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by: Mikayla Cole


Mikayla Cole
GPA 3.88

M. Yadlapati

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About this Document

M. Yadlapati
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mikayla Cole on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 1000 at Louisiana State University taught by M. Yadlapati in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/223082/rel-1000-louisiana-state-university in Religious Studies at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
Native American Religion Religions Difficulties Studying Indians 0 The Myth of the Indian 0 Shattering the Myth 0 Textual Differences o Secrecy Communities are growing larger Many Indians were illiterate so didnt write down many stories 0 But there are European documents Native americans not always willing to talk due to past betrayals 0 Hide their religions because considered it their 39own Diversity 0 Cultural Religious variations I Hard to get accurate s 0 Population 0 Languages PreContact 250 discrete Indian languages 50 yrs ago 150 languages still used 5 Major Language Groups Algonkian HokanSiouX UtoAztecan W SW Athabascan SW NW Penutian NW EskimoAleut Alaska Penutians Totem Poles Hawaiians not considered Native Americans because cant buy them land for reserveations Cultural Diversity 0 Food 0 Organization I Patrilineal vs Matrilineal I Patrilocal vs Matrilocal Husband s Dad Wife s Mother 0 ArtsTechnology I Weave baskets I Pottery 0 Architecture I Tepees Sioux Group I Wigwams I Brick 0 Foreign Policy I Some tribes didn t interact much strict isolation I Some constant contact w others Native American Religion 0 Based on EuroAmericans o Religion point of cultural collision 0 Who should be privileged 0 Common characteristic of Native American Religions Ancestors kinship Nature Transformation Improvement Hunting War 0 Shamans Healing Professionals 0 Ancestors Kinship 0 World bound by ties of kinship I Nature humans supernatural o Efficacious ancestors actual family members I Guidance I Success Healing o Nonhuman Spirits 0 Nature 0 Web of family relations 0 Creation myths 0 Native American more focused on 39Natural World 0000 Christian Science 0 Founder 9 Mary Baker Eddy 0 Contains popular philosophy of 1800s 0 Early Life July 16 1881 0 Born in a congregation community 0 Father was a strict Calvinist o Pale illness 0 Received a homeeducation because always sick 0 Relationships quareled with father about religious difference 0 1st marriage only lasted 7 months but became pregnant I ll pregnant penniless gave up the child Civil war came through Married 3X Gilbert Eddy Quimby known as a healer cure other people s illness I Mindcure I Hypnotism becomes well 0 Lynn Massachusetts Mary slipped on a patch ofice said she would never walk again I Instantly healed after reading Bible 0 Published a book quotScience and Health I 43 2 New Additions 0 Church of Christ Scientists 9 formed after gathering publicity o What is Christian Science 0 Believe in Jesus Scriptures O O O O O O O Belief in Holy Trinity Thinkt hat science Christianity follow the same goal Science studies oflaws of God that structure the universe including mankind o Doctrinal Framework 0 O 0 Jesus 0 O O Matter doesn t have these Life Truth Mind Spirit God this is All that eXists called the infinite mind only thing that s real Illness Sickness Sin Death unreal temp Not material but was quotSpiritquot an embodiment of God Defeated death by returning 1st scientist 0 Implications O O 0 Physical healing Get sick because have done something wrong Go to quotpractitionersquot hired by Church helps figure out where you went wrong Fundementalism quotChristian Term 0 Around civil war 0 Christian belief surrounding 2 101 coming ofesus o Post Millenial 1000 yrs Then Iesus coming to make initial peace 0 Premillenial Iesus comes then 1000 years world will continue until Iesus comes 0 Dispensationalist god chose 2 interact with people diff 0 Diff times diff eras o Darby coming will happen in 1000 years 0 Charles Hodhe rationalistic study of Bible out of Princeton leads to literalism hard to study bible quotliterallyquot 0 We know God doesn t have wings 0 1920s conservative attempt 2 reserverestore fundementals of Christianity 0 Liberal Conservative Fundementalism 0 Curtis Lee Laws wrote letter to editor ofa Baptist paper reject millennial wanted fundamentals o The fundamentals 12 vol 0 Things you must believe to be a Christian 0 5 things agreed upon Stewart 0 O O O O scriptures had no errors divinity ofjesus virgin birth death ofesus to remove sins of all time Iesus rose bodily on 2 101 coming 0 Supernaturalism Angels Demons 0 Bible verbally inspired every word is what God wanted to have written down 0 Thing will get worse no progress 0 1925 court case 0 Scopes Trial monkey trial I Teaching evolution I Found guilty but really won laws changed 0 Evangelical means nondenominational 0 Jerry Fallwell moral majority 4 million people 0 CBN Pat Robertson 0 PTL Jim Baker 0 100Club Broadcasting Station 41309 Mormonism 0 Controversy many Mormons are believe to be weird and have different 0 Mormon s are allowed to have more then one wife which causes them to have many kids and large families More mouths to feed therefore usually were not as wealthy because costs were higher Polygamy is absolutely unacceptable in the Mormon church today Race and gender men should be the leaders not necessarily authority women should support their lead The Book ofAbraham Underwear some Mormon s wear special underwear between regular underwear and clothes it adopted the practice but no actual reason to wear them doesn t say what they mean 41709 Scientology 0 Ron Hubbard created it o Thetan closest you can get to some sort of supreme being or higher power 0 Scriptures there are no scriptures Ron Hubbard wrote on every topic over 5000 works over his lifetime therefore all of his writings are important but none are the scripture to the religion 0 Dianetics means the science of survival break apart the components of the word it would translate to what the soul is doing to the body but it is the science of survival a look at what the soul is currently doing to the body by the way of mind 0 8 dynamics that humans try to survive in each of these levels 0 We want to live as individuals 0 Family though we might die we will live on through our children and have a continuing impact in the world through them A group any group or community that bears your commitment any organization city or nation though we will die they will continue 0 422 0 Mankind even if our family or group dies we want mankind to live and we may be able to live through them 0 Life itself even if there is no humanity we live on as long as there is life still in this universe things will evolve and change but some part of us will continue with life 0 Physical Universe space time energy life we are here now and we are a part of the universe 0 Spiritual Beings o Infinity if it exists we must be a part of it or it wouldn t eXist Central Ritual into scientology o Auditing someone who has joined and has become a part of scientology works with a clear with the use of an Emeter to get rid of engrams engrams are the results ofbad memories that can keep you from living effectively Things such as being hurt in a first romantic relationship keeping you from fully committing in another relationship is an engram memories ofyour parents beating you that you may not even remember because you were young it would be an engram still that effects your life Emachine is a modified polygraph machine measures stress they see what topics make your body stress out Pharmacology 09 Know the 5 language groups of Native Americans Know the 8 dynamics of scientology Who wrote the book of Mormon Mormon wrote it 0 That book was translated into English by Joseph Smith Maronih is the angel that revealed the location of the tablets to Joseph Smith he is the son ofMormon Mormon is the main script Pearl of Great Price is Mormon script Mormon afterlife setting aside darkness and ones own planet 0 Eternal life in a heavenly realm in the presence of God called Celestial o Terrestrial on earth ruled by Jesus 0 Telestial below earth not in the realm ofheaven Hieroglyphics The Fall in Lynn read the bible on the way home after Christian Science The healer Quinby lead her on that path Main book called Science and Health Readers leading people who read lecture sermons Native Americans Transformation is the central theme of NA whether it is a person healing others or spirit changing blah blah Shawmut s are healers equivalents ofpriests 5 fundementals know them o implicit things that define them know them as well I verbally inspired by god therefore accurate I no such thing as progress I end of the world is around the corner Liberal and conservative no Who is the founder of the PTL network Iim Baker Christian broadcasting network pat robinson Moral majority 911 comments jerry fallwell jimmy swager ministries jimmy swager The leading perponent of distansations john nelson darby The perponent of Princeton theology of study of bible not with reason Hash Brought the word fundementalism to usage Curtis lee title of fundemental Native Americans Religion and Religions Wednesday April 01 2009 937 AM Difficulties Studying Indians The Myth of the Indian The image that we have in mind when say Indian Native American Indian image ofa lone Indian warrior feathers headdress spear Old Native American woman wrinkled holding baby They are a dying people gradually decaying culture Shattering the Myth Native Americans are not a dying people growing population numbers grew more in the 20th century Minorities are becoming less minority Not all Native Americans look like that headdress feathers TeXtual Difficulties Illiterate come from European sources written in E language language barrier cultural barrier behave practice the way Europeans view it any other people who aren39t like them are savage Religion is different can turn to archaeology and anthropology artifacts don39t tell us what happened just not facts Secrecy Practitioners are not always willing to talk about it NA have turned to religion as the last thing that Americans have not taken from them They don39t want to share it with Europeans or Americans so that they won39t steal diminish their practice Diversity Cultural Variation Population of Native North America was as densely populated Tribeclan our attempt to label them and how they view their community Names we gave them tribes are not the names they gave themselves Groups shifted and renamed themselves Religious Variation Population Languages 250 languages French and Spanish are nondiscrete languages 250 discrete languages 5 Major Language Groups Algonkian HokanSiouX dominated central plains UtoAztecan Southwest south of American border California Athabascan language spoken by southwest and north west Washington totem poles Penutian Eskimo Aleut don39t include Alaska in the US borders Why aren39t Hawaiians not included NA communities have been taken reservations are too expensive in Hawaii Cultural Diversity Food Organization Patrilineal vs Matrilineal Patrilocal vs Matrilocal Arts Some communities developed basket weaving that an hold water Some communities developed pottery concrete Architecture TP not all used TP39s Woodwong Brick structures abode Cabin is a Native American invention Foreign Policy NA are not warlike or peacelike Some were strictly isolationist don39t speak to other communities OR trade networks Embraced war as a lifestyles some go to war every year with the same tribe just a lifestyle Native American Religion Bias Based European American understanding Not all cultures had a concept like we do of religion Either a real religion or not a real religion European view Saw them as not having religion Religion point of cultural collision Who should be privileged Our perspective or their perspective who are actually practicing that religion Know the meaning of the practice Do a ritual bc it39s what the gods say or to make community closer Common Characteristics of Native American Religion Ancestors and kinship World bound by ties of kinship World eXist as relationship Nature humans supernatural doesn39t have meaning in NA communities other than the natural world Nature all related to every creature and spirit part of the world Efficacious Ancestors Exist in afterlife Called upon to give guidance Success and healing Nonhuman spirits Mother moon Nature Web of family relation Creation myths Native Americans don39t use part of the animal Ask bears permission to kill it so it doesn39t haunt you after you kill it sing to it they didn39t do this Transformation as an ongoing theme Hunting and War Shamans and Healing practices Mormonism Friday April 03 2009 939 AM Form of Christianity Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Christian and Protestant but put themselves separate true sense of the message The new chosen people Joseph Smith Founder Born 1805 dies 1844 in upstate New York new happenin place immigrants Every revival develop in America was there Born into a congregational family Protestant like the Puritans they were religious and didn39t go to church a lot Wanted to have emotional connections but couldn39t feel it 1820 experienced his first vision search for which was true Christianity God and Jesus appeared to him and told him that none of the religions were for him should not join any of the prior Christian religions Never formerly educated Youth degree of knowledge of Native American tribes in New York Held variety ofpart time jobs Notorious for leading treasure hunters on treasure hunting mission bring them to Native American land Aided in ability to find these sites by 39magic seeing stones39 which allowed him to find these sights of treasures 1823 has a second vision Angel named Moroni appears to him and tells him the history of early North America and the natives to this land tells him about a book and directs him to a spot that they are buried Begins a quest to locate and unearth these books on golden tablets 45 years farmhand jobs digs holes to find these buried histories Finds them 1827 neXt 7 years translates them with the pair of 39sacred seeing stonesquot called the Urim and Thummim original stones lt were in the pockets of religious leaders Stones take on a new power allow him to understand the language as if it was his own History Southpark episode youtube 1830 Publish translated accounts into the Book of Mormon Mormon was a native to the land of N America father of Moroni for he dies and becomes an angel Basic narrative focuses on the early America and where natives came from follows a tribe ofoseph ancient lost Israel tribe lost their identity 10 tribes of Israel they have a secret identity Tribe of Joseph was one of the lost tribes Lead by man called Lehi he and his family boarded ships and landed in N America 2 of Lehi39s sons Laman and Lemuel were accompanied by wicked descendants they violated the will of God rejected law and disobeyed God39s will punished and cursed by having their skin darkened Created the Native Americans Lamanites Lehi39s followers were the Nephites Mormon was one of the last Nephites added some of his own writing able to escape and bury golden plates Gave some of them to his son Moroni After Iesus rose from the dead appeared Native Americans and gave his message to the new people Establishes origin for N Americans why is America sacred This tells you Book circulated and was a more detailed Originally with only 6 members in New York The new chosen people Left Faet NY for a new promise land went to Kirtland Ohio no utopia there they accepted Mormons into their group communities began to convert to Mormonism were kicked out and went to another city Missouri and send out missionaries to other parts of the world Governor kicked them out and declared Mormon wars they tried to hunt them down and kill them because Governor declared it a heresy Ended up in Nauvoo Illinois the 10th largest city in US the next metropolis in America Thought that America itself was the promise land Ioseph Smith lost when he ran for Governor ran for president of the US arrested for messed up charges able to overcome the police station lynching he was killed in 1844 Leadership fell to his assistant named Brigham Young lead the community out of Illinois to Utah Canaan and Desert looked the same as far as geography this was the new promise land Salt Lake city Scriptures Book of Mormon 60 is word for word from the King Iames version of the Bible Holy bible King Iames version accepted Pearl of Great Price collection of other scriptural writings that IS recovered parts of Genesis and Matthew that he recovered and IS biography Doctrines and Covenants name ofbook lost the first half teachings ofIS how to live a life as a Mormon IS received visions when he died that ability passed to BY head of the Mormon church is called the president inherits the ability to speak with God revelations can occur at any time Essentials God Monotheistic God in three parts not an omnipotent God the universe has always existed God created the world but doesn39t have every part under his control God the Father once a mortal figure gained meritas God was man is as God is man can become Iesus The Son son ofGod The Holy Spirit the presence ofGod here on earth Internal Focus and External Focus when judgment comes you will be judged based on the sins you have committed judged by your own actions original sin is absent in Mormonism Faith in Iesus does allow to achieve forgiveness for the things you do General behavior of Christians Same moral teachings as Christianity Several Taboos abstain from excessive alcohol abstaining from sex outside of marriage Practice Baptism sacrament however humans can achieve baptized for those who are dead want to be Mormon being baptized for them those that weren39t Mormon Mormon church run geneology websites Can be baptized for their ancestors wants someone else to have a better afterlife TI GW are Mormon most of the leaders were baptized Mormon by other people Sealed Marriages only married till you die sealed marriage will carry over to the afterlife Can only achieve the best afterlife ifyou are still marriage You must be married Children must be had so more bodies and souls can go on achieve higher exaltation There is no hell in Mormonism Three major afterlives Celestial heaven in the presence of God feeling the divine presence of God live the perfect live and are Mormon Terrestrial eternal life here on earth overseen by Iesus all people that are good in a special kingdom Telestial reject God eternal life on earth just not in that chosen kingdom Highest afterlife you receive your own planet and you can populate the planet is you so desire Fundamentalism Monday April 20 2009 942 AM 1 Fundamentalism applied in relation to Islam term came from Christianity to identify themselves 2 Origin Terms and History Tradition began in America at the end of the Civil War Premillenialdispensationalism second coming ofesus When 1000 years ofpeace to happen at the end Iesus will come before this peace period world will continue to fail and go to hell until Iesus comes you can never make the world peace Postmillennial Iesus comes after the 1000 years ofpeace Darby Age right before the dispensation millennia God has interacted with man in different ways at different times God chooses to act differently to different people Time where the true church true believers will be gathered to Iesus and meet him in the air rapture Then the antichrist will come battle of Armageddon battle of good and evil Hodge rationalistic study of the bible approach bible as accept scientific and historical truth of the bible and start study from there Encourage the idea of literalism in the study of the bible no one is literal in the bible synonyms ileums Came to prominence in the 192039s to restore the fundamentals of Christianity lt Liberal Conservative Fundamentalist gt Fundamentalism shouldn39t be put in this spectrum because it makes it seems that F is different from L and C Curtis Laws rejected terms like Premillenial and disp ensationalism The Fundamentals written by a man named Stewart Laws brought the language to people 3 Early Fundamentalism 5 things agreed upon to be a Christian Holy Scriptures are without error Jesus was fully embodied God Virgin birth happened Iesus dies as a substitution for the sins of mankind There was a bodily resurrection and will return imminent 2nd return Every translation is what God wanted to be said There is no progress that things are getting better is a lie things are getting worse end of the world is near and sign of things getting better is an illusion 4 20th Century John T Scopes trial Monkey Trial on trial for violating the Tennessee State39s Butler Act Forbade the teaching of evolution clearly guilty Trial was not whether or not he was guilty trail was really whether or not evolution can be taught in class whether fundamentalism was worthy made fundamentalism look bad scopes was guilty and paid fine but they won in some sense made any law and any religion against look bad can39t take bible literal National Association of Evangelicals formed Evangelicals refer to practice ofnondenominational Christianity free will revivalism Now Progressive Fundamentalism with a social message embrace change Response to modern forms ofview Rejecting modernity embrace modernity to a point TV became a big deal Free of charge if had Public Broadcasting Preaching of style would be publicized and spread Christianity Billy Graham most well known seen as a moderate at the time Fundamentalists had to pay to televise Cheaper to raise money to buy a station Christian networks CBN Christian Broadcasting Network founded by Pat Robertson PTL Praise the Lord or People that love founded by Jim Bakker F on the rise Iim Bakker scandals regarding not paying taxes Iim Swagger Another for taxes and prostitutes Public apologies by both these televangelists Value based broadcasting 7th heaven growing pains values that fundamentalists can agree with Became more popular after scandals 5 Pat Robertson used to have financial advice and discuss political issues and Jim Carter wasn39t the president he liked because not Christian views 6 Jerry Falwell organized the Moral 4 million members Renamed group Liberty Foundation Lobby to make laws for Fundamentalist views 7 Reorganize to the Christian Coalition Tried to get Christians elected very successful 8 America is a Christian Nation 9 Support a strong National defense for the battle ofArmageddon 10 Homosexuality feminism not good religious education and prayers in schools


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