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by: Christophe Bernier


Christophe Bernier
GPA 3.89

D. Shipka

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About this Document

D. Shipka
Class Notes
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This 87 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christophe Bernier on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MC 2000 at Louisiana State University taught by D. Shipka in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/223145/mc-2000-louisiana-state-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
ga pte r 1 Critical Approach mmunication symims that me wig 539 culture u individualgm g to make at danly 39 w Oral tradition pas storytellers 7 Inventiv nm in 11 wquot mu ihli i39r W39sd Lied 553117 firWM gacy and Effects dmwmmmtm r dww 7r mg 3 if 39 mmhquot red i aw a damn itqu M39 um we Jrrmw v I V b 395 about media io39t39xion and impact direct39impact on you u Violent ces do you get from the media in uer Your thinking about political issues dire39f ct in uence comes of WW1 propaganda Or the war among skeptical bullet or hypodermic needle model ghgot potent effects into unsuspecting isi eg tremely passive of the Worldsquot broadcast ptions about medias le have selective to doubt the absolute power of the al effects model re pay attention to media I pend on the consumers t1 V tain messages that alue a 7 udes eed people uneducated poor and those no prior Views or exposure atifications mode Viewers will actively dia consumption depending on the psw hological needs that must be met as questions surrounding media ianact on xplaining media effects edia ietermine prominent social issues by e to over Media tells us that to think hannel availability and interactive consumption may develop 7 FedV poor and those who have W5 or exposure 4 eor we keep our Views to ourselves If Views are in the minority for fear of isolation eor we imitate acts of violence or as 39presente in the media cmlw roaches to media how people make meaning d order experience 015 in print and Visual method to use One way to View Culture Culture as a Skyscraper ng goes so quick y hed audience for high culture to political discourse and social change ernment criticism no government criticism open expression sibility ern ment criticism responsible expression 29 239 1 us communication law Xe O39Iaw respecting an Jon or prohibiting the free a g39 g the freedom of e right of the people to on the rms of expression I s or artist39s words and music ent is a violation onymously or for hireie 1re 0n Decem er 31 of expiration ers have rights to reproduce copyrighted work In V e works based on it 3977 Dis ibute copres perform the work or display it to pubh39c of use including Whether for ational purpose 1k 5r profit making W111 have on Vain riginal work Unpro rms ofexpression I in Written or broadcast onf used with slander which or station was negligent must prove malice d obscene a Work must meet three criteria prurient interest according to community i ts or describes sexual conduct in a llpatently hole lacks serious literacy artistic political ue the courtroom eecl Access to offered to area equal timequot date all opponents must aten ables Citizens to make 39 or are We on overload formation into news ES ofjournalism S on people not pejcia y in foreign coverage judge other d cultures on the basis of how they live he the Us m journalists sometimes 39t business people compete a imize profits for the stora avor the small over rural over the urban uthe News Media derision is either right39 or are based on gquot f 39h ical is s ues ting Rituals reporters follow a story in 39 rofession comes under print sad meaning It has to justify the V nd happy talk culture 611 language and critical times ce of Journalism more community es it pander to what the if fapter 8 Their qc ial Impact 39r i 5 9w 397 History Yellow Journalism feeds demand hearst NY World vs Pulitzer as the T L 89 focuses on news Coverage bu Circulation Come39s one of America s great H15 tom i p retive Journalism 39 ma kes greater attempt to events in depth coverage and a reporter actively Viewpoint mpts to push news Pr oakm 39jquote39clining Circulation s3 psychographics and grOWth of major retailers including direct mail and ion V4 ship and wantads lation decrease between 2002 and tries Where broadband connections nenetration is at 67 mentation quotch undepserv ed audiences quotsponds On Line b l i s h i n g for readers and advertisers Qunger audiences e Bay and other want as Traditional gamizes information valuat es organizes information k as needed to cover Circulation area tship Trends a quot1 group owners bier of cities with Newspapers pter 9 inSpeycialization If the Industry 01119 tic and international racing Magazine D quotequot o p m e n t aimed at educated urban golitical and topical the middle class BOOm available money better a ered prices special mailing rates h Century Specialization the digest the news magazine the pictorial magazine ssic Magazines Post romanticized jneral Interest Mags media begins to Change Of Look and Life it out 50 of their pages e and are more pro table qmred for a par cuieljf I 39 dustry or profession ziiles dQ not compete with consumer tions and revenues 115 or contro ed free circulation making revenue s of Magazines 9 orfes 1 academic journals Dvw39ng ai39 quotinsiness Trends of ai azi n e s TQWnershi p In 011 of OWIlership mmng nline E Zines 0119f printed version a 3 vy new material 4 Cannot guarantee 3939 online miracle ma d 10000 magazines online hing a ows greater feedback and reader em ab ity resource drain T g Ownership 10115 have resulted in an orations 39Jhe Magazine WEET39QFthE word a owth Of literacy tion bf publishing houses 3 df clistribution teXt recreational publishing 39 of Publishers Industry Division quot of Books r uals TESS Books Eneamzage Diverse Subjects i die n ce 5 bdok are purchased by unt for 4 K make education a COu book sales red book sales continue to grow my 39 ihe Book Getting u into Print from authors ieditor a Book published a proposal to an acquisitions editor ble contract is signed me in e39 39s review book S of the book are checked writing etc ons are made production is Book isrpri nted bound and shipped imxs v 39se books have in cmn mon booksbanned bookshtml ok Ahead ngodbye publishing o39ommunication is getpeople to talk about a certain for your political candidate k communication et people to talk about a s examp e of ienta on journalism


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