshirts I Advertisements in each participating school s newspaper 0 Name displayed will be smallerless noticeable than the title sponsor but biggermore noticeable than the other sponsors o 2quotd biggest booth space at the tournament 0 Allowed to put merchandise in participants rooms


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