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by: Cassie Koepp


Cassie Koepp
GPA 3.61

V. Licata

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About this Document

V. Licata
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassie Koepp on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1201 at Louisiana State University taught by V. Licata in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see /class/222797/biol-1201-louisiana-state-university in Biological Sciences at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
BIOLOGY 1201 SECTION 2 Fall 2011 INSTRUCTOR Dr Vince LiCata A743 Life Sciences Annex 5785233 licatalsuedu CLASS 1240 to 130 PM Monday Wednesday and Friday in Room 102 V lliams Lectures will start promptly at 1240 If you arrive late please enter through the upper doors in the rear of the room and try not to disturb your classmates who arrived on time Please turn offthe ringers on your cell phones during lecture OFFICE HOURS Wednesday and Friday 130 to 230 PM or by appointment TEXT Campell Biology 201 1 Ninth edition by Reece Urry Cain Wasserman Minorsky and Jackson All assigned readings are from this textbook or its online support site called quotMastering Biologyquot The relevant chapters in the textbook are listed in the lecture schedule LECTURE You are responsible for everything covered in class including any announcements about changes in the course schedule or examinations The lectures will cover some material not found in the textbook and vice versa The examinations will focus on the topics and material covered in lecture but will include material from the book that was not coveredin lecture REVIEW SESSIONS We will hold an evening review session before each exam dates to be announced More frequent review sessions may be held if it seems necessary Review sessions will be question and answer sessions ie no new material will be presented questions about the material will be answered MOODLE Some course materials resources and grades will be available on Moodle which can be accessed from your myLSU desktop For assistance with Moodle contact the Help Desk at 5783375 or helpdesklsuedu STUDENT RESPONSE SYSTEM We will use the Turning Technologies student response system in this course Clickers TurningPoint PN RCRFO1 may be purchased in the Student Union Bookstore Before purchasing a clicker you may want to nd out whether there are any available to be checked out for the semester at the library Please be sure to read the information on the Student Response System on Moodle and register your clicker on myLSU You must register your clicker each semester that you use it because the database is cleared at the beginning of each semester because students may have quotpreownedquot clickers If you change clickers during the semester you must reregister on myLSU and email me the information EXAMINATIONS There will be 4 inclass exams on regular class days as listed in the syllabus Each ofthese tests will be worth 100 points and each will cover only the material in the preceding unit A 140point test will be given during the nal examination period The nal exam will be approximately 13rd cumulative Bring a numbertwo pencil to the examinations Scantrons will be provided Take special care to correctly bubble in your name and LSUID number in the appropriate sections of the scantron You may lose points ifyou do not ll in these sections properly You are required to bring your LSUID for each examination Failure to produce it can lead to your examination being discarded Be on time forthe examinations you will not be allowed in once the rst student nishes Permission to miss an examination should be obtained before the examination is administered Students must provide reasonable advance noti cation and appropriate documentation of the reason for the absence The University policy on student absence from class is listed in PS22 Students given permission to miss an examination will be required to take a makeup examination If you do miss an examination without prior permission you must contact me as soon as possible with appropriate documentation of the reason for the absence and arrange a makeup examination Students missing an examination without permission will receive a grade ofO ONLINE QUIZZES There will be an online quiz for each chapter of the book listed in quotAssignmentsquot on Masteringbiologycom website Twenty two ofthe twenty ve assigned quizzes will be counted for a total of 5 ofthe course grade ie your top 22 quiz scores will be counted There will be no makeups for the quizzes Quizzes are only quotopenquot for a specified time as noted in the course schedule After a quiz closes you will not have access to it lNCLASS QUIZZES There will be inclass miniquizzes conducted using the clickers which will be worth a total of 5 of your total grade There will be at least 40 ofthese Some lectures may have 2 or 3 of these some lectures may have none Up to 4 days will be quotfree dropsquot ie you may miss up to 4 days ofquizzes without any penalty These points are awarded for class participation not attendance Participation requires an honest effort to answer the questions You must be present in class to receive participation credit even if you have a universityapproved excuse this is why 4 days are quotfree dropsquot no excuses ofany kind will be accepted for missing these quizzes since you can freely miss up to 4 days of them You are responsible for bringing your clicker to class and making sure it is in working order If you forget your clicker or if your clicker is not working you should see me that day before class if possible for a way to get credit for that day This alternative way of receiving credit is only for the rare occasion you forget your clicker you will not be given credit routinely without your clicker Class notes will not be accepted as proof ofyour attendance A student should have only one clicker in herhis possession during class Clicking for a classmate during the inclass quizzes constitutes substitution ie cheating a violation of the Code of Student Conduct de ned as substituting for another student or permitting any other person to substitute for oneself to take a testquizinclass assignment lfcaught all parties including the absent owners ofthe other clickers will receive 0 for all inclass quizzes for the entire semester ie all parties will lose 5 of their grade The matter may also be referred to the Dean of Students GRADING SCALE Your nal grade will be based on a total of 600 points This includes 4 inclass examinations worth 100 points each the nal exam worth 140 points plus inclass quizzes and online quizzes worth 60 points lnclass exams 4 at 100 points each 400 points total Final exam 140 points Online quizzes 30 points total 5 of total grade In class quizzes 30 points total 5 oftotal grade No extra credit work will be given or accepted to improve grades Your course grade is based on the inclass quizzes online quizzes and the examinations A 9000 or greater B 8000 to 8999 C 6800 to 7999 D 5600 to 6799 F below 5600 HIGH STANDARDS OF ACADEMIC INTEGRITY ARE CRUCIAL FOR THE UNIVERSITY TO FULFILL ITS EDUCATIONAL MISSION Students should be familiar with the Code of Student Conduct and the Commitment to Community posted on the Student Advocacy and Accountability website httpsaalsueducodestudentconduct httpsaalsueducommitmentcommunity Students are expected to assist in maintaining a classroom environment that is conducive to learning In order to assure that all students have the opportunity to gain from time spent in class students are prohibited from engaging in any form of distraction Inappropriate behavior in the classroom will result minimally in a request to leave the classroom The matter may also be referred to the Dean of Students STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES lfyou have a disability that may have some impact on your work in this class and for which you may require accommodations please see me as soon as possible so that we may make the appropriate arrangements Biological Sciences 1201 is a General Education Course This course is designed to address the following General Education Outcomes an appreciation of the methods of critical inquiry and a comprehension of how knowledge is acquired and applied EXAM DATES LECTURE TOPICS AND ASSIGNED READINGS 121314 1516 no class 171819 211139 Test 4 1719 45484950 Thanksgiving no class Final Exam Saturday December 10 35pm


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