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by: Claudie Okuneva
Claudie Okuneva
GPA 3.6

Z. Wu

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About this Document

Z. Wu
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claudie Okuneva on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CE 2450 at Louisiana State University taught by Z. Wu in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/222647/ce-2450-louisiana-state-university in Civil Engineering at Louisiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
j i a g 1 if 3 M 3 w f E g m m W 3 39 393 2 if WM at i it 39 fz W2 Lfgwwg Q 5 g 5 I 3quot V h is 1 g g W 4 9 1 if 41 quot i g I J Wife Rw v W M 1 x A 7 may 3 v f MN V g 3943 3 m 9 i 5 W JQ 5 R 3 w 9 a A I a 4 a W 3 I M w My rm r rm 52 M f 7 H W 4 f 11 f4 g 39 5 N quot J k s w 9N 4amp3 Maw 1 339 AW quot S a K Q M 5 non 39 V 3 any xx WA ELQM sungquot a 3 9 R Q L fg W 3 A K Wu 7quot w 3 1 f a w mi 3 5 it I a 3m x i 3 3 tng w Ag f 5 tquot 1 4 t w 1h t f f Aw 3 I m xx if 3 w A j WV W fr V 5 a W y if i w i g b m x 3 3 3 V3 1 g 5 Egg Ajgwf ggv i ijgg wf 3 f g a fig 4 f f w big 3 m7 gs gm 39 A99 g fi J Ex Rem1w Internatianai System of Units 81 US Customary PPS Derived unit 3 mm o a m 9 a gy gi tgmvgw 8 513 53k A Na 5 mg gt5 55355 aim 3 3mm 5 x mater semnd I k agmm n e wton 3 feat secend I slug 3 mum ft 7 5 3b 32 1b Maw g 1quot Q 3 Saga my gagw Unit of Unit Qf Lgagfitity Measurement FPS Equais Measurement 81 Fm e H 4448 N Mass slug 1459 kg Length ft 1304 8 m Experiential Form Pre x S Symbol Multipie r 000 000 000 109 glga 1 000A 000 2106 mega M 1000 103 kilo k jSzzbmquipZe 0001 10 3 mi ir quot m 0000 001 10 5 micro M iiUOOO 080 001 10quot9 name 1 3 a MK K a i r i v f w 3 if 3 59an f 3 gm m g W 3 35mg gmquot gamma E g agag mm X m w 5 J 3 5212 3 f i Cesinelawz 7 RC ff lfx iz 397 32 2448 cosc Si e Iawj I V 39 Si g sin 335 Sin cquot i f a3 F2Z TWO forcss act 01 tha hock Determine the magnitude of the resultant farce EZ Z xwm p i g Yg g g Q j gg39mg Ema 13 a V f gd wwam g 5 i 3 g gg ig if 5g 33 V a ME if WK 3 I 2 W 172 4 Reselve the 304 s force ink ccmpcnants akmg the u and 392 axes and determine the magnitude of each Of these campsnents v 24 I k 1 Wage gameEm 95 Yew xf d 15 v i 66 7 M3 0 1x I i V3 1 3 0 3921 293 The beam is to be heisted using two chains If the resulta m ame is te be 600 N directed aieng the pesitive y axis determine the magnitudes of fences FA and F8 acting en each chain and theangle 6 of F3 30 that the magnitude of F3 is a minimum FA acts at 30 from the y axis as shown Y Probe 2 2839 f Mwm H vwwma a gtf 3 f l aw 39 3919 5 Ii saga 7 5 r h agu m1 mum V m 179ny W by ngg m Vagw wamh m 5 xiix 5 6 m gjg fmfg w 5 V g aw if k v m v m g 3 Mi mgga 74 gym a a b 5 wwwi 3T W w m E 3 m 3 E M5 E Q wm gtwm F F29a Dezermine the magnitude of the resultant fence Easting an the carbel and its directian 9 measured caunterciackwise fmm ha x axis Y F2 2 4001b F1 7001b F29 g 2 241 If the magnitude 0f the remnant face acting an m bracket is m be 80 1b directed along the u axis determine the magnitude of F and its direction 6 FZ H waxy 4 anwm 23 my yum M 9 gt Q a w i ampVW wa ffg vg MW Cax 2 Q d mg xm if WW 5 W A24 wf wm a 63 QR V6 L WM g 2 y 11 g 1 y v 3 s T a r ngquot g jg2 5 W 2 a 3 if V t w is 3 2 6 yaMK avg 1 4wasz Express the farce as a Cartesian Vector 332 14 F500N Z r5 gigg v


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