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Week 10 Notes

by: Vanessa Zimmerman

Week 10 Notes PSYC 10400

Vanessa Zimmerman

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About this Document

Reasonings and IQ
Introduction to Developmental Psychology
Cyndy L. Scheibe
Class Notes
developmental psychology, Psychology, psych, development, developmental, intro, Introduction, introduction to developmental psychology
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vanessa Zimmerman on Tuesday March 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 10400 at Ithaca College taught by Cyndy L. Scheibe in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Developmental Psychology in Psychlogy at Ithaca College.


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Date Created: 03/22/16
Week  10  Developmental  Psychology     Physical  Reasons     Changes,  sudden  &  dramatic     Highlight  individuality       Embarrassing  changes  (pimples,  menstrual  accidents,  erections,  wet  dreams)   Why  Conflicts  with  Parents?     Physical  size  of  child  (growth  spurt,  child  might  be  bigger  than  the  adult)     Increased  testosterone  (boys  are  more  aggressive)     Piaget:   Abstract  reasoning   Logical  reasoning   Systematic  problem  solving   Understanding  complex  nuances  in  language  (satire,  metaphor,  puns)     Elkind:   Hypothetic  reasoning  (what  if)   Adolescent  egocentrism   Thoughts  are  self  centered,  unrealistic,  critical  of  others   Imaginary  audience,  onstage  behavior     Personal  fable   à  unique   àmagically  protected  from  harm   introspection  (who  am  I)     mental  role  playing   teehns  may  questions  their  parents  moral  +  ethical  choices  push  for  independence   natural  experiementation  –  causes  parents  to  worry   teens  pull  back  from  parents   awares   of  reproductive  capability   mixed  messages   gender  issues  +  double  standards   parents  tighten  restrictions  on  girls,  loosen  on  males  (fear  of  pregnancy)   parent’s  own  sexual  feeling  à  parents  are  colder   (ex.  Daughter  reminds  father  of  mother  à  father  pulls  back)     Catharsis  –  violence  is  good  for  you,  reduces  your  aggressive  impulses  (only  works  if  you  do  the   aggression)   Younger  children  are  afraid  of  things  that  look  scary  (3-­‐5)   Older  children  (8-­‐12)  afraid  of  things  that  can  actually  happen     Measures  of  Intelligence   Craniometry:  Paul  Brocca-­‐  bigger  head=  bigger  brain=  more  intelligence   Today  almost  always  measured  by  IQ   Alfred  Binet-­‐   Educational  Orientation:  Identify  groups  of  children  who  were  going  to  have  trouble   learning  in  school   Stanford  –  Binet  Intelligence  Quotient  (IQ)     Mental  age     _________                                    X100     Chronological  Age   Mental  Age:  performing  as  well  as  the  average  person  of  that  age   Average  IQ:  100   Einstein’s  IQ:  160+    


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