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by: Christophe Bernier
Christophe Bernier
GPA 3.89

D. Shipka

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About this Document

D. Shipka
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christophe Bernier on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MC 3010 at Louisiana State University taught by D. Shipka in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/223146/mc-3010-louisiana-state-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE MC 3010 Chapter 11 Reaching a Multicultural and Diverse Audience Understand and be able to explain 0 Definition and characteristics of a particular age group Young adults and youth 1018 yrs old 2 ways to persuade 1 Persistence and nagging repeat your plea over and over 2 Importance nagging parents desire to provide the best for their child ONLINE INTERACTION 10xs more time online than with parents Reserved social skills Want everything NOW Baby Boomers 19461964 Heath care More disposable income Concerned with insurance retirement personal investments etc Rather active socially conscious bunch Seniors 65 Ignore negative stereotypes ole folks etc Not easily convinced DEMAND VALUE THEY VOTE Vounteers Heath conscious 0 Media opportunities for racial and ethnic groups Hispanic Community 16 of US population Businesses are multiplying Language IMPORTANT Most things in print are offered in both SPANISH and ENGLISH Spanish in social mediamass media is growing slow because of language barrier African American 125 of population and growing Longest history as a minority group in USA African American IS NOT interchangeable with black Rise of AAowned PR agencies Asian Americans 41 Very educated high incomes most affluent Huge complex media market 650 Asianfocused radiotv stations Very respectful of customstraditions o 5 Concepts for conducting a Multicultural campaign 1 Organize a team with an understanding of the customs and values of the different demographics 2 Understand that consumers of diverse cultural backgrounds respond better with a message that s culturally relevant 3 Remember diverse audiences are LOYAL 4 Use primary language of audience 5 Use a spokesperson who represents the audience same raceethnicity 0 Factors to consider in dealing with business and the media Chapter 20 Global Public Relations Book and lecture notes Understand and be able to explain 0 The reasons for global public relations Multiparty political system Relatively free press Considerable private ownership of business and industry Large scale urbanization High per capita income levels more literacy and education opportunities I Must accept diversity McLuhan 5 global village with a multiplicity of languages and customs that PR professionals need to understand 0 Problems that could come up in doing international PR Language barriers Chains of command Unfamiiar customs Varying levels of development of the media and public relations Antipathy toward multinationals Bias 0 Cultural characteristics Cultural interpreters Sense of self and space Communication and language Dress and appearance Food and feeding habits Time and time consciousness Relationships Vaues and norms Beliefs and attitudes 0 Opportunities in international public relations Latin America Very family oriented Father authority Catholic SpanishPortuguese Being late is acceptable Handshakes important close personal space Asia Many languages Chinese Japanese English Hindi etc Vast differences in political nature Communist Democratic etc Group oriented Protocol rank and social status are important AVOID CONFLICT Strong family ties distant family too Public service is a moral responsibility European Many languages Spanish French German Italian Portuguese etc Socially responsible Do not trust authority Sophisticated and opinionated Each nation is individualistic Middle East Language is Arabic IslamicMuslim religion Dignity honor and reputation are the highest virtues Loyal to family CLOSE personal space Patriarchal society men gtwomen Africa Many different African dialects English and French Family is basic unit of society Tribes Friendship is essential Flexible time schedule CLOSE personal space Bribing system Religious differences and health care issues Chapter 14 Written Tactics Book and lecture notes Understand and be able to explain 0 The five types of news value 1 Timeliness 2 Proximity 3 Prominence 4 Conflict 5 Impact 0 The purposes of a news release Simpe document who purpose is the dissemination of information in the mass media Faces intense competition 3 categories Obvious news sometimes used Maybe rarely used Discard almost always Less than 5 of press releases are actually read and used 0 Points to consider in planninq a news release First decide if you need one Second ask if there s news values yes you have a news hook no no press release Who is your primary audience What is the objective of this release Make sure to have the correct names of editorsreporters Correct beat section time period Chapter 15 Spoken Tactics Book and lecture notes Understand and be able to explain 0 Proscons of memorizinq a speech vs working from talking points or a list of main ideas Speeches should say something with lasting value Concentrate on 12 main themes FACTS amp CLARITY Know your audience Steps of speechwriting 1 Example 2 Introduction 3 State main purpose 4 Development 5 Secondary themes if any 6 Go over main point again 7 Plateau relevant storyanecdote 8 Restatement 9 Conclusion 0 Purposes of news conferences Twoway communication Positive intent Deal with controversial subjects Four kinds Offensive Defensive Spontaneous Regularly Scheduled 0 Strategies for defusing rumors Keep employees informed Pay attention to rumors Act promptly Educate personnel Chapter 13 The Internet and Other New Technologies Book and lecture notes Understand and be able to explain 0 Characteristics of the Internet Widespread Cheap and easy to use New distribution channes Mobile devices easy access 247 New advertising schemes 0 Different communication formats available via the Internet Visua Comm Involves creativity concepts ideas problem solving etc I marriage between words and images cooperative effort between designer client photographer illustrator copywriter printer administration and the public must SAY something about an organization that it is representing TELEVISION news releases printed news release prepared script video news release VNR BRo packaging Infomercias proiferation of cable tv persona appearances on TV sateite video tours STILL IMAGES photographs sideshows overheadtransparencies sti photos magazines newspapers etc carefu use of colors keep file pictures CURRENT other still images Comic books and cartoons Outdoor displays and bill boards CORPORATE DESIGN Coordinated effort by PR and MKT department Seeks to unify a company and promote its image throughout the world Special attention must be paid to international markets EX CNN Nike March of Dimes 0 Problems with the Internet The internet has democratized information in the respect that nearly anyone can now send and receive vast amounts of information without journalists or editors serving as gatekeepers and mediators of that content FUTURE the internet is moving from actual desktop computers to laptops and now to smart phones Generation 30 will see more internet on their phones development of smart phones into minicomputers Chapter 10 Crisis amp risk communication Understand and be able to explain 0 Difference between issues crisis and risk communication CRISIS events that adversely affect a productservice organization employees andor publics unexpected andor smoldering 3 types Reactive Strategic Immediate first release of news can DOMINATE Plans put publics first take responsibility and be honest ISSUES management a proactive and systematic approach to predicting problems anticipating threats minimizing surprises resolving issues and preventing crises RISK communication attempts to convey information regarding risk to public health and safety and the environment 0 Five steps of issues manaqement 1 Issue Identification 2 Issue Analysis 3 Strategy Options 4 Action Plan 5 Evaluation 0 Defensive and accommodative strategies DEFENSIVE Attack accuser Denia Excuse minimize responsibility Justification minimize impact ACCOMODATIVE STRATEGIES Ingratiation appease affected publics Corrective Action repair prevent Ful apology take responsibility ask for forgiveness o Influences on perceptions of risk THE PUBLIC DOES NOT LIKE RISKS If someone knows the risk they are taking and voluntarily take it it is more accepted SMOKING The more complex a situation the higher the risk if the public is not knowledgeable about a subject it seems more risky Famiiarity breeds confidence if the public understands the problem and its factors it seems there are less risks Risk increases when experts disagree Severity of consequences affects risk perceptions stomach ache vs cancer Chapter 17 Corporations Book and lecture notes Understand and be able to explain 0 Definition and characteristics of a corporation DEFINE A company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity legally a person and recognized as such in law Buy hold and sell property Make and sell products to consumers FUNCTIONS MOST LEAST IMPORTANT Media relations Crisis management Special events Reputation management EmpoyeeInterna communications ProductBrand Community relations 0 Role of consumers in affecting corporations INTERNAL PUBLICS argest expense benefits for employees Credibe spokespeople Want to understand business EXTERNAL PUBLICS Perception is reality Corporations guilty until proven innocent Good policy makes good PR Lee 0 Factors to consider in dealing with business and the media BUSINESSPUBLICS Interaction Business public affairs Community relations Corporate aid to education Corporate philanthropy Corporations and the environment MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Sponsorships Enhance reputation of sponsor Exposure of brand to targets Focus of marketing efforts Publicity and media coverage EX Special Olympics amp NascarMercedes Benz SuperdomeTostitos Fiesta Bowl Chapter 15 Politics and Government Book and lecture notes Understand and be able to explain 0 Reasons behind need for government relations public affairs Increasing special interests Expanding role of congress Increasing complexity of government 0 Tactics for gathering information disseminating views Cooperate with government on mutually beneficial projects Motivate employees to participate politically SKILLS NEEDED Knowledge of how PR supports business goals A knack for discerning which opponents to take seriously Abiity to integrate all communications functions Understand how to control key messages Abiity to influence WITHOUT being too partisanbiased Global perspective Talent for synthesizing filtering information Aptitude for technology SUSTAIN strong personal RELATIONSHIPS stewardship 0 Purpose of lobbying Lobbyist person hired to influence the lawmakers government officials or their aides and who spends 20 of his or her time representing a client for more than 6 months Local state and federal levels Faces intense competition from other lobbying groups 0 Proscons of grassroots approach to lobbying Indirect lobbying Small groups growing to be more powerful No rulesregulations Tools advocacy advertising tollfree phone lines bulk facing websites etc trying to get the govt s attention EX Parentsteachers standing for what they feel children shouldnt be exposed to


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