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by: Cassie Koepp


Cassie Koepp
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Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassie Koepp on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 4190 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/222840/biol-4190-louisiana-state-university in Biological Sciences at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
HERPESVIRUSES P SnPPN Which is the greek word that herpesviruses derived their name from What does latency mean What does persistence mean What are primary and secondary infections by herpesviruses What happens during the process of herpesvirus reactivation Which are the major subfamilies of herpesviruses on the basis of their biological properties ls EBV an alpha beta or gamma herpesvirus ls chickenpox caused by herpesviruses or coronaviruses ls roseola caused by a herpesvirus or measles Name some alphaherpesviruses of animals other than herpes How are herpes simplex 1 and simplex 2 related to each other Do herpesviruses spread by aerosol just like flu viruses Which herpesvirus caused genital herpes Where does VZV establish latency in human patients Which are the basic features of all herpesvirions Why is the tegument component of HSV virions important to initiation of infection Does herpes simplex enter into cells via phagocytosis or membrane fusion Which are the major cellular receptors of herpes simplex Which are the major viral glycoproteins that mediate viruscell fusion How do immediate early genes of herpes simplex turn on their transcription Does herpes simplex virus codes for its own DNA polymerase or does it use the cellular DNA polymerase I Where within the cell is the viral genome encapsidated within capsids and what is head fullquot encapsidation means What is the statement herpesvirus gene expression is sequentially ordered and coordinately regulatedquot is referring to Which are the most important immediate early regulatory genes of herpes simplex virus Alpha 40222747 What is the principal function of the herpes simplex aTlF protein Which are the five immediate early genes of herpes simplex virus What kind of proteins do the early genes of herpes simples code for What kind of proteins do the late genes of herpes simplex code for Which is the only vaccine currently licensed for a herpesvirus How does acyclovir Zovirax work to stop herpes viral replication Do herpes viruses cause ocular disease Do herpes viruses cause encephalitis Why monkey B virus is lethal to humans but benign for monkeys Which is the major origin of EBV viral replication during latency Which viral protein is required for viral DNA replication during latency Which is the most important transacting factor protein that is responsible for switching the transcriptional program of EBV from latency to lytic cycle 37 Which are some of the diseases associated with EBV infections 38 What is the current theory of why EBV could cause Burkitt s lymphoma epidemics in Africa 39 What is the basic principle of representational difference analysis RDA and how was it applied to discover the new herpesvirus KSHV or HHV 8 40 Is KSHV widespread among the human population just like EBV 41 Why is KSHV referred to as one of the primary examples of piracy 43 Which are some of the KSHV genes which may contribute to Kaposi s sarcoma 44 Which are some of the diseases associated with KSHV infections Poxviruses 1 Which is the most feared disease caused by poxviruses 2 How long does it take to develop smallpox disease after infection 3 Which are the two major subfamilies of poxviruses 4 Is the poxviruses large enough to be visualized by a light microscope 5 What is the structure of the poxvirus genome 6 How does the poxvirus genome initiate replication from a double stranded genome covalently closed at both ends 7 Where does the poxvirus lifecycle occur within cells 8 Which is the most probable receptorforvaccinia virus 9 Is gene expression of poxivus carried out by cellular or strictly viral enzymes 10 Where does assembly of poxviruses occur within cells 11 What is the the term comet tail refers to 12 How does poxvirus evade the host immune system 13 Is variola a lethal or benign poxvirus 14 l vaccinia a lethal or benign poxivurs 15 Which are the main reasons why eradication of smallpox was possible 16 Why is smallpox considered a potent bioterrorism weapon 17 Are there any vaccines against smallpox 18 Is naked poxvirus DNA infectious after deposition within cells 19 What is variolation referring to 20 Which are some of the problems associated with using vaccinia as a vaccine against smallpox Viral Oncogenesis SOQNP Q39PPNE 0 A A Define the term cell cycle Does DNA synthesis occur throught the cell cycle What is the role of cyclins in the regulation of cell cycle Which are the major check points in the cell cycle ls cancer a genetic or nongenetic disease Can chemical and radiation cause cancer ls cancer the result of a single mutagenic hit or multiple hits Define the term viral transformation Define the term oncogene Which are the DNA virus families that are associated with cancer induction What is the role of the pr and p53 proteins in cell cycle regulation 12 13 14 15 How does p53 block cell cycle progression Why patients that have both of their pr genes mutated develop retinoblastoma Why is p53 protein levels elevated in cells exposed to high radiation How do DNA viruses inactivate the tumor suppressor proteins pr and p53 Which proteins of papova adenovirus and papilloma virus bind and inactivate pr and p53 Do DNA viruses integrate into cellular genomes under certain conditions Which are the conditions that favor integration of DNA viral genomes into cellular chromosomes Which is the subfamily of retroviruses that cause cancer What are protooncogenes How are retroviral oncogenes voncs relate to protooncogenes What kind of proteins are voncs Gene Therapy 1 9159quot 9 Which viral vector systems can be used to permanently transduce a gene into cellular chromosomes What kind of retrovirus can be used to permanently tranduce a gene of interest into dividing cells What is ex vivo versus in vivo gene therapy What is the term gutless virus vector refers to Which are the viral vectors which have the greatest capacity for transferring multiple genes at the same time What is the main safety issue with the use of retroviral vectors in gene therapy What is the term shuttle vector refers to Can adenoassociated virus be used for permanent transduction of a gene of interest into eukaryotic chromosomes What is a replication competent versus a replication incompetent virus How can you propagate a replication incompetent virus for gene therapy purposes What kind of promoters one can use to drive expression of a gene of interest inserted into a poxvirus genome Can a virus be produced that selectively replicates and kills cancer cells Colon cancer has mutations in the p53 gene How can treat colon cancer with a virus vector that ameliorates the p53 defect What kind of viruses you can use to transfer a gene of interest to central nervous system Can a biotech engineer construct hybrid viruses that can be used for gene therapy Which do you think is the best viral vector for gene therapy purposes Assigned Research Paper CANCER RESEARCH 62 230672312 April 15 2002 Potent Systemic Antitumor Activity from an Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virus of Syncytial Phenotype Xinping Fu and Xiaoliu Zhangl Explain the term viral oncolytic therapy What are the two genetic approaches that been used to construct herpes simplex virus type1 HSV1 oncolytic forms What are the major limitations of current HSV1 oncolytic forms What are the major characteristics of the Fu1O oncolytic virus What is the main idea in Fig 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 Be prepared to answer basic questions about each figure NA U39IAQ


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