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by: Ms. Jerry Mante


Ms. Jerry Mante
GPA 3.81

M. Sanders

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About this Document

M. Sanders
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Jerry Mante on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMST 2060 at Louisiana State University taught by M. Sanders in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/222679/cmst-2060-louisiana-state-university in Communication Studies at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
Jeff Lytle CMST 32111 Persuasive Speaking Informative speeches reveal supporting material to enlighten listeners persuasive speeches develop supporting material as evidence to justify advice options persuasive speeches urge a choice from among options 0 Instead of explaining three options speakers would weigh them and urge support of one Informative speakers function as teachers persuaders are advocates o Informative speeches provide 0 Responsible knowledge and best interest of listeners o Persuasive speeches ask for more audience commitment than do informative speeches o Ethos Leadership is more important in persuasive than in informative speeches o CREDIBILITY Pathos Appeals to feelings are more appropriate in persuasive than in informative speeches o Emotional Appeals 0 Logos The ethical obligation for persuasive speeches is greater than that for informative 0 Three Functions Persuasive Speeches Perform o Adjusting listener attitudes beliefs and values I Beliefs Ideas we express about subjects that may explain our attitudes feelings toward them I Beliefs that rest of attitudes rather than on our values are often more shallow o Urging others to act I Listeners must see the necessity for action in personal terms I Or if encouraging action as a group must see shared inner world 0 Answering opposing views I Address opposing arguments directly and discredit those arguments Specifically if your topic is highly controversial 0 Process of Persuasion 0 Awareness I Demonstrate that the problem is important and show listeners how it affects them directly 0 Understanding I Listeners must be moved by your ideas and know how to carry out your proposals 0 Agreement I Listeners accept speakers recommendation and remember their reasons for doing so 0 Enactment I Where listeners not only accept what you say but act on it They make a commitment 0 Integration I Integration of new attitudes and commitments with the listeners previous beliefs and values 0 Two Types of Persuasive Speeches 0 Dispositional Persuasive SpeechDesigned to In uence Listeners Disposition toward your topicibeliefs attitudes or values I Belief Something we accept to be true or false even though it has not yet been or cannot be shown to be so Attitude Our tendency to respond favorably or unfavorably to something to like or dislike it Value Deeply held concept about what is and is not good right and important with regard to conduct and existence 0 Actuation Persuasive Speech 7 Designed to in uence behavior move to action 0 Arrangement 0 Dispositional I Refuatative persuades by both disproving the opposing position and bolstering your own Comparative Advantage Leads the audience to agree with you that one of two or more alternative is better than the others Problem No Solution Focuses on the depth and breadth of the problem in order to convince listener that there is in fact a problem 0 Actuation I ProblemSolution Arranged into two main points where the first point examines the problem while the second point presents a solution I ProblemCauseSolution First point articulates the problem second point analyzes the problem and the third point presents multifaceted solutions 0 Thesis Examples 0 Dispositional I EX Binge drinking is becoming a serious issue on college campuses across the United States as it is becoming quite common on college campuses is causing serious problemsiacademicallyifor students and is causing multiple problems for students in society at large 0 Actuation I EX Binge drinking is a problem that we must take action to solve Today we will explore the problem of binge drinking examine some causes of binge drinking and nally evaluate some solutions to binge drinking that can be acted up immediately 0 Call to Action 0 Revitalize Shared Beliefs o Deomonsalskdflaskdf


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