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by: Stacy Dickinson


Stacy Dickinson
GPA 3.55


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Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stacy Dickinson on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMD 2050 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/222928/comd-2050-louisiana-state-university in Communication Disorders & Sciences at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
COMD 2050 TEST 2 Review 1 What are words use in place of noun phrases typically referring to people and thing already known Pronouns 2 We found buried treasure in the backyard quotWequot is First person plural 3 Prescriptive approach to defining grammar attempts to descriptive the regular structures of language as it was used False 4 The car was painted cherrypie red this diagram re ects which type of grammatical analysis Constituent analysis 5 He swim in the lake The grammatical error re ects Error in person 6 Syntax regards the understanding of the structure and ordering of components within a sentence True 7 quotBilly painted the living room walls and quotThe living room walls were painted by Billy These sentences have the different SURFACE structure but the same DEEP structure 8 Recursion is an important concept in syntactic theory because it allows for a repeat of combinations of grammatical units within the sentence True 9 Cookie dough 9 sweet food poisoning cavities Associative meaning 10 Boy human adult animate This is an example of semantic feature 11 The boys painted the shed in the afternoon quotThe shed represents which semantic role Theme 12 I broke the window with a rock quotA rock represents which semantic role Instrument 13 The idea of quotthe characteristic instance of a category is know as a Prototype 14 quotFoot of the mountain foot of the bed foot of a person is an example of page 120 polysen 15 considers the frequency with which certain occur to together For example quotpeas and carrot quothammer and nails Collocation 16 Which best exemplifies hyponymy Gemdiamond 17 Word pairs that mean to quotdo the reverse of are called Reversives 18 Linguistic context aka cotext refers to a set ofparagraphs used in the story False 19 Words that are used to a point to a time such as quotnow then last are examples of deixis temporal 20 im quothey can I borrow Betty tomorrow night Mark quotsure just don t hit anything while driving What is this example of Inference 21 Jim quothey do you know the car that s for sale down the street Mark quotyeah the 55 Cadillac Iim quotyeah how much is it going for reference because referring back to car 22 quotAre you going tell me why you ran out of my wedding screaming is an example of Presupposition 23 Politeness is often used in English in the form of facesaving acts True 24 Once I bought an antique Tiffany lampshade for 20 After the appraisal I was told that my 1860 s light was in fact a fake Many replicas of Tiffany s lamps were reproduced in bulk in the 90 s Are there cohesive ties in this text YES Does this text have cohesion YES 25 Turn taking is considered an aspect of discourse that is not heavily used within conversations False 26 Hedges words such as quotI m not certain or quotas for as I know are used to avoid violation of the maxim Quality 27 Body language and facial expressions are not considered methods one can sue to signal a turn for speaking False 28 Although humans are conscious of the cooperative principle there are often times in conversation discourse where a violation of a specific maxim may occur True 29 is a general term for a conventional knowledge structure that exist in memory Schema 30 Discourse analysis takes into consideration that word structure in the message meaning of the actual words the speakers meaning and physical context of the message to gage what the underlying intent of the conversation True


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