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Week 24th - 30th Notes

by: Alyssa Durst

Week 24th - 30th Notes SOC 100

Alyssa Durst

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About this Document

These notes cover different gender issues in society today and in the past.
General Sociology
Patrick Mahoney
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Durst on Tuesday March 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 100 at Colorado State University taught by Patrick Mahoney in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see General Sociology in Behavioral Sciences at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 03/22/16
Sociology  100   3/22/16  -­‐  3/24/16   Gender  and  Sexuality   •   Big  issue  currently   •   Attempts  to  transplant  reproductive  parts  cause  a  big  step  in   transgender  society     Anti-­‐Gay  Legislation   1)  Religious  Freedom  Restoration  Act   a)  Indiana  SB  101  stipulates  that  “a  governmental  entity  may  not   substantially  burden  a  person’s  exercise  of  religion…”   2)  Supreme  court  overrides  state  level  legislation  and  makes  same -­‐sex   marriage  legal     Gendering  Civil  Rights   1)  Influences  on  LBGT  Rights:   a)  8th  &  14th  Amendments   b)  Title  VII   c)   Activism   d)  EEOC   e)  S.C.  Ruling     2)  Constructing  Sex  &  Gender   3)  Sex:  Biological  and  anatomical  distinctions  b/w  males  &  females   a)  Genitalia,  Chromosomes,  Hormones   4)  Gender:  Social  &  culturally  constructed  differ ences  b/w  female  or   male  behavior   a)  Develop  Gender  Identity  and  practice  Gender  Roles   b)  Addresses  “Masculinity  &  Femininity”   5)  Critiquing  the  binary  of  Sex  &  Gender     Facebook’s  Gendering   •   Has  come  up  with  many  gender  classifications  that  one  can  identify   with     Sexual  Orientation  &  Gender   1)  Heteronormativity:  Cultural  expectation  that  “normal”  attraction  is   heterosexual   2)  Sexual  Orientation:  Sexual  desire   a)  Homosexuality:  Same  sex  attraction   b)  Heterosexuality:  Opposite  sex  attraction   c)   Bisexuality  to…  Transsexual;  Transgendered;  Transvestitism…     LGBT  Discrimination   •   Many  have  been  treated  unfairly  or  teased  because  of  sexuality   within  their  life  time  and  in  the  past  year     Gender  Socialization   1)  How  we  learn  of  GENDER  ROLES  (prescribed  expectations  &   presentation  of  one’s  gender)  and…   2)  SEXUAL  SCRIPTS  (reinforced  social  norms  around  gendered  sexuality)   2   3)  Socializations  makes  gendering  &  gendered  behavior  appear  “natural”   4)  Prevents  gender  “transgression”  through  “gender  policing”  (like   compulsive  heterosexism  &  homophobia)     Hegemonic  Masculinity   •   All  things  not  feminine   •   Forces  other  men  to  practice  a  certain  type  of  masculinity   1)  Anti-­‐feminine  and  heterosexual   2)  Patriarchal  divide  b/w  masculine  &  feminine     3)  Structures  emotional  response  and  desire   4)  Reinforced  in  media  and  cultural  representations     The  Power  of  Gender  Roles  &  Socialization   •   Hegemonic  Masculinity   o   EX:  Body  Builder   •   Emphasized  Femininity     o   EX:  Pageant  Queen     Body  Consciousness   •   Barbie  &  G.I.  Joe   o   Create  unrealistic  images  for  kids  to  look  up  to     Gender  Stratification   1)  Gender  Stratification:  The  asymmetrical  distribution  of  social   resources  based  on  gender  roles  &  relations   a)  Produced  by  gender  discrimination   3   •   How  we  relate  to  each  other  between  genders  can  create   gender  discrimination   b)  Operates  through  society’s  “gendered”  institutions   2)  Gender  ideologies  that  justify  stratification     a)  Sexism:  Belief  in  sexual  inferiority   •   Similar  to  racism   b)  Patriarchy:  The  social  arrangement  and  cultural  belief  that  men   should  dominate  women   •   Can  challenge  this  system  by  redefining  known  ideas   o   EX:  Same  sex  marriage     Global  Gender  Gap   •   Gender  is  relatively  similar  in  education  &  health  levels   •   Equality  is  very  low  in  politics  (.30)  and  economy  (.60)   •   Though  we  make  up  a  larger  amount  of  the  world  population,  we   are  not  as  involved  in  world  issues   •   Iceland’s  economy  is  most  equal  at  .881   o   This  means  that  women  make  almost  as  much  as  men  doing   the  same  job   •   Yemen  is  at  the  bottom  with  economic  equality  of  .484     The  “Stalled”  Revolution   •   The  pace  of  improvement  has  slowed     The  Gendered  Economy   1)  In  the  1950s,  women  rapidly  entered  the  labor  force;  today  57%  of   women  work  (over  76%  from  ages  25-­‐54)   4   a)  Feminization  of  labor   2)  Although  gender  discrimination  was  outlawed  w/  the  Civil  Rights   legislation  of  the  1960s…   3)  Women  earn  $.79  to  a  man’s  dollar  (U.S.)   •   About  a  $10,000  a  year  less  than  what  a  man  is  making     Matrix  of  Domination   •   Many  different  things  go  into  the  inequality   o   Social  class   o   Citizenship  status   o   Religion   o   Sexual  orientation   o   Race  and  ethnicity     o   Disability   o   Gender   o   Age     Mass  Media   1)  Since  WWII  women  have  been  targets  of  consumer  capitalis   a)  Women:  Objectified  to  sell  commodities   i)   “sexploitation”   ii)  Shopping  “haul”  videos   2)  “In  consumption,  as  in  many  other  aspects  of  the  social  world,   gender  matters…  Consumption  is  a  marker  of  status  for  young   women…”  (Ritzer,  pp.  304-­‐05)     5   Sexual  Violence   1)  During  their  lives  1  in  5  women  report  being  raped  in  their  life  time   2)  2014:  284,350  assaults  against  women  &  84,041  reported  rapes   a)  Only  about  25%  of  rape/assault  is  reported   b)  Ever  107  seconds  a  rape/sexual  assault  happens     Rape  IS  Rape   1)  Consensual,  mutual  and  informed   2)  Sexual  assault  of  campus     a)  2014  AAU  Repors:  23%  of  female  students  report  being  victims   of  “nonconsensual  sexual  contact”   b)  Far  more  likely  to  occur  at  events  like  a  party   c)   Only  16%  of  reported  victims  actually  received  assistance  from   an  advocacy  organization               6  


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