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by: Ariel Kautzer
Ariel Kautzer
GPA 3.83

L. Lundy

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About this Document

L. Lundy
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ariel Kautzer on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MC 3010 at Louisiana State University taught by L. Lundy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/223152/mc-3010-louisiana-state-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
What is PR PR History 932013 84300 PM o What is PR o Management function that identifies establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relations between an organization and the various publics of whom its success or failure depends on Keywords Deliberate Planned Performance Public Interest 2 way Management Function ChaHenges o Multifaceted 0 Global Estimated 3 million people practice worldwide 0 Definitions Many definitions Publicity in newspaper tv interview or red carpet events 9 ROPES o Research 0 Understanding your client the problem and your audience o Objectives o Programming 0 Evaluate tactics and strategies to tackle problemsobjectives o Evaluation 0 Benchmark how effective o Stewardship o Maintaining and keeping relationships strong 9 PR vs other concentrations o Journalism 0 Objective vs advocate 0 Mass vs defined public 0 One channel vs many channels o Advertising 0 External audiences vs specialized audiences 0 Paid media vs earned media media packet pitched to media practitioners about info important to their audience 3rd party credibility o Marketing 0 Selling productsservices vs building relationships o Oneway communication more persuasive 9 PR History o 1St Century BC Emerging importance of public opinion o Arthur W Page 0 Vicepresident of ATampT PR in 1927 0 Accepted the job only if he could be involved in policymaking 0 Transparent Emphasized telling the truth proof with action listen to customers manage for tomorrow conduct PR as if the entire company depends on it realize a company s true character is expressed by its people employees remain calm patient and goodhumored and keep the public information o Edward Bernays o The father of modern PR Nephew of Sigmund Fued Studied how people think outofthebox thinker Torches of Liberty n Cigarettes parade debutantes freedom from men increases cig sales Light s Golden Jubilee o Doris Fleischman 0 Wife of Edward Bernays 0 American PR executive and feminist 0 Member of Lucy Stone League org to encourage women to keep their maiden names after marriage o Ivy Ledbetter Lee 0 Created the Declaration of Principles in 1906 PR should not operate as a secret press bureau not an ad agency should be transparent and provide information o Reasons for expansion of PR 0 Economy 0 Major increase in urban and suburban populations From needs to more desires 0 Growth of larger business labor and government 0 Scientific and technological advances 0 Communication revolution 0 Financial considerations o PR amp the Civil Rights Movement 0 March on Washington brought people together for a common cause PR as a Career 932013 84300 PM o Essential skills a Writing b Research ability c Planning expertise d Problemsolving ability e BusinessEconomic competence o 5 must have qualities of the modern employee a Embrace change have a voice be autonomous share and help others filter and focus o Corporate structure shapes the PR s role a The role of PR in an organization often depends on i The type of organization ii Perception of top management iii Capabilities of the PR executives b Working with other depts i Requires cooperation to avoid possible friction w 1 Legal 2 Human resources Advertising 4 Marketing c PR firm structure i Senior Manager 1 Supervises subordinates and attains new clients ii Sr Account ExecutiveAcct Supervisor 1 Supervise one large account or several smaller ones iii Account Exec 1 Daily work creative and planning aspects iv Asst Account Work d ProsCons of working for a firm i Pros 9quot H Objectivity easier to see what the public sees if you don t work only with that org and in house Experience different types of PR and situations gain a variety of skills and experience More resources Nationalinternational connections and offices N 400 U39l Problemsolving Cons H Superficial knowledge of clients Lack of commitment and longterm relationships Resentment of internal staff a Coming in and saying certain things are poo DON o Role of ethics a Make decisions that Satisfy public interest the employer our professional organization s code of ethics and personal ethics and values o Professionalism in PR requires a Independence b Responsibility to society c Concern for competence and honor of profession d Loyalty to the profession higher than the employer 0 PRSA a Professional values S Advocacy i39 Honesty Expertise continuing to refine and better our profession Independence objective council Loyalty Fairness b Code Provisions Free flow of information Competition Discloses of info Safeguarding confidences Enhancing the profession PR Research 932013 84300 PM o Methods for Reaching Respondents o Mail questionnaire 0 Cheap o Telephone surveys o More expensive must have target people s phone number 0 Immediate notice of response o Personal Interview 0 More time more money 0 Very descriptive o PiggybackOmnibus Survey 0 Cost effective 0 Get 23 questions out of approx 100 o For general audience o WebEmail Survey PR Planning 932013 84300 PM o The Value of Planning o 2nd step in the PR process o Organization begins making plans to do something about an issue o PR planning should be strategic o Management by Objective o Clientemployer objectives o Audiencepublic o Audience objectives o Media channels o Media channel objective o Sources and question o Comm Strategies o Essence of the message o Nonverbal support o Elements of a program plan o Situation 0 Problem or negative situation new productservice o Preserve its reputation and public support o Objective 0 Does it really address the situation Realistic and achievable 0 Can it be measured 0 Informational Objectives Message exposure Create national buzz and awareness for Butterfinger Finger Accurate dissemination reaching your target 0 Motivational Objectives Acceptance of message Attitude change Chang in overt behavior behavior that can be seen and measured 0 Audience Programs should be directed toward a defined audience Market research can identify key publics by demographics Many campaigns have multiple audiences wdifferent outreach methods In general mass media reaches defined audiences Strategy 0 Provides guidelines and key message themes for the overall program 0 As well as a rationale for the actions and program components that are planned 0 Key messages main points to get across Tactics 0 The nuts and bolts or tactical part of the plan 0 Specific instructions of how to implement strategy 0 Most visible part of any plan 0 Involves using various methods to reach audience CalendarTimetable 0 Timing of campaign 0 Schedule of tactics o Compiling a calendar Budget 0 Staff time Staff and administration 70 of budget 0 OOP Out of Pocket Expenses Includes collateral materials ads programs flyers o Unexpected expenditures 10 Evaluation 0 Realistic credible and specific feedback regarding objectives 0 Should restate objectives and then name evaluation methods 0 Measurin relationshi s Control mutuality parties have the rightful power to influence each other Trust Level of confidence in and willingness to open oneself to another party a Integrity Belief that an org is fair and just a Dependability Org will do what it says a Competence The ability do what an org says Exchange relationships Give now receive later Received back then so give back now Communal relationships both parties work together and benefit each other even when not getting anything in return 0 Measuring engagement First step in building a relationship with audience and brand Customer engagement helps promote and protect brand Can make products betters Levels Searchers Lurkers Casuals Actives Defenders 0 Measuring what you can t control Define the goal Identify you publics and determine how your social media efforts affects them Define benchmarks Determine special Key Performance Indicators KPIs by which you define success Select a tool collect data analyze results make recommendations and measure again 0 Advertising Value Eguivalencx AVEs dollar values assigned to PR or earned coverage based on the cost to purchase an equivalent amount of space as advertising AVE is based on the notion that you can buy advertising that equates to what you have earned Earned media story presented to a journalist that finds the information important to their audience a Journalist lends 3rd party credibility Advertisement objective paid media 0 Listening learning and resgonding To the marketplace n Setup and refine your search strings a Review and track results Verify which outlets matter What does the market think of you and your competitors n n n Determine your place in the marketplace vs competition To customers U Turn feelings into numbers and metrics o Events and Sponsorships 0 Use to launch new productsservices drive affinity between customers and the brand Love Mark reach new markets and customers One reason not to participate Because we always havequot Event Metrics Great metric for event is to analyze web traffic before during and after an event and determine significant changes Web analytics tools create unique URL for event monitor what they do after follow URL Content analysis tools a Product mentions Messagingposition how are you being talked about Key messages do they appear in content Fully Partially Quotes Visibility and prominence are you in the headlinespot light o Writing Objectives Webinar o Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles o Need to know for exam 0 Difference between goals and objects 0 Acronym SMART o Stretched objectives o Examples of objective statements 0 Importance of Goal setting and measurement Fundamental aspects PR program 0 Measuring the effect on outcomes is Qrefeered to measuring outputs O O n n n n o The effect on business results can and should be measured when Qossibles PR Theory 932013 84300 PM o Implementing the plan o Step 3 Communication o A PR Perspective o Cpommunicator should ask whether the message is O O O O 0 Appropriate Maninful Memorable Understandable Believable o Communicator should know the exact objective sought Grunig s possible objectives 0 O O O 0 Message exposure Accurate dissemination Acceptance Attitude change Change in overt visible behavior Most challenging thing to do in communication o Media Uses and Gratification Media Uses and Grati catlons mm quotagemawenaa Magma can Sam mxegunv quotHuangannemnnswwh nmm smmh a moms randynamsandmdnn LK MM 79mm rem Exam and dwnmun tdemn muvcsmdm radm nwnu 5m M17er m m nwnanm 3997 The n pgnanee gfzsway cumman d Idea pr made SHDu d be Wgsway symmemca d Understandmg nut persuasmn s the pr nmp e DbJEEUVE d SDE E me a 7W egmm m ndswsdax ede Paymg attn m the message d Passwe audwenue s need messages that have Beam2 and syke d Adwe audwenue s mare suphwstmated supp ementa mfu d Aungemng mnuept 33 u earmng s Waugh swght e sun can be engaged mne mmm rawses a 2 st E Addenee sun 5 hwghest at the bwggmmng d Understand the message Ectwe use D anguage Wnte jrdanty E n n Avoud jargon cause symanticnoidr Use symbols Avoid clich or hypre words Avoid euphremisms Avoi o Believing the Message Source credibility varibles


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