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by: Jennyfer Howe


Jennyfer Howe
GPA 3.96

M. Applin

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About this Document

M. Applin
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennyfer Howe on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FMA 2001 at Louisiana State University taught by M. Applin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/222902/fma-2001-louisiana-state-university in Film and Media Studies at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
FMA 2001 Wednesday February 17 2010 I Johnny Carson a October 2 1962 Johnny Carson took over Me Tonight Show b May 22 1992 Johnny Carson left the tonight show Monday February 22 2010 I Very first late night television talk show was called Broadway Open House a The guy that was supposed to host the show died a week before it aired b Jerry Lester became the host II Pat Weaver invented We Tonyntsnowand We Todaysnow a Only a handful of hosts Steve Allen first i NBC took Steve Allen from Me Tonight Show and put him against Ed Sullivan named We Steve Allen snow b Jack Paar i Did a joke about a water closet Censors didn t like it and he walked off the show but returned ii A year later had another ght with censors and walked off the show permanently c Johnny Carson i Ruled and dominated for 30 years on We Ton39gntsnom ii In the 605 his show was 60 of NBC s ratings iii Moved from New York to California iv Permanent guest host 1 Joan Rivers a Left to start her own late night show on Fox 2 Jay Leno a Became the permanent host when Carson retired 3 David Letterman F39 Leno i Ended up with the show ii Comedian iii Wentin Marsalis band Letterman Got a great agent ii Went to CBS 1 Signed with a lot of money to do We Late Show iii Beat Leno in the ratings for almost 2 years Hugh Grant turned We Tonyntsnowaround i Ratings went through the roof ii Leno became better interviewer Conan O Brien i 20092010 ii NBC wanted O Brien as host iii Jay Leno was given a primetime show iv NBC bought out Conan s contract Jay Leno is back in We Tongntsnow D h LO 339 MECHANICS OF THE MOVIES Millimeter film Producer financial and organizational obligations Screenwriter Producer acts as a liaison Director Cinematog rapher FILM FORM Form is the basic system of relationships among the parts of a film Each part is necessary Each part must work properly Types of elements Narrative The story plot Stylistic elements amera Movement Color Music Form Vs Content Content is one of the parts of form Content Context perception Form Expectations If 1 represents the first cue the brain expects 2 to come next If 2 is the second cue now the brain expects 3 Surprise 4 is next cue brain adjusts and expects 8 Form Feeling The 4 types of meaning in lm Referential Meaning Allusion to particular items of knowledge outside the lm that the viewer is expected to reco nize Explicit meaning Significance presented overtly usually in language and often near the lm s beginning or end Impicit meaning Significance left implicit for the viewer to discover upon analysis or re ection Symptomatic meaning Significance that the film divulges olten against its will by virtue of its historical or social context Relies on ideology or a rather coherent system of values beliefs or ideals Form Evaluation How we evaluate a movie differs from person to person as well What makes a good movie to someone could make it mediocre to another Or people like movies for different reasons Function Function is the role or effect of any element within the lm s form What is this element doing there How does it cue us to respond Motivation is the justification given in the lm for the presence of element SimilarityRepetition DifferenceVariation Both similarities and differences are essential for film understanding You normally notice one by noticing the other Repetition if characters didn t repeat or if some things didn t change it just wouldn t work Motif is any signi cant repeated element in a lm Variation is the return of element in a film change Development We use develop to keep ourselves aware of similarities and differences UnityDisunity Unity is the degree to which a film s parts relate systematical to each other and provide motivations for all the elements used Perfect unity is rarely ever achieved Every element of film form is essential We all experience films in different ways and filmmakers design movies in that regard NARRATION I ll send you all this information FILM GENRES Definition genus to class types of plants fiction movies Broad or specific Thriller can range from the godfather to Psycho Comedy Sister Act to Super bad Horror The Crazies Romance Fantasy Twilight Overlapping Genres Romantic Comedy Hitch Analysis Plots most films have the same plot within a genre Themes and morals are always the same Film Techniques Icons Props shots and people movie to movie they stay the same Novelty Films Titanic Avatar Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs History Genres are est when one film is successful and other lms begin to imitate it Film can pull conventional techniques from other media becoming more established Genres are dynamic Constantly changin Musical and comedy genres mix easily with other genres Genre never dies Social Functon of Genre Genres are tightly bound to cultural factors We enjoy seeing the same convetions over and over because it carries ritualistic value Romantic Comedies in February Horror films in October Christmas movies in December Genres can also exploit ambivalent social valuesattitudes and speak on socially relevant ideas and issues Some genres are vied from a reflectionist point of view meaning that they are thought to re ect social attitudes Westerns Est in early 20 11 century Based on historical reality the common characters and people actually existed a blend of realism and myth Defined by subject theme and iconography Thematicay centered around a conflict between civilized order and lawless frontier Iconography defined recurring images and actors like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood The Good The Bad and The Ugly Horrors Emerged in the era of silent moviemaking Defined by the intended effect on its audience Horrors aim to disgust and shock its viewers Plot usually centers around a monster or an unknown entity s attack on normal life and the other character s quest to stop it The Mist is about a mist Musicals Emerged in the late 19205 with innovations in synchronizing live vocalsmusic to scenes of singing and dancing during the silent era Focuses on the progressions of storyline and expression of character s emotions through music Tends to accentuatefocus on positive themes 2 types that emerged in the 30s Backstage musicals where the story centers on those who perform for an audience within the story wor Straig ht Musicals Genres are never ever easily de ned


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