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by: Rupert Davis


Rupert Davis
GPA 3.75

M. Yadlapati

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About this Document

M. Yadlapati
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rupert Davis on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 1000 at Louisiana State University taught by M. Yadlapati in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/223082/rel-1000-louisiana-state-university in Religious Studies at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
3409 Iudaism o Scriptures o Mishena rabbi juda prince I Same for Palestine and Babylon 0 Gara rabbi juda prince I Palestine I Babylon 0 Stories 0 Creation 0 I Genesis Chapter 1 in the beginning there was nothing the spirit of God hovered over the surface of the deep water Then over the neXt 7 days well 6 days God created light and dark separated water and land and created all the vegetation and animals and the 7th day God had a day of Sabbath Day of rest 0 Sabbath belief that you should rest one day a week Adam Eve lived in a Garden couldn t eat from 39The Tree of the Knowledge of the Good and Evil a serpent came along and spoke to Eve and convinced her she should go ahead and try some of the fruit she made Adam try it as well both having tried it they both reached the 39Fall the serpent was forever cursed to forever being on the ground and eat dirt feet got taken away women were cursed to have painful child birth before this childbirth was not painful men were cursed to have to work for a living b efore this everything was provided by nature this story is to tell people that women should not be trusted in Middle East and others women are less then a man and more easily susceptible to temptation Abraham The father of the Jewish people the Hebrew s the chosen people of God if such a person eXisted he lived around 1800 BC he would have been a Semitic patriarch people from southern Mesopotamia a nomadic group of people who kept livestock went to currently modern day Egypt many tribes patriarch was the head of the tribe According to a story one night he was sitting on a hill and God came to him and said everything you are looking at are going to your son don t worry about them not getting much because good things will come to them he couldn t have a child with his wife so his wife suggested he have a baby with her servant and he did so in time he was able to have a child with his wife after and got rid of his first son and his mother God said that the land would be given to the son he had with his wife Isaac first son was Ishmael God told him he would have much power and according to tradition he is the head of the Arab people O 0 3609 Iudaism 0 God 0 O O 0 Angels 0 O 0 Moses Was born ofa Hebrew woman in the land of Egypt according to a recent law in Egypt that means that he had to be put to death there were more slaves then people to watch over the slaves Any male child had to be killed in a certain generation the slave owner said she threw the baby in the river but failed to mention that she put him in a basket the Pharaohs daughter found him and adopted him and then one day he got in a fight with a pure Egyptian and killed him he knew he would not get the benefit of the doubt and ed he settled in to a new place where soon God came to him and told him he had a job for him to free the Slaves of Egypt he freed them and they ed into the desert and they wandered for 40 years 3 months into the 40th year they made the covenant and talked to God and he said I will be your God and in turn you will follow my laws the Laws were first the Ten Commandments these are the Jewish Commandments I 1 I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt I 2 You should have no other Gods before me I 3 You cannot pronounce the name of God enibously you should not swear in the name ofGod I 4 Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy I 5 Honor your mother and father I 6 Though shall not murder I 7 You shall not commit adultery I 8 Don t steal I 9 Do not bear false testimony against your neighbor I 10 Should not covet your neighbor s possessions The Prophets someone who speaks for someone else when you go to court and you higher a lawyer he speaks for you because he knows legal rules by definition he is a prophet Classic Prophets were often given the ability or given knowledge about the future I Elijah believed to not have died but taken to heaven and comes down from time to time to visit I Isaiah words ofIsaiah that most often get used and put into a Christian conteXt and taken for Jesus El also called Adonai Yah Weh IeloVaH MalakeyElohim the messengers of God to come to mankind and make God s message known Michael translates to 39Who is like God Gabriel o Torah The Law 0 Kashrut eating in a way that is dictated by the way s of Torah o Trayf Blood is always impure and unclean allows the blood to come out and make the animal couture cooking must be clean too 0 Yarmulke comes from the word Kippah means skull cap o Tallith a prayer shawl o Tefillin black boxes sometimes strapped to the practitioner one to the forehead and one on the upper left arm attached by a leather thong 31109 Christianity 0 Christ 0 Messiah 0 Mary 0 Became pregnant without having seX and was a virgin God came into Mary and impregnated her I Called the Immaculate Conception refers to a pure birth not virgin birth this birth is Mary s birth not Iesus she was born without sin parent s sins were passed on to the kids and God stopped her parent s sin to be passed thus being pure The Assumption Mary didn t die like normal people she was taken to heaven by Jesus instead Jesus is 12 when he goes to Jerusalem to see the holiday Passover He gets lost and he is found at the temple and reading a scripture to them Baptism Iewish tradition to cover someone in water by dipping them in something full ofwater wash away their sins and preparing them mentally for the future Iesus wanders the desert for 40 days and 40 nights without food and water during this he is tempted by someone and rejects all of these tempts Goes to Jerusalem for Passover Apossties Simon 0 Cephas Peter called cephas which means peter in latin which means rock or foundation 31609 Christianity 0 Scriptures o ApocryphX now means something that might not be true was different in the past 0 Aquinas amp Augustine two leading thinkers of Christianitym Augustine is more in uential and about protestants o Creeds 31 0 Apostle s Creed Practice 0 7 Sacraments a ritual that the Christian community traces the origin back to scriptures when someone did this or said that it laid the foundation for it I Baptism a public recognition that you are now a member of the community Penance process of confession and absolution when an individual feels that they have done something wrong finds a way for you to fiX it and for God to forgive you Confirmation this is the recognition ofa person s maturity at this age usually around age 10 they are allowed to make their own decisions and after this age anything you do is your fault not your parents Marriage two people coming together saying vows living together and creating babies Holy Orders becoming a religion professional and holding that office and making it your duties Extreme Unction Anointing the Sick The Last Rights ritual given to those on their death bed final chance to confess anything final preparation Eucharist mass or communion a ritual that remembers the last meal that Jesus had as a free man that last supper and remember the sacrifice he mad Transubstantiation within some forms mostly Catholicism a way of understanding as truly encountering the presence of God 0 Protestantism only has Baptism and Eucharist Ethical Guidelines 0 Love your neighbor dedicate yourself to others as much as you do for yourself Sabbath a day of taking offwork Christmas celebrates the Birth ofesus although the date is not really known Easter the day Iesus rose from the dead always a Sunday Good Friday is the day that Jesus died 809 Christianity Variations All the different denominations Catholicism 0 Great Schism 0 Pope the pope is a title the head of the Roman Catholic Church he is a leader he does not run the church does not make decisions but he is the recognized head most decisions are still made by a counsel the term Pope means father the pope is not infallible unable to be O OO O O O 0 wrong always true When the Pope speaks from his chair referring to his position then it is believed that he is infallible the things he says you must agree with ifyou don t you will not be able to consider yourself a Catholic Saints people who have died and moved on they are deceased human beings now they are in heaven standing about God saints are not worshipped in Catholicism they are venerated they are praised and can be communicated with in prayer by invoking a saint you can lower the time you have to suffer for all of the bad things you have done before you go to heaven Mary Purgatory pay your time in purgatory the hell before heaven Heaven after purgatory you get to go to heaven the place of God angels and saints Earth Limbo Hell the place you go ifyou don t go to heaven and if you have lived a bad life Vatican II Synod Philokala another book the important writings of leaders from the 4th to the 14th centuries these essays range from what is prayer and how to perform it and what is virtue and how to perform what is the nature of the holy spirit Icon if you stared of an icon ofa saint he stared back if you hold an icon of Jesus while praying he watches over you then these are windows that saints and religious people can watch over you Protestantism Martin Luther started Protestantism his beliefs varied so much so it started a new religion Sola Scripture scripture alone all that you need to know is right and wrong all that you need to know is a set of Christian scripture not traditions Sola Fide faith alone 32309 Islam 0 Scriptures o Koran interpretations and practices for the Islamic community I A isha s Reports o Hadith of the Angel Gibril Walked into town along the road which is made of dirt and came into the city completely clean walked directly to Mohammed and kneeled to him while touching knees he leaned towards Mohammed and put his hands on his thighs asked Mohammed to tell him about submission After he gets his response the guy gets up and leaves and Mohammed asks everyone if they knew who he was they said no he said it was the Angel Gibril Agreements Shariah they way to water ifyour thirsty and in the desert how are you going to go to get there the quickest in a straight line quickest path the simplest straightest and quickest path is the Shariah 0 Practice and Ethics 0 5 Pillars ofIslam I Creed There is no God but God and Mohammed is his profit 0 0 Only God is Allah o Mohammed speaks what God wants him to o Mohammed is the seal of the profits final I Prayer a good muslim should pray 5 times a daysunrise noon sunset night always facing the holiest place in the Muslim world Mecca o Quibla prayer is the public prayer usually Friday at noon I Alms to the poor a social welfare taX a percentage ofyour money that should be given each year to the society 0 Add more money to the lower class and then you ll help better them which allows for a better economy overall 00 32509 Islam 0 Practice 0 5 Pillars of Islam a Muslim that wants to do right must submit Submit to God and to do what is right and resist all that which is not good or Godly Iihad fight and struggle against forces was used to justify armed battle people called it the holy war Hijab the practice ofveiling the covering ofyourselfifyou are a woman there is no specific reference in any of the books that says they should cover themselves 0 0 32709 TEST REVIEW 0 Essay 0 In what way does each of the religions we have studied changed I Cultural Circumstances I Needs of a community addressing the modern needs and wants for a community I Historical events that had to do with the history of that religion 0 One from each I Iudaism I Christianity I Islam NO QUESTIONS FROM THE READING NO BONUS Trayf kosher 8 Iudaism questions 8 Islam questions 9 Christianity questions Some questions Pope is head of catholic church Icon is 2D window to a spiritual being What is the global movement Zionism One relevant time related to Judaism Sabbath Christians often refer to the founder of Christianity as the Christ or Messiah both of which mean 7 sacraments 0 which 2 are recognized by all 3 forms of Christianity I baptism I ucarist share bread 11 wine 5 books of Islam 10 commandments What is the name of Mohammed s migration out of Meccah and to something that forms year 0 on the calendar 0 Hijrah Which form of Judaism believes you should follow all 640 ammendments o Orthodox Which focus less on law 0 Reform Focus more on community 0 Conservative 2 major varieties o Sunni after the death ofAli who should lead the community of Muslims they say they should continue on the tradition of coming together and electing someone orthopractic o Shia believe that a hereditary decendant of Mohammed should lead the Muslim community variety of tvvelvers o Sufi a form of Muslim mysticism Don t have to know apostle s creed Know the Holy Trinity and know what the parts ofit are 0 3 standard parts of trinity god the father god the son god the holy spirit Koran and Hadjit Chapter 2 Indigenous Religions 1252010 50600 PM Difficulties Studying Indigenous Religions o Passed down through oral traditions o No continuity amongst them o Many misconceptions c There is trouble getting information from the members 0 Don t tell the truth on purpose making it hard to study o Many groups have a bitter history with colonialism o Huge variety of religions o Many have a combination of indigenous and global religions Recurring Themes in Indigenous Religions o No focus on salvation o Themes in nature 0 Specific places o Similar origin stories o Passed down through oral tradition o Spirit is everywhere 0 Rocks tree animals etc o Ambivalence about spirit 1252010 50600 PM 1252010 50600 PM


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