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by: Raven Hermiston


Raven Hermiston
GPA 3.92

M. Katchmer

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About this Document

M. Katchmer
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Raven Hermiston on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LATN 2051 at Louisiana State University taught by M. Katchmer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/222721/latn-2051-louisiana-state-university in Latin at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
Chapter 28 Translation Theseus Athenis While Theseus grew at Trozene Medea was accepted into the kingdom of Aegeus because this woman fled by chariot pulled by winged dragons after she had sat the kingdom of Corinth on fire and killed her own sons by means of a sword Aegeus accepts this woman and his hospitality is not enough but he also joins himself to Medea with the agreement of marriage for which he hoped that she would beget a son of the art of Medea He did not know Theseus sill lived And now Theseus a son unknown to his father who had made peaceful the isthmus between the two seas with his courage was near But nevertheless Medea recognized him as soon as he arrived in the city for that reason the bad and envious woman persuaded Aegeus to invite Theseus into the palace to be killed When this one went into the banquet that woman mixed the wine with the poison which she gave to Aegeus so he himself will give it to the unknowing son This deathbearing poison which Medea carried back with herself once was made from the white foam which Cerberus sprinkled in the fields by his barking while Hercules carried him out of Orcus Theseus now had taken the given cup with his unknowing right hand when the father recognized the sign of his family in the ebony ornament of the sword and threw the cup from the mouth of Theseus Medea however singing the magic songs of death fled by moving clouds since she saw the bad deed being revealed But the father although was happy to discover his son safely nevertheless he is amazed that he himself almost committed a huge wicked deed The gods prevented him from killing his own son Therefore he sat the alters of the gods on fire No other day was more celebrated than that in Athens The father and the people had celebrated the songs of the hero llYou great Theseus are loved by all the inhabitants of the isthmus No the path of the travelers is safe If we desire to count both good deeds and your years deeds would overcome years In behalf of you bravest son we have offer public prayers for you we drink a goblet of wine to youquot The palace of Athens sound with applause and prayers of the people Not any is sad in the whole place of the city Nevertheless for none are delighted without concern Aegeus having received his son safely was not able to rejoice very much for Minos waged war This son ofJupiter and Europa although he was strong with respect to a soldier and was strong with respect to ships nevertheless he was strong with the anger of a father because his own son Androgeus was killed as a guest in Athens Hear how it happened in the kingdom of Aegeus was a white bull which Hercules transported out of Crete into Greece This bull who blew out flames killed many men and destroyed many fields Many young men attempted to kill him in which was Androgeus the son of Minos but in vain Finally Theseus caught the bull with deadly horns and dragged it through the streets of Athens all the way to the temple which he killed that one a sacrifice to the gods When Androgeus sent into danger by Aegeus had been killed Minos now waged war Minos also ordered seven young men and seven maidens to be sent to himself to Crete so that he would sacrifice them to the Minotaur Because the two formed monster a bull with a head ofa man offspring of Pasiphae and the white bull was living under the palace in a labyrinth Chapter XXVII 422011 40000 PM Theseus was the son of Aegeus king of the Athenians Aethra daughter of the king of Trozene was mother to him He is said to have been the offspring of Neptune for this reason Theseus has been called the Neptunian hero and always worshipped the god of the sea Therefore he spent his boyhood in Trozene in the palace of his mother and his grandfather Pittheus for his father had returned to Athens Aegeus however leaving Trozene had hidden under a great rock his shoes and his sword and had ordered Aethra to send young Theseus to Athens to him When the boy grows so strong that he is able to remove the rock send him to me so that he may show himself to his father When it was time Aethra led her son to the rock The young man asked Aethra why she was leading him here Then the mother put out the story about Aegeus Although the work was very difficult Theseus took the shoes and the sword the rock having been removed Wearing lit having been dressed with a sword Theseus prepared himself to set out for Athens Grandfather Pittheus having tried strongly to persuade him to make the journey by the sea was offering a ship to him Theseus however desiring to make himself like his kinsman Hercules decided to go through the isthmus so that he might free the people from danger for he knew that region to be full of monsters and robbers On the first day Theseus overcame the clubbearing son of Vulcan afterward he was always carrying the club of that man in memory of his first victory Then he killed Sinus having used his great strength badly who was so strong that he was able to bend pine trees to the earth With the trees loosened he threw the bodies of men widely through the air Theseus killed him in the same way Following the road along the seashore Theseus came to tail mountains For he knew in which place Sciron the bandit lived and on what rock he sat This bandit ordered strangers to wash his feet but when they bent over to do this he sent them down into the sea with a blow of his foot In the sea a huge turtle would devour them Theseus however refused to wash the feet of Sciron He threw him having been raised from the rock into the sea Near Eleusis the hero killed a wild pig so that a farmer in that place now safe in the countryside would be able to plow his fields Other tyrants and bandits were conquered by Theseus among whom was Procrustes who was terrifying the inhabitants near Athens It was said that he had an iron bed on which he would put all strangers If any guest was longer he would cut off either their head or their feet If any was shorter Procrustes would stretch him to fit the bed The son of Aegeus killed him in the same way 422011 40000 PM 422011 40000 PM Medea now went towards the ancient altars of Hecate hecates genitive so that she might learn secret spells and magic arts in the forest Now she was strong and love had a receded when she sees Jason the ames of love returned because quod explanatory neuter on that day die filius abltative time the son of Aeson was sotam subjunctive result handsome that you could forgive Medea loving amanti participle present voice dative verb requires modifying Medeae him posses imperfect active result fuit perfect She was staring and holding her eyes fixed on his eius genitive face Jason began to speak loqui infinitive present deponent and seized her right hand and promising marriage so that she would give help subjunctive clause purpose Medea says with many tears lacrimis multis ablative manner What am Ito dofaciam deliberative subjunctive I see that indirect statement I will save him accusative direct object with my help auxilio meo ablative means Having been saved servatus participle perfect let him give det subjuntive jussive promises and let him keep servet subjunctive jussive them He swore by the holy rites of Hecate the three formed goddess She gave to him magic herbs and songs and the happy Jason drew back into the house The next day the people assembled irrthe sacred field ofMars the king himself sat in the middle wearing purple clothing and noticeable by his ivory sceptre Behold the bulls have drawn near which were breathing such great ames that the grass was burning having been touched by them Nevertheless Jason went towards them The Argonauts seeing the terrible bulls were greatly afraid but Jason son of Aeson did not see either the ames or the smoke So powerful were the drugs that Jason placed the heavy yoke on the shoulders of the bulls with his powerful right hand and without fear and tilled the eld with an iron plough The men of Colchis were amazed the Argonauts rejoiced with shouts Then he took out the teeth of the serpent out of the bronze helmet in order to sow them in the elds The ground softened the seeds and the teeth were growing so quickly that ut fierent result because of tam they were becoming new bodies of men genitive 3rd declensions plural What was more astonighi each man was holding weapons The Greeks were afraid seeing so many men and so many weapons videntes active Medea who had made him safe when she saw that indirect statement subject accusativeiuvenem infinitivepeti present passive 3rd conjugation one young man was being attacked by so many enemies hostibus ablative of agent she sat cold and suddenly without blood Jason however threw a rock at his enemy in order to turn converteret subjunctive imperfect active purpose the fight away from himself onto themselves All fell from their many wounds the Greeks rejoiced and Medea rejoiced also giving thanks to her spells and to the gods authors of the spells agens present participle active nominative modifying medea It remains to give sleep to the ever vigilant dragon with herbs who was the terrible guardian of the golden eece Jason sprinkled him with Letheain water and there times said the words causing him calm sleep facientia participle present active modifies verba accusative neuter plural so that sleep would come to the eyes of the dragon The heroic son of Aeson acquired the golden eece vellere ablative verb requires Proud in his plunder and carrying also with himself the author of his plunder herself another plunder the victor returned to Greece with his new wife eeing the anger of her father NO future passive infinitives Chapter XXVI Facta Magica Medeae In Greece the mothers and fathers are carrying gifts for the receiving sons but Aeson is absent already neighbouring death and tired from many years Then the son of Aeson spoke in this manner 0 wife to whom I power my safety too if these incantations of yours are able to do this take from me my years and add them to those carried away from my parent He could not hold back the tears Medea with sympathy was moved by his pleading and said Do you think therefore that it is possible for me to take your life from you Hecate will not permit it Justice cannot be sought But let me prove the great given to me Jason With my arts I have tried to give him a long life your years cannot be revoked even if the threeformed goddess were to help me After three nights when the horns of the moon have gone together so that a most full Diana looks at the lands Medea with bare feet open garments and owing locks stepped out of the house alone and carries her step through the complete silence of the midnight All men birds and wild animals were sleeping deeply the stars shine alone in the sky to which Medea holding out her hands turned herself around three times She sprinkled magic water on her head three times and begged the goddess with great cries Most faithful night she said golden stars the moon and you threeformed Hecate you who help my magic arts with your charms I summon your help with the winds and move the clouds I overcome snakes and move rocks and woods I order the mountains to shake and ghosts to leave their tombs You too Moon I drag from the sky There is a need for the juices through which old age may regain the ower of youth and first years And you will give me those juices Neither do the stars shine in vain and nor is my chariot drawn by winged dragons here in vain Behold here is the chariot sent dimissus for from the quem accusative antecedent is currus rapitur indicative passive sky As soon as she climbs into it it ascends rapidly through the highest mountains where the magic herbs grow After nine days and nine nights having collected the herbs ablative absolute Medea returned with here chariot drawn by winged dragons tracto perfect participle The dragons having been touched touched only by the smell of the herbs shed their skins of old age tacti odore ablative means Before two folding doors of the palace valvis object of preposition pro she built two altars the one on the right side for Hecate the other on the left side for spirit of Youth These sacred things having been done ablative absolute she dug a great trench Then she plunges a sword into the throat of a black sheep and fills the trench with blood Then she added cups of wine and milk and asks the king of the shades along with his kidnapped wife not to hasten the death of the old king indirect command Then she ordered the tired body of Aeson to be brought to the altars who she then puts into a deep sleep by means of herbs She order Jason and the priests to go far from here and remove their profane eyes Medea then with owing hair in the manner of the Maenads walked around the twin altars sprinkling the man three times with ames with water and with sulphur Meanwhile strong drugs placed in a brass pot over a fire is boiling and turning white with foam She adds seeds owers bitter juices stones of the Orient wings and esh of birds a serpent skin and the eggs and head of a bird These things and many nameless others having been mingled Medea mixed them all in the brass pot with an olive branch Look the branch becomes green soon it comes into leaf and suddenly is heavy with olives When she saw these things Medea immediately having drawn a sword cuts the throat of the old man Medea pours out the ancient blood in order to ll him up with the new juices After which Aeson drank these juices either with his mouth or with his wound his beard and hair regained their black colour The pallor faded and his limbs became strong Aeson once again admired himself being youthful Aeson is amazed to be youthful again Chapter 29 Theseus Cretae Neptune the god of the sea had given a beautiful white bull to Minos so that he would sacrifice it to himself The bull however was so beautiful that Minos kept the bull for himself Neptune who wanted to punish the king made it so that Pasiphae his wife loved the bull the adulteress had deceived the savage bull so that she could carry the discordant fetus in her womb While Minos waged war the scandal of the family grew and the adultery lie open to the agreement of the queen to the twoformed monster Minos now to remove shame from the wedding couch and himself built a multiple winding home under the palace Daedalus who was celebrated in the art of building now constructed the labyrinth in order to lead lights into error of many different winding streets Just like the Meandrus in the fields of Phyrgi play and gliding from side to side flows and flows back running itself the uncertain waters now to fountains now lead to the open sea So many are chambers so many are roads that Daedalus himself is hardly able to return to the threshold Such great is the trick of the home In this place Minos had concealed the twin figure ofa bull and a youth and twice fed the monster the blood of the Athenians was the cause of death of Androgeus The third lot however for the youths of Athens having been sent to Crete had been selected by chance gave death to the Minotaur Although for Theseus was the son of the king nevertheless decided to sail among all the other youths in order to free his fatherland from the terror of the Minotaur If the ship should return the Minotaur having been killed it would sail a white sail the youth having been killed a black sail This is going to be the signal to Aegeus When the ship arrived in Crete the royal family descended onto the shore in order to see the Athenian youths Minos who heard of the story and the parents of Theseus now sees how beautiful and strong the hero was quotIs Neptune really the sort of father who would help youquot asked Minos and threw a ring from his finger into the sea llNow carry back the ring to me a sign of the divine parentsquot Theseus who joined courage to strength begging all the gods and very greatly Neptune plunged himself into the sea soon he returned with the ring given by Nereus Ariadna the daughter of Minos who had watched all those labors immediately loved Theseus When all the Athenians were giving up hope of escaping the royal maiden gave new hope for she was looking for Theseus and proposed a plan to him by which the two would flee together First she gave him a thread and a sword to the hero some say he secretly was holding the sword of his father then she taught him the exit out of the labyrinth which had been built by Daedalus She said it was necessary for him to tie on the post of the door the thread which Theseus was going to roll out while he approached the Minotaur With the monster having been killed the string had to be wound up by Theseus who would lead out all the friends For such great kindness Theseus promised that he would lead Ariadna into marriage and that he would carry his wife to Athens The door was found again with difficulty by Theseus with the help of the maiden Theseus sailed away from Crete with companions and the king s daughter Ariadna having been seized Theseus set sail directly to the island of Dia On which island some say that Theseus left the maiden others say that Ariadna was left of the shore by the hero whom boarding the ship suddenly a storm carried away Bacchus carried love and luck to the deserted maiden complained about much and place a crown from the forehead of Ariadna in the sky so that an eternal star would be bright Either by chance or by the will of the god Ariadna was made the wife and priestess of Dionysi Chapter XXIV Amor lasonis Meanwhile Medea daughter of the kind could not conquer her madness and love with reason You are fighting back in vain Medea I do not know what god is standing in the way she said unless this is what is called lovequot Why do the orders of my father seem harsh to me They are very harsh May he not perish the yopung man whom I have just fallen in love with What is the cause of such fear May the flames of love be extinguished What should I do A new force burdens me against my will I desire to one thing my mind urges another I see betterthings and I approve of them but I follow the worst Why maiden daughter of the king do you love a stranger and why do you desire a husband from a strange land This land can also give a husband Let him live or let him die it rests with the gods However let him live What has Jason done Certainly the courage of the young man has moved my heartquot But unless I shall have brought aid the bulls will breath fire out of their mouths on to him or he will come up against armed foe created by the earth or he will be given to the eager dragon If I shall allow this I will confess that l was born of a tiger and that l have iron in my heart I cannot watch him dying nor can I encourage the bulls against him May the gods give better things Am I to betray the land of my parents and will some stranger or another be saved by my help Perhaps that man will set sail safe through my intervention will set sail without me and perhaps he will be the husband of another woman while I am left behind to punishment If he can do this and put another person before me may he die ungrateful man However I do not think that he will do these wicked and nefarious things First antea let Jussive a pledge sint subjunctive present active optative be given before I give the help to him and let the gods be witnesses He Jason will always owe me honorabor indicative future passive himself and he will marry me ducet future Then among the Greeks and through their cities I will be honoured as a saviour Therefore shall I having been carried away by the winds leave behind my sister brother father the gods and the land of my birth ablata participle future My father is certainly cruel and my land is certainly barbaric But my brother is still only a boy and my sister stands with me and the greatest god is inside me I shall not leave behind great things but I shall pursue greater things lwill be honoured as the saviour of young Greek men and I shall get to knowa meliorum comparative better land I shall cultivate the arts of the more civilized towns and with the son of Aeson as my husband may I live happily and I will be dear to the gods coniuge ablative absolute Alas wretched me why do I fear danger They say that the mountains in the middle of the waters run together and that Charybdis destroys ships and that Scylla is most dangerous to sailors I fear nothing safe in the arms of Jason who I love If I fear anything I fear only my husbandquot Nescio 3 tenses for infinitives and participles present future pluperfect facturum esse indirect statement det subjuntive Chapter 30 Translation Theseus Rex When Theseus returned to Greece either greatly moved by thinking of the joy of his father or forgetful by the king didn t decorate the ship with a white sail Aegeus who saw the black sail from out of the citadel threw himself into the sea and died The sea was called the Aegean because of the king and his sad end So Theseus was made king with Aegues having died and the wise leader through many years gave to the people of Athens happy guidance and just laws The Athens was considered the home of freedom the first city of the whole world No longer did Athens have to send lamentable tribute to Crete Temples are crowned with flowers the people honor Minerva with Jupiter and the other gods whose temples the people decorate with bloody offerings and both gifts and incense having been given The name of Theseus had been spread through the Greek cities and the other people implored his help in great danger Calydon seeking aid a city close by sought aid of him although Calydon had Meleagrum a brave leader The cause of their seeing was a huge boar which monster had destroyed their fields and shepherds and dogs and hunters of Calydon The people fled and didn t think they were safe until they were in the fortified walls of the city Calydon begged Theseus to kill this pig and to end this terror The hero conquered the pig with many companions among whom were Jason and Pirithous and the huntress Atlanta and the Calydon hero Meleagrum himself Some people asked Theseus to give help especially the seven chiefs who waged war again Thebes whose king Creon had prevented them from burying the bodies of the dead The conquered implored Theseus to force the Thebans not to do this thing That one not only bore help but also the wise forbid his own soldiers to destroy the captured city with the dead having been buried he made peace in the whole land He also received the fleeing Oepidus in exile when the miserable now blind man wandered with his two daughters Theseus brings the friendship to Hercules after that one had killed his wife and children and after he had returned to a sane mind Theseus always having admired Hercules even after such bad deeds he persuaded to him not to kill himself Hercules being a friend it is known that Theseus waged war in the land of the Amazons When he returned to Athens he brought back with himself Hippolyta their queen who they greatly loved gave birth to a son This one however unfortunately was killed fighting next to Theseus in battle CHAPTER 23 aeson was once king of Thessaly but his brother who was called Pelias desiring to own the kingdom drove Aeson out of the domain In addition Pelias the wicked man tried to kill Aeson s son called lason but having made up a story the friends of Aeson reported to him that the boy was already dead Some days after a messenger faithful to the young king having been sent to Delphi came back to his master to whom he reported the oracle The Pythia the name of the priestess of Delphi had announced that there was no danger at that time but the king ought to fear a youth wearing only one shoe A few years after when Jason having lost his other shoe wearing only one shoe arrived at the palace of Pelius the king himself immediately sensed danger for he had recalled the memory of the Oracle Therefore he sent the youth to Colchis to a place where a certain king lived by the name of Ae tes who was in possession of a golden fleece For this fleece once upon a time had been left behind in the kingdom of Colchis by Phrixus after he arrived at that place on a golden ram For the road to Colchis was most dangerous this journey that Pelias had ordered Jason to make for he hoped that he would die on this trip Jason however did not want to go without companions for this reason he selected fifty very brave men among who were Orpheus and Hercules These men with Jason boarded the ship built in a short time by the skilled Argo and sailed away After many days and many dangers with the aid of the gods the Argonauts for thus had been named which had been called the argo arrived at Colchis Then the Argonauts after they had accomplished many dangerous tasks and having disembarked they turned towards the palace in which Ae tes lived However when they demanded the golden fleece of Phrixo from that man Ae tes the man firstly refused to ever hand the golden fleece to anyone but then he established a condition according to which he would hand over this gift If Jason ploughs a certain field with two bulls joined together and also scatters the teeth of a dragon the fleece will be handed over to him But this business was exceedingly dangerous because the bulls breathed flame out of the mouth and also armed men are created from the scattered teeth but the youth not thinking that the situation was bad did not knowthese things Ae tes however had a daughter called Medea who was going to be for of great help for Jason Relinquo Relictam erat indicative pluperfect passive Ch 20 Midas and Pan Afterwards midas was livingin the forests where he was worshipping the god Pan but even now he showed himself to be foolish Both wisdom and judgment were lacking to the king of Phrygia at this time There is a high mountain in Lydia named Tmolus at the highest point of which Pan was singing his songs to the nymphs While he was blowing into the pipes having been joined together with waX His songs indeed were very beautiful and very pleasing to the nymphs and to midas who was praising the god very much Proud Pan despises the songs oprollo the god of music he calls Apollo to a contest under the judge Tmolus god of the mountain Therefore the old judge sat on his mountain and freed his ears from the trees He looked at the God pan and he ordered him to sing with these words quotIn the judge there will be no delay Since Midas was there by chance he had heard the song which the pipers were sounding The kind greatly admired this foreign song which was most pleasing to him When the song of Pan was finished the scared Tmolus turned his face to the face of Phoebus who was wearing a laurel on his head and a long garment dyed with Tyrian purple With his left hand he held a lyre with gems teeth and ivory decoration with his right he held a pick Then Phoebus rose and touched the lyre with taught finger The song began to play The song having been heard the judge Tmolus commanded Fan to put down the pipes to the lyre However the judgement of the holy mountain of Tmolus which was pleasing to Midas was thus said quotthe judgment is unfair Apollo would not allow such ears to retain the human form Apollo makes the same ears longer and with the shaggy hair he also gives the ears the ability to be moved Midas was cursed to bear on one part of his body ears of an ass although the rest of his parts were human Afterwards Midas attempted to hide his ears in shame in a purple turban but the slave who cut his long hair had seen the ears The god to whom about which that same man was afraid to tell about had not been able to retain himself Therefore he dug up the earth in which he whispers in a small voice about the ears of his master having been seen The earth having been replaced the slave went away silently But the whispering reeds which grew from the earth sent back the buried words They murmured the story about the ears of the ass because the wind had stirred Since moved by the wind the reeds whisper the story about the ears of the donkey


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