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by: Cassie Gleichner


Cassie Gleichner
GPA 3.5

F. Mathews

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About this Document

F. Mathews
Class Notes
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This 22 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassie Gleichner on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDCI 2001 at Louisiana State University taught by F. Mathews in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/222907/edci-2001-louisiana-state-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
CHAPTER 1 Status of the Teaching Profession PEARSON Overview of Chapter I Defihihg teacher ahd teachihg Profile of the teachihg professior I Why become a teacher Satisfactior Is dissatisfactior Is with teachihg Teacher preparatior programs Mihorities ih teachihg Teacher Certificatior issues Teacher supply ahd demahd Salary ahd compehsatior l 9 quot Edito 2 9154 WebbMethaJordan Defining Teacher and Teaching A variety I eachir lg Ir addition skills an art of defir litior ls of teacher exist is ah art ahd a scier lce to helping studer nts acquire Khowledge arid attitudes through iristructior39n I eachers O39Fter39n teaching is Perform with skill and grace Make judgments based on qualities that unfold during action Influenced by unpredictable qualities ofA 9 quot Editor WebbMethaJcrdan e 2010 peereen Education I Inc All Righe Reserved Profile of the Teaching Profession The teacher is the most important school related variable in student learning Predominantly Female and White Trends Reduction OF pupilteacher ratio Increased student ehrollmeht Increase ir39n special services to studer nts Increase ir39n aids librarians other 9154 9 quot Editor e 2010 pearsan Education I Irlc WebbMethaJcrdan 4 Why Become a Teacher Few teachers mention a single reason Many irrFluer39nced by Former teachers Job security First career choice blocked LOT IQ summer vacations or Family Friendly schedule Temporary job 3 Primary Reasons Carir lg For and desiring to Work with young people Make a contribution to society Interest in a Field and excitement For sharing it with others W e 2010 peereen Education I Inc All Righe Reserved ofA 9 quot Editor WebbMethaJordan 5 Satisfaction IS Dissatisfactions with Teaching I eacher satisfaction is growing among teachers With Five or less years experience Many teachers are satisfied With Workir ng With childrer39n Makir ng a difference With childrer39n society Feelir ng rewarded Havihg autor norriy control Cooperatior n With colleagues 9154 9 quot Editor e 2010 pearsan Education I Irlc WebbMetheJorden 6 All Righis Re 6 A EMULUHMIHWgtUUWgtgt MLMWH UWUN tOSNxE we Vu0 mpmmmcmn nHVFlm gtlm mm gtpm mm 00l va L0gtm mnmmE cm MVme Fl HFgt0Lm IKOLAH mFlmccmAH Lou MEmHF m0 CJOEd MNmm mmmU mMULjomML m0 gtHFmmAHmmmgtlt CmE va mpcmlhmn EOLW Loan3m m0 0gt0 minimlion l 390 EOMHUNH39m Hmmm nl luvIN EOMHUNkm umm mc ucmlnlln39lllnln mllouumnl I eacher preparation programs Standards movement has arrived in institutions Led by the Interstate New I eacher Assessment and Support Consortium IN I ASC Other organizations have established standards For teacher education programs eg NCA I E 9154 9 quot Editor WebbMsthaJordan Pathways to becoming a teacher Most common is 4 year teacher education program 5 year programs also exist which Feature a master39s degree upon completion Alternative routes are available For those With existing degrees in other a reas 9 quot Edito 9 9154 WebbMethaJcrdan Becca Ia u reate Teacher Education Prog rams Approximately 1200 departmer lts schools colleges ih US I ypically 39r lcludes Four areas of study General studies or Content studies in major or minor Professional studies Field experiences and clinical Most programs Praxis I practice req u 39 re a test of basic sllti lls ofA WebbMethaJordan 9 quot Editor e 2010 pearsan Education I Inc All RigI us Reserved Alternative Teacher Prepa ration Prog ra ms 46 states have adopted programs Certifies cahdidates with subject matter competer lce Without Formal teacher prep program Ihtehded to recruit teachers For uriderserved or shortage areas Research is mixed regardir lg the effectiver less of these programs 9154 9 quot Editor WebbMethaJordan 1 1 M i norities i n Teachi 19 students if Fror r l sa r39r39le Serve as role model For all Benefits minority students minority group Few minority teachers are teaching Enrollment OF minority students growuhg a tt ra cted to is 9154 WebbMethaJordan 12 9 quot Editor Strategies for Increasing M inority Enroll menI in Teachi g Ihcreased scholarships Forgiver less Ihcreasir lg support services amp retention efforts Expar ldir lg alterr lative certificatior l programs High school uriiversity partnerships Grow your OWhquot programs For paraprofessior lal ih area schools loar l loar l 9154 WebbMsthaJordan s r Editor I eacher Certification Issues To teach license Administered by the state License makes one eligible for teaching Requiremer nts vary from state to state Most certificatior ns are good for 3 5 years ihitially Stahdard or professior nal certificate granted after state assesses performance by Video lessons portfolio or classroom observations individuals must acquire certificatior n or a ofA 9 quot Editor WebbMethaJcrdan e 2010 peereen Education I Inc 14 All Righe Reserved Assessment of I eacher Certification and Licensure Increase in state testir ng I ests at admission into teacher program and at end test For certification Praxis II is most common test For certification 9154 9 quot Editor WebbMethaJcrdan Certification cont Emergency certification I emporary permission to teach Without meetir lg qualificatior ls NO other state Iicer lsed professior l issues emergency certificates to those who are uritrair led RecertiFicatior n I eachers must renew takir lg courses attair l pass an assessment certificates by either master39s degrees or 9154 WebbMethaJordan 16 9 quot Editor e 2010 pearsan Education I Irlc All RigI us Re Certification cont Reciprocity Interstate reciprocity allows teachers certified in one state to work in another 44 states have signed the Interstate Certification Contract National Certificatior39n NBPTS Teachers can start process after 3 years of teaching Includes Professional Portfolio Video tapes of teaching Sample of student Work with Written commentary Written Assessment focused on content knowledge Successful candidates are deemed board certified ofA 9 quot Editor e 2010 peereen Education I Inc WebbMethaJordan 17 All Righe Reserved I eacher Supply and Demand Unprecedented demand hatior nwide Increased student ehrollmehts and vacancies due to retlremehts Studer ntteacher ratios are also declihihg indicatir ng a heed For more teachers HI l jly ualified teachers as defined by No Child Left Be Ihd as Increased the demand For teachers who eet thls s Highest heed areas include Populations in the southern and western states Areas of specialty include special education bilingual education sciences mathematics High demand For male elementary school teachers ofA 9 quot Editor e 2010 peereen Education I Inc WebbMethaJordan 18 All Righe Reserved Salary and Compensation Teachers39 salaries are behir ld those of other professior lal with comparable trair lir lg Twer lty states offer ihcehtives For teachers who work ih targeted schools Sighihg boriuses For areas of high heed Most of the hatior l has a Sihgle Salary Schedule that correspor lds to years of experier lce ahd levels of academic preparatior n 9154 9 quot Editor WebbMethaJordan 2010 pearsan Education I Irlc 19 All RigI us Re pe rforma nce Based pay Ihcreased Focus Oh Studer lt performar lce has led to greater atter ltior l to teacher competer lce TWO types Performar nce based Skills based I eachers and teacher orgar nizatior ns prefer skills based or competency based pay because it is hot linked to student performance arid all teachers can achieve it 9154 WebbMethaJordan 2c 9 quot Editor 2010 pearsan Education I Irlc Com pensation for Supplemental Activities Approximately 13 of public school receive supplemental comper nsatior n Ihcludes activities such as coachir lg studer lt activity sporisorir lg or extra teachir lg Pay deper lds Oh the activity teacher Adr r lir listrative ahd support persor lr lel Employee behefits ahd services 9154 9 quot Editor WebbMethaJordan Review Questions for Chapter 1 Define the profession of teaching Describe characteristics of teaching and the profession What are some reasons for becoming a teacher What are some of the satisfactions and dissatisfactions with teaching What are the components of a teacher preparation important and What can program Why are minorities ih teaching be done to encourage more What are several teacher certification What is the current demand for teachers How is a teacher39s salary and compensation determined issues e 2010 peereen Education I Inc All Righis Reserved 9 quot Edito 22 ofA WebbMethaJordan


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