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by: Keith Lakin


Keith Lakin
GPA 3.97

S. Illing

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About this Document

S. Illing
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keith Lakin on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UNST 3900 at Louisiana State University taught by S. Illing in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see /class/223010/unst-3900-louisiana-state-university in University Studies at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
372013 61600 PM Test Review Science Geoff Clayton I Review notes on Geoff s lecture I Know steps of scientific process 0 observation hypothesis prediction test results I What did he say about climate change o Is there a controversy And what was it about 0 What does the science show I The earth is getting hotter I Who was Galileo Why was he excommunicated 0 Modern science begins with Galileo 0 He discovered that the earth revolved around the sun and it created controversy so he was excommunicated I What distinguishes physical science from social science 0 Object of study 0 Social scientist study people and natural scientists study physical phenomena Social Science Janet McDonald I Review notes from lecture I How did she define the scientific method 0 A set of repeatable techniques for gaining knowledge of the world I what is the difference between experimentation in the social and physical sciences o in social sciences experiments must be better controlled and designed and there are certain ethical constraints that must be addressed because it deals with people 0 not applicable in physical sciences I how does the social sciences utilize the scientific method I Measurement confidence in the social sciences is lower but process remains rigorous o 95 otherwise they discard the findings 0 quotthat s how they keep the process rigorous by having such high standards of proof I social science still produces generalizable research Facts and Value isought I Facts observable data about the world I Valuesjudgments concerning how the world ought to be I Science depends upon avoidance ofvalue judgments Normativeempirical statements I Know the difference between a normative value preference and an empirical factual falsifiable statement I Be able to recognize the difference I Know what distinguishes normative from an empirical question 0 Normative question can only be answered in subjective terms readings I Know quotEvolution as Fact and Theory article by Stephen Jay Gould o What is his critique of creationists I They misunderstand the term quottheoryquot 0 Know what he says about intelligent design I Review quotComfortably Numbquot article 0 What was the hypothesized relationship I Relationship between exposure of media violence and someone s willingness to intervene in actual violence 0 What were the results I Results people exposed to media violence were less likely to help those experiencing actual violence key terms I theory structures of ideas that help interpret and explain facts I Iaw facts drawn form repeated observations I falsifiablity a claim that can be proven wrong I generalizable we can draw general conclusions from particular facts video lectures I know main points of Sam Harris and Nietzsche lectures I what does Harris say about facts and values 0 Claims that science can answer moral questions 0 wellbeing values are just facts that relate to human wellbeing I What is truth according to Nietzsche 0 Truth isjust an interpretation of perspective I What any person thinks is true will vary according to their perspective Essay questions I Think about distinction between facts and values 0 How clear is it 0 Does science deal with one or both I Think about relationship between science and religion 0 What did Geoff Clayton say Info 0 Think about their compatibility o How has the relationship evolved Pick one of the two and write 34 paragraphs Not necessarily a correct answer just be able to discuss it 30 multiple choice true false questions choose one of two essay questions bring a scantron and a pencil make sure you leave time for the essay test is short but you ll have the full class time to finish


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