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by: Shayna Jenkins Sr.


Shayna Jenkins Sr.
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Amy Potter

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This 45 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shayna Jenkins Sr. on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 1001 at Louisiana State University taught by Amy Potter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/222730/geog-1001-louisiana-state-university in Geography at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
Study Guide for Geog 1001 Exam 1 Format Multiple ChoiceTF 40 questions LARGE SCANTRON Understand the meaningdefinition of the following terms and be able to apply them to appropriate situationsplaces Review examples cited in class Introduction Regions an area defined by uniform characteristics 1 1 vague cognitive borders used by the public to refer to a general area people defining their region combination oftraits real or imagined Acadian defined by a public ex the South distinct boundaries constructed using one specific trait Mississippi based on a certain activity or organization parish a location place society and environment hazard perception earthquakes tornadoes hurricane movement and regions Lecture Key Terms and Concepts 6 vi increasing interconnectedness of people and places through converging processes of economic political and cultural change how places remain distinct more interconnected and interdependent Examples of converging currents of globalization global communication Skype facetime global transportation planes trains cars powerful transnational corporations and financial institutions china international free trade agreement NAFTA market economies and privatization homogenous global consumer culture Chain restaurants or stores economic inequity disparities Be able to identify proglobalization and antiglobalization Proglobalization Stance 6 examples Logical expression of modern international capitalism Economic system wealth and means of producing wealth are privately owned and controlled rather than public or state controlled New wealth will trickle down from rich to poor from countries and individuals Will spread benefits of new ideas and technologies Countries can produce goods best suited Need to attract capital from abroad will force countries to adopt sound economic policies World39s poor countries will catch up to rich ones Critics of Globalization 4 examples Not natural economic policy promoted by core countries results in inequities between haves and have not39s not playing by the rules Promotes freemarket exportoriented economies at expense of localized sustainable economies Free market economic model promoted for developing countries is not the one that Western industrial countries used for their own development Encourages bubble economies housing crisis Positive Aspects of Globalization As more money is poured in to developing countries there is a greater chance for the people in those countries to economically succeed and increase their standard of living Global competition encourages creativity and innovation and keeps pricesfor commoditiesservices in check Developing countries are able to reap the benefits of current technology without undergoing many ofthe growing pains associated with development ofthese technologies Governments are able to better work together towards common goals now that there is an advantage in cooperation an improved ability to interact and coordinate and a global awareness of issues There is a greater access to foreign culture in the form of movies music food clothing and more In short the world has more choices Negative Aspects of Globalization Outsourcing while it providesjobs to a population in one country takes away thosejobs from another country leaving many without opportunities Although different cultures from around the world are able to interact they begin to meld and the contours and individuality of each begin to fade Greater chance ofdisease spreading worldwide as well as invasive species that could prove devastating in nonnative ecosystems Little international regulation Large Westerndriven organizations make it easy for a developing country to obtain a loan Population Indicators Rate of natural increase RN annual growth rate for a country or region expressed as a percentage increase or decrease equals the number of births minus the number of deaths excludes migration world39s average is 12lyear Total fertility rate TFR the average number ofchildren born by a statistically Crude birth rate CBR the gross number of births divided by the total population giving a figure per 1000 ofthe population world39s CBR is 211000 Crude death rate CDR the gross number of deaths divided by the total population producing a figure per 1000 ofthe population world CDR is 91000 Young and Old Populations Percentage of population under 15 years old global average is 30 low is 17 Europe high if42 Africa high numbers indicates great potential for future growth Percentage of population over 65 years old identifies need for health care and other social services Lite exgectancy average number of years a person is expected to live graphically represent age and gender distribution of a population read from the base then up The Demographic Transitions Model I Stages Modeled based off of Europe to show what happened to Europe39s population through the industrial revolution and after that Test will ask what stage is happening based off a scenario High birth rate high death rate very slow growth low RNI Europe39s per industrIal period Death rate falls dramatically birth rate remains high high RNI most developing countries introduction of sanitation 39 Death rate remains low birth rate drops RNI slows contraception urbanization of population Death rate low birth rate low low RNI as in stage 1 US is here Population is shrinking Deindustrialization ServiceEconomy European countries here birth rate is lower than death rate Migration Patterns Pull forces good conditions at a destination that cause people to immigrate to an area economic opportunity freedom good climate Push forces negative conditions in a person39s homeland that cause people to emigrate from leave an area religious or political oppression war unemployment depends on perspective ofwhere you are home migrated Push negative Pull positive Net Migration Statistic that shows whether more people are entering or leaving a country measure migration RuraltoUrban migration Loss ofjobs in agriculture causing ruraltourban migration worldwide Urban Geography f 7 city that is disproportionately large andor dominates economic political cultural activities of a country strong economy also called primate city U a i ii i Mexico city and Londonare primate cities is learned not innate is shared not individual behavior it is held in common by a group of people empowering them with a way of life culture includes both abstract and material dimensions Culture is learned behavior that is passed on by imitation instruction and example Abstract culture includes speech and religion Material culture 39ncludes technology and housing i active promotion of one cultural system over another British In India ex British and India colonialism 39 a process of protecting and defending a certain cultural system against diluting or offensive cultural expressions while at the same time actively promoting indigenous culture ex France maintaining their language protecting their language attempts to appeal to all peoples regardless of place or culture ex Christianity Islam Buddhism Mormonism 39 identified closely with a specific ethnic group faiths that usually do not seek new converts born into ex Judaism Hinduism The Geography of Wealth and Poverty 39 391 theory developed by Immanuel Wallerstein to talk about the world countries states book World Systems Theory The core US northern hemisphere Periphery under developed countries southern hemisphere r 7 developing world Cold War era describes countries that were not allied wrth democratic weren39t alligned allied with US capitalism democracy allied with Soviet Union communist iii i or large group of people who share sociocultural elements language religion tradition identity political entity with territorial boundaries recognized by other countries and internally governed by organizational structure syn country homogenous cultural group occupying its own fully independent political territory ex Japan Measuring Economic Wealth i is the total value of goods and services produced within a given country in a single year i 39 39 quot 39 39 includes the value ofall final goods and services produced within a country39s borders plusthe net income from abroad this omits non market economic activity bartering household work does not consider the degradation or depletion of natural resources that may constrain future economic growth eg clear cutting forests divide GNI by the country39s population this adjusts for varying population size 7 givesa comparable figure fora standard market basket of goods and services purchased with a local currency to adjust for currency inflation and local cost of living annual rate of expansion for GDP Indicators of Social Development Lite exgectancy average length of life expected at birth for a hypothetical male or female based on national death statistics Average world life expectancy is 66 range from 46 82 Percent of Qogulation living on less than 2Zday UN measure of extreme poverty Underage5 mortality number of children who die per 1000 people in the population Influenced by health care sanitation availability offood quot ratio of male to females in primary and secondary schools Ratio gt100 more females than males are in school Ratio lt100 more males than females are in school base line is 100 combines data on life expectancy literacy educational attainment gender equity and income Colonialism formal establishment of governmental rule over a foreign population Decolonialization process of a colony gaining or regaining control over its territory and establishing a separate independent government Neocolonialism economic strategies by which powerful states indirectly and sometimes directly extend their influence over other weaker states Review the four questions from your textbook readings of Europe European Transformation Origins of Agriculture First domesticated plants and animals 7000 BC Impacts Created surplusfor trade Allowed for specialization Environmental degradation Rampant population growth Cultural Hearth A site of innovation from which basic ideas materials and technology diffuse to many cultures Early Cultural Hearths Fertile Crescent domestication of wheat barely and cattle Europe No urban centers Villages owned by lords Cultivation animal husbandry and gathering Scientific Transformation Settler vs Mercantile Colonialism difference between the twolocations Settler Colonialism Agricultural experiencestechnology transferred to North America Australia and South Africa Provided the tools needed to make members part of inner sphere Intention of moving and staying Mercantile Colonialism Minimal Investment not there to stay Latin America Africa South and East Asia Coastal settlement Sugar Minerals Cotton Effects of the Medieval Agricultural Revolution Expanded settlement and populations in northern Europe New areas under cultivation Agricultural surpluses supported more intense human concentrations 3 components ofthis revolution 1 8th and 10th centuries from China Allowed to turn thick wet soils and allowed access to heavy low land soils 1 s greater speed and endurance than the Ox first commuters transformed where people live commuting didn39t have to live next to work A increase in agriculture production see introduction of legumes PeasBeans Legumestx nutrients back to soil Provides protein Industrial Revolution Inventions Textile productions Spinning Jenny 1760s worked faster than hands could ihar 39 39 39 invented Spinning Jenny American South West Indies Egypt India Factories Railroads steam engine 1st Industrial City Originally 160 families Pollution and over crowding Textile City Located next to coal fields Karl Marx Communist Manifesto Bubonic Plague 13 world39s population Black Death origins originated in Gobi Desert carried byfleas on rats spread along trade routes spread so rapidly because people used their rivers as sewers and people lived with their animals symptoms tissue turns black fever headaches vomiting 4 out of 5 would die within 8 days p 39 39 39 9quot cli r t Sewer system improved housmg undergarments cotton clothes Great Venn Diagram diagram that helps you learn the difference betweenEngland Great Britain the British Isles and the UK see picture below RED Only two sovereign states permanent population Republic of Ireland and the UK GREEN Islands Ireland and Great Britain ORANGE Constituent countries country that is part of a larger entity of the UK England Scotland Wales and North Ireland HEM i s flw i ii increases the temperature by 5 degrees which is a little warmer than normal considering it is located up North 4 regions of Europe High population densities Agriculture Major cities industry rivers Alpine Mountain System spine of Europe Pyrenees border between Spain and France Aps France to Austria Apennines spine of Italy Carpathian39s Eastern edge of Apennines Central Uplands France to Czech Mountain system Raw materials Western Highlands Portugal to Finland Fjords flooded Ushaped valleys Shield Landscape 600 million year old rocks Demographic Transition Model model that describes population change over time based on observed changes or transitions in birth and death rates in industrialized societies over the past two hundred years or so 4 stages of transition see graph below sovereign state with small area lt1ooo km 2 like Monaco and Vatican City Financial incentives to have children German monetary gift with children liberal maternity benefits Reasons for population decline women working contraception lack of affordable housing Describe characteristics of cities and provide examples Transformation of European Urban Space Di erent types of Cities The Shambles York EnglandThe United Kingdom Dinan France narrow winding streets defensive gates public squares centered on churches and markets buildings the Shambles york England happened because of medieval city Paris response to the cramped unsanitary conditions of medieval city spacious boulevards and monumental architecture for the elite with colonial and industrial wealth 5t A 1 Industrial city was Manchester away from city center near Industries row houses factories i Mix ii La Defense Paris amp La Havre France break with traditional architecture style intended to be unornamented and universal political and social philosophies guiding the design used mostly in commercial and institutional architecture paris la defense la havre france A Tale of Two Europe39s Supranational Organization world or regional organization that is not tied to any one sovereign country ex NATO World Bank European Union 1990sEU and neighbors agreement allowing free movement across common borders Shengenland Fortress Europe Spain Italy long coastlines carry policing burden Immigration J 7 lowwage work stay for a few years Germany 9 temporary Ghettoization isolated less adequate housing in France Reaction to immigrants French vs Dutch example Difference between assimilation Faiza M and acculturation Comprehensive change of lifestyle Ta ke up ways ofadopted country Give up language food customs religion etc Faiza M Moroccan woman married to a Frenchman has been denied French citizenship because of her religious practices such as wearing a burqa French Supreme Court said it was not in line with French values a Enough adaptation to host culture for members of minority culture to function effectively Selfsupporting North America Balkin countries Went to Europe for reconstruction from WWII Europe was in desperate need of workers at the time The Geography of the Veil Italy Ban use of Islamic swimsuits France Not welcome in France Law makes it illegal to cover one39s face in public UK Not British to tell people what to wear Symbol increasingly divided Britain oppressed women potential security threat Parties calling for ban all facecovering veil Germany 2003 Court favored teacher States could change laws locally 4 states ban on teachersheadscarves British 333 United Kingdom Scotland 0 O N orthern lieland England 0 0 Wales Great Britain Great Ven Diagram Beam rale per man papmalmn 2 Siege 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Tune nemagyapmmansman Mnde Slage 5 2 a s Unuamdod one lad am We Haiti Historical Geography o i a nil it o The Citadelle o Henri Christophe o Repatriations to France I In the millions til 1139 l H Lin um ml H cm l1 l v r 2 mi in mama o llvf emw 1 living Uh gm 2 H w 2mm hum Em nil m H 15 u wc 1 h w Hm 7 h a w quotmm E 2010 Earthquake The Caribbean Chapter 5 O 25 countries and dependent territories O Caribbean Islands Belize CA and the Guianas O Isolated proximity a Contributes to cultural diversity limited or dependent economic opportunity and transnationalism ll li i m 2 O Vegetation Tropical forests Tropical savannas i Palm savannas Mangrove swamps 75 l e mi w 39H mm g i i39n if r all i mil All in H O Key Beliefs a Haile Selassie was Black Christ b Return to the African Homeland repatriation O African Liberation Day May 25 h O Caribbean Cultural Diversity a Complex Mix of Cultures i European African Asian Amerindian 1 Linguistic Religious and Ethnic Diversity b Creolization blending of African European and Amerindian cultural elements i Language Music O US Presence and Regional Politics Roosevelt Corollary 1904 i llExercise international police power in any state in the hemisphere when it disapproved of internal conditions therequot llAmerican Backyardquot d 1917 Purchased Dutch Virgin Islands i 25 million in gold Imperialism Squot mm vw w M 9 Life and Debt Economic Geography of the Caribbean a Economic Development in Latin America i 19 h Century 19505 Primary Export Dependency 19605705 Import Substitution Industrialization ISI 19805 Lost Decade 1985 Debt crisis 19905 Neoliberalism the Washington Consensus 21st century TBD f um w Turned to neoib Bank in late 19705 World International Monetary Fund IMF World Bank 1 Financial institution funded by developed nations to help developing countries Reorganize 2 Formalize 3 Develop their economies Global lending institution makes loans to countries need money to pay for development projects Structural Adjustment Programs SAPs IMF and World Bank Economic policies associated with IMF required governments to 1 Liberalize trade 2 Privatization 3 Cut social programs 4 Devaluation of currencies llImposing Misery and Famine Life and Debt Documentary iv Presents a collection of sequences that highlight different effects of global neoiberal economic policies especially the reduction of trade barriers on current everyday realities of Jamaican residents Sequences 1 and 2 Effects of free market policies on local agriculture and agriculture industry dairies specifically Sequence 3 llThe Banana Warsquot the demise of Jamaica s banana export industry a 2 US case before WTO Sequence 4 Assemblyplant industrialization and the creation of freetrade zones 1 Industrial Development a FreeTrade Zones Fl39Zs i Duty free and taxexempt industrial parks ii Foreign corporations b Attractive location for assembly plants c Jamaica i 30week women ii No unionization v Woven 39 g39 the 39 y is a y Jamaica Kincaid A Small Place on tourism in the region vi Highlights the contrast between the quottouristquot Jamaica and the quotrealquot Jamaica vii Some of the realities of being highly dependent on the tourism sector 1 Describe the characteristics of each region Valley of Mexico Andes Altiplano Uplands of Mexico and Central America Amazon Basin 2 List the altitude zones and give a brief description of each 3 What are the climate effects of El Nino 4 Create a list of items that were significant in the Columbian Exchange New World Old World 5 Who is Alfred Crosby 6 The Maya a In what region of South America did the Mayan live b What farming technique did the Mayan use What impact did this have on the land c How did clearing forests affect the climate 7 The Aztecs a In what region did the Aztecs live b The Aztecs were experts in what c What was the name of the Aztec capital What is this city called today d What are chinampas 8 The Inca a In what region did the Inca live b The Inca are known for what What is a wellknown example of this 9 What is the Pristine Myth 10 What treaty divided the world between the Spanish and Portuguese 11 What lead to the demographic collapse ofindigenous people 12 What was the role of the indigenous people in the Ecomienda System 13 What was the role of the colonists in the Ecomienda System 14 Who first became concerned about the treatment ofindigenous peoples 15 Due to the die off of many indigenous people where did the colonist turn to for labor 16 What is the capital of Brazil What is significant about this city 17 What are the three types of colonial landholdings Describe each a 18 What are the four population giants of Latin America 19 What is Urban Primacy Provide examples 20 What are megacities Provide examples 21 Starting from the interior brie y describe each zone of the city model What is significant about each Colonial City Center The Spine Zone of Maturity In Situ Accretion Zone of Peripheral Squatter Settlements 22 Who is Evo Morales 23What book did Judith A Caney write 24 Define Cultural Landscape 25 What are Monster Houses 26 Who is David Ley 27 What are Astronaut Families 28 What happened in 1997 29 Describe each region of North America Gulf Atlantic Plain Piedmont Appalachians The Fall Line Interior Lowlands Rocky Mountains Pacific Mountains and Valleys 30 Describe the Ogallala Aquifer 31 What percent of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US 3 2 What is a megalopolis 33 What is the current trend of migration in North America Why 35 What are the consequences ofUrban Sprawl 36 Describe each stage of the Evolution of the North American City PedestrianHorse City Streetcar Suburbs Recreational Automobile City Freeway City 37 Describe the Five Phases of Cultural Migration Until 1820 18201870 18701920 19201970 1970Present 38 What does quotMosaic Culture mean 39 What does NAFTA stand for What countries are involved 40 Provide examples of Pros and Cons of NAFTA in the boxes Pros Cons 41 What did the Zapatistas believe NAFTA would do 42 What are Maquiladoras 43 Who are most of the workers for Maquiladoras 44 What are the benefits of Maquiladoras 45 What problems are associated with Maquiladoras 46 Colonial Hispanics a What are Spanish characteristics that can be found in the French quarter b Who were the Canary Islanders Where did they settle c What are some indicators on the cultural landscape of New Orleans that remind us of Colonial Hispanics 47 NeoColonial Hispanics a Who is quotThe Banana Man U What is The Great White Fleet Who is Simon Bolivar 9 SD Who is Benito Iuarez Who is Francisco Morazan Sb H What are some indicators on the cultural landscape of New Orleans that remind us ofa NeoColonial Hispanic Presence 48 Post Katrina Hispanic New Orleans a How is the population shifting Geography Exam 2 Study Guide The Russian Domain Continentality 0 fonts astir 439 log mm close to ware inland clin39xa39ies Wl39ill hat sumn39n39 392 and cold snowy winter o Descn Caused when water absorbs insulation slower than land does and releases it slower o Absorbs insolation from the sun 0 Because of continentality Russia is a high latitude continental climate where seasonal temperature extremes and short growing seasons 0 Greatly limits opportunities for human settlement 0 Water bodies help stabilize air temperatures Ural Mountains 0 Located north of Kazakhstan to Arctic Ocean L ed a pl l v quot Lil and lt1UltLli ell livxde llatuml houn claw luvtween lsni39vtilw and Asia 0 39ra mountains IS the mark iwrween in V 39gussia s 39 i39ksia 59pm gating he continents rnll acamte39 Ural mum 2 39i zlcliilonaxllv marked Rusma s easte l1 rui clailnu fun I m In Uplfdll west 0 Siberia has extreme continentality making their region too cold for tree growth 0 They use tundra vegetation instead 0 Their tundra region istriggered bypermafrost I A coldclimate condition of being unstable seasonallyfrozen ground limiting the growth ofvegetation and causes railroad construction problems L n ir39 Wm Envnronmental Degladation o The breakup ofthe Soviet Union and trying to open the region to international public analysis revealed some ofthe world39s most severe environmental degradation 0 Almost 23 ofthe Russian population live in an environment harmful to their health 0 Two extreme examples 0 Chernobyl I Located in northern Ukraine I Nuclear power plant suffered a catastrophic meltdown in 1986 I The world39s worst nuclear accident I One ofthe greatest environmental disasters ofthe modern age I Will persist within the region for generations Prypiat Ukraine was founded in 1970 to house Chernobyl power plant workers 0 By 1979 50000 people were living there 0 Abandoned in 1986 Shrinking if 395 he Ar al Sea Rebirth Island Created by Soviet in 196039s Source ofthe water comes from Arnu Darya and Syr Darya Is not a true sea because it does not connect to an ocean 2 rrvers tlral are connected to Aral Sea used heavrlv used for Carton iir r39igatior39i An ru Darya Syr Darya In 2004 sea had shrunk to 25 of its original size In 2007 10 of its size Because ofthis there was a high concentration of salt causing mostfish to die 0 Island where Soviets stored bioweapons Containers of bubonic plague were kept as weapons Containers weren39t stored properly and stated to leak 0 Main town was abandoned Fearelt animals wrll carry Vieapons out Now rs a peninsula The Ii aiakalpaks Autonomous Republic Uzbekistan central Asia 150 million tons of dust salt and pollutants were dumped on Central Asia and cor rtan rrnated Aral Sea and CUI IHECIZIIIQ I MNETS Effects High respiratory problems Birth deferis doubled Pregnant women were anemic throat cancer Death rate was 110 vs 10 0 Many split into groups oftwo and half settled in the Fergana Basin up the Syr Darya and the other half by the Amy River delta Demographic Crisis 0 Beginning of WWII 0 Large numbers of deaths combined with low birthrates to produce sizable population losses Average for men rs Average for women IS 68 0 Population pyramid in Russia 2000 0 Death rates are exceeding birth rates 0 Although fewer children are being added I 2050 o Smallfamily pattern is likely to continue Demoqnaphlc decline was Russia39s most acute ploblem Alcohol Contributed to ilemogiapl nc CI39ISIS o 103 liters of pure alcohol per person annually Illegal black market production put the Russian figure annually at more than 18 0 liters per person 0 In 2010 Russian leaders started their own antidrinking campaign 0 Vodka prices were raised 0 Their goal was to reduce alcohol consumption by 50 within the next decade Regional Migration Patterns 3 c Eastward lvlo u39ea39nent mimics America moving west 0 18601914 Memics US In westward expal39nsion I TransvSIiJerlan Railroad I Farming opportunities in south 0 Greaterpoliticalfreedoms I Siberia o F oliticallVlotnes 0 Movement to Siberia I Exploit resources coal natural gas Forced relocation to political pl Isons I Known as Gulag Archipelago I Didn t want to go because you may not come back Pussification I Soviets reselllmg Russians Into non Russian portions of U S S R o This was done to strengthen political influence c New International Movements Reverse of Rusmflcatiorr ethnic Russuans nugratn lg batk to Russm I POllClES withthe collapse ofthe SU aren t as favorable as they use to be 0 Jews moving to Israel or US 0 Brain Drain highly educated people are taking their skills elsewhere places like Canada US Historical Geography Russian Domain lvan the Terrible c Fii st Slavrc i39UlEl39i39O gain title oszar or Tsar o Tsar the authoritarian leader who dominated politics during the pre 1917 Russian Empire 0 Conquered Mongols Seward39s Folly o l39 he purnha se of Alaska Serfdom 0 Mid 16oo39s1861 o Serfs beholden to landowners or the state 0 Not ethnically based Bound to the land 0 80 ofthe population 0 Leased land 0 No free movement restricted Peterthe Great 0 Moves capital to St Petersburg o Founder of Modern Russia a Meal intention behind it sending a message because St Petersburg hadjust been captured capital citythat is deliberately located next to a contested territory Mal inq a statement l39OI39WE J rl Deliberateiy positioned to signify the states interest 0 Look to the west Bolsheviks Lenin Bolsheviks is Lenin39s pearly u Carl Marx iriSpii ed them 5lelieved WUI la 5 should unite m ownil now Tim s wl39m mm the pi oclumiim i o Bolsheviks is were a faction of Russian communists representing the interest of the industrial workers that later seized power with the country 0 The leader ofthese Russian communists was Lenin l min treated socialism as a llallISlTIOl39l between capitalism and con39ii nunism 39il39illISiLIiDIi per mdi Stalin tgulr manliol after Lenin l7 OHTHTIOVEYWEUTSI Collecting ag ll l wequot 10 control peasants CUii39irnand economy 0 His theory Leninisttheory argued that women should contribute fullyto national development 0 Traditional attitude persisted 0 Result Double Dayquot Communism 0 Meaning of communism shifts 0 Social revolution to create a classless and peaceful stateless social society order structured upon common ownership ofthe means of production 0 Based on writings of Marx 0 Never detailed how it would work as economic system 0 Branch of broader socialist movement 0 Ultimate expression of socialism Socialism o Productiondistribution of goods are owned collectively wealth is more evenly distributed and political power is exercised by the whole community 0 Lenin treated it as a transition between capitalism and communism Marx bourgeoisie proletariat 0 Karl Marx 18181883 0 Created Marxism which analyzes the conflict between capitalists bourgeoisie and laborers proletariat 0 Workers or state should own means of productionquot and profits should be evenly distributed Workers should own factories and profits should own these 0 Marxism informs socialism and communism o Tells them to unite and overthrow capitalism and establish a oligiarn society with no government or money and work out of common good sharing what they produce o Russification the Soviet policy of resettling Russians into nonRussian portions ofthe Soviet Union 0 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1 l1 ll AM 0 Government plans driven by perceived needs ofthe workers Collectivization o Smallfarms combined into larger collective ones 0 Kolkhozy 0 Increase efficiency more people and food available for industry 0 Extend communism to countryside Initially peasants passively resisted the immediate affect halved the livestock o Produced a Famine in the Ukraine 19321933 0 317 million dead 0 Took about 7 more years to exceed agriculture what they were producing before the collectivization Cold War 0 During WWII Putting money iritn i riilitary to build ii up Advocated communist ideology Gorbachev Glasriost 7 Public discussmns of SOCISI aricl ecorion iic problems Opened a can of vvxiyrn is Iron Curtain 0 Term coined by British leader Winston Churchill during the Cold War 0 Defined the military political and ideological barrier in Europe that separated the Soviet from eastern Europe Russia So What Now 2 m Economic Reforms Privatization selling or industries for merly owned and operated by the gaverrimeiir to private cori ipariies or iiiclivn luals seeking ef ciency uperai edrliree market Lifting of Price Controls prices were no longer kept artificially low to keep good affordal quot was tleler mined by supply and de and Moscow quotMoscow and Puma are T wo Different Countries 0 Largest city in greater Europe Moscow had prices I iigher for goods 1 hair in most Russian Cities 0 Housing was state owned I 19505 concrete blocks Real estate boom Income disparity 00 Gender issues post fall of SU what is true of Russian women today 0 Soviet policy encouraged all women to work for wages outside the home 0 By 197039s 90 ofwomen had fulltimejobs Late 19905 70 of registered Unemployed were women Women tool big last With the SU Women are supporting tiien39iselves parents and chiicli39ei39i o Leninist theory argued that women should contribute fully to national development 0 Traditional attitude persisted 0 Result Double Dayquot Unlikely to hold senior supervisory positions 0 By 2005 women workers averaged 36 less than men Primary role of Soviet women is domestic Life and Debt BackgroundDocumentary some of this information is in your textbook Lome Convention tourism assembly plants neocolonialism etc What is the IMF What are SAPS o M International Monetary Fund formed to help European countries get back on their feet 0 Afinancial institution funded by developed nations to help developing countries u SAPS Structw al djustrnent ngsams Policv changes requn ed a borrowmg countrv 0 Government needs to nationalize industry In order to get loans governn39ients had to I liberalize trade I Piiwahzmr ariuiiahzerl industry Cut sounl programs lEdI hon health 39 Devalecurl ennes Mal s arts mm e cini39igte39titi39e on a global lllrfll Fret o Imposing Misery and Faminequot Lorne Convention I Tax ll Banana 0 Provided preferentialtreatment 0 US case before WTO they won in upov t quota 1f105ocroi0nslfruulyear to England Tourism in the Caribbean 0 Woven throughout the documentary is a commentary Jamaica Kincaid A Small M on tourism in the region 0 Highlights contrast between the tourists Jamaica to people who live every day in Jamaica 0 Realities of being highly dependent on the tourism sector CarilJlgvean Tm ism Uisadvantages 39 limos Ity between l39DlJllS39l S and locals n The desire of Ipods or certain clothes Tourists bring when they visit I At mercy ofglobal economy I Capital leakage Gap between receipts and amount retained in region All inclusivequot reselts Advantages I Gives much to economies of small island nations 0 St Thomas 80tourism I Encourages environmental protection Who was the narrator ofthe movie Significance 0 Belinda Becker The Caribbean exception Rastafarian t and 39 quot3 quot 3 e Population 0 A bulk ofthe region39s population is in the Greater Antilles 0 Also along the Caribbean coast Types of Migration Circular a man or woman typically leaves children behind with relatives in order to work hard save money and return home I Intention IS not to stay go work and come back Chain one family member at a time is brought over to the new country in some cases large numbers of residents from a Caribbean town sencl migrates to a particular locality in North America or Europe and this can account for the formation of immigrant enclaves Transnational the straddling of livelihoods and households between two countries Remittances money sent by immigrants to their home country to support family members left behind was a source of foreign exchange For many countries Caribbean diaspora the scattering of a particular group of people over a vast geographical area Afrlca St Vincent NOLA Figure 512 in your textbook please rem m M rm iryiaiim39w 139 Great Antilles made up of the big fourquot islands of Cuba Jamaica Hispaniola Haiti and DR and Puerto Rico 0 The bulk ofthe region39s population arable lands and large mountain ranges are found here l ease Antilles form a double arc of small islands stretching from the w u39giw l ddllil39i l3 I i39iiniriad 0 Inner arc very active region that produces volcanoes 0 Outer arc limestone o Smaller in size and population than the Greater Antilles Rimland the coastal zone ofthe mainland beginning with Belize and extending along the coast of Central America to northern South America Rimland States Belize Guianas and Suriname 0 Agriculture is closely tired to local geology and soils Environmental Concerns o Deforestation is the result of sugar can cultivation need for lumber o Rimland Forest and Coastal Management 0 Failed Urban Infrastructure caused by the environmental issues 0 Waterqualityquantity o Sewage Indentured Workers workers from South and Southeast Asia contracted to labor on Caribbean estates for a set period oftime often several years Caribbean Agriculture Plantation America term coined by anthropologist Charles Wagleyto designate a cultural region that extends from midway up the coast of Brazil through the Guianas and the Caribbean into the southeastern US 0 Production system that relied upon export commodities forced labor and limited access to land Monocrop production the production ofa single commodity such as mg 0 System created rigid class lines as well as the formation ofa multiracial society in which people with lighter skin we privileged realization and Ame mclian culms 3i eleis39wl39its o It IS the ltrlendn39zg of if ICE if l rlaml39eeiar g itsell n 39angmge am quotmusic 0 Ultimate Creolization Through the case of i in har iiuna I Group of people of mixed ancestry I Colonial I 1636 European Slave Ship wrecks offthe Coast ofSl z ineient Island in Caribbean all ii inlaysz 39mimi allmvjy 39il e island o 39ilur u uewarliwalsbeqn l loi aicse E l39llJv JOi39lIaZ l u litUSnl xi1llu the gs Dupz 0 They begin to speak Indian language west African language influences 0 18th Century Brits resettle 5000 Relocate them to Bay Islands Honduras 0 Half survive o Relied on subsistence and fishing to live 0 Lived on beaches beach folk I Today Garifuna are known as 0 Black Caribs o Morenos Garinagu Roatan Honduras Rastafarian Movement Founded in 1932 Afro Jamaican Religious Movement Inspired by the crowning of Ethiopian l ing Haile Selesse 0 Significant because ony2 sovern nations Ethiopia and South Africa Marcus Garvey was the founder of Universal Negro Improvement Association which promoted unity PanAfrican spanning all of Africa a unification ofAfrica people and cultural traditions or black identity within Africa I Black Solidarity Look to Africa 39 Prophesized about African King He was seen as a prophet key Beliefs Haile Selassie was Black Christ Return to the African Homeland Repatriation Two primary phases 0 1920519505 Conversion phase 0 19605705 Opposition to colonial rule and other forms of oppression I Cuban revolution civil rights Component Smoking Ganja Spiritual Act Closer to Jah Bible Study Brings pleasure Brings one closer to God Component Having Dreadlocks o Believed it was supported by Shall not make baldness on head Leviticus 215 0 Not Universal Maroons socrety of run away slave that formed their own communities formed own tradition s communities of runaway slaves 0 Significant preserves practices l lltmt 0v humane 0 We should consider any attempt on their part European powers to extend their system to any portion ofthis hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safetyquot Named after president James Monroe States that US will not tolerate European military action in the western hemisphere Became important in WWI and WW il 39I or slimy 29m Exercise international police power in any state in the hemisphere when it disapproved of internal conditions therequot US would exercise police power in the hemisphere when it disapproved conditions that were taken place here Comparison of TubaPuerto Rico Cuba am 90 to um not part or U o 1959 Communist Revolution 0 Social improvements 0 USSR 0 Special Period 0 Short decline because of Soviet Union 0 Cuba was asked to make sacrifices cut back spending 0 Opened economyto outside investment this was HUGE o Redeveloping tourism industry 0 Helms Burton Act 1996 0 US stop alltrade wCuba 0 Guantanamo Bay 0 Portion of Cuba that the US controls US Naval Base 0 HaitianCuban Refugees fleeing by boat to Florida 0 Detention facility IraqAfghanistan Puerto Rico quotl BE UESU up 0 Government aided program to move from sugar plantation to industry jugn njltmtatmn kuiu39IlJLii xy niitlus39tlv 0 Successful 0 Many took advantage oftax incentives to relocate to Puerto Rico 0 Commonwealth U 3 ill 3 0 Chief of state president of USA 0 Head of government elected governor Puerto RICBHS are US Citizens arise they are not livrrrg In a state n39frhe US they cannot vote in the Dresrdential election 0 1998 Vote 0 Puerto Ricans voted on commonwealth status independent dependent Retain commonwealth 50 Statehood 47 Independence 3 Willvote again in 2012 OOOO Haiti Historical Geography this info is not in your textbook Haiti under France How prosperous was it in relation to the rest ofthe French empire Haiti39s Ties to Louisiana I gave a few examples Louisiana Purchase 1803 0 Napoleon wanted to restore western empire that would include Louisiana and Haiti 0 Wanted Haiti at the center Hartlons won I Scholars belleve rf they had not vw JIL Loursiana purchase would not have happened HaitiLouisiana 0 Cultural Contribution Cultural architecture has a H altl style Shotgun house Reinfusion of French Louisiana 0 17911809 blossoming of French newspapers 0 Catholic and Creole educational institutions 0 French comedy opera and drama 1804 what difficulties did the young country face after independence Independence 18041915 Harman peasants lake to the hills Act 1 39 Carried out agricultural activities or the mountains I Need 1390 jump start their ecormny 39 Needed to payback debt to France Exporter of precious wood How do you get going as a country when other countries don39t recognize you as an Independent country Duvaliers 0 Papa Doc FATHER 0 Tonton Macoute I Tactic used in form offear I Means Uncle Gunnysack I Spies would report on you ifyou were doing anything to threaten Papa Doc39s leadership 0 Close relationship US 0 JeanClaude SON 0 Take over Papa Doc39s power at 19 years old as the leader of Haiti Aristide o Aristide is a Roman Catholic priest that was selected by Haiti to be their leader 0 Won 67 ofvote 0 Spoke Haitian Creole 0 Was overthrown by government because they didn39t like him 0 Haitithen selected General Raoul C dras 0 September 30 1991 coup o Aristide is restored to power Sept 19 1994 0 US Intervention Haiti Soil Erosion this info is not in your textbook Island of Hispaniola and contrast in deforestation Case Study in Aux Cayes Why did Haitians say the project failed 39 iner m f o USAID Project 0 ln Haiti Aux Cayes 0 Wanted to replant trees 0 Outside organizations seek to coming in to fix a problem 0 4000 avocado seedlings planted o Create a nursery environment to plant seeds 0 Peasants asked tend to seeds 0 Technicians return to show proper techniques li39l y r ll 7 iii1312 th out of 7 MW 9 actually Headed 0 semi nal AlliLIV 0 Murray 1978 Why the lafls 0i in t in H1 l1 ee quot I ha 3139 Would mv39utxJazllv lf39if interclopperj wills tradrlh anal cultivates Fill rj uilw l39um i LIVHCLLlU i l39 quot already hail j s 3 in he i m rmmrm ry it E w marlreis l im z ompetl tmr 139 ofvvatel sources Mai kets 0unlcln391 sell armmore fnLil O cllirnj much Twit they can minimte fun spam Antigua and Barbuda this info is not in your textbook Historical and modernday differences between Antigua and Barbuda Barbuda land tenure is what Jinky Barbuda Land Barbuda s land tenure is common property not private property The Codrington Era Barbuda can t depend on largescale agriculture because ofits thin soil limestone outcrops unlike Antigua Betty s Hope Antigua Sugar cane king crop of the Caribbean The boiling house Convert sugar cane to raw sugar A different reality Mid18205 we got nearly through the women when they all declared they would not leave the island unless compelled by force Tweedy 1981 241 1829 to talk of removing any ofthe slaves now from Barbuda they would laugh at us They set us at defiance And nothing but a strong militaryforce could remove them Tweedy


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