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by: Alverta Blick III


Alverta Blick III
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alverta Blick III on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 2102 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/223005/phys-2102-louisiana-state-university in Physics 2 at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
PHYS 2102 Formula Sheet Spring 2009 Constants7 de nitions 60 885 gtlt10 12 CQNm2 110 4n gtlt 107T39Tm e 160 X 1019 C 1 k 899 x10g Nm2C2 7F 0 C 300 X108 ms 1 eV elV 160 x10 19 J dipole moment 1539 qg Charge densities 1 f a 7 p 3 me 911X10 31kg mp 16 X10 27kg gravity 9 981ms2 Area of Circle A 7T7 2 Area of sphere A 47r39r2 Volume of sphere V l g Kinematics constant acceleration vv0at zerov0vt 1710 v0t atQ v2 v32azizo zerovt7at2 Coulomb s law F 16W 7 Force on a charge in an electric eld E qE Electric eld of a point charge E kg 7 21610 Electr1c eld of a d1pole on ax1s7 far away from d1pole E is Z 21M Electr1c eld of an 1n n1te 11ne charge E 7 7 Torque on a dipole in an electric eld 77 17X E Potential energy of a dipole in electric eld U 71539 E Electric ux 39i39 d1 Gauss7 law sofE d1 qenc Electric eld of an in nite nonconducting plane with charge density a E 2i 60 Electric eld of in nite conducting plane7 or close to the surface of a conductor E 6 0 Electric potential7 potential energy7 and work Vfivi7fEd 7 Z V In a uniform eld AV iEd cos19 8V 81 7 8y 7 Potential of a point charge 1 V kg 7 E 137614 E n n 7 I 7 g Potentlal of n pomt charges V 7 1VZ 7 k M 11 1 Electric potential energy AU qAV AU inZeld 17 12 Potential energy of two point charges U12 Wem ngl qlVg k 1 T12 o Capacitance de nition 4 CV Capacitor With a dielectric C HCM39T Parallel plate C 50 2 1 1 1 Potential Energy in Cap U 570 EqV ECVQ Energy density of electric eld u i EoEQ C39t39 111020 01quot121 a ac1 01 s in ara e I 39 a ac1 01 s in ser1es i P P eq 1 P Ceq Ci 0 Current 39 dq Current densit J i z i 7 dt y A a f o Drift speed of the charge carriers vd i ne 0 De nition of res1stance R 7 De nition of res1st1v1ty p j Z L o Res1stance in a conducting Wire R p2 v2 0 Power in an electrical device P iV Power in a resistor P 2392R f dW 0 De nition of emf 8 7 d4 0 Resistors in series R 7 ER Resistors in arallel39 1 7 Z 1 eq 7 1 13 Req 7 Bi 0 Loop rule in DC circuits the sum of changes in potential across any closed loop of a circuit must be zero 0 Junction rule in DC circuits the sum of currents entering any junction must be equal to the sum of currents leaving that junction 0 Charging a capacitor in a series RC circuit qt C81 7 e tTC7 time constant 70 RC Discharging qt qoeitT 0 Magnetic Fields Magnetic force on a charge q R 1117 X R Lorentz force R 4R 1117 X R 2 2 m With period T qR Circular motion in a magnetic eld qu Magnetic force on a length of Wire R 2 Magnetic Dipole N211 Torque on a Magnetic Dipole 7j 1 X R T E gtltR Energy of a Magnetic Dipole U 7 o Generating Magnetic Fields T m 4 1047 0 7r gtlt a dax a BiotSavart Law dB 2 3 T 47f T3 Magnetic eld of a long straight Wire B Sioi 7r 7 Magnetic eld at the center of a circular arc B 4 7r 7 Force between parallel Wires carrying currents Fab L 7r Amperels law d Moiem Magnetic eld of a solenoid B Mom Induction Magnetic Flux 39i39 dill Faraday s law 5 7 7N for a coil With N turns a a d i lnduced Electric Field fE d3 7 Motional emf 5 BLv N 39i39 De nition of SelfInductance L f z lnductance of a solenoid L MonQAl EMF Voltage across an inductor 5L 7L3 5 7 RL Circuit Rise of current i 7 e tL Time constant TL LR t gt3 bl Decay of current 239 ioe l B2 Magnetic Energy UB ELi2 Magnetic energy density uB T 0 0 LC Circuits 2 2 q CV El t t U 7 ec ric energy in capac1 or E 20 2 i Magnetic energy in an inductor UB 7 LC39 39t 3911 t39 Q was d4 CV 1 T 2 f 1T c1rcui osc1 a ions cos w z 7 w 7 i q dt q MLC w 0 Transformers Transformation of voltage Turns ratio Energy conservation Ipr Isl5 N 2 Equivalent resistance as seen by the generator Reg R5 5 Maxwell s Equations fighq fEM0 pagequ gdgwoeomwoim 60 dt dt Displacement current id 60 Electromagnetic Waves Wave traveling in X direction E Em sinkz 7 wt B Bm sinkz 7 wt Where E L E and the direction of travel is E X E 2 l EmBmc fAc A Velocity of light in vacuum c 7 060 7o l 7o 7o l P Energy owS7EgtltB Iif I7 0 2cm Area IA I 2I A 2I Radiation force and pressure total absorption FT 7 pr 7 total re ection FT 7 pr 7 c c c Polarizing Sheets Unpolarized7 gt polarized I Io Polarized7 gt polarized I I0 cos2 9 Re ect ionrefraction Law of re ection 9139 9T Law of refraction n2 sin 92 n1 sin 91 Total internal re ection critical angle 90 sin 1 E Images from mirrors and thin lenses 1 l 1 Thin lens and mirror formula 7 7 F Spherical mirror f T2 p z Magni cation equation E m 7 m gt 0 means image upright m lt 0 means image inverted 17 Total magni cation of a twolens system M mlmg Interference Constructive interference Phase difference m27r path length difference mA Destructive interference Phase difference m 27r path length difference 721 m 0 12 Index of refraction An g 1 i v velocity of light in a medium Phase difference in wavelengths When traveling through two different media N2 7 N1 n2 7 n1 Twoslit interference dsint9m 012 Dark fringes dsint m A m 45 arising Bright fringes lntensity in TwoSlit lnterfence I 4I0 cos2 q Diffraction lntensity It9 Im may a 7 7 sint9 Single Slit diffraction Minima asint mA m l 2 a CircularAperture diffraction 1st minimum sint9 122 Rayleigh7s criterion for resolvability sin 93 122 Double Slit diffraction It9 Im cos2 Diffraction grating Maxima lines dsint mA 77 39 77rd 39 77s1nt9 B7Ts1nt9 m012


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