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by: Ms. Jerry Mante


Ms. Jerry Mante
GPA 3.81

Elizabeth Larrimore

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About this Document

Elizabeth Larrimore
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Jerry Mante on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMST 2060 at Louisiana State University taught by Elizabeth Larrimore in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/222701/cmst-2060-louisiana-state-university in Communication Studies at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
2060 Midterm Study Guide Lecture material Essentials 0 Anxiety 0 Natural not noticeable 0 Release stress practice know that the audience is already on your side and have something to say 0 Delivery styles 0 Manuscript 39 Something to read fromgnot good with engaging the audience 0 Memorization O Impromptu O Extemporaneous 39 All of the abovegnote cards 0 Delivery 0 Eye contact pick 3 people around the room articulationno mumbling pronunciation pitch want voice to go up and down volume dialect rate of speaking pauses appearance 0 Appearance 0 Apparel 0 Stature O Gestures O Facial expressions Thesis a single 53711371 imi mnm l nIiai 173 eniire spew7 i5 arguing 50 imi an andienie my a dear idea ofnImi 75 are ixiening 10 and nIy Three basic parts of a speech and What should occur in each section 0 Introduction 0 Sets the tone for the entire speech that follows 0 Start with attention grabber 0 Main points overview O Thesis sumrnarizingwhat the speech is about 0 Body 0 Main points 0 Elaborating making the points matter 0 Conclusion 0 Thesis 0 Wrapiup sumInarize everything discussed 0 Closing really focus on leaving a lasting impression 0 Call to action 0 Challenging the audience s collective knowledge about the subject learning what they didn t know before Genres you should be able to identify examples of each based on the genre s de ning characteristics 0 Introductory Wan mi offermna dinoer givenfor 173 purposes ofexiabiJiing aprodmiive andposilivefninre relaiionxf niili an andienie 0 Select a valueinterest of the audience and choose a personal theme about yourself that best exemplifies these values 0 Uses objects 0 Informative an aei efz39nslmelz39en iliaiprerz39des an aadz39eme Willi belies iliai sapperi and are eeniz39naeas Willi flieir alrea exislz39ng inierests 0 Makes the unfanliliar fanliliar to make it easier to explain 0 Catches the audience s attention 0 Leaves out personal opinions 0 Subject matter Objects 39 Processes 39 Events 39 Concepts 0 Strategies de nition demonstration explanation descniption 0 Strategies guidelines 39 Don t overestimate audience knowledge Relate subject to audience Avoid technical language Avoid abstractions Personalize ideas 0 Pelsuasive an art efiransfermaiz39en in wink7 a Weaker dialenges ilie exz39siz39ng beliefs alfz39iades and values efan aadz39eme in an e e ie ehallenge fliez39r flieaglils elz39ngs and beliarz39er o Emotion pathos 0 Point out the alternative 0 Make strong unity by using we us vs them 0 Create Visual 0 Subject matter Questions of fact value or policy 0 Monroe s Motivated Sequence attention need satisfaction Visualization action 0 Commemorative an art eferalaalz39en in wink7 speakers make Morajudgments abeai and alfrz39baie values iepariz39mlarpeeple ebjeets or events in a rag iliai alters ear lengiierm ailiiades ieaard fliese iliings 0 Two components the value an abstract and universal concept and the subject matter speci c and concrete 0 Often thanks people sums up something very powerful 0 Tina Fey s ethos makingjokes KairosZtimelines s giving a speech at the right time and place probably the most important aspect ofpersuasion Artistic proofs 0 Ethosappeal to a sense of character the persona one gives off 0 Situated inherited ethos 39 What someone already thinks of you o Invented ethos 39 What you create in front of the audience 0 Ethos in speech 39 Identi cation 0 The esiablz39smteni efeemmen ground between speaker and aadz39eme 0 Example Mean Girls speech 39 Polarization 0 araiing ilie Ere edAadz39emefrem a seeendag bad aadz39eme 0 Us vs Them 0 Example President Polernan Independence Day speech 39 Distinction 0 Proving dial 17e speaker lias speeial knowledge or e9qerienee inai seis fliem above five audienee 0 Example Braveheart speech 39 Diatribe 0 Direei erilieiging five audienee leprere e sefrefeeiien 0 Attacking audience s belief 0 Example George Carlin Religion is bullshit speech 0 PathosZappeal to emotion O O 0 Logos 0 O O The strongest Creates a Visual logic sense of reason Using statistics What speaker says makes sense to audience In order for persuasion to take place must have 39 Claim what you want the audience to accept Example it rained last night 39 Grounds Example the sidewalk is wet 39 Warrant Example wet sidewalkrain Logical fallacies 39 Slippery slope 0 Warning againsi an aeiien beeause ii will result in an ineriiable slide inward a ierriblefaie 39 Bandwagon 0 Adreeaiing a pesilien based on itspepulariy 39 Red herring 0 Using a mere sensaiienal issue 10 disiraei alfeniien mugfrom uneemferiable issues 39 Straw man 0 Twisling breaking ari uliai was said 39 Appeal to authority 39 Scapegoating 0 Bbming a eenrenienigreupfer all inepreblemsfaeing a publie 39 False dichotomy 0 Presenied mil7 tue dieiees when in faei fliere are mere Man in dieiees If one hire is diserediied flien 17e reader is fereed ie aeeepi 17e oilier elmiee 39 Begging the question 0 Tlieprepesiiien ie beprered is assumed implieii l er e9qlieii in 17e premise 0 Cireular argmneni 39 Ad hominern 0 Alfae ing an eppeneni s eliaraeier in order ie undermine his or herpesiiien 39 Nonsequeter 0 Making a siaiemeni inai seems in eeme e 39 Post hoc 0 l er flierefere beeause efii Ego Prepier Hoe aka False eauseiiie Wersiiiien ui eff7e blue and makes no legieal sense 0 Ailribuiing eauses er eenseauenees 10 Mai uIiieifarersjeu er uIiai is easiesi ie undersiand raiier a 3 eienli e ana lsis Book material Ch 3 The Rhetorical Background 0 Rhetorical foreground O R3pr3537715 173 5377 7 and 53173771 3715 3f 3 73777 7377 57177317377 35 71 77713715 3r 77713r3515 53m3 aha737773 a1 upm mar m3 73771 777 17m3 O The here and now the up close and present 0 Sophists privileged this the most 0 How the audience feels 0 Example Christmas morning opening presents 0 Rhetorical background 0 Mr3537715 173 lag 3777777377 73771 7727777 lt45177235 173 77513777a and 537731 737713x1f37 my par17777br r7313777a 3773771 0 The biger picture 0 Plato felt that this was the most important 0 Example Christian theology the birth of Christ 0 Motives of participants 0 X1a77df37 173pg7733g77a r35p37753 3f m7 a77d737773 13 5717731737731 7377d7173775 1731 39 lu7775 1737rf3m5 and d357735 and 777 7737773 1737r 4177r3 3373f5 37ng5 and b37m773r5 Ch 4 The Rhetorical Foreground 0 Contingency 0 A77 7777f3r353377 3773771 1731 7377d 177777 3 57177317377 1775 772 3r 1731 wgl f37 331137 3rf37 773r53 0 Something in future that we don t know which way it ll go 0 Exigencea77 39 37737773 3f 3 7377177733779 1731 m 35 775 f33 3 73773777317377 3f 737773777 and 777773713777 I the sense of anxiety and concern that we have over exigence O Contested V uncontested 39 Contested exigence addr35535 37333 7 333771 7727353 7730 r3al7gl 7377737775 777 d37731f37 m7 aha737773 39 Uncontested exigence a77d737773 37773735 737753775775 35 13 173 77317773 3f 173 WMm7 377175 777773713777 35 13 173 5317717377 CMST 2060 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE LARRIMORE SPRING 2010 The persuasive speech and what constitutes a persuasive speech 0 Persuasive Speech 0 Emotion pathos Point out the alternative Create visual Pathos 39 Problemisolution OOO 39 Problemicauseisolution 39 Comparative advantage identify the problem acknowledge multiple solutions tell which one is best Refutation model point out weaknesses in opposing argument 39 Monroe s motivated sequence get audience s attention identify need solution satisfaction visualizationiutopia vs wasteland look to future action 0 EthosZappeal to a sense of character the persona one gives off 0 Situated inherited ethos 39 What someone already thinks of you O Invented ethos 39 What you create in front of the audience 0 Ethos in speech 39 Identi cation O The eil abz39xlimeni efeemmen ground between speaker and aadz39enee 0 Example Mean Girls speech 39 Polarization O araiing ilie Eve edAadz39emefrem a ieeendag bad aadz39enee 0 Us vs Them 0 Example President Polernan Independence Day speech 39 Distinction 0 Proving iliai ilie ipeaeer 17a speez39a knowledge or ewen39eme iiai self fliem above iie aadz39enee 0 Example Braveheart speech 39 Diatlibe 0 Direei m39iz39ez39gz39ng ilie aadz39enee ieprme e 5efrefeelz39en 0 Attacking audience s belief 0 Example George Carlin Religion is bullshit speech Pathos quotiwhat is pathos Also know how we use pathos and why we might use pathos to create the following They also all pair off into opposites Know how they pair off 0 PathosZappeal to emotion O The strongest O Creates a Visual 0 Logoslogic sense of reason 0 Using statistics 0 What speaker says makes sense to audience 0 In order for persuasion to take place must have 39 Claim what you want the audience to accept Example it rained last night 39 Grounds Example the sidewalk is wet 39 Warrant Example wet sidewalkrain O Sinnergcondemning an individual or group as representing all that one should avoid 0 Saintgpraising an individual or group as an ideal model Wastelandgprojecting a terrible world to condemn a way of life Utopiaiprojecting a perfect world to promote a way of life Vicegcondemning a certain habit of action as detrimental Virtuegpraising a certain habit of action as bene cial O ldolipraising some object as being worthy of respect and use 0 Abominationgcondemning some objects as meriting rejection or destruction Claimevidencewarrant triangle we went over this before midterm but it was not on the midterm To refresh your memories Claim the assertion you re making ex It rained last night or you just drank red wine Warrant the connection EvidenCche proof behind that assertion ex wet grass is usually a sign that it has rained ex the grass is wet or purple teeth usually indicate someone s been or your teeth are purple drinking red wine The commemorative speechiwhat it is and what characterizes each of the types we talked about in class Hpurpose is to entertain celebrate can be hybridized much more loosely de ned than other speeches O Introductions O Acceptanceithank show gratitude what it means to you ex Dustin Hoffman 0 Presentationisignificance of award itself why the recipient is worthy of the award exjanetJackson O Toastsroastsgprepare 1 or 2 positive characteristics Ex the Office roast 0 Roast is an ironic toast pick out embarrassing charactenistics and make them positive balance keep light hearted O Eulogiesibalance delivery and emotion acknowledge family Graham Chapman 0 T 1 39 39 39 39 p h h goal in mind be dynamic engage audience appeal strictly to emotion use realilife stories that inspire by example dranlatic finish Stylisticrhetorical devices be able to recognize EXAMPLES of these 0 Anaphora O Repetition ofbeginning of statement 0 Hypophora 0 Raising a question and providing answer yourself 0 Metaphor 0 Comparing without using like or as 0 Simile 0 Uses like or as 0 Metonymy 0 Use part to represent the whole 0 Chiasmus 0 Using the same words in a different order 0 Antonomasia 0 Using a nickname whose naIne implies a characteristic ex Romeo Einstein 0 Bdelygmia O Litany of abuse cruelty negative statements 0 Effectio 0 Detailed personal description of someone 0 Cominoratio O Saying the same thing in different ways 0 Alliteration O Tongue twisters repetition of sounds 0 Auxesis O Gradual increase in intensity going going gonel 0 Oxymoron 0 Direct contradiction Regarding Antony s speech from Julius Caesar think about how Antony managed to turn the citizens of Rome against Brutus and the conspirators who killed Caesar Also think speci cally about the role of Caesar s willihow did Antony use it in persuading the citizens of Rome What purpose did it serve You will have true false matching and multiple choice questions the answers to which will go on an answer sheet Also I will have a pretty sizeable excerpt from a speech to which you have already been exposed on the nal Following the speech will be ve discussion questions Hint it s the MLK speech


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