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by: Faustino Nitzsche


Faustino Nitzsche
GPA 3.91

I. Nahmens

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About this Document

I. Nahmens
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Faustino Nitzsche on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CM 2121 at Louisiana State University taught by I. Nahmens in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/222674/cm-2121-louisiana-state-university in Construction Management at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Cm 2121 test 2 review 0 Chapter 15 precast concrete framing systems 0 List and identify I Slab elementssolid at hollow core single and double tee I Beamsrectangular l shaped and inverted tee I Columns square and rectangular I Wall panels 0 Describe manufacture I Extruded I Cast in layers 0 Reinforcing pour finish and cure validate strength removal from bed plant storage and transport to jobsite I Installation methods 0 Erection anchorage splicingcolumns describe how to splice 3 ways bearing pads topping slabs 0 Understand I Bolting welding grouting I Gravity o Bearing pads 0 Chapter 8 brick masonry 0 Understand and explain function and production methods ofmortar and bricks I Function 0 Concrete masonry units 0 Foundation walls structural support walls and backup walls for exterior 0 Brick and stone 0 Facing materials veneers and decorative walls 0 Mortar 0 Provides for full bearing seals between masonry units adheres bonds masonry units and aesthetics I Production methods 0 Brick o Molding soft mud dry press and stiff mud o Firing I Periodic and tunnel kiln 0 Understand production method characteristics and consideration for brickwork I Process oflaying masonry I Mortar considerations 0 Ioints profiles I Spanning openings 0 Lintels and arches 0 Brick work terminology Head joint Bed joint Course Wythes Identify from a picture or in words Orientation o Header rowlock stretcher and soldier Different types of bonds 0 Chapter 9 stone and concrete masonry 0 Differences and similarities among stone and concrete masonry Similarities 0 Both stacked o Mortar joints Differences 0 Shape 0 Brick molded stone cut and carved 0 Physical properties 0 Brick madecontrolled stone provided by nature 0 Understand types of stone Granite igneous Limestone and sandstone sedimentary Slate and marble metamorphic Can you polish best use indoors or outdoors Good idea for question 0 Details of conventionally set stonework Type of stone 0 Fieldstone rubble stone and dimension stone 0 Rough irregular rectangular 0 Stone masonry patterns 0 Laid in mortar I Shaperubble or ashlar joints course or random and orientation considerations 0 Installation 0 Mechanically attached to unit 0 Production and types of cmus grading units decorative cmu Manufacturing process 0 Stiff concrete Configurations 0 Sizes and shapes weights Testing standards Spanning concrete block openings 0 Precast reinforce concrete or block lintel Reinforcement o Horizontally joints 0 Vertically o Cmu installation 0 Understand the process of quarrying stones I 0 Chapter 10 masonry loadbearing wall construction 0 Classification of masonry walls I Categories 0 Reinforced or un reinforced o Reinforcing increases load carrying capacity 0 Uses I Low rise construction foundations 0 One type or composite masonry walls 0 composite 0 Details of masonry walls I Structural integrity 0 Reinforced or not I Water tightness 0 Moisture penetration proper joints and installation coatings material selection cavity construction I Flashing 0 Internal and external I Thermal insulation 0 Outside face within the wall or inside face I Expansion and contraction 0 Expansion abutment control and settlement joints I Be able to draw a cavity wall 0 Drywall to exterior veneer layers 0 Understand concerns of masonry walls as load bearing elements as far as I Purpose 0 Penetration ofwater through a masonry wall I Characteristics 0 Backup wythe veneer cavity ties ashing weep holes and possibly lintels or shelf angles 0 The backup and veneer wythes should be separated by at least 2 inches and if insulation is inserted into the cavity a clear space of at least 1 inch should remain I Production methods 0 How do you put it together 0 Backup wall then 0 Understand details of masonry cavity walls I


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