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by: Angie Gulgowski


Angie Gulgowski
GPA 3.94

H. Mokeba

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About this Document

H. Mokeba
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angie Gulgowski on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLI 2057 at Louisiana State University taught by H. Mokeba in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/222748/poli-2057-louisiana-state-university in Political Science at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Monday November 16 EASTERN EUROPE NORTH VS SOUTH Although North is often blamed for problems of the South countries of the South usually account for the problems they face on a regular basis Ex North Korea and South Korea Zimbabwe and Zambia Venezuela and Colombia Thailand and Cambodia ln lnt l relations Eastern Europe used to be an exceptional case among the countries of the world Its standards were largely tied to the influence or role played by the Soviet Union For that reason when Eastern Europe was talked about it was largely discussed in terms of dependency or in terms of Russia s occupation of that part of the world Since the end of the cold war Eastern Europe still makes headlines and you could argue its still finding it s place in the world The question is whether Eastern Europe belongs to the west or should those countries grouped along the poorer countries of the south In reality Eastern Euro countries should be seen as transitional societies in the sense that they are still in the process of determining whether they move forward toward the west or decline into the 3rd world status Eastern Euro countries are trying to find their own area The trend is that many countries are being accepted into the European Union and NATO 26 The US now has an obligation to the countries of that nation In recent times the US has visited the Eastern Euro countries to show their continued support of security This is happening at a time when Obama administration gave up on Bush plan for nuclear shield It is argued that when the US has good relations with Russia Eastern Euro countries pay the price for that Although he seems to be popular everywhere else in the world his popularity in Eastern Euro falls Many of the eastern euro countries have joined the Euro Union under a long process of membership unlike membership into NATO which is speedy The long process is known as Restructuring Much of this began with a program known as PHARE Poland Hungary Assistance Recovery Program many of these countries are forced to go thru this process before membership European Bank for Reconstruction and Development head quartered in London meant to play the same role the world bank However this bank hasn t been helpful and recently last year the new director of bank was from Eastern Euro country Upset the system Eastern Euro countries have to compete with 3rd world for lnt l aid from monetary fund lnt l Monetary Fund has been involved exclusively with 3rd world repair since 1980 s For all these reasons Eastern Euro countries not only struggle but recent economic crisis also affected them Some countries affected Latvia Lithuania Ukraine Hungary and Poland Monday November 16 Apart from economic troubles many Eastern Euro countries still believe the biggest problem they face arises from Russia Moscow cuts off gas and petroleum to Eastern Euro countries For that reason Putin was widely seen as a bully by the Euro countries Eastern Euro countries also make headlines in the spread of nuclear weapons Some countries are still exporting those weapons to either the US to remove them from system or to terrorists Ethnic Cleansing when communism came to an end the only thing holding ppl together it meant that ppl now had to turn from Ideology to ldentity Former Yugoslavia War Crimes Eastern Euro countries also cause Democratic headaches They are still new to it Some elections aren t very Democratic some are won by non Democratic elections Far Right parties often do well in these elections so when govts come to power they often don t last long Adoption laws are very easy to adopt children Many ppl feel it is better to leave the region and find better wages elsewhere This causes trouble in western Euro This hints that the Euro Union isn t as welcoming as they pretend to be Eastern Euro is still an outside Prostitution You could argue that many of these countries have realized that when Communism is abandoned it is not always peace that follows In many parts of Eastern Euro businesses suffered badly and govt remained paralyzed or weak Many ppl have come to give up hope and lost all faith in West For that reason practices so common in the past corruption weak govt etc have come to plague the post Communist system How the world deals with this crisis will be just as difficult as the problems with 3rd world countries VEFA org that gives the soccer host of 2010 Given to Poland and Ukraine former Communist countries but they may not be stable enough to host the cup If so they may change location to Eastern Euro countries


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