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by: Casper Tillman I


Casper Tillman I
GPA 3.66


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Class Notes
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This 47 page Class Notes was uploaded by Casper Tillman I on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LIS 2001 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/222723/lis-2001-louisiana-state-university in Library & Information Science at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Discovering Computers 2008 Chapter 7 Storage Chapter 7 Objectives 5312 15 meme 0 m5 1 Storage What is storage gt Holds data instructions and information for futureuse gt Storage medium is physical material used for sito ag i Also called secondary storage hu new 47 quotquotquotquotquot M Emmi u a 9X p354355 Fig74 d Storage What is capacity gt Number of bytes characters a storage medium can hold p356 Kilobyte KB Megabyte MB 1 million Gigabyte GB 1 billion Terabyte TB 1 trillion Petabyte PB Exabyte EB Zettabyte ZB 1 sextillion Yottabyte YB 1 septillio 1 thousand W 1 quadrillion 1 quintillion Storage How does volatility compare gt Storage medium is nonvolatile contents retained when power is off gt Memory is volatile holds data and instructions temporarily ON 39339 E 5x g Manley E O 2 awaiting use 3 2 Storage Medium Contents Contents 5 oppy diSkS Zip diSkS available to user retained 2 hard disks CDs p356 Storage What is a storage device kgWu r I Hardware that d Rum records and 39 v n m retrieves items 7 31am t0 and from x mml storage media Functions as source Cre tgs of input p356 Storage What is access time gt Time it takes storage device to locate item on storage medium gt Time required to deliver item from memory to processor faster I Transfer rates uglier Primary Storage Stores l Memory most RAM Secondary Storage Items waiting to be interpreted and executed by the processor Hard Disk Flash Memory Cards and USB Flash Drives CDs and DVDs Tape slower transfer Floppy Dlsk rates p357 Fig 7 4 Operating system application software user data and information Digital pictures or files to be transported Software backups movies music Backups Small files to be transported Magnetic Disks What are tracks and sectors Track Sect0r 1s narrow recording band Stores up to that forms ful Ii 512 bytes circle on dis of data Formatting prepares disk for use p357 Fig 7 5 Magnetic Disks hard disk mounted What is a hard disk in System quot391 quot gt Highcapacity storage gt Consists of several in exible circular platters that store items electronically gt Components enclosed in airtight sealed case for protection Click to View Web Link click Chapter 7 Click Web Link from Ie navigation then click Perpendicular Recording below Chapter 7 p 358 Fig 76 Magnetic Disks What are characteristics of a hard d 3 Lucat Disk m properties 5659 a enela1 E Type F115 system L FrevlnuSVelsmns 1 I 1 Tons 1 Luca Disk NTFS I Used space 367554111515 bye Hardwar E 1 gt Eugta S hating 3815 GB FIEB space 11230519411480 bytes 111 4 BB 4 3 1 Capacity 483370052895 bytes 4931 EB Sectors per fran 68 Sectors per drive 978773168 actual Luis 7 Revolut1ons per mmute 7200 m Transfer rate 800 MB per 7 Compress his dnve m save disk space second g 1ndex mg am or raster searchirg Access time 85 ms 1 p359 Fig 7 7 Cancel mm Magnetic Disks How does a hard disk work or new lo cationi39ofdata Step 2 Small motor spins platters While computer is running St pa 4 Head actuato po39si39tiohs readXWriterheaa arms over quotcorrecJ19c A l atmrv s Storeadgorwrl erdata Step 1 Circuit board controls movement of head actuator and a small motor p 360 Fig 78 Magnetic Disks What is a cylinder gt Vertical section of trackthroughz l platters gt Single movement ofreadhwr ehead arms accesses all platters hlcy nder p 360 Fig 79 cylinder Magnetic Disks What is a head crash gt Occurs when readwrite head touches platter surface gt Spinning creates cushion of air that oats readWrite head above platter I Clearance between head and platter is approximately wo millifon39thsno fan ihch I A smoke particle dust particle or human hair coulfl rider drive uhu39sa ble readwrite head clearance p 360361 Fig 7 10 Magnetic Disks What is a disk cache gt Portion of memory that processor uses to store frequently accessed items p 361 Fig 7 11 Step 3 The canm ler transters the requesiad rlem m the processor 5th 2h I le centralier Stem A special purpose chip on me hard d sk med 3 controller receives a request for date ins1rIIcUons 71 or inlarmalion from me pmcessor 5quot e a The canlreller rst CHECKS UISK cache or IE requested item Magnetic Disks What is RAID gt Redundant Array of Independent Disks gt Connects multiple smaller disks into a single unit that acts as a single large hard disk Click to View Web Link click Chapter 7 Click Web Link from Ie navigation then click RAID below Chapter 7 p 362 Magnetic Disks What is a miniature hard disk gt Provide greater storage capacities than flash memory gt Smaller than notebook computer hard disks gt A pocket hard drive is a selfcontained unit 6 P 39 gt Click to View Web Link click Chapter 7 Click Web Link from Ie navigation then click Pocket Hard Drives below Chapter 7 p 362 Fig 7 13 Magnetic Disks What are external hard disks and removablehard disks gt Used to back up or transfer files Removable hard diskhard disk that you insert and remove from hard diskfjdrive39 External hard disk freestanding hard disk that connects to system unit p 363 Fig 7 14 Magnetic Disks What is a disk controller Ema m SATA Serial Advanced m r Technology Attachment controller uses serial signals to transfer data instructions and information EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics controller supports four hard disks provides connections for CD and DVD drives 39 p 363 364 Magnetic Disks What is online storage gt Service on Web that provides storage for minimal monthly fee gt Files can be accessed from any computer With Web access gt Large files can be downloaded instantaneously gt Others can be authorized to access your data Click to View Web Link click Chapter 7 Click Web Link from Ie navigation then click Online Storage below Chapter 7 p 364 365 Fig 7 15 Magnetic Disks What is a oppy disk gt Portable inexpensive storage medium also called diskette Thin circular exible film enclosed in 35 Wide plastic shell p 365 Fig 716 Optical Discs What are optical discs gt Flat round portable metal discs made of metal plastic and lacquer gt Can be read only or readwrite gt Most PCs include an optical disc drive p 366 Fig 717 Insert the disc 7 label side up Push the same button to close the tray Optical Discs How does a laser read data on an optical disc p 367 Fig 718 Optical Discs How is data stored on an optical disc gt Typically stored in single track gt Track divided into evenly sized sectors that store items single track spirals to edge of disc p 367 Fig 7 19 Optical Discs How should you care for an optical disc DO san he Ilisc quot ill a iewalhnx when no Ill use ltQ DIJ hold a disc hv ils ydgas 7 ul 39i39mdju discs s p 368 Fig 720 Optical Discs What is a CDROM gt gt gt gt Click to View Web Link click Chapter 7 Click Web Link fro navigation then click CDROMs below Chapter 7 p 369 Fig 722 m Ie Compact disc readonly memory Cannot erase or modify contents Typically holds 650 MB to 1 GB Commonly used to distribute multimedia and complex software Optical Discs What is the data transfer rate of a CDROM drive Ranges from 48X to 75X or faster 75 x 150 KBps 11250 KBps 73X 1s 10 KBPS or 1225 MBpS KB per second 48 x 150 KBps 7200 KBps or 72 MBps p369 Optical Discs in interim i5 quotgamma 77 Emma What is a Picture CD Film developers Can be Sigzio sgggl offer modified mquot of film Picture CD usmg photo serVice editing softwar 7quot Step 1 Drop offfilrn to Step gt be developed 39 V Athomeprintrimages Mark the Picture CD b th from Picture CD on OK on 6 Step 2 your inkjet photo printer filmprocessmg When you pick up I I envelope prints and negatives a Stow Prmtmages to Click to View Web Link PictureQD at kiosk click Chapter 7 Click Web Link PPFWCCD contams from Ie navigation digital images of each then click Picture CDs below hoto ra h er 7 p g p I p370 Fig 7 23 Optical Discs What are CDRs and CDRWs aw ompact isc ecordable disc you can write on once ompact isc e ritable erasable disc you can write on quot7wa multiple times Click to View Web Link click Chapter 7 Click Web Link from Ie navigation then click CDRs and CDRWs below Chapter 7 p 370 371 Miami CD tender to cm drive Cannot erase disc s contents wittfrzmm CHEW dime Optical Discs Got Your Video Right Here CLICK TO START Optical Discs What is a DVDROM digital versatile discROM or digital video discROM gt Must have DVDROM drive or DVD player to read DVDROM 7 gt Stores databases music 739 39 V complex software and movies gt Bluray discs have storage capacity of up to 100 GB gt HDDVD discs have storage capacity of up to 60 GB gt UMJ can store up to 18 GB e g g39 r p372 Fig 7 24 Optical Discs How does a DVDROM store data gt Two layers of pits are used lower layer is semitransparent so laser can read through gt Some are doublesided gt Many types of recordable and rewritable DVDs are available gt DVDR and DVDR gt DVDRW and DVDRW min an Aiin HD Dvn STORAGE CAPACITIES Sides Layers DVDROM nnnom HD DVDROM 1 1 47 GB 25 GB 15 GB I 1 2 85 GB 50 GB 30 GB 2 1 94 GB 50 GB 30 GB Cllckto VIewWeb LInk 2 2 17 53 100 GB 60 GB click Chapter 7 Click Web Link from Ie navigation then click BIu ray and HD DVD below Chapter 7 p372 373 Fig 7 25 Tape What is tape gt Magnetically coated plastic ribbon capable of storing large amounts of data at low c0st gt Primarily used for backup p374 Fig 7 27 Tape How is data stored on a tape gt Sequential access I Reads and writes data consecutively like music tape I Unlike direct access used on hard disks CD39S and DVDs which can locate particular item immediately p374 PC Cards and ExpressCard Modules What are PC Cards and ExpressCard Modules gt Adds capabilities to computer gt Creditcardsized device commonly used in notebook computers p 374 Figs 728 Miniature Mobile Storage Media What is miniature mobile storage media gt Storage for small mobile devices p375 Fig 7 29 Miniature Mobile Storage Media Click to View Web Link click Chapter 7 Click Web Link from Ie navigation then click Flash Memory Cards below Chapter 7 What are common types of ash memory cards CompactFIash Secure Digital xD Picture Card A 11 FUJIFILM Memory Stick Memory Stick PRO Duo p 376 Fig 7 30 Miniature Mobile Storage Media How does one type of ash memory card work Soap I Whinyminsats medullwa 1 nadreaieewialnr maxim mmrymm39smml39 mums um nmnwim mm lime I maman six uimihewmotpmsnd Ham Wineer minarmygmm e a snap 2 A mm Emile sine cine Maryann smile the mm mama sipping and 93 Hay memmycnim swepinwesand mm lwesddals sminlnmlalitn when shad mmnlamamlm bans aimed an quotIE ail fins to I11 mmli cannula mg lagsllsmunpwsy nm as mm p377 Fig 7 31 Miniature Mobile Storage Media What is a USB Flash Drive gt Plugs in a USB port on a computer or mobile device gt Storage capacities up to 64 GB gt May eventually make the floppy disk obsolete Click to View Web Link click Chapter 7 Click Web Link from Ie navigation then click U Flas rives below Chapter 7 p377 Fig 7 32 Miniature Mobile Storage Media What is a smart card gt Stores data on microprocessor embedded in small card gt Input process output and storage capabilities Click to View Web Link click Chapter 7 Click Web Link from Ie navigation then click Cards below Chapter 7 p 378 Fig 733 Microfilm and Microfiche What are micro lm and micro che Store microscopic images of documents on roll or sheet of film WW I 3 ms ug Tag 930 ix 6 Microfilm 100 to Microfiche small sheet 215f00t roll of film of film usually 4 x 6 p379 Fig 7 34 Microfilm and Microfiche How do life expectancies of various medialcompare gt Microfilm and micro che have longest life oflany storageimedia MEDIA LIFE EXPECTANCIESquot when using highquality media lllcllia Type Guaranteed Lila Expectancy Pnlanlial Lila Expectancy Magnetic disks 3m 5 years 20 to 30 years Uplical discs 5 to 10 years 50 to 100 years Microfilm 100 years 500 years according to manufacturers of the media p379 Fig 7 35 Putting It All Together What are recommended storage devices fOr home users I 250 GB hard disk I Oniine storage I CD or DVD drive I Card readerwriter I USB flash drive p 380 Fig 7 37 Putting It All Together What are recommended storage devices for small of cehome of ce SOHO users I 500 GB hard disk I Online storage I CD or DVD drive I External hard drive for backup I USB flash drive p 380 Fig 737 Putting It All Together What are recommended storage devices fOr mobile users 100 GB hard disk Online storage CD or DVD drive Card readerwriter Portable hard disk for backup USB ash drive p 380 Fig 7 37 Putting It All Together What are recommended storage devices fOr power users I 15 TB hard disk I Oniine storage I CD or DVD drive I Portable hard diskfor backup I USB ash drive p 380 Fig 737 Putting It All Together What are recommended storage devices for large business users I Desktop computer I500 GB hard disk ICD or DVD drive ISmart card reader ITape drive IUSB ash drive 39 Server or Mainframe INetwork storage server 3940 TB hard disk system ICDROM or DVDROM server IMicrof m or micro che p 380 Fig 7 37 Summary of Storage Internal hard disks External and removable hard disks Floppy disks CDROMs Recordable and Rewritable CDs DVD ROMS Bluray Discs BDs Chapter 7 Complete HD DVD discs Recordable and Rewritable DVDs Tape PC Cards and ExpressCard modules Flash memory cards and USB ash drives Smart cards microfilm and microfiche


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