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by: Javonte Swift


Javonte Swift
GPA 3.84

L. Allen

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About this Document

L. Allen
Class Notes
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This 50 page Class Notes was uploaded by Javonte Swift on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1212 at Louisiana State University taught by L. Allen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see /class/223108/chem-1212-louisiana-state-university in Chemistry at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
EXP NUMBER EXPERIMENTSUBJECT M M 4 NMCNMQCL BMW DATE 1 4 COURSE 8 SECTION NOE hEQ LAB PARTNER LOCKERDESK NO 1 TM Wth mm womd be Nth MCCNQC he extra mom of Me me New add Tc 39th mass of m Loppar merman We mud 2 WT mm TY 1m T SIGNATURE DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING WITNESSfTA DATE I EXP NUMBER E no M 0 Ana v59 lg Omufg V l quotr l v 3 39 I land 7 Immm39fj NAME GHQISM BB VII16V DATE 5I397I39o I 52 LOCKERDESK N0 COURSE 31 SECTION N0 LNWI mzlw y apeWWW Ila Gmu fwhve movng maxgm ON MS i ma 2 Known LAB PARTNER WEOSG gopcxmnm ma Iotam ccmm of whom WWW Quali mhva IWLLMSIS of known brows 1 0 meLUWa quot The medum fmr 39 me EXPWWVIMI IS m MawM st 17A pmmbI Chmlg W0 MouWM LIVIch IL Rum HMQW MCNQTI Pa 10 4061 Chemxcm AleHr T mole wavedNona Acid HUI Toxicwch wWOSiVb Pomegkwq Ohmmafe 20qu s f 39eg t g gw Ngmc Apia quotHNOg TOXIC mad COWDS IW Shim Acid H1804 mm MAUI 00mg Ammonia NI Is W oc i l mw 5051mm Hvdw w NoIOH tom and COWOSIW TM It LIQIDVILVL Sn 00mg Wquot Fumesmm I cmogmdx HIVCNN W CIOLW Acme Rad ccher quotmm am oomswe SIGNATURE DATE WITNESSTA DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING EXP NUMBER EXPERIMENTSUBJECT DATE 5 3 NAME LAB PARTNER LOCKERDESK NO COURSE amp SECTION NO 2 WWW E Iz mh qf tkN gimp WM MM WW V 7 7 g IP I LL NI I ICI r W quot39 quotquot quot quot 39 quot 7 77 E E m ZA Lawn 1504 AQCIR I mm I D4 I A f I D imam I WWI imam Hg 32921 1 a M s ETDKN SETTLE mm I ww vgv 4 quot 39 WW M7 I CHon H w M VINO I mum I An c1922 ZE imam 393 I 3 NJECQDELI SIGNATURE DATE WITNESST A DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING EXP NUMBER EXPERIMENTSUBJECT DATE NAME LAB PARTNER LOCKERDESK NO COURSE amp SECTION NO EBA pm sheet T058 BUS FORMU LBS PROCEDURE WREABENT OBSERyijoMS ISOLIDS Sg ngw v quot 39 Io x a A r m ImTiC iIIxf h quot 9 M 92 m EMH m jmxgjg A E EL Ier 9M Ema 20M Ac LI 41min E51 39 A 39iI I L E Hm W r cmwmp I Wa W0 0W 39 gum 65 Iquot A 390 M HM vm Ift l IOfQ m utv k 7 mg JLTQEEJICENCW CA 7 M SW 7 quotr M0quot pi Fr JEm BUM I bI I410 Mal APPLY quot NVwaawn M tomIE9 Flo quot39 b1 Mommm 7 i 7 r W I w I g 7 Iona quotwI UWW Tog 4 Em E THCi M gtng Prgmpym re h 1 045 01M H 04 k a m mare EA NHM lwpi WM NH3 pruum39mtt a FUNnu t M H N05 bitHE IrhmmS PLKFU M my V I Nf g N Q65 6 H w 3 MM 2 If m WVI A61 ULVLCA Pb f Ya r Say bCEcMIsa nd LY L39aipv39rdra HLwi with LA its 5 M TAWCT39ETHITT EU EQMISL II 3915 vwmt r39echa t V jay hem quot WESTBJTI1 WTWRS conhrmw m cmmhm f Y it erwrm3rg T iTLLI Im quotas Haddh39 W Formth of whih39 WITHIN r i I Iquot k I WWItab 01 23 raw A6 339 PYEU Helm tw vhLS VinWK LEWVW 2w m I I r w Frasemw of 1 quot n no VIZAN39 L k w M HZ gtYE1LIFIELIXAL i fonmx ii k quotv V 7 E 7 r w 397 W39iw v 7 35mm I 91 a 7 39 ZP 50an quot39 by K C quot r I131 is M NH WW DIEM WIS CW W93 WSWuDce Calms K 39 w XEFC V W WW M quotWM Wquot Ivymfg reu mm ax FI Q S EVICE 0F 5 IS 2 u A Shf m l whim FwdFwd Equot m ImMLcLHA W Wm 39 w MW pmarxnmto n Tw W 39quotquotquot quotltiquot I quot v a n b M NwH FDvafxm M g s 5 cm3 EDENIIAI39IL XI LI WM L r 0 magI mm y y LU PI39ITLqL ugnhfvwg M anal rump 7 pregame of SI I N MM Iihmws SCHHT rm r I p A m M H Swu P049 WW wormI I H quotM My V f u 2 1 Cut ITE i 3 VM DC In a x 4 39L 11 14 01M y39sz0 Frau Irma L U I I A cf j L ng U I YYIgt F tam LA L CIquot CM SIGNATURE DATE WITNESSTA DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING EXP NUMBER EXPERIMENTSUBJECT DATE 5 5 NAME LAB PARTNER LOCKERDESK NO COURSE amp SECTION NO PiOug m w WITHLIIfo I m my PM 69quot qu Eli Inns wan III W c S Y I 4m be Frauw baggage h e ions wan yumWI 39I39i W m smwmm Emu WM Hm NETS kaia zd I NIMIL PYQZCIPI I ULTquot fwwuw Shaggcs vag HamIr Ag CI 9 ma wow fvmxw bund I39m Cu 5me I773 genes WUVV x MI14ml 0mm my H10 wag whim S O WIIL WWII Pruitpim h39l Y39QWd WALL WWILCM ij Ham mu A361 vuwcmwd because 14 send as wm39I Rchw LoxI mm mm LbIN IKSS mamaRuin W06 than Pr i Lt rxgu Am Ia FIB quot The fare mm ml PW was Ham 00me Wham wM wsww and um wave4 WINS whim mac HA2 QIICW FVQLIFI WL39TE HOT04 CS5 gaugetake CI emf Them mace wM HM wag mam We Pregava 0 MT was ww mnad as a wwI c Fmde Wit gLILS EDATack In u gmond SH 016 ruwth IS M Na W66 MIch 0mm Tm magma Oi W W013 W1 mmw W NaomiX of 2 mm Brim Muiw T ii CCCuIN I I gMTICc mp Ne f I Usme WNW was WattI I0 wab h Mmfo ne I TRI L II mm duomfctIt r QVEULLII39LS 9 thIe FVLT TQUI m Mca hn TI IL wagemot N B 3 WI NMH amok 021M SACI we ve Haw LI39I IuI and Wu Wagemu GE I31quot was comfwvvked Inf 39I Irw wv khm ck WACIL pv cip39rf dtx FmaIW M 14 Fe tame NL AB gxdduI MM 0 mmrm m fYQCJIFIH39xIi RamI a1 I mmg 4 phagemu lt36 Cayr POST LOCI I To 3193I1Ii71 A an39hw 313 M3 MIA Ex 3quot In SQI MIT c we Y CkIZ I39UJII 393 W1 NImaIrI H WL E 3 I I39mI FFECIFT39HtI LQ fr m F3 ma ax A s LI BICDHZ is and ch Ca Hm TimWE C39CMNH MI My SIGNATURE DATE WITNESST A DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING EXR NUMBER EXPERIMENTSUBJECT Q U I Z DATE39SI T 10 I 5 1 NAME awgw BOVLW LAB PARTNER LOCKERDESK NO COURSE amp SECTION NO CWWVI I ZIZ V I PWWMP is M 0m sf mm and M 19 m Mama TCQI39 39WIOJL HCI IS added Jm mm resI mus Describb WVLfli39 Wm 00w M Lad1 of 4146 1118 on 9 u 0 W32 0v ramm occurs vw rfe Me new WWW rowmum Fb wmp am up walla Ayequot my map HCI up gt AgCIE Ir Wm mesa CWI IOVLS Wm prwp39vmm 0ch when Muted TD Hot gmmmu A05P Wm arccxp39rrcm Km awmre steam and PI will precip mfe Outas a Weu lid 1 31 3 9V Untt 2 HNO IS A Q39I I Dntj mom 000 a39sesoowb hml Wis TIM moum of a 90 1mm MW 15 mm TM an w w 213ml 0 035M HM I39D a ID I M volume OF I4 MU wkur IS expatWei PH 39 f39 m cant LPN V DH com K mu 9on 0092 mm r 2 000 m A 34th quot141 IxL 1 tmylilvo WW3 39 035 My 0 a m quot one i r g k I cm Egg 0 A 0 M r quot 7 quot cm L I 39 39 50XI0quot 39quot I W SIGNATURE DATE WITNESSTA DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING EXP NUMBER EXPERIMENTSUBJECT l synrhesus 0f Pomsswm Mum NAME LABPARTNER DATEZquot39D I LOCKERDESK NO COURSE amp SECTION NO i Chem I39m w m Exgenment 2 synthem 0f 39Pomssw39m Axum PWQOSO synTMSIZQI Fomsgwm mm 53qu 33910an VIIm Awmmum on w dISSOIUIth mudwmgj Umd preopx39fcm g 39PrbcedwbTm Procedure for ms expenmmr IS m Chmg 1211 General mem39tsw We MamIN L maa I1 men Haydm IVICNUI J quotPg 4117 WWW mer r Tamer I OIQSSIUWI HVGrOXIOPJ KOH mm and LOTrDSNIZJSQVUQ bums HVQVDQUI H2 Hammwote SUIFUHL H00 1 H2804 Mic amt Lommuejswem IoWnS EIYICM IOI CHBCHZOH WM and amthth Cmuua vny mags of AI Ion awg mOIES of KAISO4Z39ZHZO 9ij New szot n u s leJLgt I ZWIEIQA 2mm Pd S39w 2 W13 quot010 mm ILAKSOLDZ IZHlO y mass musog 39m 0103474344 chsjomrz zg g m w ImOI Emma lHZu 139Ia39d QCIUCLI 31nd Hooch me re ncm meld mm 3409 E c SIGNATURE DATE WITNESSTA DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING same 06 reammm i Q Nummm FUN 5 dammed m a nan mug gunman 2M 0 t ZKOHMQ w Hzow 2M 0mm EHZQ 2Kc MlXWYQ s actdi ed T0 neutralize me 0Hquot by heth M JUHM WD 2 42804 W0 Awaqn 4H02 mg om C33 pomgSl39UM MM 396 PFECiPI raT d by pmunq m an CQ oa n 1 mwum vwxcdmnd ringed A3Qq Kquotaap 2504 MM IZHZOUOquot ltASO43Z39397 HOS Ovemu aeac onz mg 2 KOH MD 4 H2504 um 21H200 339KF 0421HZO83 r wig YEWEE thr s theorefx m and parcem wad of xgt0m swm Mumquot f Yeatan 04049 of M on melded 2039 LA8041ZHZQ 7 mm Km 50432 ZHZO mags M 0 x mol A2mo mem wug i z ZV Kg M Zm0 M 0011 15 1 mm MOSS KM 8043 12H20 00 1ng m0 4 143 3 KAKSOA H who f me KHSOLQ739ZHLO QS3 7 0 mud 3mm 110d 0 memehcm wad 00 ID 19391 toum 25m 5 9 EXP NUMBER EXPERIMENTSUBJECT DATE 0 8 NAME LAB PARTNER LOCKERDESK NO COURSE amp SECTION NOT Discagsion a me FUYp0 of INS expenmem NOIS To synmaize pomggwm OIIUWI VA IIQSDIVII IQ CIIVWIIYIUWI IIOIIJ adducan Wm SO39W39 o39n Wan map aa ng Jane Potasswm mum Mm Jane Seaman The mh al mags of alummam fun was we we Theorehcat Vida q from quotMIG Pmceaam was talcumTea I0 be W515 The agmm yMIN weld magma after me upmmwr was Elma 39maagfmafqyfmr waa mamatea wag 3143 This mm g mew cmjajbawgb The reactions aemra39rea a amideram amount of powavrghowever W SONHan Was no commma crasmtuzea Se 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DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING HO EXP NUMBER EXPERIMENTSUBJECT OATE 7 Defemnmmg Io Compos ihm 0f I 27 LAB PARTNER LOCKERDESK NO COURSE amp SECTION NO Chasm Emuwar cum mug NAME EXEWIWIWW I Dw rummmog vwcmlr cmggmm of H10 WEEDSKJ WireWWW We Io mass camp o 39i mm of H201 W mwswrhLg ne PVOULMCTMWI of 0 I 2 I i r 5141 g a quotV quot 1 jwr n3 TF r 39 v H M O WXIM OUWLWIomy COINL65 m Lidamm CWW mhms 30 10 H202 owui 3 Hlog ou Wm determine which commImth 9 WHMI I I m SUM I VOW 9MP 3 memswr39i xow mudx OZ 9 PW WM IW WWI V65 DMTW39 MW of Parhlu Pressureg WM 705 WW2 WM QWICWWP W 0 atme W12 MMDlLVH 0F Ibo mmLux VaseWt ZHZOZ My a 030p vr 2w 2 Dad rvn39e Law of POLKhm 39Fmesmres I ovtIows us 0 submu ow39 wm mr vapor To ma I I ohm To 02 P02 Pam PHZO Idem 206 LULW Agw To nd wwIes 0 V1 m SIDwIIjeomewsy used n derevm39ww moms 0 H101 MoIcwim Ib rWIvxmm Makes quotI Mch Mvame HZOZW W59 6 202 MM 203 97Lng SIGNATURE DATE WITNESSTA l DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING wag n EXAMPLE gt M De revmme h We pnamr morr of H102 sow on 9 30 or 3 10 m mass th 603 m Of The Hzozsow39non I reamed wwh 4mg chJr on 237 clt89clm of gas was Pmduced The bzwwf YK PHESUYQ mag 7524 WW The vapor pYCSSUV39C sf H20 61 24 C l5 224 Tow Usmg DaHUh s LOW of Pamm Preggw39eS ncl Panic wesswc 0f 02 m h COHEC rEd gms z p f P Pm m 39 Hap L2 P02 Pam PHZO POL 1924 0w C22Ahw 1500 row 7 usmg ne Idem 608 Low Ind moms 02 PvnIZT mm 7 5 W O39O W Lm 1 3068 5 IL n 5y O00 8861 g m In Wm RT momma 161mg moi L 00 39 la o lm mm m 2 0003387mol Usmg STOIChiomehy Hm mm H202 mm Pmduad mg 02 mm HZOL mo 02 gman H102 moi 0L mm H202 00037m0 0 10007me Ha z M H202 M 93 x H202 mom I H202 OMWAquot Gal Fl 4 Cg11S szt CCHLDI by mags IQ 20903 M H202 Damn IL gt H 05 no H102 I3 Shin EJOQEQ 0 kw w mOSS 237 so 3001 11102 EXP NUMBER EXPERIMENTSUBJECT DATE Quiz 6 Chasm Boxmar 240210 I 18 LOCKERDESK NO LAB PARTNER COURSE 8 SECTION NOA I Whoa 6 Wm mmcm of cm agommc Md pvapcwm IN 6901ng 60m 0e MomMm acid Cng Ow m wax1gb chV ro39 WILLIce 100 ml of SOIULHWI NONI A I 1quot z I 100mb 039 t EOWQ If I 0055 300 w quot m 9495 26x10 3 39W 1 IVI CISCOYID39IC AFId 1H 39 Oq39gLYLI39IIQJZ IWWLUI mm L 2 A smdtmr Mew IwmL of MOBBM NOLOH TD 39I I I IIUW 10ml of appw Jmce How Wm gnuVS of amt Mick WW wageM m HLQ SOLm U Ci hnc ACML39 I I39ZJZ 31mm W OI033MNROHI9ML Na0HI I mx I03 IOOOMI muo 20 m I IL Millimm 00m 3 gt 3 momth motL 0030m3 Iwuol gt 39 39 3 00513ij HIMAS M t 100m mewquot OvIOO I 3 W330 39m 3393 gt gt 3mm NMH h 1mm SIGNATURE ma WITNESSTA DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING EXP NUMBER Pi lt5 NAMECMSEG Bbvmw EXPERIMENTSUBJECT 0039th Renamm m The T 2510 10 LAB PARTNER LOCKERDESK N04 COURSE amp SECTION NOE Chtm m w Clagmymg mm mm m The my Maw furQDSQ YNES qa rQ fwe 030nm dassmcct oms of vwcmns nrowh a SQ39HES 01 reactions smm nq w h 043 and mam wrm CuG Frommwe The Procedure for mg expenmmr s m Chemisng m2 General 39 ChWTSW L600 Manual mem R Allen Hagdm Mch 2010 on pages 24 cmmeal Aw c39mbxe 10W TOW 39 39L y we 39 39 N6 CDTYDSNQ 07x 39 C MO LUNGS fo OH to L 8 Ham Q2 Observa om D D39xssmvm2 me LMC S 4 OXTD TlON REDUCT ON REACHON CUM3 w M 1639 I HOLCQ V LHTCND r 1677 ZWOCQ a CNS HZOLCUW 2W my Cu39LYaq ZHZO 399 SIGNATURE DATE WITNESSTA DATE NOTE INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING C0mhmcm0n At Ba AB Decomposm on AD a ABC qum Dispmammi AC B a A Bc Doubm Displaampmenmehahe5ls Rm AC 139 BD 3 AD BC OXIca1390n Reduc rion Aquot A H16 oxidahon B 1 meta 3quot redvch on A B b Am 13quot Since we begm and end th Cums The h 0r cal yield 3 ne same as me mn m amaunf w m am ne Mach 0m Wm 90 m Completion experimental errors PErcCYH39 we39d 0 expand it be l00 le EXP NUMBER EXPERIMENTSUBJECT DATE 1 1 NAME LAB PARTNER LOCKERDESK N0 COURSE amp SECTION NO I Moiewicur equcmonz CIMS H HZUZCan stoqmma CuSDAIIaqMZHLQ 12 39 mmcu mass Cu 561533 049 ucppex bubblegsxmcs To me bol om cf sow m 95me We Q2 Fredp yra ng mom i DOUBLE REPLACEMENT REACTION Cu804mq393 ZNGOHL39aq 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