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by: Clifton Mayert


Clifton Mayert
GPA 3.57

Try Charalampopoulos

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About this Document

Try Charalampopoulos
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clifton Mayert on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 2334 at Louisiana State University taught by Try Charalampopoulos in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/222915/me-2334-louisiana-state-university in Mechanical Engineering at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
1 2 3 4 5 6 BASIC E UATION S FOR ME 200 Work and Energy Relations wb jpdv We VIAt w spring ks X X12 2 Wm 27z39m39 WW jvdpVl2 V222g21 22 1 AKE 05mV Vf First Law Relations and Mass Conservation Q W AU AKE APE QCVWCVmeihV22gzi ll w mrzmr dt APEmgz2z1 F k X spring 7 s 1hpVA m v Second Law Relations 2 2 39 Asj5 Q 6 Asj5 q Zg 1 T b 1 T intrev dt 139 Tj g dSW 5Q zmeseZmiSiijTj6W dt mTl 6S0 PROPERTY RELATIONS FOR ME 200 Pressure Temperature and Energy Relations pabspmipgage ppmng mVv pV nRT pV mRT R EM Pv ZRT pRppc TRTTc vRvpCRTC kCpCV Xmgmfmg y1Xyfxygyfxyfg yfgygyf huPv AujchT AhjcpdT CpCVR Au chT NI M VA117 hTP E hfTVfTP PsatT uTap E 11f T vTP E vfT STap E Sf T Entropy Relations and Isentropic Processes Tdsdupdv Tdsa71 va27 Ascvln Rlnk Ascpln Rlnamp T1 V1 T1 1 Ass sf Rlnp2p1 AsclnT2T1 T2 T1 P2P1kilk vl W2 132131 prz pr1 V2 W1 vr2vr1 EFFICIENCY AND CYCLE RELATIONS FOR ME 200 Device Ef ciencies and Cycle Analyses Tlturbine WadWisen compressor Tlpump Wisen Wact W nth net0ut COPR Qm COPE Q0 Qin WnetJn W netin BWR IWW I wturbme nhrev1 C COPRM C COPHPM H c TH TH 39Tc TH 39Tc TH QH m UNITS CONVERSION TABLE FOR ME 200 Mass 1kg 220 lb 11b 0454 kg Dens1ty m m 1gcm3 103kgm3 llbmft3 16018kgm3 lgcm3 624lbmft3 Length lcm 0394114 1 in 254 cm 1m328ft 1ft0305m WWW lkmh 0621 mileh 1mileh 16116411 Vomme 1cm3 00611143 11143 164 cm3 1m3 353fz3 1ft3 00283 m3 1L 10 3m3 lgal 0134fz3 3 1L0035ft lgal379X10 3m3 For 1Nlkgm52 llbf3221bmfts2 1N 0224117 llbf 445N Pressure lPa 1Nm2 145x10 4 bf142 llbf m2 68948Pa 1bar105Nm2 llbfin2144lbfftz latm 101bar 2 latm 147 bfm Energy 1J1Nm0738ftlb 1ftlb 136J and f Speci c 1k73756 tlb lBt 77817 tlb Energy f f u f f 1k 0948 Btu 13m 1055 k lkJkg 043 Btu lbm 13m lbm 2326 kJkg lkcal 4191 Energy 1w 1Is 3413 Btuh 1 Btuh 0293 w Transfer 1 kW 1341 Rate hp 1 hp 2545 Btuh 1hp550ftlbfs 1hp 0746 kW 1 ton 12000Btuh3517kw Speci c 7 7 Heat lidkg 1lt 4 0239Btulbm R 13m lbm R 4 419kJkg K lkcalkgK 13m lbm R Universal Gas Constant 8314kJkmalK R 1545ftlb mal R 1986Btu lbmal P R Standard Acceleration of Gravity 7 981ms2 32174fIs2 Standard Atmospheric Pressure 101bar latm 2 147lbfm Temperature Relations T R18TK T C TK 7 273 T F T R7460


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