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by: Ms. Jerry Mante


Ms. Jerry Mante
GPA 3.81

L. Hunt

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About this Document

L. Hunt
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Jerry Mante on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMST 2010 at Louisiana State University taught by L. Hunt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/222689/cmst-2010-louisiana-state-university in Communication Studies at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
CHAPTER 11 0 Content aggregation the process of collecting online data from different and multiple sources to suit a particular need such as populating a search engine or preparing digital slides for a presentation I Has been called quotinformation architecturequot I Happens in two stages I Someone writes text or records some audio or video clip and makes that available to the public I Someone else ends up subscribing to the content and decides to absorb study scan or delete the content and he or she aggregates or brings together the content for a particular reason Convergence the integration of various technologies such as online radio or cell phones with cameras Computermediated communication CMC the use of various technologies to facilitate communication with others 0 O Technological determinism a theory that states that technology is irreversible inevitable and inescapable I It s hard to ignore the impact that communication technologies have upon us and we have no choice but to deal with that impact o Characteristics of Communication Technology 0 3 characteristics of technology it s pervasive paradoxical and powerful I Pervasive technology is everywhere we cannot escape or ignore it I Paradoxical technology is conflicting inconsistent and ironic I Global village the concept that communication technology ties the world into one political economic social and cultural system I The idea that technological devices which mediate relationships in so many ways can actually bring people together seem contradictory I Powerful technology can affect how people think what they think about when they develop relationships and how they process their emotions with others 39239 The accessibility of Communication technology 0 Accessibility refers to the availability of technology to everyone I Accessibility helps eliminate the technological gap that exists between people and between cultural communities I Some have called this gap the quotdigital divide and some called it a battle between the information quothave and havenotsquot I The most prominent factor in the digital divide is telephone ownership and usage o If everyone does not have an understanding of and access to the same technologies problems with meaning will likely occur 0 Benefits of accessibility of technology in interpersonal communication I Increases safety making phone calls in case of emergencies I Creates a sense of play games or chat rooms I Improves psychological wellbeing between and among people 39239 The Internet connecting now 0 The internet connects computers together and the information that travels from one computer to another computer does so through various technological quotlanguagesquot 0 The web isjust one of the ways that information is shared over the Internet I Uses language HTTP to transmit data 0 Web 10 and Web 20 I Web 10 the earliest incarnation of the World Wide Web which was used primarily as a storehouse of online information and tools that could be accessed to achieve an end such as finding a website emailing a friend or purchasing a product I Web 20 the latest incarnation of the World Wide Web which is increasingly used as a means of interactivity and personal expression establishing online communities sharing files and blogging 0 The Dark Side of the Internet Proceed with Caution I The sheer volume makes impossible to control web content anyone can put up a website and no one has to verify its accuracy I Four issues to consider about the internet I Little Accountability I Fostering hate 0 Hate speech extremely offensive language that is directed toward a particular group of people 0 Offensive points of view are protected by the First Amendment free speech rights I Flaming 0 Flaming exchanging malicious hostile or insulting comments over the internet 0 These people often suffer from some sort of social or psychological instability since many would not engage in this hostility in facetoface interactions the possibility of altercations and embarrassment are too strong 0 May simply be an exercise of control over others or a bold attempt at aggression 0 Flaming is best dealt with by disengaging and using more subtle ways of communication avoiding capital letters extreme punctuation and accusatory language I Privacy sacrificed 0 The bright side of the internet new opportunities I Two areas of internet opportunities I Widening your social network 0 Computermediated communication CMC allows individuals to seek out information and develop relationships in a short period of time o In many ways the internet serves as a vehicle to secure information o It can bridge the geographic divide I Enhancing your educational accessibility 39239 The Presentation of SelfOnIine o Avatars a digital fictional and fantasy representation of a user in a virtual world 0 Signaling theory a theory that proposes that people have qualities they wish to present to others 0 Assumptions of Online Presentations of the self I Assumption 1 The computer Screen can deceive I Synchronous communication communication between a sender and a receiver that takes place at the same time as in facetoface communication I Asynchronous communication communication that doesn t require a sender and a receiver to have an exchange at the same time as in online communication I Assumption 2 Online Discussions Often Prompt Introspection I In face to face communication we often don t take the time to think about the words of another while they are being stated stopping to think about what another person was saying in the middle of a conversation would likely bring the conversation to a halt We typically mentally replay and analyze conversations once they are over I Assumption 3Onine Discussions promote selforientation I We search things we want to look at I If others try to contact us we choose whether or not we want to respond I We have no physical proximity so we are not compelled to interact people communicate at their own convenience I In face to face communication we are forced to be collaborative give and take can t avoid when you re in proximity I Assumption 4 Selfdisclosure occurs online I People feel comfortable disclosing online because they don t have to deal with immediate reactions ofdisgust disappointment or confusion I Postcyberdisclosure panic PCDP a situation in which we disclose personal information in an email message only to experience significant anxiety later because we begin to think about the number of people who could have access to that message I People may reveal information about themselves online that they would never reveal while face to face 0 Identity Marks on the Internet I Identig marke an electronic extension that communicates a person s identity such as a screen name or a personal home page I Two primary identity markers I Screen names I Personal Home pages o v Communication Technology and Relational Maintenance 0 The electronic and facetoface relationship I During the dating stage of traditional dating people tend to stumble onto others at social gatherings You have to be in the right place at the right time to meet someone Involves a lot of luck I Developing an online relationship is not as random It has many advantages I Many people available I Can secure a profile before exchanging personal info I Know something about what that person thinks and writes I Know how to contact the other person I Have to chance to communicate without revealing your identity I Many online services help find compatibility I Hyperdating the highly accelerated development ofan online relationship I Telephone calls begin the process of moving from the computer screen to a live voice 0 The quotLanguagequot of Online Relationships I Abbreviated language shorthand used for efficient communication in online relationships I Graphic accents I Articon a picture used in an electronic message that can be downloaded from a website or compiled from a keyboard characters An articon may or may not be used to communicate emotion I Both men and women use graphic accents sparingly I Blogging 0 Social Networking Beyond the keyboard I Social networking linking individuals and communities who share common interests activities and ideas through such online websites as FacebookMyspace 39239 Choices for Improving online communication skills 0 Sender skills for electronic messages I Be succinct when necessary I The longer the message the more the receiver will be inclined to emphasize parts ofyour message that may not deserve such attention I Write Literally I Avoids ambiguous and convoluted thoughts I Necessary because there are no nonverbal cues to assist the listener in interpreting the message I Stay polite I Take a deep breath I When you inhale and release your breath you reduce stress I Reflect on your message before sending o Receiver skills for electronic messages I Check in with the sender I Electronic trial balloon an online overture that briefly responds to a sender s message in order to clarify the sender s intended message I Show Empathy when possible I Listen beyond the words I Read between the lines to figure out the intention emotion and intuition I Also there is more distractions than in facetoface interactions 0 Sender and receiver skills for electronic messages I Take responsibility for your own words I Whatever we say online is permanent and is not only available for future use but also available to virtually anyone I Build your dialogue I Ensures topics and ideas are arranged in order of importance I Recall the challenge of online communication


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