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by: Ms. Jerry Mante


Ms. Jerry Mante
GPA 3.81

D. Tarvin

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About this Document

D. Tarvin
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Jerry Mante on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMST 2060 at Louisiana State University taught by D. Tarvin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/222680/cmst-2060-louisiana-state-university in Communication Studies at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
PREPARATION SPEECH Speech of Deliberation CMST2060 32 amp 33 Teams will consist of two or three members The teams will choose a topic which has multiple views and strong opinions towards it ie abortion gay rights legal drinking age Each member is to then pick a side to argue for Each person will have 4 minutes to layout their argument and then an additional 2 minutes for rebuttals A coin will be ipped to determine who speaks rst The speech should be delivered from a manuscript the rebuttal should be extemporaneous Review study all the material you ve gathered for your topic as well as your lecture notes and text Find all the evidence you can to support your point of view on the topic Make note cards which contain quotes statistics expert testimony etc on your side of the topic Do the same thing for the opposing side In other words what do you think the other team will be saying to support its point of view What evidence do you think they will use Anticipate how they will present their case Also anticipate what the other team may say to rebut your arguments Welcome the opposing team with respect and enthusiasm Provide an overview of your position on the topic Clearly de ne your position Be decisive Show conviction Provide supporting material eg statistics citations quotations de nitions etc to back up your position This shows that your position is based on an educated perspective Describe your understanding of how your position and the quote data you ve just offered are related In other words tie your point of view on the topic to the material you ve given You may want to offer a challenge to the opposing team but challenges should be used sparingly and only when you feel the argument you ve just presented is so strong that there is very little question that it can be success illy refute Speech of Deliberation CMSTZGdO 32 33 Presentation is important You should be convincing You should keep the interest of your audience You should be knowledgeable but this should be more than a presentation of facts You are trying to persuade the audience to your position not merely to educate them You want to be concise in your position You want to show the audience how they can resolve this issue You want to be clear about who or what is to blame and how changing something will resolve this issue If you know of an authority or celebrity spokesperson who has articulated your position quote them refer to their work and so forth 3 r J l r if 39 r w v 5 er x r I x 1 I a 39 with l 1 I 39 u r 39 39 39f 39 39 l 39 A i 39 I a V a quot d l 39I v 39 i r 3 J a 39 h v I p quot p 39 an quot C39s I at 39 r 1 J 2quotquot felt ZBia he Elias mamas CMST 2060 CHAPTER SIX NOTES Logos meant words arguments or reason in Ancient Greece DissoiLogoi means double arguments Logos the use of rational arguments and evidence to persuade an audience of the reasonableness of one s position The rhetorical use of logos attempts to guide judgment based on the best evidence Logical Reasoning the use of inferences and proofs to establish relationships among propositions which warrant speci c conclusions Reasoning consists primarily of the relationship between three things the claim the grounds and the warrant Claim is the primary position or conclusion being advanced by a speaker The grounds is the supporting evidence for the claim Warrant is the inferential leap that connects the claim with the ground usuallyembodied in a principle provision or chain of reasoning Warrant is usually left unstated the audience will fill it in for itself Warrants acts as a bridge between the claims and the grounds Backing is a reason used to justify the warrant Rebuttal 39 39 Ag the Jquot where the warrant might not hold Quali cation admits to the degree of certainty or confidence that the speaker has in the claim Generalization is drawing a general conclusion about a class of people events objects or processes based on specific examples drawn from experience Analogy is the comparison of two things that might not otherwise go together for the purposes of drawing a conclusion based on their sharing a vital similarity The purpose of an analogy is to draw parallels Signs is the diagnosis of some underlying condition based on the appearance of external cues or indicatord Causation is a practical conclusion based


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