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by: Samara Parker


Samara Parker
GPA 3.65

R. Hinson

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About this Document

R. Hinson
Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samara Parker on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGEC 4433 at Louisiana State University taught by R. Hinson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/222710/agec-4433-louisiana-state-university in Agricultural & Resource Econ at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
FRESH amp EASY FampE a Why the emphasis on FampE Example of entry Example of market analysis I Segmentation I Targeting I Positioning Q Question of execution 5 Question of success Tesco a British company I In the early 19905 serious financial difficulty El Focus was on copying what other chains were doing El Customers recognized lack of ideas and service Tesco a British company I Growth plan developed in early 905 strong core business in UK a as much nonfood sales as food sales D profitable retailing services business Q as strong internationally as in UK Tesco a British company I Competitors in UK food market I Sainsburys n Safeway II Asda WalMart II Morrisons Tesco a British company 1 a Food store formats f Metro urban convenience Express cstores near gas stations Traditional supermarkets Extra Hypermarkets III Created a personal finance division 1 International operations in eastern Europe and Asia Tesco a British company a Recovery by focusing on the consumer Stoped copying as a merchandising strategy n Institutionalized listening to customer Q Merchandising based on response to what FampE customers want Tesco a British company III Focus on employees I Respect I Meaningful work I Training II Job security Tesco a British compa ny I Increasing effectiveness of existing UK business III New ways to deliver value to UK customers I Accelerated pace of international expansion Tesco a British company a By 2005 was 1 food retailer in UK because a Right value proposition for the market a Rivals had problems were recovering m Diversified nonfood sales were growing m Internethome delivery was profitable Tesco a British company a Recovery road T the FampE way simplicity r steering wheel that laid out the objectives that managers would be evaluated by one ofthe best distribution networks in the world pricing is EDLP adding retail serVices such as financial going international through local partnerships Tesco a British company a had developed a credible space in high end food El focused on convenience these customers more likely to look if convenience is not there III develop organically a impose its good better best ranging model FRESH amp EASY FampE US Market Entry El Described as tough market III Competitors WalMart Kroger Albertsons Safeway III Low barriers III Plenty of capital FampE US Market Entry a Differentiation factors the trends II Convenient on the way home I Fresh foods Q Small stores a Green I Prepared meals FampE Organization a Spoke of 1000 stores in Pacific Coast states and Arizona New Mexico a Initial target 200 stores III Distribution center in Riverside Ca a UK suppliers of ingredients located next to the DC I Wild Rocket Foods I 2 Sisters Food Group FampE Food Preparation 5 Own kitchen for the prepared foods a US competitors don t have kitchens and FampE has not operated kitchens before III Justification capture better margins III Why no one here that could do it to the same standardsquot FampE Green a A sustainable competitive advantage III FampE has greener footprint because of new construction El Preferential hybrid car parking why make customers walk further to get into the stor a Is the green image consistently promoted El Double packages bag and tray overpackaged or safer What is the image FampE Straight Talk a Results Estimated loss for 2009 as 259000000 Report early in 2012 It has racked up losses of 574m and sucked in 800m of capital and is now embarking on an overhaul of the chain in an effort to break even by the end ofthe 201213 financial year III Indication of increasing sales from a low base III Indication of reduced costs from a high base FampE Straight Talk a Small with convenience emphasis are these stores be a A primary shopping venue Just another stop to fill immediate need El FampE expanded its range increasing SKUs by 20 FampE a FampE assumes uniformity across U S market III PP secret to American retailing It s a big country no one thingquot that Americans want diverse in income ethnicity age and other demographics Why would a uniform product assortment and merchandising offering be a success Retail Approaches to Diversity III Micromarketing the WalMart store of the community concept same store same brand but customize the assortment and marketing based on the locality a Multiple Banners Aldi and Trader Ioe s model and others The concept or banner itself differentiates and is only built in appropriate locales for the demographic and psychographic mix the retailer is looking to attract a Specialization Whole Foods specializes in certain types of shoppers and certain types of neighborhoods FampE El Tesco Puts Up Tens of Millionsquot Purchases British Transplants Wild Rocket And 2 Sisters Foods A sign of commitment to the U S market An indication of promises made to induce these companies to invest with FampE Opinion There are a lot of signs Tesco still hasn t learned its lessons in America FampE a 5 Off Coupons no brand equity in this III Offered almost continuously III Big impact on margins thin for grocery retailers a Must buy lower quality product to use the coupon good for customer loyalty FampE a Tesco Reports Increased Sales Numbers But Growth Is Still Underperforming mostly that Tesco opened more Fresh amp Easy stores Fresh amp Easy samestore sales should look good they are new stores and those typically show increases Major questions 1 Were FampE 5 market research and concept strategy appropriate 1 Was the operation component appropriate III Which was responsible for weak sales numbers FampE Straight Talk I Discussion In whether FampE is accomplishing its objectives a whether it will survive significant losses FampE Straight Talk I Continuing losses El Concept problem El A differentiated fresh food store I A deep discounter WalMart prices I Stuck in the middle


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