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by: Harrison Torphy


Harrison Torphy
GPA 3.55

S. Wheeler

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About this Document

S. Wheeler
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Harrison Torphy on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDCI 2400 at Louisiana State University taught by S. Wheeler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/222910/edci-2400-louisiana-state-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Brandell Reed March 27 2012 EDCI 2400001 Classroom Diversity Plan Getting To Know You 1 N E Game of True and False The student writes down two truthful facts about themselves and one false statement Next students get paired together in groups of two or three and try to identify the item that is false I Like To Sit the students in a circle and ask everyone to think of something that they like to do Then pick someone to start by telling the students for example I like to swim The person to their right will then tell the group what the first person like and add what they like to do along with that This continues right around the circle till the last person has to repeat what everyone likes to do Animal Groups Gather all the students and give each student a slip of paper with the name of an animal on it Then give student instruction for the activity They must locate the other members of their animal group by imitation that animal sound only No talking is aloud Classroom Helpers l N E 4 Supply Chief This student keeps supplies organized and replenishes them as necessary The student who displayed the best behavior for a whole week will be given this job Board eraser Board washer This job entails the student to clean all boards at the end of the day The student who demonstrates good behavior will be chosen to clean the board Animal caregiver this job requires a student to feed pets and maintain cages with the teacher s supervision The student who is on good behavior and has not had a chance to be a classroom helper Plant caretaker The job involves watering and maintaining plants The student who had great behavior will be chosen to perform this duty 5 Paper handler students will pass out and collect work homework and blank paper The student whose been doing an outstanding job will be allowed to perform this task Birthday Celebrations and Parties 1 Birthdays Birthday Celebrations in the classroom are important because it s a special day to commemorate students birth Some students might not get a chance to celebrate their birthdays so this gives them a chance to celebrate it in the classroom A letter will go home to every student asking parents to assist with the party or bring snacks This activity would be the last hour of the day Activities will include making birthday cards setting up decorations and singing happy birthday 2 Fall Festival Celebration This is a Halloween alternative Since more and more schools are banning Halloween fall festival allows every student to participate Activities will include studying apples making autumn inspired snacks and reading about the season autumn Iwill send a note home asking participation from the parents to either come out and help or bring refreshments that day I will provide majority of the refreshments 3 Thanksgiving Ithink Thanksgiving is an important holiday to share with students because it allows them to express their gratefulness Parental involvement isn t needed for this celebration students will write letters on expressing their gratefulness I will bring a small treat my class 4 Christmas This is a huge celebration for students because majority of students participate in Christmas Activities will include writing a persuasion letter to Santa Claus and raising can goods for the needy Refreshments will be provided by parents and me I will send a letter asking the parents if to assist with a Christmas party 5 Valentine s Day Students love Valentine s Day because it allows students to be creative and make Valentine cards for their peers The importance of this holiday is to show children the opportunity to show appreciation for the people they love Parents whom signed up for the Valentine s Day celebration would come and help Refreshments will be provided by both I and other parents Activities include decorating cards keepsake boxes and the classroom Academic Groups Reading Math 1 Airplanes high 1 Red heads high 2 Cars medium 2 Greenmachines medium 3 Trains low 3 Yellow tails low Learning and Play Centers 1 N E Computer Center Students will have an opportunity to play educational game using the web Depending on the number of computers each student will have an opportunity to get time on the compute if shown great behavior Toy area The toy area will be broke up into two sections one for the boys and the other for the girls The boys area will be lled with toys that boys play with The girls play area will have toys that young girls play with Every student will be allowed to have time to play within each group since they are split up by gender Music Center Students will have time to sing play toy instruments and listen to educational songs Students will be given an opportunity to play in the center if shown good behavior and each student will have a chance to play during a speci c time Cooperative Group Activities 1 N E Boys vs Girls When we are playing fun games I will group them boys versus girls It will be effective because it gives the boys and girls a chance to compete among each other and it allows both sides to get to know one another Group by Interest Grouping students by interest is helpful because it allows student who are interested in the same topic to get a chance to work together Random Student Groups This would be effective because it prevents students from choosing a friend as a pa1tner It allows the opportunity for students to work with other students they might not know Classroom Management Plan Theme No Monkeying Around Each of the students names will go on a banana There will be three different colorsred yellow and green monkeys that will represent the behavior of each student The red represents bad behavior green represents good behavior and yellow represents mediocre behavior 1 If the student turns in hisher homework and displays good behavior heshe can place their banana on the green monkey 2 If the student shows any type of disciplinary action the student s banana goes on the red banana 3 If any student is given a warning the student will have to place hisher banana on the yellow monkey 4 If the student stays on green throughout the day heshe will be given positive reinforcement 5 The student on the red monkey will get a notice sent to hisher parents Bulletin Boards and Wall Coverings 1 Happy Helpers Bulletin Board It will be dedicated to assigning students classroom duties for that day The theme will be about monkeys and bananas because I love them 2 Colorful Calendar Bulletin Board display The calendar is important because it allows students to see the days month and year The theme of each month will change according to the season and holiday for example December would be decorated with a winter and Christmas theme 3 Attention Attendance Chart It will show the attendance of the students I will allow one student to draw a circle by the name of the student who s absent The theme of the bulletin boards would be Back toSchool Welcome Letter to Parents and Families Dear Parents and Families Welcome to Ms Reed s fourth grade social studies class I m excited about the opportunity to get to know you and I m looking forward to a happy and productive school year I would first like to begin and give you my contact information Feel free to email any time of day with any issues that may concern you My email address is brandellreedgmailcom Ifyou wish to contact me by phone my telephone number is 985 3455299If you want to schedule an appointment to visit me please do so by email and I am free before and after school Curriculum areas we will focus on this year include Ancient Civilization United States Revolutionary Period Geography United States Civics and Economics Parents to visit the classroom you must checkin with the office first No one is allowed to come to the classroom unless you had clearance by the principal All birthday and holiday parties are optional for students Attach with this letter are the guidelines for each birthday and holiday party Please check off every holiday and your child s birthday which you want your child to participate in Also please sign up to help volunteer andor bring refreshments Again this is optional If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call or email me Once again welcome to Ms Reed s fourth grade class Let s work together to make this the best year ever Sincerely Brandell Reed


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