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by: Christophe Bernier
Christophe Bernier
GPA 3.89

R. Dill

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About this Document

R. Dill
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christophe Bernier on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MC 2010 at Louisiana State University taught by R. Dill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/223147/mc-2010-louisiana-state-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
MC 2010 AP Material 1 Abbreviations and acronyms a With 2 or fewer letters use period i US United States b With 3 or more use all caps i USA NASA 2 Academic degrees a Avoid abbreviations with only one person b Use abbreviations when listing more than one person c Always set off with commas d llShe has her Bachelor s degreequot 3 ACCOMMODATE is the proper spelling 4 Address a Onlyabbreviate i St ii Blvd iii Ave b Use numerals after 9 i Ninth St ii 10 h St 5 Admitacknowledge a Admit i Accusing someone dealing with something more professionally b Acknowledge i Just bringing something in the light 6 ADVISER is the proper spelling 7 Effectaffect a Effect i Can be swapped with RESULT ii A noun iii A subject b Affect i Verb 8 Afterwardforwardtoward a Never use an quotsquot at the end 9 Ages a Hyphenate it if it comes before a noun if used as an adjective i llThe 3yearold boyquot b Always use a numeral when talking about ages N 53 N N W N 4 Allege a Do not use if it is a fact only when something is an actual allegation ALL RIGHT two words not one Alumna a Girl singular Alumnae a Girl plural Alumni a Girls AND boys plural Alumnus a Boy plural ampm a 10 am Noonmidnight a Noon and midnight are acceptable never today tonight tomorrow in print Amendment a Capitalize when referring to a specific amendment i Ninth Amendment ii 10 h Amendment Between a Only use when there are only two parties involved Badbadlyhopefully a llHe is a bad boyquot b llHe behaved badlyquot c Hopefully is an adverb i Do not use at the beginning of the sentence Capitalcapitol a Capital i Money ii Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana b Capitol i Building ii Capitol building Capitalization a Democratic and Republican parties b french fries c century i first century ii 10 h century Children vs kids a Children NEVER kids Citizenresidentsubjectnativenational N N l N 00 N 59 w 53 0 w 4 w I a Use resident instead of citizen if possible Ensureinsure a Ensure i Accuracy makes sense b Insure i Insurance Emigrateimmigrate a Emigrate i Leaving b Immigrate i Comingin EmailwebInternetwebsite a Email i No hyphen b Internet i Capitalize Subjectverb agreement a With more than one subject i llNeither my friends nor Josh WANTSquot 1 Wants agrees with Josh the second subject ii llNeither Josh nor my friends WANTquot Each otherone another a Each other i Two people ii More than two people Eithereach a Either i One or the other b Each i Both dollars cents a use figures dimensions a no abbreviations i inches ii feet directions a headed north b deep South destroyed a never llcompletely destroyed DEFENDANT is the proper spelling 3 6 Deca des a l80s b 1980s 37 Months a Abbreviate months when there is a specific date i Jan 18 ii January 1991 38 Compositionmagazine newspaper titles a No italics or underlining b Never use for i Magazine names ii The Bible iii Reference books iv Newspapers v Software 39 Composecomprise a Compose i To create something or put something together b Comprise i To include ii Never say comprised 40 Complimentcomplement a Compliment i Praising something b Complement i Goes together 41 After a colon there needs to be a complete sentence 42 Lifelimbproperty a Life i Anyonekilled b Limb i Anyonehurt c Property i Anything hurt 43 Furtherfarther a Further i dea ii llwe will discuss this no furtherquot b Farther i An actual distance ii quotI throw farther 44 Fewerless a Fewer i b Less You can physically count the things Generalized amount 1 You can t count milk in a jug 45 FLIER is the proper spelling 46 Police officer a Instead of policeman Not gender specific 47 Senator or Representative instead of Congressman 4 00 Holidays a Capitalize holidays 49 Murder Christmas Day Fourth of July July Fourth a HOMOCIDE or KILLING instead of murder until court orders a murder 50 Hyphencompound modifiers a When an adjective hyphenate 51 Laylie a Lie il b Lay c Lay ii d Laid 52 Likeas a Like il b As Pa rttime job work part time To recline Present tense Past tense of lie To place something 1 I lay the paper here Present tense Past tense Compares something Followed by a noun Followed by a clause 53 Loginlogin a Login i Noun b Login i Verb 54 Names a First and last name on a first time reference b Last name on later references U1 U1 Nationality vs race a Nationality i Capitalize b Race i Do not capitalize 56 Nicknames a Quotations 57 I have three cats 14 dogs and seven pigeons U39I 00 Activepassive voice a All about the verb i Active 1 The subject performs the action a The subject acts 1 The dog bit the boy 2 Who does what to whom ii Passive 1 Main character RECEIVES the action a The boy was bitten by the dog b Doer is at the end c What is being done to whom b USE ACTIVE VOICE 59 Titles a Capitalize titles before names not behind them b Titles behind names are spelled out and in lowercase c Job descriptions never capitalized d Do not abbreviate the word mayor 60 Plurals a Brothersinlaw b Cupfulls c Attoneys general d Passers by 61 Political parties a Democratic Party b Republican Party 62 Party affiliation a Sen Mary Landrieu DLa is from NOLA 63 Possessives usquot a Proper noun ending in add only i Jesus b Common nouns ending in quotsquot and Is i class s project c if next word starts with quotsquot just add i class schedule 64 principalprinciple a principal i principal ofa school b principle i idea 65 punctuation with quotations a periods and commas always go inside quotations 39 read llTom Sawyerquot and then went to bed I read llTom Sawyerquot iquot Have you read llTom Sawyer iv She asked llHave you read lTom Sawyer quot 66 Rebut not refute 67 Semiannual biannual a Twice a year 68 Biennial a Every 2 years 69 State names a Abbreviations i Do not abbreviate 1 States with 5 or fewer letters 2 Alaska 3 Hawaii b Abbreviate states when cities are attached c Do not abbreviate a state by itself d Baton Rouge La is my hometown 70 Stationerystationary a Stationery i Paper b Stationary i Stand still 71 Temperatures a Use numbers b Spell out degrees c use minus instead of negative or 72 which a put a comma before it b Do not put a comma before that 73 Under way a Two words 74 Verbs a To verb 75 Who swhose a Who s i b whose i 76 whowhom a who I ii iii b whom I ii iii 77 ZIP code To run Infinitive Can be used as a noun as well Do not interrupt an infinitive who is possessive subject pronoun can be replaced with he she it they you and it still makes sense subject of the sentence objective can be replaced with him her them object of the sentence Capitalize all three letters ZIP but not code


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