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by: Cassie Gleichner


Cassie Gleichner
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassie Gleichner on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDCI 1001 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/222912/edci-1001-louisiana-state-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Chp 2 Values Times and Goals Values anything considered important Cultural competence ability to understand and appreciate different cultures and create positive relationships Have I found my mission in life something you want to achieve Long term 1 year Short term 6 months or less Ways to achieve your goal Goal setting strategy Setatime table Accountable to progress Get unstuck do something AGONA Everyone needs a planner Prioritize put in most important order Time management 1 Early Bird 2 Midday Bird 3 Night Owl Plan your time with a planner It is designed to help you schedule events time to studyetc Curriculum set of coursesrequirementsclasses needed for a major Downtime quiet time set aside for relaxation Procrastination act of putting off a task til another time 1 Perfectionism 2 Fear oflimitations 3 Being unsure of the next step Ways to avoid procrastination DUIhook Analyze effects of procrastination Set reasonable goals Breaktasks down Get started whether feel like it or not Ask for help Do not expect perfection 7 Reward yourself Be flexible and medical emergencies can happen How to manage stress Eat right Excersise 30 mins a day 3day 8 hours of sleep Think positive Seek balance Address issues in your life Set boundaries Surround yourself with people who will help Paseo afternoon walk where people socialize and relax Pad quot3 lt Suggested S 236 AM 4 68 39 LT moodle2lsuedu C m C ites Toshiba App Place WildTangent Games Watch Rev 4 nitrackmobi Course 201 Learner Eiswort n Stack and M AlSlil39ll39 Ace quot Learner Analysis Paper 100 points Sample Outline of Paper Content Using information from your text class activities and your school experiences including your reading and studying habits write a 2 7 3 page paper about yourself as a learner It must be typed in a 12 point font double spaced with 1 inch margins Consider the following What study habits are most effective for you What type of environment do you need to study effectively What is your learning style What skills are you continuing to develop What are your goals and how do you plan to attain them How you plan to balance school job family and leisure How do you plan to apply what you have learned in this class to other areas of your life I Introductioniintroduce your topic 35 sentences 0ne introduction sentence for entire paper one sentence explaining topic of each paragraph 11 Your Learning Styles A Your Strengths pick your top 3 strongest learning styles Explain in detail what it means speci c things that are your strengths etc B Your Weaknessesipick your bottom 3 weakest learning styles Explain in detail what it means speci c things that are your weaknesses etc 111 Study Habits answer questions who what when where why and how A Where do you study the best B What study environment works best for you C continue D Describe tips and strategies you ve learned in class that work best with your learning style Have you tried them Did they help IV Reading Habits answer questions who what when where why and how A What are your current reading habits B When do you read and comprehend best C continue D Describe tips and strategies you39ve learned in class that work best with your learning style Have you tried them Did they help V Goals Use SMART goals A What are your goals short and long term and how do you plan to obtain them remember to be speci c B How do you plan to balance school job family and leisure Chap 3 study Skills Learning style particular way you process and receive information 1 Visual see 2 Auditorial hearing 3 Tactile hands on When you know you can improve Typology systematic classification or study of types OrukoLomroni your name affects your behavior Thinking asking questions and moving toward the answer Like note taking can be developed Information raw material for thinking 1 Separate ideas 2 Compare and contrast 3 Examine cause and effect 4 Look for themespatternscategorizes Argument set of connected ideas supported by example given by writer to approve or disprove a point Statement of fact can be veri ed and proven Statement ofopinion beliefjudgment based on your experience World view your view of the world Perspective characteristic way of thinking about peopleeventsideassituations Assumption a judgmentgeneralizationbias influenced by experience and values preferenceinclination especially one that impedes even handed thinking gm it cannot be supported or verified can be verified by fact Brainstorme deliberate creative thinking Divergent thinking start with a question and let the mind diverge Analogy comparison based on resemblance ofthings othenNise unlike Process on creative thinking 1 Find space to thinkstudy 2 Be curious 3 4 Be a creative thinker Study a question Social competence skills such as sensing feeling and needs and managing con ict How to make decisions 1 De ne purpose 2 Gatherinformation 3 Analyzeclarify information study Skills Chp 1 Balance 1 Study time 2 Downtime 3 Good time You need to balance all three Intelligence ability to make the correct choices Successful intelligence helps one achieve important goals l m ailquotri rzl l n ln39n Qiclzl l lit Di39xiilii in ul Motivation forcedrive to get you a result goal Selfesteem give yourself worth Positive selftalk use of positive and supportive thoughts and ideas Commitment pledge or promise to do something on a long term basis Habit preference for a particular action that you do a certain way on a regular basis at a certain time Global Market Place Doing business and not being concerned with time zone boundaries and competing worldwide for business Inert intelligence passive recall and analyzing of information Syllabus comprehensive outline of course topics and schedule Persistence continuing through obstacles Diversitv respecting and appreciating people from different cultures and backgrounds o Biracialmultiracial 0 Different religions o Immigrants Emotional intelligence ability to perceive access and manage your emotion Social intelligence having the understanding ofthe complexities of social interaction Lifelong learner individual who continues to build knowlege and skills to improve himself and quality of life


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