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by: Christophe Bernier
Christophe Bernier
GPA 3.89

C. Carter

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C. Carter
Class Notes
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This 38 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christophe Bernier on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MC 2010 at Louisiana State University taught by C. Carter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/223137/mc-2010-louisiana-state-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Media Writing BASIC WRITING 1 95 of writing is thinking Can you describe it in 3 words o Scenario After a 3 year search LSU is getting a new president and the candidate won the Nobel Prize for economics Can you summarize New LSU President 2 Make the first 6 to 8 words count o Scenario LSU hires Nobel Prize winner as new president 3 No marshmallow words Get rid of the fluff o The concert was super fun for all who attended and it s safe to say New Orleans will never be the same o Cut out all superfluous words o Cut out that and get to the point 4 Beware the curse of knowledge don t assume things people don t know o President Obama s healthcare plan puts many Americans in a position that requires a higher copay than others 0 Assuming that everyone knows about the healthcare plan 0 Who am I talking about Older Younger It could be any age group financialeconomic group you don t know o Too insider note she puts on a lot of papers o How to fix this 6 Be open to revisions and suggestions 7 Verbs are your best friends Good well chosen 8 Things belong in horror movies Use specific nouns 9 Love your grandmother but find another word to express affection o Don t say love when you mean like or admire 10 Clich s are so runofthemill Don t use them Be more creative than that Stay cool as a cucumber and you ll be fine o You can do a play on words but not a clich 11 Punctuation is not about feelings You get one exclamation point in a lifetime o Don t use it if its not necessary 8272014 32800 PM Good Writing and Grammar 8272014 32800 PM Good Writing Efficient don t waste the reader s time Precise use words for their exact meanings o She saw the car get stolen o Her gaze fell on a suspicious man who drove away in the Mercedes parked near the WalMart sign This is inefficient and it doesn t say that the car got stolen It could have been his car Clear keep answering the why questions until there are none left Modest c He threw his gum away c He deposited his wellchewed gum in the closest receptacle he could find You are caretakers of the language this means good grammar Verb tense agreement they have to match o WRONG The committee submits the data this weekend which they expect will help their church o RIGHT The committee submits its data this weekend and expects it to help the church Plurals and possessives Placement keeping related words and ideas together o WRONG The board of trustees voted 81 to fire the college president for his sexual misconduct during an emergency meeting Thursday morning o RIGHT During Thursday morning s emergency meeting the board of trustees voted 81 to fire the college president for his sexual misconduct Personification Don t make objects say or do anything YOU have to do it o WRONG Slamming its brakes the car turned to the left narrowly missing the dog o RIGHT The driver slammed the car s brakes and turned to the left narrowly missing the dog Parallel form using the same pattern of words to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance o WRONG He was charged with drunken driving and an expired driver s license Even though drunk driving is probably more important you don t get to make that call o RIGHT He was charged with driving drunk and having an expired license Active and Passive Voice 8272014 32800 PM Active voice The Subject Performs the Action Expressed in the Verb o The subject acts 0 The dog subject bit verb the boy direct object o The tornado subject destroyed verb many homes direct object o Use active voice more often but passive voice also has its time and place Where is the Main Character o The main character in your information receives the action expressed in the verb o The actor may appear in a by the phrase or may be omitted o The boy was bitten by the dog 0 Many homes were destroyed by the tornado The subject had something done to it rather than the subject doing something How to Recognize Passive Voice o Will always include a form of be am is was were are been o Will have a by the phrase after the verb Why Use Active Voice o More concise o Gets to the point right away o Easier for readerlistener to process o Fewer words usually required to express action o Passive Action on the bill is being considered by the committee o Active The committee is considering action on the bill Sometimes Passive is Best c When it highlights what is acted upon rather than the agent performing the action 0 Active Surgeons successfully performed a new experimental liver transplant Tuesday 0 Passive A new experimental liver transplant was performed successfully Tuesday Don t bury the lead What s the most important part of the sentence Use this to determine active or passive Who and Whom Who A human being or an animal who has a name pronoun In that situation it is always the subject and not the direct object Whom Used when someone is the object of a verb or preposition o The woman to whom the room was rented left the window open o Whom do you wish to see II Who s and Whose Who s is a contraction for who is It is not possessive Whose is the possessive o I do not know whose coat it is HW NEWS ARTICLE LINK httpwwwnytimescom20140908sportstennisserenawilliams appearstobeinaclassbyherselfhtmlreftennis Media Writing Starts With Preparation 8272014 32800 PM Plan What are you covering What is the best way to tell the story Keeping in mind you have to blend facts with storytelling PrepareWho will you talk to What will you observe What researchdata do you need and where will that come from Before You Write Identify the central point o Write down in a sentence or two and then outline how you will support it o Fewer high school students are embracing the idea of showing their livestock before judges central point Central Point Can Equal Lead Sentence o Fewer high school students are embracing the idea of showing their livestock before judges 0 Why is that the case Talk with 4H office Quote someone who does show Quote someone who does not show What are the 4H people doing about it Where are we nowwhat happens nextimpact Why do I care about this 0 O O 0 Or Not Draw in by using example of story o The central point may be in the next paragraph or even the 3rd paragraph c The is used in feature style reporting and is called the Nut Graf o The outline would look like this 0 Anecdote of someone who loves to show livestock Benefits of showing and brief one sentence history Nut Graf central pointfacts Anecdote of someone who gave it up What 4H extension people are doing about it Long term consequencesimpact Examples of good leads o Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays known to cause cancer but now Vanderbilt researchers say some sunscreens may actually cause the disease 0 Cancer 0 O O O O o What sunscreens do this Find out o Two men wearing orange ski masks robbed the hiho convenience on bridge road in baker Friday night 0 Tells what where who WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY Don t make the media work to find your event They won t they ll move on to something easier Leads o A meeting is never the lead What the meeting about is 0 Exception if the president does it o A speech is never the lead What the person spoke about is o The second sentence is vital it draws the line and completes the thought Next Wednesday AP Style Game o Punctuation and Grammar o Class starts at 1100 Inverted Pyramid Big on top 8272014 32800 PM Remember leads o Identify the central point what is the story 0 Students get a text alert Saturday for a reported battery inside the union LSU PD investigates Upon arrival they find a young girl juvenile which means she s under 18 The girl says an older man approached her and touched her inappropriately several times despite her telling him no After investigating police determine the girl lied Sexual assault do not identify name if under 18 o So what is lead sentence o Young girl claims sexual assault on LSU campus police determine it a hoax LSU wide receiver injured in car accident but will still play University of Monroe this Saturday o Names only belong in lead if heshe is a celebrity o Include name of the street if it s a place where accidents happen all the time ANOTHER accident at this light that happens all the time o If it s a normal person include the location rather than the name bc ppl only care about crime if it is going to affect them a Mockingbird Lane gas station was robbed last night Inverted Pyramid o Print journalists use it broadcast journalists use it often marketing and public relations people use it all the time for press releases o Why is it effective You ve got to get information to the reader as quickly as possible or what happens Click 0 O O Thr CD Inverted pyramrd rneans rngst rrnpgrtant rnfurmatmn rs gtrthe tgp Inverted Pyramid Writing nk abuut ygurserrs what wgurg yuu want tg kngw rst ns Crmcs say rts pgrrng Dutdated the stnry teers paekwargs Newspaper are usmg rt ress ang ress the rures s u can k when tg preak thern u en s use rt but perhaps gg rntg sgrne rng erse wrrr wrrte grant appheatrgns regar brrefs press rereases ngw g use rt tg sg gn Vnur reag paragraph rnvrtes the readErvrewer tg stay wrth yuu sg rt generaHy answers the questmns grwhat whg when where and Why New rgeas deserve new graphs Secnnd paragra rs sg rmpurtant g seegng paragraph takes an sgrne aspeet ufthe read and Expands rt Frum there an praetree great transrtrgns tg gg frum gne rgea tn the next U52 stqu prtesgugtes tg supplan ynur stnry ang transrtrgns o Rewrite the 2 stories inverted pyramid style Look for what the lead should be Inverted Pyramid cont 8272014 32800 PM Attribution o You can t say something unless it is proven fact Especially when the law is involved You can t say how someone feels unless your previous sentence or next sentence backs it up Usually with a quote o Incorrect She taunted her son to cross the tracks o Correct Witnesses told police she taunted her son to cross the tracks Editorializing o You can t say Imagine how he felt Do you see how you are favoring a person s feelings o If you want to do this you have to set it up and then also show the other side of it A few things o Choose your verbs for their power 0 She had been selling guns for almost a year Versus 0 She sold guns for almost a year c Write complete sentences 0 A mother is charged with neglecting her son after he was hit by a train Attribution Guidelines amp Interviews 8272014 32800 PM Attribution telling readers the source of the information o Establish the news outlet s credibility o Allows audience to judge the information WhenHow Often c When info comes from source o Be clear about where their information originates o Attribute some source once per graf o Example The suspect escaped from the police van on Broad Street Officers captured him about a block away on Market Street Lt Jim Calvin said Punctuation o A direct quote and its attribution must be separated by a comma Different Ways to Punctuate o Attribution within a quote Some examples 0 I have vetoed the bill the president said even though I know my decision will be unpopular o I have vetoed the bill the president said I know my decision will be unpopular Guideline 1 o The first time you identify a source use hisher full name and titlejob o After that use only the last name 0 Ralph Nader consumer advocate and political activist urged colleges to focus on academics and not athletics It s best for the students Nader said Guideline 2 o QuoteSpeakerVerb o I d rather meet Madonna than the president of the United States Britney Spears said o NOT I d rather meet Madonna than the president of the United States said Britney Spears What about awkward phrasing BUT Sometimes you break this rule to avoid awkward phrasing The kids let out an oooh sound said James Toomey the father of a Kenosha Wis third grader who was accidently shown an Rrated movie Guideline 3 c When a quote uses one sentence the attribution usually follows the quote 0 I just wish people would love everybody else the way they love me Muhammad Ali said Guideline 4 c When a quotation uses more than one sentence put the attribution at the end of the first sentence 0 I like to drive with my knees actress Sharon Stone said Otherwise how can I put on my lipstick and talk on the phone Guideline 5 o It is also acceptable to set up VERY long quotes with an attribution followed by a colon 0 As Dylan told 60 Minutes I never wanted to be a prophet or a savior Elvis maybe I could see myself becoming him Guideline 6 c When inserting attribution into the middle of a quote find a logical spot for it Then insert additional quote marks 0 One of the great things about books President George W Bush once said is that sometimes there are fantastic pictures 0 NOT It just makes you feel permanently like a girl said Brad Pitt explaining his appeal walking past construction workers Guideline 7 o Once you attribute the first sentence of a quote you don t need to attribute additional sentences that directly follow 0 We are the caretakers of God s creation Burger King spokesman said We have a moral obligation to treat cows humanely Guideline 8 o Begin a new paragraph when you change speakers 0 When a man s best friend is his dog that dog has a problem author Jim Abbey said Groucho Marx saw things differently Outside of a dog a book is a man s best friend he said Guideline 9 o In partial quotes don t put quote marks around words the speaker could not have used 0 Suppose she said this I am horrified at your slovenly manners 0 Don t say She said she was horrified at your slovenly manners 0 Say this She said she was horrified at their slovenly manners Guideline 10 o A paraphrase and its attribution usually need to be separated by a comma but not always Some examples 0 He will veto the bill the president said 0 The president has vetoed the bill according to a statement released Friday 0 But the president said he will veto the bill Said or Says o Stick to past tense SAID for hard news stories o SAYS is ok for these 0 Feature stories 0 Broadcast stories 0 Reviews 0 Also depends on style of publication Stated Uttered Snorted Spouted Shouted o Stick to plain neutral verbs of attribution o Stated or added will work if you re overusing said o Explained or announced is fine if the source is really explaining or announcing o Avoid laughed chuckled uttered voiced shrugged declared proclaimed snorted Interviews Good storytelling comes from research and planning Google it Check news articles Make calls Send emails calls are better Know that the first call rarely gets you where you need to go Set up interviews be polite professional and work with their hisher time frame 0 Print you have the luxury of doing this over the phone but inperson is better 0 Broadcast go where the story is and that s usually not their office Interview Avoid yesno questions Prepared questions have them 510 but be ready for where the answers take you When you are on a face to face and it isn t urgent like a fire break the ice with a little conversation Listen carefully and take notes In television these are your sound bites and in print write down specific quotes Bring a recording device Don t do all the talking Your very first question in all situations should be Could you say and spell your name for me and tell me your official title If he doesn t have one make it relative to the story taxpayer neighbor etc Unless he is under some type of time restriction don t ask the tell me about your dead child questions first Get the facts ask the question you want answered and then some Then discover the unusual It s okay to be dumb Don t be shy you just can t Is there anything about your surroundings that will set the mood f the piece Respect the record and even then ask if you can Be sensitive to your surroundings you ll blow it for yourself and everyone else Everybody says no Don t answer the question with your question 0 Listen It will lead you to your next question 0 Be willing to accept surprise 0 Officials give you facts but you need an everyman The best advertising campaigns reflect a story Clydesdales The best marketing plans are about people Target Audience Politics isn t about the facts but how the facts affect you Public relations well notice it has the word public in it Better to have too much info than not enough Respect their time Dress appropriately Thank for their time and exchange cards ask if you can follow up if necessary INTERVIEW Find something unusual Write story Due Sept 29th hard copy Read chapter 5 for Monday Inverted Pyramid Putting it to Practice 8272014 32800 PM Reporting You have to know when to be confident and know when to be colorful Take a moment and read the newspaper A Few General Rules If you are telling a story that is a feature treat it as such Give me a sense of place Story Ideas What makes a good story Developing the idea 0 State the main idea behind the story in one sentence 0 What are 2 or 3 aspects of this main theme that need to be explored Who are the principal people involved Is the location important What steps would you take to gather information and write this piece 0 O O FocusInfo Now What Remember inverted pyramid Lead or first paragraph is the focal point of basic news story Second paragraph takes on some aspect of the lead and expands it with additional information A strong simple lead that helps readers wrap their minds around the piece Then follow the logical sequence of events Can the reader understand the copy Explain the content as the reader moves along if you have to include an explanation of a technical term do so Hmmm The city council is going to the dogs this week A dog fight appears to be developing in the city council A fight appears to be developing in the city council over a 108000 budget for extra people and supplies to deal with a growing problem of abandoned dogs Which do you like They are all correct it is a matter of preference REVIEW 8272014 32800 PM If you cant tell me what the story is about in 68 words you re wasting my time Lead sentences don t have to be 68 words but ifI hack off the end of the sentence I should know what its about You can choose an alternative lead but the nutgraf must follow Quotes give stories context and emotion Break them up as needed Have a vision for your story in your head Have a plan Ask data based and emotional based questions Write in a way that lets the reader in No one sits down and writes great stories Summary Story idea Research Story anglefocus Create a coverage plan Interviews officials and characters Get into environment Ready to write central focus Ready to write focused lead Nut graf Inverted pyramid Short simple sentences 1520 words Say your sentence out loud test the flow Establish a rhythm Avoid redundancy like 0 Dead body 0 Armed gunman 0 Completely demolished o Needless to say When one word will do Appoint to the post of appoint Conduct an investigation investigate Came to a stop stopped Shot to death shot o Devoured by flames burned Avoid o Loaded words which generally create an opinion 0 O O O 0 Alert witness Gala reception Radical Racist Zealot o Entire sentences can convey opinions unsupported by facts 0 Everyone is angry about the mayor s decision Can you edit yourself o Cross out unnecessary words in sentences o Think about the words as you read them o Write the total number crossed out at the bottom and circle Meetings Speeches etc 8272014 32800 PM Meetings Governments make decision for you the public Local state federal They are required to hold public meetings which are scheduled on a regular basis and follow some type of schedule They usually include a public forum Journalists who write about them must attend them The story isn t that they met it s the action taken and the resulting impact IF YOU WRITE THAT YOU WILL GET A ZERO Look for the color the angry parent the hostility between the council or board members the unexpected firing Speeches o A person speaking can talk for 10 minutes or an hour and a half o Sometimes the speech is made available prior to the speech o The fact that they re speaking is not the lead o Use direct quotes how many people were there where was it Obituaries Most publications have a standard orbit form Many times you will be called to write one for somebody unique or well known Include their accomplishments contributions they ve made and personal characteristics what was shehe like Tell me about himher Crime Arrestcharges First appearances court informs suspect of chargescrime and establishes if they have an attorney Bail is set Preliminary hearing evidentiary hearing in which the DA must prove to judge or court commissioner that there is enough evidence to suggest this person did in fact commit a felony Arraignment a criminal defendant s first appearance on the formal charges Trial Sentencing Narrative o Ultimately stories are about people print or broadcast style it doesn t matter Quick Tips o Don t use held or hold unless you mean in someone s hands o Incorrect the meeting will be held at 8 pm Monday o Correct The meeting will be Monday at 8 pm o Don t use less than when you mean fewer than Find something online that deals with o Louisiana tourism OR o BRLA unemployment OR o Local movie industry httpwwwnolacomentertainmentbaton rou e indexssf 2014 02 movie 39ob trainin to be offerhtml HAVE ONE SOURCE EMAIL SOMEONE Movie Job Training to be Offered Free to Baton Rouge Residents and how this will affect the film industry in Louisiana o BR Film Commission partnered with other organizations o Ensure that movies have local people to hire o Series of courses offered o First class began March 22 at the Celtic Media Centre o NOVAC has been doing this same thing in New Orleans and it is working therefore decided to recreate the entity in BR o Setting up office in BR to be known as BROVAC o Up to 60 of participants in NOLA who graduated went on to receive paid job placement Tips to Strengthen Writing 8272014 32800 PM This isn t an essay What S Remember 6 to 9 words tell me what s going on Remember your second sentence draws the line Transitions keep the piece flowing Remember presenting a side isn t the same as taking a side It s all in how you write it important Factory in Baker closing it employs 1330 people 4th and Main Street renovation project stories and residential Man shot near LSU s campus woman carjacked along Airline Highway WalMart LSU football Tigers beat Florida Order of importance No right answer 1 Man Shot Near LSU s Campus 2 LSU Tigers Beat Florida 3 4 5 Factory in Baker Closing Woman Carjacked 4th and Main Street Renovation Project It s not that it s happening it s how it will affect me Raise a question or dilemma in one paragraph and answer it in the next Introduce background with phrases such as previously in the pastquot or two months ago Put this information in several sections rather than in one big block Repeat a wordphrase from one paragraph to the next Use parallel structure Use the same grammatical order in succeeding sentences or place the same number of sentences in succeeding paragraphs Vary sentence length Follow a short sentence with a short one Get the Story Images Count 8272014 32800 PM o Photography and photojournalism have come a long way and are vital to storytelling Wide medium tight this gives context so you know what is going on in the picture Example that she is a student in a classroom as opposed to just a girl who is typing on a computer Rule of thirds this deals with composition The rule of thirds helps direct the eye of the viewer in a natural way to the important parts of a photo 0 O O Cutlines O O O O O O O O O Applies to both print and video Don t want it centered Watch the oneeyed jack words found next to photos print also known as a caption Cutlines explain andor describe a picture Cutlines identify describe explain and elaborate Well written cutline answer all reader questions such as what the picture is about what the relationship to the story is what does this picture mean who are the people Use present tense Be specific Double check the identification Avoid clich s such as is pictured In print every picture should have a cutline Take the picture write down who s in it The Perfect Tweet Amplify You need to amplify your story with tweets Engage You need people to read comment or pass the message on to others Convert You need readers to complete some conversion related activity such as click to visit a registration page or key destination page Feature Stories 0222024 02000 000 Organizing a Feature Story o 5 W s and H aren t crammed into lead Story isn t told with most important info first o But features are based on truthnews Story s merit 0 Writing style Vivid characters 0 Ability to keep readers intrigued 0 Creativity rules 0 What matters a welltold tale 3 parts Beginning Middle End The Feature Lead 0 Lead As much freedom as necessary to lure reader into the story Nontraditional leads work best May begin with anecdotes stories describe a scene Lead must stay true to the story s main point the reader needs to understand the reason for the story 0 Middle Called the nut graf NECESSARY The bridge from the lead to the middle Delivers a promise of the story s content and message You may have wondered why we invited you to this party section 0 Ending News stories end when the information dries up Features have endings written on purpose a Ties up loose ends a Leaves reader with a sense of completion n The best endings refer back to the lead a The echo might be faint but it s obvious The 360 degree effect O n The Feature Lead 8272014 32800 PM The Feature Lead As much freedom as necessary to lure the reader into the story Nontraditional eads work best May begin with anecdotes stories o Describe a scene Lead must stay true to story s main point o The reader needs to understand the reason for the story The Feature o Beginning Middle 0 End o Doesn t sound like a movie trailer 8272014 32800 PM Look for a hook o The best way to start is with something that you think would resonate with your audience There is always a danger with a profile ofjust telling the reader about the person s resume look at what makes the experience unusual Decide what kind of feature you want to write o Human touch on historical event o Primary objective educating the reader o Most common human interest that tugs on heartstrings Once you ve got that done o Fill in with creative descriptions o Andor anecdotes for detail o Don t forget your titles Pg 160 write 2 of the 3 feature shorts Broadcast The styles of broadcast and print are different but the Best stories for broadcast typically reflect the best stories for print meaning they involve the audience they draw you in and encourage a connection o Work with photographs o Start your writing with recognizing the photographs o Don t waste the photographs You must still research the topic hit on the angle and identify the central point Only this time you are using visuals and sound to tell your story Keep in mind the visual often stays with a person longer than the sound why And what sticks with the viewer longer than anything TV Magic o Broadcast do it in less time and find visuals for them o The visuals will stay with you longer than anything o Don t use wallpaper video 0 You can have establishing shots but you need interesting ones too o Have a visual that is as compelling as the sound Audio and visual stories packages are not just a part of newscasts they are a part of websites hello marketing and PR peeps More than 50 of news consumers download stories to their mobile devices hello marketing and PR peeps THE SHORTER IN TV THE BE39I39I39ER Adopt a conversational style broadcast is written the way you speak hey grandma Short declarative sentences that are to the point and limited to one idea think of our newspaper leads we talked about last time TV Magic vs Print Magic o Use present tense to emphasize recentness says not said is searching not searched o If present tense doesn t work try present perfect tense o Two scientists have found a potential cure for hepatitis C 1 Lead Two former students are beginning a search for a 20year old time D39 2 Lead Says is broadcast Said is print If past tense is used include the time element Round numbers say 54 hundred Give those numbers a meaning what does it mean to say the school board approved a 64 million dollar bond Give context Shorten long titles 0 Print Andrea Dove is a lottery advocate with the north American association of state and provincial lotteries o Broadcast Lottery advocate Andrea Dove Never put an unfamiliar name in the story delay the name until the audience understands what s going on Omit a person s middle initial unless commonly recognized as part of the person s name Booker T Washington Age comes in front of the person s name 0 Print George Morales 27 o Broadcast 27year old George Morales Warning very confusing 0 Place attribution before Who said what When writing for announcer use phonetic spelling 0 Spell out numbers through 11 0 Use words instead of abbreviations street not st 0 Spell out figures signs and symbols 70 percent not 70 Former Students Search for Time Capsule capsule buried at Westdale Middle School An East Baton Rouge School Board Maintenance worker watches the proceedings Zachary Mayor David Amrhein is Reelected 74 percent of Zachary voters are in favor of keeping Amrhein in office another four years Randy Perkins captured 26 percent of the votes and is defeated Broadcasting 8272014 32800 PM You are writing for a time frame The producernews director will give you this time frame Your lead is sometimes short on facts bc you are trying to grab the viewer If the facts are hugely impactful don t bury the point Examples 1 No money and now there s no time Congress must reach a budget agreement by midnight tonight or vital services such as Saturday postal delivery will be cut 2 Baton Rouge will not get a new racetrack The city council has voted against a bill calling for its construction in midtown and many folks will live in that community are relieved 5 stages of broadcast storytelling Focus identify a central question Report gather enough information to answer the question or test the premise Organize determine the story s central theme and plan the story around the focus Write with plan in hand write the story Revise revise for clarity and precision Remember Hard lead Soft lead Umbrella leads Active voice Cut wordiness and redundancy Don t ramble Too long Although house prices continue to fall around the country especially in areas where they rippled during the boom many middle class families still cant afford to buy a home Just right Although house prices continue to fall many middleclass families still can t afford to buy a home o Keep it down to 3 in a list o Subjects and verbs close together Pg 180 85 Tree cutting 86 New Roundabout Write in broadcast style Send to ccarter22suedu More Broadcast New Web 8272014 32800 PM When you get on a story o TweetFacebook where you are and why o Take stills even during basic interviews o First break you get start posting The headline is crucial to selling a story on the web Must be clickable and oh yeah the image next to the headline must be great The web o Audience is in a hurry o They are clickers o You need text o You need pictures o In addition you need links o More history o Graphics illustrate what is happening Your web copy o Headline o Summary deck below headline enough information to entice someone to read the story that follows but doesn t repeat the lead o Use bold subheads to break the story up o Pull good quotes o Feel free to bullet point what you wouldn t say in your copy The web o Your web copy needs to be unifying around a main theme o Consider 0 Real time tweeting 0 Updates 0 Where do those updates go The actual copyscript from broadcast o Get your entire copy anchor lead pkg and tag and get rid of redundancies o Remove all technical directions o Change your allcaps to upperlower o Switch the soundbites to quotes and make sure attributed o Change ellipses to commas remove hyphens Media Relations 827201431800 pM Requires o Basic training in journalism o Ability to identify news o Keeping background historical factoid material read at all times o Familiarity with intended media target style timing content focus News releases o Must identify with target media definition of news o Must be prepared in appropriate style and form o Must be prepared with media schedules in mind o Photos illustrations o Celebrity spinoffs o Publicity spinoffs Relationship with media people o Know journalist s job almost as well as the journalist o Know which specific journalists cover your organization industry etc o Maintain contact even when there is no news o Develop and maintain media list of relevant reporters editors Keep it current o Be available whenever journalists need info and assistance o Respond immediately to media requests and needs Build and cultivate it o Access no stonewalling Understand media PR role and interplay Know what they want how they want it o How want to receive releases pitches Know what journalists cover who covers your organization industry etc o Know news value c 2006 study showed that 74 of reports said that PR people o lacked news judgment 0 lacked news sense 0 misapplied PR tactics Role of practitioner o preparer briefs executive to be interviewed provides information to executive facilitator arranges interviews provides followup information clarifier interprets facts technical language never interject self into the interview Interview guide 0 0 Basics select appropriate place for interview comfortable for interviewee sufficient time for interviewer to complete assignment know the topic of discussion coach person being interviewed set ground rules reporter gets what heshe came for remain in background don t ask when story will run anticipate touchy questions be honest answer questions directly relaxed and cordial avoid offtherecord remarks offer help additional information later write from the reader s point of view not yours 0 The University of Mississippi was founded in 1992 by a group of Southerners who were unhappy with o Are you looking for an enriching college experience where you can combine classroom learning with reallife applications apply news values but in a strategic fashion you are still writing a story is a VNR necessary Don t try to be funny in the wrong situation Don t tell people how to feel Avoid passive voice Avoid technical language Do the job for me Who what when where why Personal story Contact o Don t protect your subject matter too much Now write o Page 273 in book o Give me a press release on new plant o Homework due Monday Public Relations The Spin 8272014 32800 PM What is public relations o Parts of the organization s management o Helps organizations communicate with targeted publics 0 Who are publics o PR practitioners are communications specialists What are some of the tasks o Communicate with internal publics o Counsel managementemployees on how to deal with external publics o Produce public functions and events o Handle communication with external publics O O O O O O 0 Press releases Newsletters Annual reports Brochures Speechespresentations Letters Websites Ongoing PR campaigns o Research 0 Informal or indepth o Planning 0 Results of research o Communication 0 In ways appropriate for publics o Evaluation 0 News release What went right What needs improvement o Pseudonews story written in 3rd person that seeks to demonstrate to an editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a particular person event Pointers o Active voice o Stay strong headline summary and first paragraph should clarify your news o The rest should provide detail o Why should anyone care o News values timeliness uniqueness highlight something truly unusual o Make it timely 0 Make sure your release has a good news hook Tie to current events recent studies trends and social issues bring relevance urgency and importance to your message 8272014 32800 PM FINAL REVIEW o 100 points o 20 mc o 80 writing o most questions are from book o nolittle AP o if you ve read chapters and taken solid notes you ll be fine Components of o a good sentence o a good news release o a good lead o a good lead paragraph c a good broadcast piece o a good print story Written portion o Solid lead o Not a background lead o Connectivity and transitions o Not an essay or a report but a story Remember your AP sentence structure citing and grammar


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