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by: Ariel Kautzer


Ariel Kautzer
GPA 3.83

N. Dahmen

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N. Dahmen
Class Notes
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This 75 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ariel Kautzer on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MC 2015 at Louisiana State University taught by N. Dahmen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/223151/mc-2015-louisiana-state-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
MC 2015 8232010 23300 PM 0830109 J122 OPEN LAB TO USE SOFTWARE Chi amp 8 c we are bombarded with images everyday we remember very few 0 what makes us remember some images amp forget the others method for analyzing and seeing images once you remember an image it will help you to create your own communication you can then produce high quality memorable images we forget images that don t have words to associate with an image images become more powerful when words are associated with them Visual Communication Principle form follows function Louis Sullivan 0 ex Sydney Opera House 9 uses interlocllting shells to better the sound ex Falling Water 9 lines of the house blend with nature ex newspaper design9 front page designed to capture your attention make you want to read the newspaper O O o What is the function of this piece of communication 0 Think about Audience teenagers etc Message persuasive informative etc Medium print digital etc 0 some images are a good example in themselves 0 Graphic Design the art and craft of bringing organized structure to a group of diverse elements SEE HANDOUT o Principle 1 Proportion ex front page of newspapers after Saints won Super Bowl 9 Louisiana newspapers had full page national newspapers only small part of front page ex ads show their products very large 0 Principle 2 Proximity ex placing address amp phone number together as well as name of company amp mname of president of company negative space white space 0 Principle 3 Alignment balanced design is important alignment is important when it comes to large amounts of text 0 Principle 4 Repetition ex repedting font style colors sizes etc o Principle 5 Contrdst ex type contrdst sizes colors 0 Principle 6 The Big Picture communicotion visudlly pledsing legdl amp ethicol issues 091310 Persondl 9 gut redction Historicol 9 circumstdnces surrounding imdge credtion Technicol9 how imdge was produced Ethicol9 mordl responsibilities Culturd9 identifying symbols and metaphors Criticol9 universdl conclusions about humdn ndture what lessons does this imdge tedch Typogrdphy o the style drrdngement or dppedrdnce of typeset motter Font o 0 complete set of chordcters comprising one specific size style and weight of typefdce 0 ex Aridl Times New Romdn Bduhdus o Fonts hove persondlity Accurdte font selection is key to the success of dny visudl communicotion piece Serif Type 0 tiny strolltes or serifs of the tip of edch letter Times fdmily Sdnds Serif Type 0 without serifs Aridl SERIF TYPE IS EASIER TO READ Point Size 0 type is medsured by point size spdce between bdselines medsured in points Ledding pronounced ledding o the verticol spdce between bdselines medsured in points Text inset 0 use when you hove text on 0 colored bdclltground ledving white spdce between edge and text Newspaper Design in 1690 The firsT newspaper in The Americon colonies iT was called Publicllt Occurrences gdve news Tth was worThwhile for The Times no picTures jusT words SepT 15 1982 when newspdper design radically changed wiTh The inTroducTion of USA Today revoluTionized newspdper design major conTribuTion was The use of graphics newspdpers Toddy use color oTs of visudls phoTos infogrdphics use d moduldr ldyouT sTories pdclltdged inTo rechnguldr shdpes newspdpers chdnged wiTh Television and The inTro of The MdcinTosh compuTer wiTh deslltTop publishing Sized o BroodsheeT New York Times HousTon Chronicle 0 Tdbloid The Ddily Reveille 4 main elemenTs PhoTo CuTline Headline TexT 0 Headlines dll sTories indicoTe prominence dnchor sTories help organize pdge follow copdeliZdTion rules ledys Touch The sTdrT of TeXT fiT widTh of sTory o Heddline lengTh 4 6 columns use 1 line heddline 3 columns use 1 2 line 2 columns use 2 3 heddline 1 columns use 3 4 heddline rechngle TeXT is sdfe l shdpe TexT is in shape of L u shdpe phoTo in middle TeXT dround RISKY n dogleg n Jump n bdclltword L n uglyW STory Too long n Trim your TeXT n Trim phoTo n Trim adjacenT sTory a drop a line from headline u add a jump line STory Too shorT u add TeXT n enlarge phoTo u add pull quoTe u add anoTher line To headline ArT u always make one phoTo dominanT a balance sizes and locaTions of phoTos n don T puT phoTos below TeXT n don T separaTing headline from sTory n inTerrupTing TeXT wiTh arT CuTline n every phoTo geTs one u fiT widTh of phoTo n inTeresTing descripTive wriTing n differenT sTyle Than body copy 092710 Newspaper Design 0 avoid hyphenaTion in headlines 0 body copy 0 serif fonT face 0 poinT size 101 1 or 12 0 do recTangular shaped sTories o FOLIO o aT minimum day and daTe name on subsequenT pages 9 day and daTe name of newspaper page number can also include price websiTe ciTy name 0 INDEX 0 descripTion of whaT you can find inside of The newspaper o BYLINE o journalisT who wroTe The arTicle O O newspaper should only be one line PHOTO CREDIT O 0 persons ndme good dlignmenT PhoTogrophy O O O 0 derived from The Greek words phoTos lighTs ond grophein To drdw emoTiondl dbiliTy DdguerreoType T839 Doguerre TruThful ligthess firsT Thing copdble of copTuring imoge by mechdnicol meons reserved for eliTe in socieTy Kodollt Brownie 1900 cosT 1 phoTogrophy become ovoiloble for The common people birTh of sndpshoT 7O yedrs of producTion 125 Brownie comerd models Color PhoTogrophy firsT inTroduced in 1940s become common in 1950s 1960s DigiTol PhoTogrophy inTroduced oround 1984 PhoTogrophy ds ArT vs PhoTogrophy ds Journdlism ds drT ongle lighTing focus desTheTicolly pledsing ds journolism emoTionol don T wonT posed or sToged evenTs copTuring momenT in Time ds iT exisTs Henri CdrTier Bresson deher of phoTojournolism The decisive momenT 9 momenT when The world sTdnds sTill ond someThing unique hoppens known for porTroydl of humdn condiTion n l phoTo musT conToin significonT conTenT The humdn condiTion n 2 content must be orronged in d rigorous composition form line boldnce proportion n 3 spontoneity To tollte d photogrdph is to dlign the heod the eye ond the heort It s 0 woy of life Photogrdphs ore powerful 100410 Photogrophy ds on dgent for chdnge The Civil Rights Movement Civil Rights Act of 1964 migrant workers Hurricone Kdtrind photogrophy helped to educote ond bring dbout chonge Vietndm Wdr photogrdphers hdd full dccess 4 photographs of Vietnam Wor Phdn Thi officer sloying victim Mdry Ann Vechhino students of Kent Stdte University Kim Phuc photo tdllten by Nic Ut toollt children to hospital ofter photo was tdllten Historicol Photogrdphs 1903 first flight roising flog during WWII dt imo jimo soldier lltissing nurse bdbe ruth retiring dewey defedts trumdn morilyn Monroe jfllt funerdl ldnding on the moon teoring down berlin woll 9i l hurricone Kdtrind bp oil spill Photojournolism Ethics violentgrophic imdges pictoridl stereotypes imoge monipuldtion Ethicol Perspectives Cotegoricol mperdtive mmdnuel Kdnt dbsolule perspeclive no middle ground whdl s righl is righl whdl s wrong is wrong we should lredl people ds in ends Themselves dnd nol ds 0 medns lo on end Ulilildridnism John Sludrl Mill 0 gredlesl good for The gredlesl number of people Golden Medn Arislolle o credling middle ground in d siludlion Golden Rule Judeo Chrislidn Pldlinum Rule 0 lredl olhers ds lhey wish To be lredled Veil of gnordnce John Rowls o lredlmenl of people pldces dnd siludlions 9 wedring imdgindry veil dcross your eyes lhdl mdlltes you blind lo sociely s slereolypes Violence Viclims of Violence 0 lo whdl exlenl lo grdphic or violenl imdges belong in our medio medid hos d responsibilily To show lhese imdges lhey hove no pldce in our medid 1994 Pulilzer Prize winning pholo spol news by Pol Wolson pholo ldllten in Somdlid wilh dedd soldier 1996 Pulilzer Prize winning pholo Chdrles Porler V Okld Cily bombing 1994 Pulilzer Prize winning pholo by Kevin Corler Africon girl gory pholos con be elhicol lo prinl if fdir dnd dccurdle represenldlion of whdl hoppened need 0 compelling redson 8232010 23300 PM 8232010 23300 PM MC2015 Final Review Idea of quotform follows function Audience message medium Graphic design amp 6 design principles proportion proximity alignment repetition contrast and big picture Typography Font and idea that fonts have personality Serif type vs sans serif type and which is best for printdigital mediums Ethical issues in photography victims of violence pictorial r image ofall three issues 39 39 39 and apply considerations 5 ethical perspectives discussed origin and briefdefinition Categorical imperative Immanuel Kant utilitarianism john stuart mill golden mean artistotle golden rule judeochristian veil of ignorance john rawls Mogadishu photo Oklahoma City photo and Sudan photo as examples of graphic images Gory photos can be ethical to print ig they are fair and accurate representation of what happened Katie Couric OJ Simpson McCaughey couple LA Times cover photo and Newsweek Cheney photos as examples of image manipulation Once the moment has been captured in the context of news we no longer have the right to change the content on the photo in any way Color and functionsuseseffects of color Color creates identity and contrast helps organize Classic color wheel color schemes Complementary uses opposite colors on the wheel works best when one is primary and one is secondary Triad is a set of three colors equidistant from each other Monochromatic uses a single hue with tints and shades Analogous uses adjacent hues RGB and CMYK color models RGB is for the web CMYK is for print RGB is additive color lights and CMYK is subtractive color pigments Raster vs Vector Every logo should be created as vector first not in a pixel based software like Photoshop Vector based logos are created in software such as Adobe Illustrator Vectors are wire framed shaped with control points that can be moved Vector based logos are ideal for editing and updating a logo changing the colors or a logo spot color and four color printing animation creating pixel based formats enlarging color consistency signage etc Common vector based formats are esp ai swf cdr and pdf Sice vector images are a series of shapes we can change colors in each shape allowing us to create the various color combos we need Vector logos can be enlarged without any loss of quality Vector logos can be broken apart and different pieces animated in flash Vector logos have no background so they can be added to other images quickly and easily Vectors are mathematic with no dots Text should always be made with vectors Pixels Pixel based logos are ideal for the web and special effects in Photoshop Pixel based logos are not suitable for enlarging spot color printing editing and changing colors animation or signage Common pixel based formats are gif jpg png ps eps and tiff Resolution On web should be 72 dpi Higher quality prints should be at least 300 dpi Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an inage Higher res higher image quality Relationship between resolution and physical size Resolution and size are inversely related Public relations amp media kit design Visual identity definition functions features The overall look and feel but more than just a logo Avisual mark of image goals and values vital aspect of relationship building Functions communicate organization s image cut through advertising clutter and help customers make selections Features consistent distinct attributes core goalsvalues key publics unique and memorable Logo characteristics Recognition and recall positive affective reactions and meaning Design elements in visual identity color form typography Trademarklaw A trademark is a word name symbol or device or any combination thereof adopted and used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify its goods and distinguish them form those manufactured or sold by others Infringement is when the trademark owner contends that consumers are likely to be confused about the source approval ofa product because of someone else s use of the trademark or a similar mark Dilution is when a trademark owner contends that a use blurs the distinctiveness of the mark or damages or tarnishes it The 1995 Trademark Dilution Act allows fair use by a competitor in comparative ads noncommercial use and all forms of news reporting and commentary Visual identity manual Clearly outlines all acceptable formats for using visual identity including acceptable logo formats color palette typography implementation and accompanying materials Creative photography in advertising Visual persuasion a photo tends to have more impact Elements of persuasion ethos source s credibility pathos emotional appeals and logos logical arguments Shock advertising and the Benetton Case Study quotunited colors of Benettonquot sent social messages through ads that didn t have to do with the product What are Web pages Programming code code tells your browser how to quotlookquot name of code is HTML hyper text markup language WYSIWYG Evolution of Web design mid 1990s had textonly sites late 1990s was technohype era more glitz and glam less content Currently in usability era user centered sites The primary function ofa web site is to provide information Importance of usability inWeb design 8 steps of Web development Develop site goals gather and organize content develop information architecture design site build test publish maintain Basic HTML what was covered in class Two parts ofa link Content Management System What is InDesign used for InDesign tools and what each one is used for tools we have used What is Photoshop used for Photoshop tools and what each one is used for tools we have used MC2015 Final Review Idea of quotform follows function design of object is based on what it is used for Louis sullivan Audience who you are writing for Message what you want to get across Medium through what medium are you transmitting Graphic design art and craft of bringing structure to group of diverse elements Proportion size of elementshow much space it takes up size determined by importance Proximity how close are things if things are related stick them together Alignment every item should have a visual connection with something else organizes and unifies Repetition do something over and over to help with design use same style throughout purpose organize unify add interest Contrast if two things are different then make them different son Must be stark contrast big picture is it aesthetically pleasing fulfilling objectives Typography the visual treatment of text style arrangement or appearance of typeset concordantharmonious yet dull conflicting disturbing similarities contrasting appealing and exciting Font and idea that fonts have personality complete set of characters comprising one size style and weight of typeface Fonts have personalities accurate selection is key Oldstyle traditional lettering moderate thickthin transition Modern radical thickthin transition Sans serif very straight no serifs no transition Script loos like written by hand Decorative new fonts not used in mass publications Serif type vs sans serif type serif have tiny strokes good for print mediums sans web Ethical issues in photography victims of violence print graphic images on front page depends on editor could exploit victim and family if it holds info the public cant get otherwise then must print pictorial stereotypes preassumed state of the person image manipulation how much manipulation is ok Ok to change brightness or to crop a little 5 ethical perspectives discussed origin and brief definition Categorical imperative Immanuel kant What s right is right whats wrong is wrong No middle ground Utilitarianism John Stuart Mill Best solution greatest good for greatest ii of peeps Golden mean Aristotle Most ethical creates balance between the two sides both benefit Golden rule Judeo Christian Do unto other as you would have them do to you Veil of ignorance Ignore stereotypes when meeting new people Magamsm pmmmenm may Samahahemg beaten ammmm amnumaaa Ok ahamaowvhatartakenhvamateurshawsahre gmerhmdmgadeadandh aadvch d w h w a may mamWm Il hotolooksreu em mm mm Ilnotsuvousbmvdv 0mm Kat s Gaunt mamvu ated m aak skxmer aresxmster Color and functionsuseseffects of color Functions red emergency green nature bluebizzzzness Color creates a mood Cool winter reced into foreground Warm summer pop Creates identity can organize due to contrast Classic color wheel color schemes Red yellow blue primary Tertiary primary color a secondary schemes RGB and CMYK color models Rgb O9 100 additive scheme used in film tv computerdigital media CMYK subtractive full color printing used in print media Raster vs Vector raster photoshoppixel based Vector indesgnpreferred method can stretch to any size Pixels small dots that make up a picture Resolution how a picture appears measure in dpi Relationship between resolution and physical size inversely related as a picture gets bigger resolution decreasees Public relations establishing a mutually beneficial relationship media kit design involves factsawards flyerposter employee profiles financial statement promotional items consider form follows function your message audience medium Visual identity branding Functions communicate goalsvalues Features make logo consistentdistinct attributes must appeal to key publicsshow core values Logo characteristics need to recognize and be memorable feel good when see itpositive affective relations should transcend language have universal meaning Design elements in visual identity coors need to be related to product form what it looks like typography be consistent with font throughout Trademark law mark is registered TM claims it is trademark but logo isn t registered Distinguishes from the restcuts through clutter Infringement confused by someone elses logo because it is similar Ex Enjoy cocaine shirts Visual identity manual Consistently adhere to when designing Sets standards for things designed for organization Creative photography in advertising Visual persuasion the role of images in advertising Elements of persuasion Ethos the speaker s credibility Pathos the audience s emotions Logos emotional appeals that the message makes Shock advertising and the Benetton Case Study Sells image not product Shows shocking images Product not pictured Seen as sleazy What are Web pages programming code that tell browser how to look WYSIWYG what you see is what you get software Evolution of Web design Mid 90s text only plain Late 90s techno hype era glitzglam Current usuability era customize the visit user centered experience Importance of usability in Web designusers are more easily to navigate form follows function ideal 8 steps of Web development Site goals consider message audience medium Gather and organize content Information architecture take user from a to b and back making decisions about site Design site create storyboard with content navigation colorfont Build site Test site bugs use multiple browsers make sure easy to use Publish site Maintain site keep site updated Basic HTML what was covered in class hyper text markup language Two parts start and end have to start and end with the same text Content Management System maintains website Idiot proofuser friendly Mass Communication 2015 Visual Communication 2 Public Relations positive connections management relationships gta management function that is taken seriously because it manages relationships between an organization and its various publics What is Visual Identity Visual Identity is very much about audiences for that particular product print advertisement logos can be tiny because they are so recognizable Visual identity central to the success of any product or organization gtvisual standards the look and the feel ex LSU purple and gold the tiger the bell tower the stadium the arches in the quad the oak trees gtmore than just a logo gtvisual mark of the image goals and values gtvital aspect of relationship building Visual Identity Functions communicate organization s image goals and values ampcut through advertising clutter and help customer make selectionswhat you remember on tv commercials is probably what you get in the store Visual identity Should gtpromote core goals and valuesex LSU s goals and values are to provide good education and to love purple and live gold gtreach key publics ex Who is your target audience gtbe consistent use your visual identity consistently and to be unique and memorable Characteristics of Effective Logos gtrecognition and recall being able to recognize logos and remember them at some later time gtpositive affective reactions affective is a term used to describe feelings meaning when we see a logo we have positive feelings about the logo so who is the target audience all about creating positive emotions to create meanings for that audience gtmeaning when we see a logo like LSU we have some sort of emotional feeling reaction intellectually that means something for us Examples of Logosnike apple mcdonald s atampt cbs reebok taco bell firefox post office rolling stones john deere saints Design Elements color form typography gtSuccessful logos will pay attention to these three things ex blue has a professional association gtThink about color combinations red white and blue screams patriotism for example pepsi mcdonald s uses prilnary colors red and yellow to appeal to children John Deere uses green and yellow grass and leaves and nature and landscaping company gtForm refers to the graphic elements that become part of the element for example apple is just the apple and nike is just the check reebok adidas and new balance have a lot of lines they all have the ilnplied element of movement for athletic companies shows speed and agility gtThe typography is very ilnportant because any successful logo will have a special font ex Coca cola has that specific font if changed it would not be the same gtLogos are vector based refers to how the logo was created gtAdobe lndesign is a vector based program meaning everything you create is vector based lndesign sees a series of x and y components gtPhotoshop is a pixel based program also referred to as a raster based program which works with a series of tiny little sqaures called pixels NEVER USE PHOTSHOP TO CREATE LOGOS these forms should not be complicated or absolutely realistic ex Burger King don t make it look like a photograph Legal issues within logos someone thought it would be fun to make t shirts and sell them for profits ex Enjoy Cocaine instead of Enjoy Coca Cola coca cola owns that logo and have legal authority and that logo is protected by law so individuals do not have the right because of the trademark law a trademark is a word name symbol or device or any combination thereof adopted an used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify its goods and distinguish them from those manufactured or sold by others gtfamjliar examples MampM s Burger King TV Guide Kleenex and Coca Cola Little circle with capital R means the mark is registered with the US patent and trademark law TM means the owner is claiming trademark but they have never officially registered it The prupose of trademark law is to protect consumers from being misled about the source of goods or service Trademark infringement the tm owner would contend that the customer is likely to be confused about the source of the product ex McSleep or McDental can confuse the customers Trademark dilution the tm owner would contend that the distinctiveness of the mark damages or tarnishes it ex Enjoy Cocaine dilutes the value of the 3 million dollar Coca Cola logo and the manufacturers of the t shirt were required to stop selling the shirt by the law gtThe 1995 trademark Dilution Act allows fair use by a competitor in comparative ads noncommercial use and all forms of news reports and commentaries Photoshop digital imaging editing or creating from scratch Ex actual photo on the grass then example photo on a patio switching out backgrounds Ex creating fun effects by a basketball player giving speed motion effect Photoshop is used in the context of advertising not used nearly as often in policomm pr or journalism Ex two old men with big muscle arms heads have been super imposed on someone else s body they select a piece of one image and to paste it on somebody s body and then the orange fields make a composite image gtPhotoshop is all about making selections Visual Communication in Public Relations gtmanage an organization s visual identity gtask employer about visual identity strategy do you have a visual identity manual The PR team will write the newsletters and write the body copy and design the layout Media kit press release newsletter fact sheet yer poster awards annual report brochures employee profiles financial statements and promotional items What is a media kit A collection of materials given to the media to form a story gtThirdhand free publicity this media company recognizes our organization and will draw up business which is different from advertising because it is free the news media doesn t charge for a story when we create advertisements and pay the advocate to run the adI would have to pay them to do that gtMost organizations will put together a media kit to give to the media to form relationships with the media and hopefully get them to write a story gtChoosing a design theme image or style repeated throughout the package of items message audience medium form follows function What do these newsletters look like A restaurant s is fun and an insurance company is boring white Brochures speak to a specific audience army brochures are recruiting brochures gtRasterpixel photoshop and Vector indesign Photos are made of pixels raster based small squares called pixels gtPhotos are measured in resolution which refers to the number of pixels that describe and image and establish its detail and is determined by the number of pixels along the width and height of an image gtThink of Resolution as depth of image quality The higher the resolution the better the image quality Resolution and size are inversely related if physical size increases resolution quality decreases if physical size decreases resolution quality increases gtyou can t just take images off the web and print them CAN T GO FROM LOW QUALITY TO HIGH QUALITY BECAUSE OF RESOLUTION gtresolution measure in ppi or dpi images on the web should be 72 dpi and high quality print images should be at least 300 dpi dots per inch gtthe smaller the pixels the better the image so 300 dpi there are 300 small little dots per inch gtVectors are mathematic made of lines based on x y coordinates no dots no mater how big you make a vector based image quality will not change that is why you use indesign or vectors for logos because you can make it huge or tiny and the image quality wont be bad gtVector based i1nages don t have the same true quality gtRaster based realisitc gtVector based unrealistic cartoonish the quality will never be bad no matter how big or small but it is unrealistic gtText should be vectors for print although text can be made using pixels text should always be made with vectors gtVectors don t exist in a digital environment gtPhotoshop is raster based where you can alter or create photos gtlndesign is vector based and you can place photos and add text Color Models gtadditive color light rgb used for film tv computer screens digital media when combined get white gtsubtractive color pigments cmyk used for full color process printing color printing when combined get dark brown almost black printers sub black pigment color for black text gtthe more colors you use the more expensive the item will be four color process printing gtone color printed piece which is spot printing is a black and white brochure with the spot color being orange Public RelationsKatie Couric gtwell paid journalist she accepted the cbs evening news anchor job first woman a lot of pr was done about this by cbs they wanted everyone to know gtcbs manipulated the image they took of her they used photoshop to slenderize her and used it in watch magazine one of cbs publications there was a lot of debate about this gtWas this ethically justified in the context of pr It wasn t news it was promotional gtournalism is about not altering the facts Pr sometimes is about how we present or share or frame or position information This stuff happens in pr a lot gtFeminist point issue great news for women but yet they backtrack and make her supermodel gtcbs said oh well we probably shouldn t have doen that but nbd gtKatie Couric said I like the original because there was more of me to love Apple Video all the people watching the screen are brainwashed by big corps so mac comes in and 1984 says it will be like 1984 now and in George Orwell s book it is all about the future so get a macintosh once during superbowl and one other time but still so renowned Advertising persuasion persuade your audience to vote for your candidate or buy your product gtpaid promotion we have to pay money to get our message out there to put our commercial on during the superbowl gtHow does advertising differ from public relations Pr is not paid promotion you are promoting freely through trying to get media endorsements with news articles and stories Advertising is paid promotion Types of Advertisements gtPrint press billboard go in the media gtRadio Television commercials gtDigital Web ex F acebook gtNon Traditional DVR product placement in movies for example gtTraditional print ad Research says sex sells beer gtAd for Apple Think Different Not a lot of elements very simple minirnalistic the guy in the ad is Alfred Hitchock a revolutionary filmmaker gtAds should look different for different mediums gtWhite space is called negative space or blank space and is ok in advertising you don t gthave to fill up every inch of the page like newspapers gtTelevision commercial aired during the Superbowl little kid thinks he is darthvader and has the force so it is from star wars which has huge impact and his dad turns the car on from inside the house and the kid is amazed family humor no words the commercial was entirely visual along with the music of course all of these make it effective gtDigital ads pop up on websites it is tailored to each person I get ads on Facebook about LSU the professor gets ads on parenting because she posts stuff about her kids Facebook allows you to give suggestions about why you don t want to see that ad so they better tailor ads to her gtOn cnncom the ad looks like a news story so they click on it but it is just an annoying ad Product Placement Coke cups are perfectly positioned on American idol that box of Cheerios that car it is all strategically placed the most successful product placement is in the ET movie they marketed reese s pieces and after the release of the movie and the product placement of the reese s pieces sales skyrocketed Ad Sales headline body copy slogan logo and artwork no rules for what the ad needs and sometimes the product is featured but not all gtwhat makes advertising challenging is that there are no rules which is fun headline and slogan can be used as the same thing crazy to think you can have an ad and not show the product Image manipulation in advertising do most ads have image manipulation Yes in some form with ethics is that ok It depends Most ads have been manipulated in some way or another ex extra crispy fries and extra shiny cars a dove commercial shows how image manipulation happens ex they have tried to launch this campaign called real beauty which is their advertising product but their point is that so many ads you see have image manipulations the ethical concern is that you can t tell it s manipulated gtmarketing to young men and women is the unattainable body image be an informed media professional and know it is manipulated The BIG Ideabig ideas are key to great advertising look for the truth of what you re selling ex Volvo is a car company been around for a long time and have sold themselves on safety Volvos are the safest cars in the world Why big ideas matter gtbreak through the ad clutter and make connections with audience gtConsumers will connect with the brand and believe they have something in common with the brand and will give the brand permission to sell you something gtThis should all be based on the truth of what you are trying to sell Identifying the big idea gtDoes it evoke an emotional response humor fear joy pride acceptance status etc ex Doritos Budweiser GE Wind Energy gtDoes it create an experience bring the brand to the audience in unexpected and memorable ways ex ESPN interactive storescape gtDoes it entertain entertainment is key for memorable things entertainment doesn t always mean humor Ex Burger King subservient chicken gtIs it novel new the Whopper Sacrifice the app was installed almost 60000 times in less than 10 days gtIs it authentic brand authenticity being truthful to the brand character audience authenticity understanding the audience and their expectations inauthentic messages come with unpleasant consequences ex Avis is number 2 so we have to try harder 7 up marketed themselves as the un cola campaign gtDoes it tell a story ex Toyota swagger wagon very effective ad campaign making a minivan cool Rest and Protecting gtDoes it scare you scared the concept is too novel too entertaining too emotional not creative enough etc Don t fear things that don t feel or look like traditional advertising gtQR quick response code qr reader takes you directly to a link on a website free way to interact with consumer gtthe big idea is even more crucial as technology is constantly changing the industry Game Changers F acebook and twitterold spice alows us to like and follow brands smart phones introduce us to the world of apps idea startersjust start scribbling write don t talk throw it all on the wall and see what sticks if you re on a roll don t stop show it don t tell it don t be different just to be different stay on strategy consider the environment simplify simplify simplify look at and be inspired by great creative work gtex Toyota corolla ad little kid wrapped in bubble wrap showing safety gtGoogle is a master of being aware of the environment google doodles re ect what is happening in the world Typography Based Ad more text than pictures creative use of type how they look is just as iInportant as what they say prilnarily textual Creative photography in advertising got milk Photo based ad with kittens on it primarily visual emotional connection like aww kittens Photoshoppedads of got milk On the black man photo based ad with the nike swoop logo and the little kid playing with the ball nike has so much brand recognition it can be so small and we still know instantly it is a nike ad the proportion is way off but so powerful because nike is so engrained in our minds gtSome ads will be a combo of text and photo based ads Elements of Persuasion Aristotle gtethos source s credibility gtlogos logical arguments gtpathos emotional appeals gtconsider what is the source of the message the logical argument and emotional appeal gtsocial marketing some type of media message trying to get you to do something either for your own good or for the betterment of society but uses traditional marketing and advertising techniques exz anti smoking campaigns gtshock advertising Bennetton ltalian clothing co Case Study big stores in big cities in the US and very popular in Europe that makes nice high end clothing its advertising is very controversial because it is shock advertising which is designed to catch our attention immediately with a big dominant visual meant to make that emotional connection but they do it in a very shocking way only have the logo on the ad United Colors of Bennetton with the dominant picture about race relations three hearts all the same on the inside whether black or white angel and devil picture why would they do this Just pointing out the stereotype and getting attention that s all gtshock advertising is sleazy getting attention from the larger public and media just for attention so they take social issues and try to capitalize on them by using them in the ads they really don t care about race equality they just care about you buying their clothes so they are trying to persuade you to buy their stuff all about i1nage advertising never have their product in the ads their target audience is narrowed to the twenty something crowd creates curiosity to see what Bennetton is because you wouldn t know if you didn t hear about it not moral what about source credibility and logical arguments They don t mesh well this is not an ad for safe sex it is an ad for blue jeans so it is not very credible they are trying to use the logic to capitalize on social issues and sell sweaters newer ad they align with a legit program like Food for Life and give us a call to action Political Communication campaign management running the campaign for elected office working with media relations and the public working for someone who is already in office and writing speeches or writing commentary like reporting or work for organizations gtWe are entering the next election cycle and we will hear a lot about the presidential race for 2012 ex commercial for Herman Cain that was the weirdest video I have ever seen the guy smoked a cigarette it has a negative connotation so why would the campaign manager smoke the cigarette there is a ton of discussion about it which is promoting his name Herman Cain wanted to let his campaign manager be himself and do whatever he wanted that is very risky gtthelivingroomcandidateorg ahs archived videos since 1952 ex the daisy girl ad ran only once as an ad but now known as the most in uential ad Robert Mann wrote a book about that daisy girl ad and its in uence on political communication Logos from the presidential campaigns colors are all in common red white and blue no brainer color choice all caps calls attention to the name strong placement of the name some just first name most last pretty formal all have serifs serious and credible centered solid middle element gtBuddy Roemer throwback the font is retro circus peanuts ugly logo not as serious or credible kinda playful used the baby blue instead of strong blue makes it a little more personal he just used his first name 1950 s feel gtRon Paul s logo visually effective watermark has his slogan built in the logo gtred typography is hard to get away with because it is hard to read it is used more as an accent than a primary color gtRomney the R shows people and it is colors red white and blue if you have to explain it no good Media kit given to the media to inform the media about that organization or candidate 4 item media kit fact sheet post card press release and yer gtWe will be given the content We have to think of the theme for the media kit All have to go together gtBob Mann Daisy Petals and Mushroom Clouds 1st ad where negativity began in politics he says it has been going on forever politics has been dirty since Jefferson Spot Advertising in Politics Eisenhower answers America to think an old general has to sell himself like this he hated it because he thought it was humiliating back in the day they were experimenting with Ike s ads today we would think they were amateur and not serious gt30 minute speeches who is the audience someone who is already voting for that person an apathetic voter wouldn t want to watch that it is boring gtMadison avenue is advertising in all these new ways and politics is still boring as ever gtKennedy is watching tv one night and notices this German car maker named Volkswagen is suddenly trying to make a move in the us market it is 20 years after world war 2 and the car is the one that the Nazis drove around during the war which Americans still associate with the war so Kennedy sees this spot Volkswagen makes fun of themselves and Kennedy wanted them to make his ads he died so we didn t get to see his reelection campaigns but Lyndon Johnson was persuaded to use the spots from this ad firm gtThe Cuban missile crisis in fall 1962 war with the soviet union almost started nuclear war we also had a big debate about nuclear fall out both sides were testing nuclear weapons which resulted in all these mushroom clouds going off and the nuclear fallout was getting into the air and food supply there were a lot of concerns barrygoldwater is now seen as the grandfather of the modern conservative movement he was a hero we had been too worried about the fear of nuclear war we ought to challenge them and not let them make any more gains around the world saying it was just another weapon gtdon t call the president he joked and said irn not interested in throwing a missile to the moon but defoliating the forest in Vietnam to get rid of the leaves on the trees so we can see the skyline goldwater is saying all this before during and after the Cuban missile crisis when American are fearful gtHe gives a speech where he proves himself as an extremist gtChildren will die if goldwater is elected they never say it but the didn t have to that was the beauty of those spots the viewers did half the work you would think goldwater s numbers dropped hugely but they didn t even move much the spots didn t change his numbers because they already agreed with him Goldwater already said what his views were so these videos didn t make people think any differently of him the Johnson people were increasing the fear that if goldwater was elected he would start war the people who are for hermancain right now have their own set of facts about him and don t even look at what the other candidates say about him the ones who don t like him however are hearing all the bad stuff about cain so continuing to not want to vote for him gtYou can have negative space for the media kit Don t make fonts giant Choosing a Design ThemeChapter 8 message audience medium form follows functionquot gtNo exclamation points All caps is dangerous gtDon t make it too text heavy or just put boxes around Don t let the text hit the edge gtMake a dominant focal point Center alignment is boring and dull Use contrasting colors or accent colors News Release make the headline stand out gt means the end of the document gtText release is least visually interesting piece Flyers create a dominant focal point use subheads don t center align the whole thing remember contrast On the yer and postcard the logo should not be huge but small rather Do not take up every inch of the page Political Cartoons have a message gtyou have to know the background story to understand the message which is trying to persuade you sometime funny haha or intellectually designed tog et you tinking You find political cartoons in a newspaper in the editorial pages don t have to be about politics ex sports political cartoon or the kardashians gtUNhate Bennetton Obama and other world leaders kissing they could sue but these are public figures so they don t have as many legal rights as private citizens bennetton pulled the pope kissing cpiture after the Vatican demanded them to remove it everybody knows about it shock advertising so people remember bennetton Final exam study all notes intro to viscomm design principles typography color no specifics of newspaper design or photojournalism study pr advertising policomm film and conversion Film Analysis Mise en scene French theatrical term meaning placing on stage gtArrangement of visual elements on stage In film refers to placement of elements with frame In regard to rectangular frame Nothing is in the screen by accident 1 dominant where are eyes attracted first Alfred hitchock film grace Kelly her face is dominant focal point 2 lighting bright high key dark low key high contrast shadows or a combo bright happy lighting for comedy dark scary lighting for harry potter 3 shot long shotmountain full shottop of head to bottom of feet close uphead and shoulders extreme close upface 4 angle are we and the camera looking up or down on the subject Looking up character has power when looking down we are now in power 5 color what is the dominant color Color sets mood 6 density how much visual information is packed within the frame Is there a whole lot of content in the frame or is there open space 7 framing tight or loose Do the characters have room to move 8 character placement what part of the framed space do the cahracters occupy Center Top Bottom Edges 9 character proxirnity how much space is there between the characters lntirnate Personal Public Still clip from original star wars visually her hand shows she loves him intimate relationship her hand on his arm Why How does the mise en scene visual placement contribute to the meaning of the film The graduate is a classic film from 1967 Dustin Hoffman just graduated from college he is returning to his wealthy family in California he comes home to an older woman who seduces him Mike Nicholls director low density framing he has a lot of room to move ahead in life Benjamin is trying to get away Unique visuals were stay on mom s back intentional decision to block camera overshadowing ben he is trapped by his parents frame placememt he was tight with all his parent s friends when he went up in his room we were looking through the fish tank to see ben shadowing she is in the light and is dominant his facial expression her naked body ETHICS ft ics in Thotojoumafism 39239 ViolentGraphic Images 0 To what extent to these belong in the news media 39239 PictorialStereotypes predefined state of a certain thing 39239 ImageManipulation eXtent to which it is okay to digitally manipulate images ft icafersyec tives o v Categoricallmperative perspective by ImmanueIKant what s right is right amp what s wrong is wrong EX There is no situation where stealing is ethically justified People should be treated as ends within themselves and not simply a means to an end 0 O Utilitarianism by john Stuart Mill when you are faced by an ethical dilemma the most ethical solution is the greatest good for the greatest number of people Everyone is on equal ground EX Mill might say stealing is justified stealing for the rich and giving to the poor 0 39 GoldenMean by Aristotle the most ethical situation is the one that creates a balancecommon ground btw the two situations so all parties benefit to some extent 0 39 GoldenRule from judeoChristian do onto others as you would have them do to you treat others how you wish them to treat you 0 PlatinumRule treat others how they want to be treated 0 39 Veil of Ignorance by john RawIS the treatment of people places ideas When we are talkingmeeting others the most ethical way to approach the idea is through the veil ofignorance and makes us metaphorically blind to society s stereotypes VIOLENCE Vic tims ofViofence What is the job of the news media To inform the public who might not otherwise have access to that information News has the right to run photos to inform when we run an image of violence we are potentially exploiting that victim his or her suffering and their family The news media could potentially be turning to sensationalism to draw attention to their own organization quotifit bleeds it leads 1 Photo from Somalia a dead American soldier lies on the ground that was there to help to distribute food Humanitarian mission There was a lot of violence due to clan and tribe con icts He was killed and then his dead amp naked body was dragged through Somalia This photo was awarded the Pulitzer Prizein journalism meaning it was a good photo in terms of aesthetics and told a good story it told the story in ways that words couldn tAmericans were outraged by the situation and that some printed it but a larger percent supported an immediate withdrawal from Somalia Clinton believed that the image made him realize and within several months Congress took out Americans from Somalialt s not the news media s job to sensor hide or shield us from the news 2 The Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil at the time now 911 155 people died including 15 children Bailey Alma is the 1 yr old child who did not survive the attack This is also an aesthetically attractive photograph specifically because of the relationship btvv the fireman and child because of his eyes amp he took off his gloves This also won a Pulitzer Prize in journalism the photographer was an amateur and nearby and captured the personal impact that it had on the readers Some were outraged at the fact that this was a mother s baby who was initially very disturbed that this was taken but realized her child was being taken care of and cradled and was glad If we had never seen this the fireman s efforts could have been lost 3 Elian Gonzales in 2000 His Uncle took him in after he ed from Cuba and lost his mother and family except for his father Also awarded the Pulitzer Prize award The American militia was forced to take him since his Uncle wouldn t voluntarily give him up 4 Sudan Photograph in 1994 A starving little girl was walking to a food relief station wandered by herself and collapsed on the ground A vulture landed behind her and this picture also won a Pulitzer Prize award People were outraged at Kevin Carter for not helping her but by taking this photo the public was informed of the situation and he did make efforts to help them after He took his own life a year later after being continuously disturbed by what was going on War in Iraq Photographs The Agony of a Child a boy who lost his arms amp family during an attack in Iraq Children like this are continuously being injured Not award winning or aesthetically attractive but shows the reality of the situation An 18monthold boy who lost his life who appears to be placed unlovingly in a large open casket Gory photos can be ethical to print if they are a fair and accurate representation of what happened 8there must bea compelling reason If the public needs information in the photograph to make informed choices then we must run the photo We cannot make informed choices unless we have access to fair 8 accurate info Societal issues can outweigh personal tragedies PhotographsNOT to print Paul ohnson r 0 American helicopter engineer 239 Worked for Lockheed Martin in Saudi Arabia 0 Kidnapped and killed by a terrorist group 0 Video ofbeing beheaded released and posted online in 2004 Hurricane Katrina body being torn up by a dog 39239 It s out of context you cannot tell that this man lost his life from Katrina 39239 There are more aesthetically pleasing photos from Katrina Rooftop images were 1 o o PICTORIAL STEREOTYPES quotWhether right or wrong imagination is shaped by the pictures seen Consequently they can lead to stereotypes that are hard to shake Walter Lippmann 192 2 quotThe capacity of the news media to create and perpetuate prejudice is one of the most unsettling and frightening aspects ofAmerican journalism Ed Alwood 1996 gt Katie Currick Photo of her published in watch magazine but someone used Photoshop to slim her down The media must break the cycle of stereotypical attitudes V Real Beauty Video from Dove V 0 Simpson was accused of murdering his current wife and lover Newsweek magazine published the picture as was but TIME magazine published a dramatically edited version It reinforces a negative stereotype that the darker someone s skin is the more criminallike they are and made him look more sinister and guilty With the visual changes they convicted him prior to a court of law he was never found guilty It s not the news media job to pass judgment V Iowa couple has septuplets Newsweek alters her teeth but her teeth are not related to the babies However her teeth are a part of her and it s not okay to change her a photograph is a fact It s not okay to edit photos in the context of news V Cover Photo on the Los Angeles Times on Mon March 31 2003 The photograph is a combined picture of two photos and the photographer was fired this moment never happened 0 Photo Tampering Throughout History website gt The Take is a picture of former VP Dick Cheney cutting bloody meat with a quote that says quotI am It cuts him away from the rest of his family but they cropped it making him look more sinister They did not change the content but they changed the meaning Image Maniyufation Where is the photo being run In news medium if the photo LOOKS real it better be real Obligation to journalism to report the news as is functioning democracy Obligation to history to leave behind a collection of real photographs Once the moment has been captured in the context of news we no longer have the right to change the content on the photo in any way Any change to a news photograph a violation of a moment is a lie 0 Serious breach of ethics 00000 O The NPPA is a wellrespected national association It includes the preamble and the code of ethics It specifically says not to change content of the photo It is okay to subtly okay to alter lightingdarkness When it becomes problematic is when you edit individual pixels separate from the rest of the photograph COLOR Color creates mood We associate cool colors with winter and warm colors with summer Cool colors tend to recede into the background and are subtler warm colors tend to pop We associate red with love amp emergencies green and sometimes blue with nature and blue with business Color makes stories more complete Color creates identity Much of LSU s identity is built into the color combination ofpurple amp gold Baskin Robins primary audience is children so they use bright primary colors ATampT is a professional business which uses blue on their website Budweiser uses red white amp blue so that we associate it with America Color creates contrast Color is also important to readability contrast can add or distract to text s readability black text on a white background is the easiest to read Color helps organize The class color wheel includes three primary colors red yellow amp blue From the combinations we can create all other colors Orange green amp purple become secondary colors Mixing primary and a secondary color we create tertiary colors Color Sohowwy 00 CONTRASTING COLOR SCHEMES o Complementary uses opposite colors on the color wheel It works best when one is primary and the other is secondary o Triad set ofthree colors equidistant from each other 00 RELATED COLOR SCHEMES o Monochromatic uses a single hue with tints add white and shades add black people tend to use this because it s relatively expensive I The more colors you use that s being commercially printed the more expensive it is The cheapest is basic black amp white 0 Analogous two or more adjacent hues Calm Mom gt Additive Color Light RGB film TV computer screens digital media 0 Percent of color represented by a number btw 0255 gt Subtractive Color Pigments CMYK full colorprocess printing color printing 0 Percent of color represented by a number btw 0100 Promotional Design for Print PR is building mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its publics Advertising is paying to place your message in the media PR is also about promotion but they are more focused 4 on promotion to the media or the public with the hope that they will write a story about them or that the public will be supportive without paying Media Kit generally a print item xxxxxx Press Release Fact Sheet FlyerPoster Awards Employee Profiles Financial Statement Promotional Items Choosing a Design Theme image or style repeated throughout the package of items Message Audience and Medium Form follows function White spacenegative space is okay with this type of design you do not have to fill up every inch of the page VISUAL PERSUASIGN IIN A39VERTISLNS Elements of Persuasion Aristotle 39239 Ethos source s credibility 39239 Logos logical arguments 39239 Pathos emotional appeals 0 Ads can be especially persuasive when a photo is used Shocking Advertising Bennetton Case Study Central to the success of any product or organization W at is visuafiofentity 0 Overall quotlookquot and quotfeelquot but more than just a logo 0 Visual mark ofimage goals and values 0 Vital aspect of relationship building VisuafIdentity functions 0 Communicate organization s image goals and values 0 Cut through advertising clutter 0 Help customers make selections Distinguisfiing features Consistent Distinct attributes Core goalsvalues Key publics Unique Memorable OOOOOO C aracteristics off ective ogos 0 Recognition and recall 0 Positive affective reactions 0 Meaning Logos are VECTOR BASED Trademark o A trademark is a quotword name symbol or device or any combination thereof adopted and used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify its goods and distinguish them for those manufactured or sold by others 0 Examples MampM s Burger King TV Guide Kleenex Cocacola o means the mark is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office 0 TMmeans the mark is not registered 0 Purpose is to protect consumers from being misled about the source of goods or services Infringement Dilution Trademark owner contends that consumers are likely to be confused about the source approval of a product because of someone else s use of the trademark or a similar mark Trademark owner contends that a use of blurs the distinctiveness of the mark or damages or tarnishes it McDonald s McSleep McDental quotEnjoy cocaine Unwholesome association of Cocacola with illegal drug could dilute the value of the Cocacola trademark The 1 9 9 5T racfezmarl l ifution lc t affows 1 Fair use by a competitor in comparative ads 2 Noncommercial use and 3 All forms ofnews reporting and commentary a Sloppy disorganized materials translate to a sloppy disorganized company b Clean highimpact materials communicate competence and credibility c A visual identity manual clearly outlines all acceptable formats for using visual identity Visuaf I dentity Manuaf gt Acceptable Logo Formats gt Color Palette gt Typography gt Implementation gt Accompanying materials 0 Business cards Letterhead Envelopes Fax cover sheet Pens pencils Brochures Newsletters Name tags Calendars Bumper Stickers Apparel Mugs Signage Web site OOOOOOOOOOOOO VISUAL TECHNOLOGY WEB DEVELOPMENT 8c DESIGN State of the Internet Video Icons of the Web What are websites Programming code Code tells your browser how to quotlookquot Name of code is HTML Hyper Test Markup Language How do you create a website L Write Html 4 WYSIWYG Software What you see is what you get Dream weaver L CMS Content Management System 6 what most organizations use 0 Do I need a website Yes to have a personal blog but also no 0 Google analytics o Bounce rate is how fast someone leaves your sites the lower the better Evolution of Web Design 00 SIMPLE ERA 0 Mid 1990s 0 Textonly sites 39239 TECHNO HYPE ERA 0 Late 1990s o More glitz amp glam 0 Less content 39239 CURRENT IN USABILITY ERA o Usercentered sites I Usability is essential WEB SITE DEVELOPMENT 4 A Web site s primary function is to provide information REMEMBER form follows function Step 1 Develop site goals I Message I Audience I Medium Step 2 Gather 81 organize content I Collect materials 0 Image files Text VideoAudio I What quotgoesquot together Step 3 Develop information architecture I Content categories I Develop site structure amp navigation I Easiest way to get user from Point A to Point B and back again Step 4 Design Site I Storyboard 0 Content 0 Navigation 0 Colors Fonts Step 5 Build I Organize files I Build with software Step 6 Test test test I Technical test 0 Programming bugs 0 Multiple browsers operating systems I Usability test 0 Testing just a few participants can find many problems Step 7 Publish Step 8 Maintain I Update I Maintain I Monitor amp modify as necessary Basic Design Still Applies PPARC the content should take the most space ffements ofWeE Design V Text V Graphics V Color V NavigationHyperlinks Type on t e We V Default Times New Roman Hard to read online V Web friendly fonts sans serifs Arial Helvetica Verdana Georgia Geneva V Spaces btvv paragraphs no tabs 39239 Ifyou want to use a fancy font you must make it a graphic 39239 Use sparingly 0 Headlines 0 Pull quotes 0 Navigation Images on t e We 39239 Formats jpg or gif 39239 Resolution 72 dpi 39239 ColorMode RGB 39239 Provide alternative text We Cofor gt Web colors are hexadecimal values gt 216 Web safe colors gt Combination of6 numbers andor letters 0 Black 000000 0 White ffffff Navigation gt Clear names Navigation on ALL pages Home button on ALL pages TOP or LEFT gt gt gt gt Always in the same place and shouldn t change Facebook has 500 million active users The US Population has 300 million people and the World population has 7 billion people Photography 32111 845AM Photography derived from the Greek words photos light and graphhein to draw The lighting exposure onto some sort of image device The Idea that the visual image can be more powerful than words Migrant Mother by Dorothy Lang Most reproduced photo in the world High Emotion in this photo which makes in wellknown In what centurydecade do you think photography was developed 1830s 1839 Daguerreotype first device of capturing the truthful lightness lt images it produces are called daguerreotypes Invented by Frenchman Daguerre It took a long type to develop the images It was expensive to have one s photo taken Not everyone had access It was predominantly used to take portraits Ex of Daguerreotypes 1900 Kodak Brownie Time when photography became available for the Common People It was actually called a camera It had the ability to take 6 photos without reloading It was affordable Color Photography introduced in the 1940s Became common in 1960s Digital Photography dominates photography today Came about in the late Photography as Art VS Photography as Journalism Differences Art has more creative freedom Journalism has to tell a story Artistic might necessarily have context Subject matter Art has a more flexibility in lighting arrangement composition Can an atter as muc uld like Photojournalism depicts the News VEILIE Henri CartierBresson 19082004 father of Modern PhotoJournalismquot known for The Decisive Momentquot the moment when the world stands still and something unique happens P oto must contain significant content The Human Condition Oontent must be arranged in a rigorous composiu39on form line balance proportion Spontaneity capturing life as it happens D HIS PHOTOGRAPHS He dos a nice job at seeing the artistic part in the photo To take a photograph is to align the head the eye and the hErt It39s a way of lifequot He captures emotion and translatE it into something that words could never do Photographs are POWERFUL Visually communication FEErCh clErly shows that photographs can invoke an emotion that words cannot Also they can spark memory Because of this photographs can be a powerfu tool A photograph exceeds that of laungauge sturbs readers as they should be tears of living can be stronger than blood of dead Photographs can be used to provoke Social Change can document reality of what is occurring HISTORICAL PHOTOS Jackie O fashion Icon Family photographs well This family makes you feel good or sad Photographs Up to His Assassination In Dallas TX JFK was driving in an open vehicle and he was shot His body was taken to Air Force One and they were flown back to Washington DC Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on that flight Lyndon Johnson photo Jackie s face looks depleted exhausted This is Lyndon s Inauguration Swearing Jackie was there to show support This is very different from most Inaugural Events Depicts the transfer of power FUNERAL PROCESSION because they are public figures This has been used to highlight JFK JR Life After his plane crash this picture became huge RRESTED LEE OSWALL and GUNMAN 1903 Wright Brothers first flight quot 1948 Harry Truman was elected but due to misread poll data Chicago daily Tribune published the headline that Dewey Defeats Truman 1969 Man lands on the Moon Amazing to 1989 Tearing down the Berlin Wall 2010 BP Oil Spill heartwrenching Powerful in document suffering and hardships It can also document happy events 1948 His retirement from baseball 1954 Marilyn Monroe 1945 celebration and joyment Photo ra h as an a ent for chan e 222811 The Civil Ri hts Movements the formal movement toward the end of segregation in the south Photography captured the violence and events occurring in the south Photojournalism and media led to the Civil Right Act of 1964 Vietnam War Still photos is the most powerful medium in War There was no censorship In this event the soldiers told the children in her village to go hide but a bomb was dropped near their hiding and the soldiers told them to run Kim Futt clothes were burning off of her and she was pulling them off of herself Photographer Nick Yutt He took the photo and drove all the kids to the hospital She was found and recovered in a hospital in Germany 712 Her photo kind of started the end of the war people saw what was occurring to children Kim s story reminds us that photo tells the stories of war events Photo Aesthetics taking photos 1 Center of interest what is the dominant focal point 2 Rules of Thirds 3 Angle Viewpoint looking straight on or up or down at the subject amp the position to which you take the photo Balance Framing natural Density how much content in the frame packed or sparce Lighting bright or dark can change the mood or tone of a photography Color vs Black amp White Shot Distance close or far of subject matter k000lOU39lgt Full Shot features entire body Close Up Head and soldiers Extreme Close Up Face 10 Cropping 11 Posed vs Live Action Journalism live action cant rearrange the scene because that would be changing the events TAKEN AS SCENE UNFOLDS Art can change whatever you would like POSED Possible Test Question Based off of the photography how would you describe it HighLow Density DarkBright Lighting or Full long shot upward straight camera angle Answers High Density Dark Lighting Answer Full Shot Upward Camera angle GIVEN HW assignment Ethics in Photojournalism 32111 845 AM Ethical concerns within the realm of photojournalism Violent Graphic Images too what extent do these belong Pictorial stereotypes predefined state of a certain thing Image manipulation extent to which it is okay to digitally manipulate images Ethical Perspectives Categorical Imperative Immanuel Kant o It is an absolute perspective What s right is right what s wrong is wrong There is no bargaining ground Stealing is never ethically right 0 People should be treated as ends within themselves and not as a means to an end Using a person getting to know someone for the sake of getting to know someone not using them Utilitarianism John Stuart Mill 0 When faced with an ethical dilemma the ethical solution that creates the qreatest amount of qood for the qreatest amount of people Golden Mean Aristotle o The most ethical situation is the one that creates a balance average or mean between the two situations Golden Rule JudeoChristian Tradition 0 Do onto others as you would have do unto you 0 Platinum Rule Treat others how they want to be treated Veil of Ignorance John Rawls o The treatment of people places ideas When we are talkingtreating others the most ethical way to approach the idea is through the veil of ignorance metaphorically M to society s stereotypes Violence Victims of Violence in the News Media too what extent Job of the News Media to inform the public so they have access to information 0 News has the right to run that photo to inform When running an image of a victim of violence we are potentially exploiting his or her suffering and family 0 Media39s Sensationalism gaining views forinterest e Line between News Right to Inform amp Exploitation of ctim amp Sensationalism 1993 Dead gentlemen 0n the ground is an American Soldier American government sent soldiers in m help distribute food There was violence due to tribal Conflicts e American soldier was killed and his body was paraded around This photograph was distributed through many newspapers and it Won a Pulitzer Prize This photo needed to be printed because this visual image capturs more of what is happening in Somalia that couldn39t be described by words The Job of the News Media is not to censor us or shield us from the news 7 r r 4 Ok ahuma otv acmbmg 1995 A he umc tms sthe deadhestterrnnst attack 155 trauma Dst mcrc was mcmmng 1g cthrEn Tm phctc summed upthe days Events Chm S a 1w am am WHD mdn39t survwe the attack 1t 5 a vch aesth tmaHv ractwetuuchmu Dhmuurauh H 2ch W5 care and ccnccm ved Wan a puhucr Pnze Tm Dhmuuraph Shaw ma mtcntm ma attack m harm DEDME Thev man39t need Derrmssmn furthe Dhmnurauhstn be run 2000 The little boy had been escaping with his family from Cuba to Miami All of his family died but his uncle took him in The America militia came in and forcibly removed this boy from his house and eventually he was deported back to Cuba 2001 Pulitzer Prize Winner A r gt 1993 Sudan Africa The child was walking with her family to a food relief station 1994 Pulitzer Prize Winner Many people were upset that the photographer didn t help the little girl 0 But by getting this photo published he was really helping her War in Iraq Photos The little boy lost his arms and family during the attack Can see the reality of what is happening in Iraq Not aesthetically atrractive but disturbing 39 m 39 The 18 month old boy was killed in the attacks but is unloving ly placed in this too big for him casket Violence Summary Gory photos can be ethical to print if 0 Fair and accurately representing what happened 0 Need a compelling reason If the public needs information in photo to make informed choices then we must run the photo 0 We cannot make informed choices unless we have access to fair and accurate information SOCIETAL ISSUES can outweigh PERSONAL TRAGEDY Photograph that Should Not Be Printed 2004 Paul Johnson Jr He was an American Helicopter Engineer civilian working for Lockheed Martin in Saudi Arabia He was killed and beheaded by a terrorist group This group took a video of his beheading and posted it online in 2004 Many news media ran the story but didn39t print any photos from the event Tiger Weekly printed two images from this story and ran a published note Point to Make the photo was taken by a terrorist which shows by printing these you are publicizing this event and doing what the terrorist wants to do l 2005 Hurricane Katrina One of a series of photos from Dallas news that was Awarded Pulitzer Prize It is very out of context you can39t really tell where this is coming from It doesn39t tell the story to its full extent Pictorial Stereotypes 32111 345 AM Whether right or wrong imagination is shaped by the pictures seen Consequently they can lead to stereotypes that are hard to shake Walter Lippman 1922 The capacity ofthe news media to create and perpetuate prejudice is one of the most unsettling and frightening aspects ofAmerican journalism 1996 Ex Katie Couric CBS digitally altered her to be more thinner Edited Image The media must break the c cle of stereo ical at 39tudes be a successful women you must be a thin fit person Video Dove real beautyquot campaign It takes you through the steps of model going from no makeup to makeup to Photoshop to billboard J Simpson Summer 1994 he was arrested for murdering exwife and her lover This is the mug shot released across the media This is the digital editing by TIME magazine s This reinforces the negative stereotype about skin color By making him darker he also looks more cynical and guilty He is behind the TIME words the LA words and are changed UNETHICAL MOVE They visually made him look guilty before a court of law did Gave Birth to Septuplets Newsweek manipulated her teeth TIME keep her teeth as is Cover Photo appearing in the Newspaper LA Times on Mon 33103 a he Photographer took 2 photos and combined them 1 39 1 2 The reason it was noticed is because the back and head of one man appeared 2x THE ormer VP Dick Cheney is butchering meat in the kitchen The quote says I am He looks a little more sinister and meaner Photographer was very upset about the cropping of this photograph It was meant to show his family getting ready for dinner Image Manipulation 1 Where is the photo being run medium of publication 2 In news medium if the photo LOOKS real it better be real 3 Obligation to journalism to report the M as is functioning democracy 4 Obligation to history to leave behind a collection of real photographs 5 Once that moment has been captured in the context of news we no longer have the right to change the content on that photo anyway 6 Any change to a news photo a violation of that moment is a lie 7 Serious breach of ethics We were given a handout of the NPPA Code of Ethics If you need a copyjust email me about it Preamble talks about a professional s job and the ethics of photojournalists Important Codes 2image manipulation 3 pictorial stereotypes 4victims of violence 5amp6 editing amp altering What is okay Small alter lighting Editing individual pixels separate from the whole of the photograph is NOT OKAY Homework 3 Print ad from a Magazine It has to be ripped out of the magazine 12 pages Based off of things talked about it class Due 41111 Color 32111 845 AM Color that you associate with emergency RED with nature GREEN with business BLUE with love RED Color creates mood Combination of Colors Cool blues light purples SUBTLE vs Warm orange reds POP amp PROMINENT Message is natural so they use natural colors Aesthetically pleasing I 7 creates the mood and sets the tone and it makes the story more complete Color creates Identity mamas Sandi mm F5 Ata damlm Adminmuon Research Spo s39dx Recreale Studsnl Ufa Businessa Indusiry Fanmy amp sun Fmsp wva Students Vislwvs a Parents I U I I lsu uni3mm pamusmp mm city Va 0quot Campus News and Media Calendar Media Elmer Lsu may Mm News View Ellan ar 5mm mm Spring Commanoemenl r LSU mm Nrmuuan arm Mnnlhlp SchaalaannCammunlcnllnn Amen LSU S identity PURPLE amp GOLD 53 W1 ma an 1 ml ram oaTqiit cgm cut JL mmqu club I 2 if negacnyam was cm Gel liveliest Swop Mm cg v Fi m n mil in 39 an my Kids color Bright mm Smaii Busim BMW mman gang mm mm mm swarm when Uvelse nunrrv Manama i i What s possible in here is almost impossible to say expole me nerworkarpossibilmes gt i Need Help A r 5m mm Suvvart Free Witales wannas Dllls Learn more a Business BLUE HARVICKJUINS BUD GET THE LATEST NEWS AND UPDATES 5 WEEKS TO WIN in i unw BEAR K mm W niunzuw American RED WHITE BLUE Color creates Contrast Contrast is important Contrast is important t o readability Black Text on White Background easiest to read Colors can organize NEWS PAGE Color Wheel r Mm W uniw may mummy secondy many my m w m mum mum From the combination of Red Yellow and Blue you can get all other colors Color Schemes Conuasti ng Scheme mm uses opposite Dims an ms Dela woes Works Best when one co or s pnmary and me other 5 secondary mad set of mree co ors eqmdwshant from each omer Color Schemes Related Schemes nommmm na nnus uses as a single hue mm mm and shades adjeoenl hues 11m mada by aadmg whna Shade mada by adding black Munuchmmatm m new scheme 5 used mare because m s a rehatwew nexuenswe new scheme mare DmrS vnu use the mare expenswe m s meek and wmte arethe eheepesu Color ModeIs I Mdl va Cain Subtramvs Color LIGHT RGB FIGMENTS CMYK lmTvmmpmer full mlallpmesss screens algme media priming mlnr priming InDes Qn CMVK made lt Drcfessmna w Dnnt RGB Color Model Fermnl o1 mlnr rupmsemed bya number beMean n 255 CMYK Color Made Famenmfmlnr mpresamad by a numbar hemen u 1m In m2 CMVK cumr deE Whatcnhjr wuum vnu get W th muna Evan and muna Magenm B ue Visual Identity 32111 845 AM Controversies to the JCrew Ad Painting the boys nails pink was gender differently Nike Logo Very recognizable logo Visual Identity central to the success of any product or organization Overal look and feel but MORE than just a logo Visual mark of image goals and values Vital Aspect of relationship building 0 CocoCola logo 3 billion worth Functions 0 Communicate organizations image goals and values 0 Cut through advertising clutter 0 Help customer make selections Distinguishing Feastures o Consistent o Distinct attributes 0 Core goals values Characteristics of Effective Logos 0 Recognition and recall 0 Positive affective reactions 0 Meaning Design Elements Extremely difficult to design 0 Color very important 0 Form shape design elements 0 Vector Based Adobe InDesign Because its easier for simplicity crispness and variety Legal Implications Enjoy Cocaine Trademark a word name symbol or device or any combination adopted and used by a merchant to identify its goods and distinguish them from those manufactured or sold by others Ex MampMs Burger King Kleenex CocaCola means the mark is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office Purpose is to protect consumers from being mislead about the source of goods or services 0 Infringement consumers are likely to be confused because use of the trademark is similar mark McDonald s McSleep McDental o Dilution contends that a use blurs the distinctiveness of the mark or damages or tarnishes it Enjoy Cocaine Unwholesome association of CocoCola with illegal drug could dilute the value of CocoCola o 1995 Trademark Dilution Act allows 1 Fair use by a competitor in comparative ads 2 Noncommericial use 3 all forms of news reporting and commentary Visual Identity Manual clearly outlines uses of their logos Acceptable logo formats Color palette Typography Implementation Accompanying Materials Visual Persuasion in Advertising job is to purchase support Elements of Persuasion Aristotle Ethos source s credibility Logos logical arguments Pathos emotional appeals These three combine to create persuasion Typography Based Ads persuasion built on typography Ads can be especially persuasive when a photo is used BC photos have very strong internal emotions in a way that text can not do Bennetton Case Study Italian Clothing Company uses there ads with political issues Visual Technology amp Web Design 32111 845 AM Website an information source A programing code that tells your browser how to look Name of code HTML Hyper Text Markup Language How to create Write HTML write actual code WYSIWYG software What you see is what you get Dreamweaver CMS Google analytics Evolution of Web Design mid 19905 simple era amp text only currently usability era amp usercentered sites Step 1 Develop Site Goals Message amp Audience amp Medium Step 2 Gather and organize content Collect materials image files text video audio What goes together Step 3 Develop information architecture Content categories Develop site structure amp navigation 0 Easiest way to get from Point A to B and back Step 4 Designing site Story Board 0 Content navigation colors fonts Step 5 Built Organize files amp build with software Step 6 Test Test Test Look for programing bugs Step 7 Publish Step 8 Maintain Update Maintain Monitor and modify as necessary 0 Ex provide social links Basic Design Still Applies Elements in Web Design to Consider Text Color Graphics Navigationhyperlinks Type on the Web Default Times New Roman Hard to read online Webfriendly sans serif o Arial Helvetica Verdana Georgia Geneva Spaces between paragraphs no tabs if you want to use a fancy font must make it a graphic element Use sparingly 0 Headlines 0 Pull quotes 0 Navigation Images Formats jpg amp gif Resolution 72 dpi Color Mode RGB Provide alternative Text for images Web Color hexadecimal values 216 safe colors Combination of 6 or letters 0 Black 000000 0 White ffffff Navigation Clear names Navigation on all pages Home button on all pages Top or Left Always in same place and shouldn t change Facebook 500 million active users US Population 300 million World Population 7 billion


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