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by: Earnest Greenholt


Earnest Greenholt
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Earnest Greenholt on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 2601 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see /class/222621/kin-2601-louisiana-state-university in Kinesiology at Louisiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
31611 153 PM Tooth related scenarios covered in class Make sure the scene is sate for you and the victim Send someone to get the first aid kit Put on protective equipment if appropriate Check the victim s mouth for any missing teeth If a tooth is loose have the child bite down on a piece of gauze to keep the tooth in place and call the victims dentist parent if a child If a tooth is chipped gently clean the injured area and call the victims dentist parent if a child If the victims has lost a permanent tooth rinse the tooth in water put the tooth in a cup of milk and immediately take the child and the tooth to a dentist or emergency department Apply pressure with gauze to stop any bleeding at the tooth socket Talk with a dentist if a victims tooth changes color after injury DO NOT HOLD THE TOOTH BY THE ROOT HOLD THE TOOTH BY ONLY THE CROWN DO NOT TRY TO REINSERT THE TOOTH Blood You Can See Choking Make sure the scene is safe for you and the victim Send someone to get the first aid kit Wear personal protective equipment if needed Put rm pressure on the dressing over the bleeding area with the at part of your ngers or the palm of your hand If the bleeding does not stop do not remove the dressing Add a second dressing and press harder If you remove the first dressing it might pull off some blood clots and cause the wound to bleed more Check for signs of shock Phone or send someone to phone your emergency response number if 0 There is a lot of bleeding You cant stop the bleeding You see signs of shock The injury is from a fall and you suspect a head neck or spine injury 0 O O 0 You are not sure What to do OVER THE AGE OF 1 O O O O 0 If you think someone is choking ask are you choking if she nods tell her you are going to help Kneel or stand rmly behind her and wrap your arms around her so that your hands are in front Make a st with one hand Put the thumb side of your st slightly above her navel and well below her abdomen Give thrusts until the object is forces out and she can breathe cough or talk or until she stops responding PERSON WHO STOPS RESPONDING o Yell for help Have someone call 911 0 Lower the victim to the ground face up I If you are alone with the adult victim phone 911 and get the AED Then start CPR I If you are alone with child victim start steps of CPR 0 Every time you open the airway to give breaths open the victims mouth wide and look for the object If you see an object remove it with your ngers Id you do not see an object keep giving 30 compressions and 2 breaths until an AED arrives or victims starts to move or trained help arrives 0 After about 5 cycles or 2 minutes if you are alone leave the child to call 911 and get the AED if available 0 Return to CPR IF LARGE OR PREGNANT 0 Do chest thrusts INFANT 0 Hold infant facedown on your forearm support the infants head and jaw with your hand Sit or kneel rest your arm in your lap or thigh 0 Give 5 back slaps with the hell of your free hand between the infants shoulder blades 0 If object doesn t come out after 5 back slaps turn the infant onto its back Move or open the clothes from the front of the chest only if you can do so quickly You can push on the chest though clothes if you need to 0 Give 5 chest thrusts using 2 ngers of your free hand to push on the breastbone in the same place you push for compressions I Support the head and neck Diabetes Seizures I Hold the infant with on hand and arm resting your hand on your lap or thigh 0 Alternate giving 5 back slaps and 5 chest thrusts until the object comes out and the infant can breathe cough or cry or until infant stops responding start infant CPR If you have been trained check the blood sugar level of a child with diabetes if the child is awake and alert but acts if her blood sugar is low If you suspect or have con rmed that the blood sugar is low and the child can sit up and swallow give the child something containing sugar to eat or drink Have the child sit quietly or lie down Phone 911 if the child does not feel better within a few minutes after eating or drinking something If you check the sugar and its not low but the child is still not acting normally phone 911 or parents 0 WHAT TO GIVE FOR LOW BLOOD SUGAR I Fruit juice I Packet of sugar or honey I Non diet soda 0 DO NOT GIVE I Diet soda I Chocolate I Arti cial sweetener Protect the child from injury 0 Moving furniture or other objects out of the way 0 Placing a pad or towel under the head Phone 911 if 0 This is the child s rst seizure 0 You are unsure whether the child has had a seizure before 0 Your rst aid action plan for this child says to After the seizure check to see if the child is breathing If the child doesn t respond start Cpr IF you do not suspect that the child has a head neck or spine injury roll child to her side Stay with the child until she starts responding DO NOT HOLD THE CHILD DOWN DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE CHILDS MOUTH Finding the Problem Check if the scene is safe look for signs of the cause of the problem Check if they respond Tap and shout are you ok 0 Responds I Introduce yourself and say you are certi ed I Ask if you can help I Ask what the problem is 0 Does not respond I Phone for help I Open airway head tilt chin lift I Check for normal breathing 5 seconds Look listen and feel I Look for bleeding and obVious signs of injury I Look for medical jewelry Amputation I Fainting I I Check the scene Call 911 and get first aid kit Put on gloves Stop bleeding with pressure Look for signs of shock Stay with the Victim Find the amputated part with clean water Cover or wrap the amputated part with a clean dressing If it will fit place the part in a water tight plastic bag Place that bag in another container with ice or ice and water label it with the child s name date and time Make sure it is sent to the hospital with the child Make sure the scene is safe Help the Victim lie at on the oor If Victim starts to respond 0 Ask Victim to lie at on the oor until dizziness goes away 0 If the Victim remains dizzy raise Victims legs above the heart 0 If the Victim fell look for inhuries caused by the fall Sprains Splinting 0 Once the victim is no longer dizzy ask the victim to sit up very slowly and brie y remain sitting before slowly standing Check scene Get first aid kit Put on gloves Check for signs of shock Don t try to straighten or move any injured part that is bend deformed or possibly broken cover any open wounds with clean dressing Put a plastic bag lled with ice on the injured area with a towel between the ice and the skin for up to 20 minutes Raise the injured body part if doing so doesn t cause the victim more pain Call 91 1 if 0 There is a large wound o The injured part is abnormally bent 0 You re not sure what to do Bad allergic Reactions Call 9 11 Help victim get epi pen If victim stops responding start CPR Snake bites Be careful around a wounded snake 0 Back away and go around the snake o If the snake has been killed or hurt by accident do not handle it A snake might bite even when severely hurt or close to death 0 If the snake needs to e moved use a long handled shovel o If you don t need to move its best to leave it alone Call 9 11 Ask everyone to go inside or move away from the area Put on gloves Ask victim to be calm and still Tell victim not to move the body part that was bitten Gently wash the bite area with running water and soap Burns If a coral snake bit the Victim apply mild pressure by wrapping a bandage comfortably tight You should still be able to slip or t a nger under the bandage DON T wrap the bite area with a dressing if any other caused the bite DO NOT APPLY COLD OR ICE DO NOT APPLY SUCTION DO NOT CUT THE WOUND DO NOT WRAP THE WOUND TIGHTLY DO NOT USE LOCAL ELECTRIC SHOCK Check the scene Get rst aid kit Rinse with cold water NEVER ICE COLD WATER Cover the burn with nonstick dressing Call 91 1 if 0 There is a re o The Victim has a large burn 0 You re not sure what to do Nosebleeds Make sure the scene is safe Get rst aid kit Put on gloves Pres both sides of nostrils while Victims sits and leans FORWARD Place constant pressure for a few minutes until bleeding stops If bleeding continues press harder Call 911 if 0 You cant stop the bleeding 0 The bleeding is heavy o The Victim is haVing trouble bleeding Heart Attacks Poisons Have the Victim sit quietly Call 911 Get rst aid kit Be ready to start CPR Make sure the scene is safe o If there is a chemical spill or the victim is in an unsafe area try to move the victim to an area with fresh air 0 Ask everyone to move away If victim doesn t respond call 911 and start CPR If responds phone poison control tell the name of the poison if known Remove poison from victims skin and clothing if you can do so safely Help take of contaminated clothes and jewelry Help to a safety shower or eye wash station 0 O 0 Brush off any dry power or solid substances with gloved hand 0 Run water over skin eyes or others for at least 20 minutes If you can identify the poison send someone to get the MSDS When you know the name of the poison call 800 222 1222


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