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by: Chadd Gislason


Chadd Gislason
GPA 3.54

Jody Hammett

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About this Document

Jody Hammett
Class Notes
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This 40 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chadd Gislason on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGRI 1001 at Louisiana State University taught by Jody Hammett in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/222978/agri-1001-louisiana-state-university in Agriculture and Forestry at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
AG FINAL QUESTIONS FOR BLAKE HALL 1 What is the LSU library website a wwwliblsuedu b wwwlibramlsuedu c wwwlsulibedu d wwwlsulibramedu 2 How are books and journalsperiodicals different a Books are more specific while journalsperiodicals are broader b Journalsperiodicals are more specific while books are broader c Journals are more up to date than books d Both B amp C 6 3 It is very important to get your library PIN as soon as possible True 4 What college had a big cheating scandal involving 600 students a UCF 6 b Harvard c ULM 239 What are not so great things to do at LSU a Drunk sex b Drink and drive c Get involved in a drunken brawl d All are not good to do 6 Greasestained clothes do not need to be specially pretreated before getting washed False 7 What is not a correct way to iron a Press the back of the clothes before the front b Keep the iron and the iron board clean c Use the highest setting 6 8 If food in your refrigerator looks bad it may still be good False 9 What are a few good etiquette tips for roommates a Do not gossip about your roommate b Do not borrow items without permission c Be careful about inviting friends over d All of the above 6 10 What is not a tip for surviving college a Keep your room clean b Act like you are a contestant for True Beauty c Procrastination is alright 6 d Throw out old food 11 What building is the Center for Academic Success located in a Himes Hall b The Union 6 c Pleasant Hall d None 12 What is the highest level of Bloom s Taxonomy of Learning a Creating 6 b Analyzing c Understanding d Remembering 13 It is a good idea to take a 1015 minute break every 3050 minutes of study time True 14 What is not a good study practice for auditory learners a Participate in study groups and speak out loud b Make flashcards and read off of them or read out loud math problems or text c Rewrite notes and lectures or use maps models or charts 6 15 There are many similar study practices that work well for both kinesthetic and visual learnersTrue 16 What are some services the medical clinics provide a Pharmacy b Laboratory c Physical rehabilitation d All ofthe above 6 17 You may have to pay a fee for an xray but you can see a specialist at the Health Center without an additional office feeTrue 18 What is the biggest health issue for LSU students a Sexual health b Alcohol c Stress 6 d Depression 19 How many students at LSU felt depressed a 806 b 90 c 75 d Less than 50 20 The oneleg standing competition is a good way to figure out who should be the designated driverFase 21 What writing is most likely to be considered erroneous a Vague language b Comma error c Verb use d All ofthe above 6 22 What are the goals of writing a That the writing is purposeful b That the writing is reader oriented c Both are goals 6 d Neither are goals 23 Some word used in emails such as quotread noW and quotdo not delete will cause the email to be blocked as spam True 24 What are some important points to remember when writing an email a Watch the tone of the email b Include your name c Do not provide extraneous information d All of these points should be remembered 6 25 Emailing your professors is a good idea at any timeFase 26 What was Emily Burris major as a freshman a Animal Science 6 b Biochemistry c Forestry d None of the above 27 The Student Financial Management Center is located in 34A of a Herget b Pleasant c Francioni d Coates 6 28 What are some of the resources available for download on the Student Financial Management Center s website a Budgets b Calculators c Articles d All of the above 6 29 It is a good idea to be sure that all money related information is sent to one addressTrue 30 Keeping a budget is not as important for keeping track of financingFase UI Jaw NH GOOQ i n O r ngt WNH The student financial management center is located in Allen HallFase Resources available on wwwsfmclsuedu include a Downloadable budgets b Articles c Calculators d All of the above The best way to manage your finances is to create a budget and stick to it True Some ways to get financially organize include a Shred or destroy documents b Have all bills sent to one address c Both A and B d None of the above Tips on budgeting include a Needs vs wants b Track only large purchases to create your budget c Spending more than you make is okay d All of the above Which of the following are considered erroneous a Verb use b Comma errors c None of the above d All of the above You should have a goal in mind when writing to a professorTrue When you send an email make sure you have a clear subjectTrue When sending an email you should remember a Sign your name b Address your professor accordingly c Emails are permanent d All of the above The salutation should be followed by a Comma b Colon c Period d None is necessary At the student health clinic you can see the doctor with no copayTrue The pharmacy doesn t fill outside prescriptions False The student health center offers a Medical clinics b Mental health services c Both A and B d NeitheerrB What percent of LSU students have used alcohol in the past month a 100 b 70 o l n UI HHH rn emu ax N N rI c N N NM LIIb N a c 15 d 30 Which percent of LSU students feel sad a 2 b 100 c 30 d 80 o Where is the center of Academic Success located a Third floor of Middleton Library b The Cox building c Basement of Coates d Basement of Life Sciences Applying is the highest level of learning on Bloom s TaxonomyFase In college you have to know how things work not just the factsTrue All of the following are parts of the Intense Study Sections except a Set a goal first b Don t reward yourself c Study with a focus for only a concentrated amount of time d Review what you studied quickly You can determine the way you learn best by a How your roommate learns b Take the sensory preference workshop c How upper classmates passed the class d Don t study at all it s like high school Which of the following washing tips are false a Separate whites from quotdarksquot b Clean the lint trap on the dryer c Leave stains untreated d Read detergent labels Which of the following ironing tips is true a The iron and ironing board can be kept dirty b The temperature setting doesn t matter c Press back and front of collar and cuff d None of the above There are other ways to get wrinkles out without an ironTrue You can use your roommate s things without asking firstFase Which of the following should you do with food in the ice box a lfit makes you gag throw it out b lfyou can bounce the food on the floor throw it out c None of the above d All of the above The two types of commonly used references are Books and magazines Magazines and journals Books and journals 09 13951 None of the above NM N W Books cover a broad range of information whereas journals cover specific range of informationTrue What cannot be checked out of the library a Books b Reference materials c Both A and B d None of the above People will remember the University that was in the news over the college of the university that it happened inTrue Problems that fall underAcademic Misconduct include a Cheating b Drugs c Alcohol d All of the above 1 Which is not a learning level a Creating b Analyzing c Brainstorming d Understanding 2 Which of the following is a sensory preference a ReadingListening Answers b InteractiveWrite Answers c KinestheticAural Answers d VisualSight Answers 3 Participating in study groups and class discussions is not a good strategy for auditory leaners False 4 ReadWrite learners find it useful to use flashcards lists and charts to study True 5 Recording notes then listening as you walk jog cook etc is a good study habit for what learning style a ReadWrite b nteractiveKinesthetic c ListeningAural dVisualSight 6 The student health center provides all of the below except a Medical Clinic b Mental Health Service c Pharmacy d Surgery Major health complaint of students a sexual health b stress c lack of exercise d dentistry 8 The labs at the student health center are free to full time studentsFase 9 What song was played first in class on 93010 a Shots b Party in the USA c Oh My Gosh d California Girls 10 Which of the following is not a support group provided by the student health center a anxiety b anger management c women s development I H N N d premarital 11 Vague language can be marked as wrong True 12 Which of the following is not a goal of writing a purposeful d entertaining 13 Which of the following is not the correct word for the letters in SEND a Subject b Edit c Name d Details 14 You don t have to sign your emails because people know who you are by the email addressFase 15 When sending an email to a professor the student should a Leave out what class they are in b Go on thoughts about NASCAR c Be clear and precise d Send the email between 1200 am and 600 am 16 Journal articles contain a in depth new research b an overview ofa subject c a person s experience with a subject d a portion of a book 17 The libraries main website is a wwwiblsuedu b googlecom c wwwibra sucom d wwwsulibrarycom 18 You cannot search databases by which of the following a author b title c subject d year published 19 The subject search is used by a teachers only b anyone but mainly grad students c just undergrad students d alumni only 20 The reference section is on the 1 floor of the library and the materials cannot be checked out True Which of the following is NOT a step to do laundry a Pretreat stains b Don t separate whites amp darks c Check lint trap on door d Read detergent labels What is one way for your room NOT to be clean a Take out trash b Contain laundry c Tackle floor amp surfaces d Leave bed unmade If you take food out of the fridge and it does bounce on the floor then it is safe to eat False we N65 9 3 H Equot H S P U1 H F If you do not gossip about your roommate it will reduce drama between the two of youTrue What is one way you can make college life easier a Go to class b Eat a good meal c Make every day count d All of the 6 The center for Academic Success is located in the basement of Allen Hall False What are the bottom two levels of how to learn a Creating and evaluating b Understanding and remembering c Applying and analyzing d Understanding and applying Which of the following is NOT a step of the study cycle a Attend class b Review material c Skip class d Study material Agreat way to understand new material presented in class is to preview the material the night before True What is a good way for an auditory learner to study a Participate in study groups and class discussions b Use flashcards lists and charts to study c Map use 3D models chart highlight label annotate d Adding meaningful symbols colors and graphics What is a big health issue for college students a Alcohol b Stress c Sexual health d All of the above What is the most effective way to manage stress a Sleep all day b Time management c Watch tv while studying d Stay on Facebook instead of studying In 2008 94 of LSU students felt overwhelmed with stress caused by school True LSU students with mental health are a Sad b Hopeless c Depressed d All of the above When you go to the medical clinic there is a 30 copay for an appointment False What is NOT a goal of writing a Purposeful b Economical c Entertainment d Persuasive 17 19 N P N N N N S h N 5quot I F 9 What is something you do not want to include in your email a Free b Call now c Subscribe d All of the above before you send a Revise b SEND c Check d Proofread All errors are problematic False In your email you want a clear subject line True Where is the Student Financial Management Center a Coates Hall b Allen Hall c Locket Hall d Nicholson Ha SFMC helps through a Oneonone appointments b Resources c Workshops and presentations d All of the above What is the most important factor on getting a hold on your money a Spending money on only important things b Getting a job c Setting a budget d Ask for money from mom amp dad Talking with family members parents guardians etc is good assistance with helping keep track of moneyTrue Focusing on budgeting wants are more important than needs False What is LSU library s website a wwwlsuibramcom b wwwtigeribraryedu c wwwlouisianaibraryedu d wwwibsuedu When searching the library online how is information sorted a Most recent first b Last name of author c Oldest first d Alphabetical order By which can you search for a book on LSU s library website a Author b Title c Subject d All of the above 29 Even if you don t give out information to help cheat but are aware of it happening you could still be liable True 30 There are people available on each floor of the library who are there to help you True 1 There are two types of resources on the website Journal articles and books True 2 Journal articles are specific whereas books are broader True 3 When you search for a book you will see a the call number b the date published c the url ifavailable d all of the above 4 Books that can be checked out will be labeled online as a racks b shelves c stacks d stock room 5 You can search on the database in what way a author b title c subject d all ofthe above 6 The purpose of Student Financial Management Center is to educate students on financial matters True 7 The Student Financial Management Service can help you with a budgeting b student debt c credit cards d all ofthe above 8 SFMC website has downloadable budgets calculators and articlesTrue 9 The First Year Financial Transition Checklist first step is a budgetingspendingsaving b getting organized c talk to your parents about credit cards 10 How can you get organized a keep a planner for due dates b renta mailbox c make a copy of important information d create a secure filing system 11 One of the most common errors in writing is being too vague True 12 What is not a writing goal a economical b purposeful c topical d persuasive 13 Some email accounts will filter out your emails when using certain words such as Free Don t Delete and Please ReadTrue 14 What is one important method when sending an email a Compellingsubjectline b Edit your email at the end c Be sure to use your name in the email d All of the above 15 You should be when writing an email to your professor a professional b friendly c relaxed Does it cost to see the doctors at the primary care clinic and specialty clinic False What is the most common problem LSU students face a sexual assault b alcohol use c stress d none of the above The most effective way to manage stress related to school is to use your time wisely True 19 is a group that helps LSU students cope with a breakup HH N65 H 00 N O The designated driver is the one who had less shots when going out False What is the lowest level of Bloom s Taxonomy a creating b analyzing c applying d remembering Bloom s Taxonomy illustrates the learning levels True What is the first step of the learning cycle a study b assess your learning c review after class d preview before class The 4 steps of an intense study session is to set a goal study with a focus reward yourself and review True Your shows your style of learning a brain dominance b sensory preference c personality diagnostics Before and After you dry your clothing you should check the lint trap True What should you do first when ironing a shirt a press the back and front of collar b start with the front of the shirt c go from top to bottom 28 You should keep your iron and ironing board clean as to not press in dirt True 29 Which of the flowing is roommate etiquette a never gossip about your roommate b never use your roommates stuff without permission c be courteous with your quotspecialquot friends d all ofthe above 30 Which is not a way to remove wrinkles a ironing b steaming c leaving it on the hanger d putting it on a wire and dry it with a blow dryer N H NN WN NN UIh NN N65 1 what is the website that you can go to answer wellness and health questions a askmikecom b askvourbikecom c ask39uliecom 2 what39s another use for your hairdryer a as an iron b clean your room c vacuum your rug 3 how do you keep your room clean a make your bed b take out the trash c contain laundry d keep floor and surfaces clean e all of the above 4 the stain removal website is wwwTidecomstainBrain True 5 you can use Dawn dish soap to get grease out of clothes True 1 what are the goals of writing apurposefu bpersuasive ceconomica dreader oriented eal of the above 2 what is the SEND method things that you need to do before you send an email a subject b edit c name d describe e all of the above 3 everything that your professor says is important True 4 you should ignore emails with the subject quotComprehensive Academic Tracking warningquot False S which of the following is correctly matched for the degree audit a red requirement not met b grey requirement in progress c yellow requirement met 1 what services cost money at the health center a labs b prescriptions c xrays d all of the above 2 what is a major health condition for college students a stress b alcohol c sex d drugs 3 jamming out to a song is a good way to relieve stress true 4 it39s a good idea to mix sex and alcohol false 5 what are the big points a college is fun b stay safe c go to get help from the clinic if you need it d make sure you are ready for sex e all of the above lcollege test taking is about how things work true 2 which of the following is not one of the 4 sensory learning styles a visual b feeling c auditory d kinestetic 3 the left brain focuses on verbal and logical information true 4 what is the name of the process that we should follow to succeed in our classes a study cycle b process of learning c mirers brigs test d sensory preference 5 which of the following set of sensory preferences is NOT paired correctly a auditory hearing b visual seeing c kinestetic tasting d reading and writing reading and writing 1 how many years does the SFMC provide services for ajust freshman b just freshman and sophomore c just senior d all years you are on campus 2 where is the student financial management services located a B 4A Coates blOl Dodson c 305 Life Sciences 3 the 3 steps of budgeting are identifying income tracking the money you spend and creating a budget true 4 when does LSU39s financial aid start a fall b winter c spring d summer 5 it is NOT a good idea to set up direct deposit through your PAWS account false 1 you can look for books and journal articles using the same program false 2 what type of resource do you want to use ifyou want the most recent information a book b journal c magazine d novel 3 if you know someone is cheating you should acover your paper and don39t let them see it b do nothing it doesn39t affect you c report them 4 a meeting wit the judicial affairs is kind of like a consulting session true 5 what is NOT a reason why student make bad choices a poor planning b lack of confidence c sloppiness d motivation 1 If you are a full time student you can receive care at the student health center for a 15 fee FALSE N U 5 Squot Fquot 9 5quot H O H H H N H U H A H U1 H Ch H l H 00 H RD N O N N N U N A What is the most common health issue affecting college students STRESS When drinking alcohol and partying be sure that A DESIGNATED DRIVER IS AVAILABLE If you do have sex it s important to make sure what has been done BOTH PARTNERS HAVE BEEN TESTED 14 of students will get an STI TRUE One way to remove wrinkles without ironing is to throw the clothes in the dryer TRUE What is not good roommate etiquette EAT THEIR FOOD WITHOUT ASKING What isn39t a way to treat laundry stains LET STAINS SIT Which one is an ironing tip USE PROPER TEMP SETTING A good way to keep your room clean is to make the bed everyday TRUE Which are most likely to be erroneous VAGUE LANGUAGE Which is not a goal of writing BEING OPINION ORIENTED Some more commonly used phrases will cause mail clients to filter out and send the email to the junk folder TRUE CATS stands for COMPREHENSIVE ACADEMIC TRACKING SYSTEM CATS will call you when you get off track FALSE College tests you not on facts but how things work TRUE Which is not a step in Intense Study Sessions MEMORIZING THE MATERIAL If you are a kinesthetic learner you should RECORD NOTES THEN LISTEN AS YOU WALK JOG COOKEI39C Ifyou are a visual learner you should VISUALIZE HOW INFORMATION APPEARS ON A PAGE Study tools for right brain dominance people are outlines lecture notes and Cornell Format FALSE One of the purposes of the Student Financial Management Center is TO EDUCATE YOU MORE ON FINANCIAL DECISIONS The SMFC offers workshops and presentations TRUE You should keep a budget TRUE You should track every penny you spend TRUE I LA N N N N N 39 RD 5 quot P Uquot P quot 30 I I Iquot E Which is not a smart financial goal AN ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE ONE When looking for books you can CHOOSE THE TOPIC References can t be checked out from THE VET MED LIBRARY To find articles you look under index s and databases TRUE A library PIN GIVES YOU ACCESS TO ARTICLES AND OTHER THINGS IF YOU ARE OFF CAMPUS You can contact librarians at Middleton by text TRUE True or False Having a planner helps organize with your financial deadlines True or False You should use your credit card whenever you want Where is the Student Financial Management Center A Allen Hall B Coates Hall C Basement of Coates Hall H D none of the above Which is not an area discussed on the oneonone appointments A Budgeting B Student debit C Tigercash H D Credit cards Where can you get further information or help A Parents B Appoint with SFMC C Visit the website D All of the above True or False Writing should be purposeful True or False Having choppywordy sentences is good writing practice What is not a most common error in writing A Pronoun use B Comma use C Choppy Sentences D None of the Above Which is not a goal of writing A Purposeful B Economical C Persuasive D Amusement P Which is not filter out by ISP A B cash C call now D none of the above True or False LSU Health Center does not fill RX True or False 94 of LSU students do feel overwhelmed Which is not a department in the LSU Health Center A Medical Clinics B Mental Health C Office of Health Promotion J Uquot i i i P quot 30 N O NNN UJNi N U NNN gt N L0 D None of the Above Which is not a big Health Issue A Mental health issues B sexual health C Alcohol use and abuse D None of the above How many students at LSU have ever felt sad A B 60 C 20 D 95 True or False Auditory learners usually participate in study groups True or False Colleges test you on remembering and understanding learning levels What building is the Academic Success in A Locket B Coats H C Dodson D Allen Which is not part of the study cycle A Study B Review C Assess D Understanding e WhIch Is not a way a rIghtbraIn person studies A Charts B Lecture Notes 9 C Ma ps D Timeline True or False Dawn dish soap does not take stains from clothes True or False f food from the refrigerator looks bad eat it anyway Which will help take wrinkles out of clothes without using an iron A Towel B Hair dryer C Shower Rod D All of the above One item on the roommate etiquette list is A Never gossip B Use roommate s things without permission C Do not be reasonable about guest D stay up late Which is not a way to do laundry A pretreat stains B Separate quotwhitesquot and quotdarksquot C Do not read detergent labels D Check lint trap True or False The LSU Library website is wwwliblsuedu True or False Journal Articles are used for more specific topics 9 What are the sources you will use from the LSU Library A Articles B Books C Journals D All of the above 9 Which is not a way to search for a book on the LSU Library website UJ quotl PE Uquot 0quot 9 I LD p N subject Author Title Publication Date Second floor First floor Third floor Basement 9 A B C D F If a call number s first letter is between AB where is it at A B C D True or False You should wash your quotdarksquot and quotwhitesquot together to be more efficient Which stain removing brand has a website where you can search over 85 stain solutions a Shout b Tide c Downy d Ga in M or False When ironing clothes you should use the appropriate temperature setting Which is apart of roommate etiquette a Never gossig about your roommate b Always have quotspecialquot friends over c Always eat their food d None of the above What is not a tip that can make you stay at LSU a great one a Make every day count b Go to class c Check in with a family member d Eat unk toad Which is not apart of Bloom s Taxonomy of Learning b AnalyZIng c Observing d Remembering True or False You should preview the chapter before going to class How long should you study with focus 3050mm b 1 hour c 20 min d 1 hr 30 min True or False Auditory learners learn by visualizing and seeing things Which personality likes flexibility and the process ofdoing work a Perceiving b Sensing c Thinking d Judging Which is not apart of the Office of Health Promotion a Group Programming b Classes c Volunteer d Free Prescrigtions True or False Stress time management and sleep are 3 big health issues 13 Which is not a support group a Depression b Anxiety c Women s Development d Marriage 14 M or False A designated driver is someone that goes to the party with you sober and leaves with you sober 15 What percentage of women say when a man drinks it makes him unattractive a 80 b 71 c m d 60 16 Which type of writing is considered erroneous a Vague Language b Punctuation c Verb Use d All at the above 17 Which is not a goal of writing a Purposeful b Persuasive c Economical d Length 18 Which of the following is a quotspam wordquot a Free b Call Now c Subscribe d Alla the above 19 M or False You should write a compelling subject line when writing an email 20 True or False You should never include you name in an email 21 M or False When looking for books you want to use the LSU catalog 22 What was the name of the presenter of the Academic Misconduct presentation a Brad Pitt b Jody Hammett c Dr Garrison d Mr Eric Norman Which is a quotFun thing to do on campus a Get involved in a drunken brawl b Drink and Drive c Bring a gun onto campus d Roll down the Indian Mounds When you hear Judicial Affairs what do you think of a b Legalistic Action c Confrontational d All at the above True or False Advocacy is the first responsibility N UJ N P N Lquot What kind of surgery did Lei Lani have a lung b open heart valve c right kidney d none of the above Which is most ikely considered errones a comma errors b sentence structure c a and b both d none of the above Writing should be what a economical b reader oriented c purposeful dall of the above You can use email address a true b false You should think send before you send a true b false How many times id Emily go over her budget a 4 b 8 c 5 d none of the above Where is the student financial aid office a basement of Coates b basement of Dodson c basement of Allen d basement ofWilliams You should not shred or destroy all documents with personal information a true b false Which is not what you should do a track b budget c shop d goal Time goals are what a imaginary b measurable c both a and b d neither a or b Which is not one of the learning levels a creating b evaluating c talking d analyzing Her graduate degree is in counseling a true b false What should you do before class a walk b study c party d all of the above fyou are an auditory learner you should a talk out loud b read over notes c look at pictures d none of the above You shoulod study all day with no incriments a true b false What dorm does her son stay in a Miller b Evangeline c McVoy d Blake You can use any detergant to wash a true b false When the cycle is complete you should a be there to hang your clothes b throw your clothes in a hamper c return later on that night for your clothes d none of the above How many stain solutions are there a less than 85 b more than 85 The tide stain remover stick does not work a true b false Medical Clinics are all of the following except a pharmacy b laboratory c diagnostic imaging d screening What is the number one health issue a sexual health b alcohol c stress d none of the above Which emotion do students feel the most a sad b happy c hopeless d depression Support groups do not help you a true b false You can not mix alcohol and sex a true b false How many types of searches could you do a l b 2 c 3 d 4 When searching on LSU Library Database what do you use a catelog box b any box c google box d none of the above What item information can you find out a title b auther c physical description d all of the above There are alot of search engines a false b true You do not need any thing specific forjournal searches a true b false What is the difference in high school testing and college testing AHigh school tests facts whie college tests applying facts True You should know how to apply the facts and analyze in college and beyond What is the first part of the studying cycle A Preview the material Kinesthetic Learners learn by what A making a map highlighting in the book creating summaries Visual Learners prefer what kind of study tool A flash cards visual outlines and graphics Where should you start looking for books in the library A the onine catalog How do you know where the call number for the book should be located A the call number search in the onine catalog What gives you an ID to prove you re an LSU student for using the onine database A your pin number Who can you ask for help in the library or for any research A the librarian True College students typically incur large amounts of debt SFMC provides A one on one appointments resources workshops and presentations True You should always keep a budget Getting financially organized includes A having full knowledge of all terms fees and penalties of banking and checking accounts having a secure filing system keep a planner of due dates shred or destroy all documents wpersonal information Setting up a checking or savings account is part of A budgetingsavingspending What are the goals of writing A Purposeful Persuasive and economical What is the acronym for professional emails A SEND method What would cause a problem in a professional email A asking a professor what you missed that was important What is CATS A Comprehensive Academic Tracking System The degree Audit is more personalized to you than CATS True What is an easy way to iron without an iron A hair dryer What is a roommate etiquette rule A Don t gossip about them You can ask health questions to Mike on PAWS True True Beauty is a show that teaches true beauty is on the inside True Who should you make an effort to call everyday A Your parents Where can you get services that are already paid for on your fee bill A Student health Center and UREC True Most student health center services are already paid for in tuition costs and fee are an extra low fee What are the big health issues on campus Stress time management sleep mental health sexual health True It is better to study daily than cram the night before a test There are support groups for A Anxiety Where is the Student Financial Management Center located A Lockett B Coates C Allen D Dodson B Coates What ways can SFMC help A oneonone appointments B online resources C workshops amp presentations D all of the above D All of the above TrueFalse You should shred or destroy documents with personal information True TrueFalse There is no need to keep track of your spendings and what money you have Fase Which is not a thing you need to keep track of A Every penny B Finances C Goals D Budgeting E You need to keep track of all of the above E You need to keep track ofall of the above What writing are most likely considered erroneous A Vague language B Comma errors C Punctuation D Verb use E All of the above E All of the above Which is NOT a goal of writing A Purposeful B Persuasive C You have to do it D Economical E Reader oriented C You have to do it TrueFalse You should go over your email before you send it True The method used before sending an email is A EDT B SEND C NAME D EMAIL B SEND TrueFalse When sending an email make sure you are very descriptive and get to the point True Which is NOT a big health issue in college A Stress time management amp sleep B Alcohol use amp abuse C Mental health D Nutrition amp fitness E They are all big health issues in college E They are all big health issues in college What is the most common complaint of undergraduate students A Alcohol B Stress C Sleep D Fitness E Nutrition B Stress TrueFalse 70 of LSu students use alcohol in the last 30 days True TrueFalse Ifyou find a friend passed out and can39t wake them you don39t need to call 911 Fa How many college students will get an STD A 12 B 110 C 14 D 1100 C 14 What are the simplest levels of understanding A Analyzing amp Evaluating B Creating amp Understanding C Applying amp Remembering D Understanding amp Remembering D Understanding amp Remembering TrueFalse The highest level of learning is creating True What is the order of the study cycle A Review attend preview assess amp study B Preview attend review study amp assess C Attend preview review study amp assess D Preview attend review assess amp study B Preview attend review study amp assess TrueFalse f readingwriting is your sensory preference you should study in groups and aloud Fase Visual learners should A Use flashcards charts outlines maps amp graphics B Visualize how information appears on a page C Add meaningful symbols colors amp graphics to notes D All of the above D All of the above TrueFalse When washing your clothes it is okay to throw your lllightsll and lldarksll in the same load Fase TrueFalse Dawn Dishwashing soap helps to remove stains from clothes True When ironing your clothes which of the following is NOT true A Press back and front of collar and cuffs B Keep iron and iron board cean C Make sure to unplug iron D Put the iron on whatever temperature you want D Put the iron on whatever temperature you want Which is NOT a sign food is spoiled A if it looks bad B if it makes you gag C if it looks amp smells like when you bought it D if it bounces on the floor C if it looks and smells like when you bought it Which animal was used in the spoied food example A Hamster B Rat C Guinea pig D Bird Hamster When looking for books you want to use what LSU cataog onine What is the LSU website A wwwmiddletonlsuedu B wwwlsulibedu C wwwliblsuedu D wwwlsulibrarycom C wwwliblsuedu Which was can you contact the library A in person B We chat C text messaging D Emailing E All of the above E All of the above TrueFalse Even if you do not cheat if you see someone cheating and do nothing about it you can get in trouble True TrueFalse Students who get in the most trouble are always because of alcohol Fase 1 Error is the use of grammar that is recognized as nonnormative and is punitive to the speaker or writer a True C b False 2 A sentence is a complete expression ofa though a True C b False 3 Why should you take your clothes out of the dyer right away a So people don39t steal them b So they don39t wrinkle c So the little dryer bugs can39t get to them d Only a and b C 4 What should you keep in mind while ironing a Use the right temperature C b Always use the hottest setting c ron only on rough surfaces d Make sure your clothes are dirty 5 What should you make sure to do with your roommate a Gossip about himher b Use their stuff without permission c Lay down rules you both agree on d All of the above 6 What are the learning levels a Cheating Living Partying b Studying Asking Loving Praying c Creating Evaluating Analyzing Applying Understanding Remembering C d Only a and b 7 What is the first step of the study cycle a Review b Attend class c Preview C d Study 8 What is the last step a Attend class b Preview c Study d Asses your learning C 9 When using direct experience touch physical movement group activities maps etc what type of sensory preference for studying are you a Auditory b ReadWrite c Kinesthetic C d Visual 10 What is not a big health issue a Stress time management sleep b Fighting with your brother C c Mental health issues alcohol use and abuse d Sexual health sexual assault 11 Stress is the most common complaints of undergraduate students a True C b False 12 What percentage of LSU students felt overwhelmed a 94 C b 60 c 50 d 75 13 What is the most effective way to manage stress a Cram before a test b Talk to your friends c Manage your time C d Never study 14 What are the good ground rules ofdrinking a Drink until you pass out b Should have only 34 drinks if you do decide to drink c Don39t have sex drunk d Only b and cC 1 The student financial management system is in Coates Hall 2 SFMC doesn t mainly help through Emailing 3 You should keep all documents that have your personal information not destroy them False 4 Ensure all money related mail is sent to one address 5 Which is not a good idea allow one weekend of spending make a budget set goals keep written track of purchases 6 All typing errors are problematic 7 Which is not a goal of writing purposeful tell a stom persuasive be reader oriented 8 What is the acronym used in emails SEND 9 The last letter in the acronym stands for Describe True 10 What is the acronym for the method of following what courses you should be enrolled in CATS 11 No medical bills are covered by fee bills False 12 Exercise helps deal with stress 13 Which is not true 80 of students felt sad 65 of LSU felt hopeless 20 were suicidal 44 were depressed 14 What is the recommended limit of drinks for women 3 drinks 15 Which of the following is not a health problem on campus sex nutrition sexual health 39oint health 16 Analyzing and evaluation were the main types of learning in high school False 17 Previewing the work before class is the main type of learning True 18 The Center for Academic Success is in the basement of Coates 19 Which of the following do visual learners not like Charts symbols maps reading text 20 People who perceive are good at exploring 21 You should always pretreat stains on your clothes M 22 A hair dryer cannot be used to get wrinkles out of clothes w 23 Most food doesn t last longer than the lifespan of a hamster 24 We should pretend to be on the TV show True Beauty 25 Dawn detergent is best for grease stains 26 There is only one way to search for a book in the libraryFalse 27 How can you access book in the library electronically the number codel neither 28 To be able to use library databases you need an LSU pin number 29 Someone cannot consent to sex if they are intoxicated M 30 What image shouldn t be associated with the Advocacy and Accountability positive collaborative justice intimidating 31 You can use dawn dish soap for taking out grease stains b False 32 What is not a way to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled a c Hang them up 33 What should you not do to keep your room clean 7 ll 2 Ti b Make your bed c Contain laundry 34 You should gossip about your roommate a True 35 What is not a tip about laundry i mar b Check lint trap c Separates dark ad whites 36 Which are common errors a Vague b Hard to understand V 38 What does the quotsquot in SEND mean a Send b Save lr39i 39 The quotnquot in SEND means number a True 40 The best time to email your professor is a 2am b 4am 41 You should not preview before class a True 42 What should you not do in an intense study session a Start a goal b Review what you studied c Study with focus 3050 min d Reward yourself e mm 43 The 4 sensory preferences are a Visual b Kinesthetic c Auditory d Reading and writing e gr w my f None of the above 44 Left brained students would prefer outlines and lecture notes b False 45 Which is not part of the study cycle a Attend class b Review c Assess your learning 1391 46 Where is the student financial aid office a Allen c The library d Ag Admin building 47 Getting organized is an important thing to do lSt year of college l b False 48 For budgetingspendingsaving a Create a budget b Choose the best card for you c Don t keep track of spending a 9M E L 49 For further assistance talk to your parents 50 How often should you focus on your budget a Every day b Once a year c Once a week 51 When trying to find a journal article it is okay to look under a book search a True 52 You can contact the library by a Email b Mail c Phone 53 Which of these are not things to do at LSU a Drink and drive b Drunk sex c Listen to the Alma Mater from the bell tower m 54 When you think of Student Advocacy you should think llll u b Terrible c A waste of time d B and C 55 People make poor choices because of poor planning lack of confidence sloppiness lazy lack of comprehension b False 56 Which of the following is the correct meaning for quotNquot corresponding with the SEND method a Be Nice b Nothing J l in 57 You should be clear and concise when sending emailing to your professor a WM b False 58 The quotsquot in Send stands for the subject line b False 59 When writing an email to your professor you should leave out a Your name b Your class and section number iv cw iii W Hill 60 Which hour of the day is a discouraged time frame to email professors ll aegis b 8pmllpm c 12 noon5pm 61 Which of the following are big health issues a Stress management sleep b Sexual health c Mental health 62 You should have a designated driver 65 Birth Control pills provide protection against infection a True 66 What is the first step of the study cycle a Study b Review after class c Use 3d models charts highlights labels 68 A left brained person would prefer an outline over a graph b False 69 A perceiver would be more flexible ad spontaneous i ll b False 70 The highest iron setting is the best setting a True 71 What are other ways to dewrinkle clothes without an iron a Hair dyer b Hang it to dry c Dyer d Garment steamer a mii rixr 72 You should gossip about your roommate a True 73 Which action should you not do to your roommate Take out the trash c Turn your phone on silent when your roommate is sleeping b Sometimes c Never 75 Where is the student financial Management located b 2quotd floor locket c Himes hall 76 You should have all bills mailed to in h gtgt 2 addresses c 3 addresses 77 What is the most important thing about goals a Fulfilling them c Having an extravagant one 78 LSU offers containing students scholarships a b False 79 LSU begins FAFSA in April a b False What form can resources not be in A book B records C electronic D book and electronic Answer B What floor does not have any books in the library A first floor B second floor C fourth floor D third floor Answer A When searching for an article what does the search engine NOT show you A title B abstract C graphs D author Answer C There are interns at the LSU Health Clinic FALSE There is a pharmacy on campus TRUE What doesn39t cost at the Health Center A Labs B X rays C Pharmacy D Seeing the Doctor Answer D Whats NOT a big issue for college students A stress B alcohol use C sexual health D mental health E couple health Answer E Whats the most effective way to manage stress A food B time management C partying D going to class Answer B What is NOT acceptable when washing clothes A separate whites from darks B checking lint trap C pretreat laundry stains D leaving clothes in dryer Answer D You should remove greasy stains with Dawn Dish Soap TRUE What should you NOT do when ironing A keep iron and iron board clean B press back and front of collar and cuffs C use proper temperature settings D put iron on highest temperature as possible Answer D You can39t use a hairdryer to get wrinkles out of clothes FALSE What should you do for room cleanliness A don39t take out trash until end of week B make your bed C don39t bother with a vacuum D eat on your bed Answer C Whats one of the simplest levels of learning A remembering B creating C evaluating D analyzing Answer A College is about studying facts FALSO What should you do before class A read the entire chapter B sleep C do homework D preview Answer D Studying approaches are different for everyone TRUE Which is not a sensory preference A readingwriting B feelingimagining C visualsight D listeningaural Answer B All errors are problematic FALSE What is the most common error in writing A vagueness B punctuation C sentence structure D grammar Answer A What is not a goal of writing A persuasive B writer oriented C purposeful D economical Answer B What is not a phrase that ISP39s filter out A free B essay C dont delete D earn 3 You shouldn39t use your LSU email because people can take advantage of it FALSE The SMFC does not schedule oneonone appointments FALSE What doesn39t the SMFC discuss A budgeting B money management C health D student debt Answer C The SMFC can present at student organizations is asked TRUE What WON39T help you get financially organized A rent a mailbox from LSU B create a secure filing system C let your parents keep track of all information D shred and destroy documents Answer C Keep a planner of due dates for A credit card payments B meal plans C laundry D spending money Answer A What is not a phrase that ISP39s filter out A free B essay C dont delete D earn 3 ANSWER B 1 What is one of the 5 important laundry steps Equot E P Uquot 0quot N 9 30 l Equot b Wrinkle clothes prior to washing c Soak your clothes in detergent d Mix colors and darks with warm water TrueFalse In order to have a clean organized room you should contain laundry in one place What is the webpage you can visit to discuss health and wellness questions a LSU Health Club b Ask Toni d Tiger Survival Guide TrueFalse Borrowing your roommates things are a good way to connect with them How often should you contact your family a Every minute b Not at all c TrueFalse Applying is part of the learning levels Which of the following should NOT be included during and intense study session a Set a goal c Review d Take a break TrueFalse fyou are an auditory learner it is not a good idea to tutor others A good study tip for visual learners is to a Change scenery c Rewrite notes d Make flash cards Which is a left brain characteristic a Visual b Intuitive c Spatia How many times can you see a doctor free of charge at the health unit a Once b Never What is the most common complaint of undergrad students E P l 57 N 9 30 N O N N N NN bUJ TrueFalse Goas is the third step in the quot123quot budget system 39 a b Homework too much c Not enough hours in the day TrueFalse SOUL is a support group for alcoholic students How many percent of students used alcohol in the past 30 days b 40 c 30 Women should consume no more than 3 drinks at one setting Which of these is NOT a goal of writing a Purposeful b Reader oriented c a d Economical TrueFalse You should always send emails to professors from your LSU email What is the SEND method a 5 subject b E edit c N name d D describe e viillll mi 1 ll a bun True False Your resume could possibly be thrown out if slang words are used Which style of writing should you avoid a Direct writing c Persuasive writing d Elaborate writing Where is the student financial management center located a Basement of Allen Hall b K 1 c Blake Hall What is the first step to get on track with a budget a a 1 b Spend 10 on a new pair of sunglasses c Renta mailbox What can you find on the SFMC website a Budget spreadsheets VI VII VIII XII XIII XIV b Freshman planning budget sheet c Senior planning budget sheet 25 TrueFalse You should set one short term financial goal and one long term financial goal Do not pretreat laundry stains FALSE Which is not an ironing tip 1 Press back and front of collar and cuffs 2 Do not need to keep iron clean 3 Read iron settings 4 Buy garment steamer Making the bed is a good cleaning tip TRUE What is not a way to iron without an iron and ironing board 1 Hair dryer 2 Hang over shower rod 3 Garment steamer 4 Folding the clothes What is not a good tip to survive college 1 Do not eat a good meal 2 Call home 3 Go to class 4 Have a conversation with someone you do not know Mental health issues is a big health issue TRUE What is not a big health issue 1 Stress 2 Alcohol abuse 3 Time management 4 Exercise What is not a mental health support group 1 Anxiety 2 Eating Disorders 3 Depression 4 Women s Development 70 of LSU students used alcohol in the last 30 days TRUE refused an offer of alcohol or other drugs 1 4 2 l4 3 15 4 77 What is the simplest level of learning 1 Creating 2 Applying 3 Remembering 4 Evaluating Bloom s Taxonomy is also known as learning levels TRUE What is not part of the study cycle 1 Preview 2 Assess 3 Attend 4 Observe What is not a sensory preference 1 Listening XVI XVII XVIII XIX XXII XXIII XXIV XXVIII XXIX 2 Thinking 3 ReadWrite 4 Visual Visual learners learn best by reading aloud FALSE LOL is a problematic error in writing FALSE What is NOT a purpose of writing 1 Reader oriented 2 Economical 3 Narrative 4 Persuasive What does the D stand for in the SEND method 1 Different 2 Describe 3 Divide 4 Demand 12 courses each semester are deemed as critical in the CATS program TRUE How many times a semester is your CATS status tracked l 4 2 3 3 2 4 SFMC can help through all of the following except 1 One on one meetings 4 Resources online All are important except 1 Unnecessary spending 2 Budgeting 3 Settinga Financial Goal 4 Tracking All are important when focusing on budgeting except 1 Live within your income 2 Frequently use your credit card 3 Identify where your money comes from 4 Talk to your parents Getting financially organized is NOT important FALSE Keeping track of your spending is important TRUE What can you search on the library website 1 Title 2 Subject 3 Keywords 4 All of the above What are ways to communicate with a librarian other than facetoface 1 Text messaging 2 Online chat 3 FAQ 4 All of the above What are bad choices in school 1 Poor planning 2 Sloppiness 3 Laziness 4 All of the above XXX XXXl XXXl l XXXl l l XXXIV XXXV XXXVI XXXVll XXXVlll XXXX XLl XLll XLlll XLlV XLV XLVl Breaking into a university building is a felony TRUE Creating a level playing field is part of Academic Integrity TRUE You should NOT pretreat your stains FALSE You should press the before the 1 Side front 2 Front back 3 Back front 4 Front side You can use a to easily iron clothes 1 Flat iron 2 Hair dryer 3 Curling iron 4 Book You should NOT gossip about your roommate TRUE What is a way to keep your room clean 1 Contain your laundry 2 Let trash pile up 3 Throw clothes on the floor 4 Don t sweep The library s email address is wwwlibsuedu TRUE The book is only onine if the website says 1 See online version 2 Call number is 3 See electronic address 4 Online only You can search for books by 1 Subject 2 Title 3 Illustrator 4 A and B only If the abstract for an article is in English the article is in 1 Spanish 2 English 3 French 4 All of the above Cheating in your university causes your degree to be of less vaue TRUE The student financial management center is in 1 Williams 2 Lockett 3 Dodson 4 Coates You should shred or destroy documents with your personal information TRUE You should keep a planner for all 1 Due dates 2 Credit cards 3 Dates 4 Goals You don t have to set financial goals unti right before the due dates FALSE To get good advice report to any of these BUT l SFMC 2 Parents 3 Friends 4 SFMC website 1 How do you search for booksjournal articles D A Online at the library website B Carefully C Click on indexes and databases D All of the above 2 One thing you should do as soon as possible is to B A Visit the library B Get a pin C Use the onine website D None of the above 3 How can you contact the library D Atext measages B Faq39s C Phone calls D All of the above 4 Cheating involves the person cheating and the person being cheated off of TRUE 5 Advocacy comes before accountability when you visit the student advocacy and accountability TRUE 6 An error in writing is C A A spelling mistake B Grammar mistakes C When the message is not understood D Bad writing 7The goals of writing are not D A Purposeful B Persuasive C Reader oriented D Uneconomical 8 Ifyou are off track on CATS D A Go to the CAS B Go to career services C Go to summer school or intersession D All of the above 9 CATS stands for comprehensive academic tracking syste TRUE 10 Your PAWS degree audit is official FALSE 11 What is the biggest health issue B A Depression B Stress C Alcohol D Sexual health 12 What can do to reduce stress D A Excercise Bfind a good song Ctime management D All of the above 13 Ifyour worried about a friends drinking B A Leave them alone B Call 911 C Assume another friend will help D Check to see if they are breathing then leave them alone 14 The health center ia completely confidential TRUE 15 The RAD class teaches you how to defend yourself TRUE 16 In college teachers test you on the lower levels of Bloom39s taxonomy but in high school teachers tested you on the higher levels FALSE 17 The study cycle does not consist of D A Preview notes and textbooks B Attend class C Study D Sleep 18 Visual learners should do the following to study C A Create items and be an active studier B Listen carefully in class C Notice how information appears on the pageorganize your information with color D Type your notes and summarize what you learnedwrote 19 fyou are a left brained learner you should A A Use outlines and notes B Visualize C Use mapscharts and graphs D Make timelines 20 The strongest personality trait that determines stress in college are judging and percieving TRUE


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