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Stellar Astrophysics

by: Felipe Ferry

Stellar Astrophysics ASTR 7741

Felipe Ferry
GPA 3.75

J. Tohline

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About this Document

J. Tohline
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Felipe Ferry on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASTR 7741 at Louisiana State University taught by J. Tohline in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/222898/astr-7741-louisiana-state-university in Astronomy at Louisiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
1 SN71994D in NGC 4526 httpantwrpgsfcnasagovapodimage0003sn94d7hizibigjpg 2 Supernova matrix http wwwastronomy 39 J39 39 1 mt xGIF SN Ia spectrum Hachinger S Mazzali PA amp Benetti S 2006 MNRAS 370 299 3 Hubble diagram WoodVasey WM et al 2007 ApJ 666 694 4 CalanTololo Low Redshift Type Ia Template Curves httpWwwndedukkrisciustretchgif 5 CalanTololo Magnitude Rate of Decline httpwwwndedu39k39 39 39 39 quot rate relations oif 6 Lick Supernova Search SN type vs galaxy type Li W 23 March 2007 KITP 7 Offsets from spiral arms McMillan RJ amp Ciardullo R 1996 ApJ 473 707 8 SNIa Rate vs Star Formation Rate Sullivan M et al 2006 ApJ 648 868 9 Galaxy typespeed Gallagher JS Gamavich PM Berlind P Challis P Jha S amp Kirshner RP 2005 ApJ 634 210 SN1998bu Lundqvist P 15 February 2007 KITP SN 20000x Lundqvist P 15 February 2007 KITP 11 Radio limits Panagia N Van Dyk SD Weiler KW Sramek Ra Stockdale CJ amp Murata KR 2006 ApJ 646 369 Xray nonidetection of SN2005ke Hughes JP Chugai N Chevalier R Lundqvist P amp Schlegel E 2007 arXiv07103190v1 12 13 SN2002bo strati cation Stehle M Mazzali PA Benetti S amp Hillebrandt W 2005 MNRAS 360 1231 14 SNIa theoretical lightcurve Ropke FK Hillebrandt W Schmidt W Niemeyer JC Blinnikov SI amp Mazzali RA 2007 ApJ 668 1132 15 16 Common envelope evolution Yungelson LR 9 March 2007 KITP 17 Close binaries with stable rst RLOF Yungelson LR 9 March 2007 KITP Wide Binaries Yungelson LR 9 March 2007 KITP Ia Progenitors Yungelson LR 9 March 2007 KITP 19 20 21 Nova ignition masses Townsley DM amp Bildsten L 2005 ApJ 628 395 22 Nova ej ecta abundances Gehrz RD Truran JW Williams RE amp Starr eld S 1998 PASP 110 3 26 Z And spectrum Munari U amp Zwitter T 2002 AampA 383 188 27 Stable Hburning Nomoto K Saio H Kato M amp Hachisu I 2007 ApJ 663 1269 28 29 SSS in M31 center Di Stefano R 2 March 2007 KITP SSS in M31 disk Di Stefano R 2 March 2007 KITP 30 31 Evolution of SSS Di Stefano R amp Nelson LA 1996 in Supersoft XRay Sources ed J Greiner Berlin Springer Lecture Notes in Physics Vol 472 p 3 32 SSS massive Wind Hachisu I amp Kato M 2003 ApJ 598 527 37 Thermal pulses in AGB stars Iben 1 Jr amp Renzini A 1983 ARAampA 21 271 38 Thermal pulses in accreting White dwarfs Cassisi S Iben 1 Jr amp Tomambe A 1998 ApJ 496 376 39 40 Surface Hydrogen Burning Starr eld S 20 March 2007 KITP 41 Surface Hydrogen Burning Starr eld S Timmes FX HiX WR Sion EM Sparks WM amp Dwyer S 2004 ApJ 612 L53 42 43 Blast wave Marietta E Burrows A amp Fryxell B 2000 ApJS 128 615 44 How Much Hydrogen Marietta E Burrows A amp Fryxell B 2000 ApJS 128 615 45 46 Companion peculiar velocities Canal R Mendez J amp RuizLapuente P 2001 ApJ 550 53 Tycho SN 1572 Companion RuizLapuente P et al 2004 Nature 431 1069 48 Companion Rotation Velocities Schmidt B 6 March 2007 KITP 49 Tycho G revisited Schmidt B 6 March 2007 KITP 50 51 Failed Double Detonation Bildsten L 19 March 2007 KITP Delaytime distribution Yungelson LR 9 March 2007 KITP 53 Eddingtonlimited accretion Core ignition Nomoto K amp Iben 1 Jr 1985 ApJ 297 531 54 55 WD merger Yoon SC Podsiadlowski Ph amp Rosswog S 2007 MNRAS 380 933 56 WD merger product Yoon SC Podsiadlowski Ph amp Rosswog S 2007 MNRAS 380 933 57 58 Tidal heating in merging WDs Iben 1 Jr Tutukov AV amp Fedorova AV 1998 ApJ 503 344 59 60 Synchronization at low accretion rate Piro A 12 April 2007 KITP 61 62 Are there enough doubledegenerates Napiwotzki R 19 March 2007 KITP Theoretical DD Search Yields Nelemans G Yungelson LR Portegies Zwart SF amp Verbunt F 2001 AampA 365 491 64 SNI Ia Progenitor Comparative Yields Yungelson LR 9 March 2007 KITP 65 Fraction of 38 Mo stars becoming SN Ia Maoz D 2007 arXiv07074598V1 References to KITP see KITP Program Accretion and Explosion the strophysics of Degenerate Stars January 29 June 1 2007 at http wwwkitpucsbedutalks


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