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by: Elva Fahey


Elva Fahey
GPA 3.65


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elva Fahey on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 2101 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/223002/phys-2101-louisiana-state-university in Physics 2 at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
COM and Linear Momentum quot HRW 9 Center of Mass COM What is it Why do we care Up to now Everything has been treated as a single point particle In reality W H h 4 l I 15 It I C 39 I r quot quot u 12 t L V a I l L I 4 P quot 39 I 4 I 3 p i r39 I 1E v 5 x o i tl d h Objects have spatial extent and move as though all external forces act on only their COM 771 FAG g 13ch g 5 13 9 G to D ll U l Q U l l J 3 How do we find it Mathematically we find the point in space about which the object s mass is centered Example quotuulH rum I quot We can then separate the object s motion into two parts a The motion of the center of mass b The motion of the object about the center of mass Calculating COM Two PointLike Objects Center of Mass Point Masses vs Solid Bodies a What is the total mass b What are the components ofthe COM c What is the COM in unitvector notation Three uniform thin rods each of length L 18 cm form an inverted U The vertical rods each have a mass of 14 g the horizontal rod has a mass of 42 g Where is the center of mass of the assembly General Rules For Center of Mass Checkpoint A Square Plate Consider a uniform square plate from which four identical squares at the corners will be removed Answer the following in terms of quadrants axes or points No calculation allowed a Where is the center of mass ofthe plate originally Where is it after the removal of b square 1 H I c squares 1 and 2 0 squares 1 and 3 e squares 1 2 and 3 1 all four squares Newton s 2 Law For a System of Particles Newton s 2quot I Law A Quick Recap For a single particle I3 ma For each particle in a syst of particles 1 miai gt For the entire system of part c es I3th Macom Net forces Internal forces cancel out and do not affect the path of the com Tensions y Spring Forces V Explosions 39 T iiv Interatomic forces 4 g Electricmagnetic forces A 41 kg dog stands on a 21 kg flatboat length L at distance D 61 m from the shore t walks 20 m along the boat toward shore and then stops Assuming no friction between the boat and the water find how far the dog is then from the shore Linear Momentum For a Single Particle Linear Momentum For a System of Particles Linear Momentum conservation In a Closed and Isolated System A space hauler and cargo module of total mass M travel at 1 2100 kmh along an X axis in deep space With a small explosion the hauler ejects the cargo module of mass 020M The hauler then travels away at 2200kmh in the same direction as before What is the velocity of the cargo module Huulcr largo modulo A firecracker placed inside a coconut of mass M initially at rest on a frictionless floor blows the coconut into three pieces that slide across the floor Piece C with mass 030M has final speed vfc 50 ms a What is the speed of piece A with mass 050M b What is the speed of piece B with mass 020M A 0165 kg cue ball as bounces from a rail of a pool table The ball39s initial speed is 160 ms and the angle 61 is 300 The bounce reverses the y component of the ball39s velocity but does not alter the x component What are a the angle 62 and b the momentum change A23 The fact that the ball rolls is irrelevant to the problem Collisions and Impulse Definitions First httpwwwcoonotionscomAGifsgif556htm Collisions and Impulse Calculating the Change in Momentum Impulse 50 what Types of Collision Energy Considerations Collisions can be classified into three general types depending on how well kinetic energy is conserved during the collision Collisions In 1D Elastic or not You may have to decide A ballistic pendulum consists of a large block of wood of mass M 54 kg hanging from two long cords A bullet of mass m 95 g is fired into the block with speed vb coming quickly to rest The pendulum then swings upward its center of mass rising a vertical distance h 63 cm before briefly coming to rest What is vb just prior to the collision Two metal spheres suspended by vertical cords initially just touch Sphere 1 with mass m1 30 g is pulled to the left to height h1 80 cm and is released from rest It collides elastically with sphere 2 whose mass m2 75 g What is the l O o x u x k x x x s s x t velocity vlf of sphere 1 just after the collision 39 IN Collisions In 2D Elastic or not You may have to decide A hockey puck m1 120 g is traveling over ice with speed vli 20 ms when it glances off of a second identical hockey puck as shown The first puck travels away at an angle of 61 60 with respect to its initial velocity while the second puck travels away at 62 40 Is this collision elastic or inelastic 39 39gt ml V1 jl quotquot2 4 9 Wk


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