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by: Alverta Blick III


Alverta Blick III
GPA 3.66

H. Lee

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About this Document

H. Lee
Class Notes
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This 62 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alverta Blick III on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 2102 at Louisiana State University taught by H. Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/222995/phys-2102-louisiana-state-university in Physics 2 at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
I Lens maker s equation 2 Extension b d Same as the spherical mirror 19 l f p gt 0 Same i f Opposite Right hand side is positive Converging ens f gt O DiVerging lens f lt O 02 F C1 C1 F2 F1 C2 W 0 An object 2cm high stands on the central axis of a thin converging lens 16 cm away from the lens Focal distance of the lens is 4 cm What is the image location What is the magnification ols the image real or virtual Is the Image Inverted or not ols the image located at the same side of the object or the opposite side An object 2cm high stands on the central axis of a thin converging lens 16 cm away from the lens Focal distance of the lens is 4 cm What is the image location LL 1214 il6 533Cm z39 4 16 16 quot p l f 3 opposite side Magnification m i l 033 p 16 Real since i is positive Inverted since i is positive Opposite side An object 2cm high stands on the central axis of a thin diverging lens 8 cm away from the lens Focal distance ofthe lens is 12 cm What is the image location What is the magnification ols the image real or virtual Is the Image Inverted or not ols the image located at the same side of the object or the opposite side An object 2cm high stands on the central axis of a thin diverging lens 8 cm away from the lens Focal distance of the lens is 12 cm What is the image location 11 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 48 T T l cm p l f l 12 8 24 sameside Magnification m i 245 06 p 8 Virtual since i is negative or it s in the same side of the object Not inverted since i is positive or the magnification is positive Same side Ray Tracing F 2 1 1 A ray of direction initially parallel to the axis will pass through the focal a point 39 2 A ray that initially has a direction 0 5 that passes through the focal point will emerge parallel to the central axis 3 A ray going through the center of the lens will be undeflected You produce an image of the Sun on a screen using a thin lens whose focal length is 20 cm What is the diameter of the image Radius of the Sun 696 x108 m l 11 Distance to the Sun 150 x 1011 m efal 1 1 1 1 1 1 39 1 1 3 11 2 DfW Q p 1 f 150gtlt10 1 20x10 1 20x10 139 20gtlt102 d m gt 11 8 p 15gtlt10 2x696gtlt10 2d z186gtlt103m i l39ldllll lL Lens R in39 For the parallel rays the focal length of the Muscle et d effective thin lens ofthe eye is 25 cm Cornea For an object at distance p 40 cm what Ligmfmm 39 I focal length f is required to see it clearly dlisyantto O C a 1 1 1 Effective lens Retina gt T gtl25 p i f 00 l 25 9 l l 1 1 1 1 gt Give me more light More light 1832 Huygens Principle 1678 All points on a wavefront serve as point sources of spherical secondary wavelet Wavefront at t 0 b New position of wavefront at time If At S eed of iht ll Incident wave 9 Air 1 012155 E Refracted wave If Rank the materials according to the speed of light in them lL w39 H39 S eed of Ii ht Two waves of light of wavelength 400 nm 2 are initially in phase 39 t n116n215 I 39I I What is the smallest value L if the waves are to end up with a phase difference of 565 rad A Z 2 1 L LAkL 27 27 sz XJL 35652 j 15 16L 400x10 9 2A 27 ltn2 n1gtL In ciden t Diffracted V39dVL39 gt I l I It A 11Drl WE IIIHF I a Screen 1 O Incident 1 Screen 0 o 11Drl A Diffracted W39dVl Hm 1 H HF r i L T 151 m V Incident wave Incident wave Constructive Interference dsin 9mxl sin6Lzgtl D2y2 D Destructive Interference dsin6 m1 10 9 wire of length 20 cm in a Bfield 05 T I0 remove the tensnon i what direction is the current ii what is the magnitude of the current B force upward mgiLB X X X X x x ae At L F iLxB Current to the right 001 98 i 02 05 Rotation Inner loop Radius 4 cm Current 3A Clockwise Outer loop r2 Radius 6 cm Current 7A Clockwise 3 x Tl If i what is the direction of the net 8 dipole moment ii what is its magnitude N i A Currents both Clockwise gtgt dipole moment into the page H 1 3 7c 0042 1 7 7c 0062 Highest Lowest energy energy Uz E GD i Rank the orientations according 10 me magnnuue OI Ine torque 1234 ii Rank the orientations according tu um Pumum may 14gt23 C3 i iii LLWJ W2 HUME BiotSava rt Law dEanto It page A id gtltf dBZILlO Current distribution 2 47 r m 3 6 y0l26gtlt10 5 JeanBaptiste Felix Savart Biot 17741862 1791 1841 b dB uo Jr dstol atlby id 47 2 dB 2 amp zds sn 9 472 r B JdSsm 6 2 47 00 r quoti 5w If r S2 R212 If g P BzLoi 47x J 00 R sm6 r 00 dssin 6 2 I R b Long parallel wires same current Rank according to the magnitude of the net Bfield at the center e lt9 amp e amp e amp lt9 Bfield at P is zero Current 2 is a into or b out of the page Current 2 is a bigger or b smaller than the current 1 3 Q Z1 12 B 27H Bfield at P direction ids sin 9 dB i R 472 r2 d o o A 2 r 47 r a 9 EN A do filedgp C B 2 47 R ampidssin6 dB 5 T a 47x r2 C i P 39 C d3 X Z W 0 ids sm90 1 0393 2 47x r a b 0 1391ch B 9 43f R2 EN C u l B 0 6 a 139 64 7239 B Z 4 f 7139 m m Full Circle 9 A B C B 39u0127239 c 47rR 2R Semicircle B Ill 0172 Ill 0i 47239R 4R Same current clockwise Which has the largest magnitude of the Bfield at the center 11 a b C 5 H D H tr 1 H quott It JV R1 10cm R26cm Current 03A What is the magnitude ofthe net Bfield at the center z 4713 4R 0 la ib Eamuetoz39a 27rd A A 0 id ib Fonbbya zb LgtltBa gt F 2 d Same current into or out of the plane Rank the wires according to the magnitude on each due to the other two I a 0 id ib 27rd Amperian loop 913 Direction of integration Line integral of Bfield AndreMarie Ampere 1775 1836 4B d IuO lenclosed Direction of integration Sign of the current Same current parallel or antiparallel Rank the loops according to the magnitude of the integral l3 0 d B d3 IUO lenclosed CC 2392 gt gt1 2 B d 1u0 lenclosed A Long Line of Current Outside 4B ds IuO lenclosed Amperian ere T 10010 surface BodEBltdsB2m 1 A Long Line of Current Inside 4305 Bcj dsz B27rr Wire surface 7N2 l l 2 6710 g 1 3 39x Ideal Solenoid l4 h gt C 239 q o 3h00o No B Field outside Uniform Inside iem i Ninh I ll of turns per unit length anU o i Ni 1 Highest Lowest energy energy 7 AL AZ 7 v H i r 7 3947 i quot5 Misti IF fi39t ifijf H i k 7i ii Loops same currents radius r or 2r Rank according to the magnitude of the Bfield at the midpoint 3 32gt a 9 lt5 C A m Cgt A U39U 6 d


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