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by: Alverta Blick III


Alverta Blick III
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alverta Blick III on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 2001 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/223006/phys-2001-louisiana-state-university in Physics 2 at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
Eguation Sheet for Exam 1 B C c sin a sin 5 sin 7 Law of Sines Law of cosines A2 B2 C2 ZBCCOS a Q d E ax2bxc0 ua ratio quation b i l b2 4ac x 2a Ax x x0 yf y Av X X0 A W 719 12x VJ X At t f f A 12f v0 Av r vfy 10y a r gt l 7 I At t J Al I i 3 xf x0 1201 4 IX2 y Va Vayl 2 ayf 2 v3 v mm Av g 2a 0 2 sin2 6 VMM V Maximum Height 2g 7 v sin 26 f 21751119 Time of AxMax Range 39 g Hgm g ZFmEz mimz F 2 G 2 Gravitational force I W Weight Wapparent ay z sFN kaHkFN Frictional forces Work WzAKE KE mvz Kinetic energy T Z Period of circular motion v 2 V dc Centripetal acceleration I 2 I I ZV FC 2 Centripetal force I me 739 G 2 Radius of Circular orbit v WGraV mgh0 Work done by gravity Gravitational potential PEG mgh energy WNC AKEAPE WNC EfEo Work Energy theorem p Z Linear momentum A13 A E ZFlext Z ext 0 gtP0 71 Z mixi i1 S 2 7396 Arclength C VT 2 Va Tangential speed 239 2 IF sin 6 Torque CIT Fa Tangential acceleration 2 a Z Centripetal acceleration Rotational kinematics A626f 60 A6 ef eo 02 At t afwo At t XCM 2 Center of mass 239 a Mtot 6f60w0tat2 Ptot Center ofmass L Ia AngUlar momentum 2 2 VCM M velocity 0f mo tot O L L Zrext f 0 2a W P W t Z Zquot Rotational work t Power W F 2 AE KER Z Ia2 Rotational kinetic energy 1 1 2 1 2 Elm KETW KER PEGMV Emv 31a mgh As before if WNC 0 then E tot is a constant of the motion TABLE 91 Moments of Inertia fol Various Rigid Objects of Mass M Thin rod axis perpendicular to rod and passing Waugh one end Tmnrwellzd spnancai shalt axis lhvouzh center Tm rnrl ru mm and passing through centEr quot 1 gm2 Thlnvwalled hollnw cylinder oi new 7 a x I ML lt R1 Rl 2 4777 I MR Trim reciangulai sheet axis parallel to one i i Solid sphere axis Waugh center 5am cylinder or disk 3quotquot I 2 k 1 7 quot I ZMR2 l IEML e 1 MR e 5 iquot vt A0 sin wt at A02 cos a a Pendulum frequency L a L T227 g Pendulum period 1 1ML a i 2 3 c T I 112 ML m Simple harmonic motion 1 2 mastic potential xt A cos wt E 2 energy For a point mass I mrz Fz kx Hooke s law 1 f7 Frequency a Angular frequency k a m A W d v I 2 TL Speed ofwave ona V ave Spee p m string Tis tension 15 A Sound intensity 810dBgtlt10g i Sound intensity level 0 fOZfS Doppler effect 1 11 0 fS source frequency v f0 observed frequency v0 speed of observer 1 VS vS speed of source v v speed of sound Observer moves toward source top bottom Observer moves away from source top bottom M p Z Volume mass density Q Heat Temperature change V Q Heat Phase change P Pressure A P2 Pl 2 Pressure as a function of depth Buoyant force equals the weight of F3 the displaced fluid Archimedes C 0F 32g 0F 2 0 C Temperature scales TK TOC27315 Linearthermal ex ansion AL aLOAT p V l th I 39 AV oume erma expanSIon


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