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by: Kaci Terry


Kaci Terry
GPA 3.95

E. Mendrela

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About this Document

E. Mendrela
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaci Terry on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EE 4422 at Louisiana State University taught by E. Mendrela in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/223164/ee-4422-louisiana-state-university in Electrical Engineering at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
EE 4422 Homework 4 1 N E Name Solution A 3phase 20 kVA 208 V 4pole starconnected synchronous machine has a synchronous reactance of X5 15 2 per phase The resistance of the stator winding is negligible The machine is connected to a 3phase 208 V in nite bus Neglect rotational losses a The eld current and the mechanical input power are adjusted so that the synchronous machine delivers 10 kW at 08 lagging power factor Determine the excitation voltage Ef and the power angle 5 b The mechanical input power is kept constant but the eld current is adjusted to make the power factor unity Determine the percent change in the eld current with respect to its value in part a A 3phase 2300 V 60 Hz 12pole Yconnected synchronous motor has 45 2 per phase synchronous reactance and negligible stator winding resistance The motor is connected to an in nite bus and draws 250 A at 08 power factor lagging Neglect rotational losses a Determine the output power b Determine the power to which the motor can be loaded slowly without losing synchronism Determine the torque stator current and supply power factor for this condition A 1 MVA 3phase 2300 V 60 Hz 10pole Yconnected cylindrical rotor synchronous motor is connected to an in nite bus The synchronous reactance is 73 Q A11 losses may be neglected The synchronous motor delivers 760 kW and the motor operates at 085 power factor leading a Determine the excitation voltage Ef b Determine the maximum power and torque the motor can deliver for the excitation current of part a c The power output is kept constant at 760 kW and the eld current is decreased By what factor can the eld current of part a be reduced before synchronism is lost A 3phase 190 kW 2300 V 60 Hz Y J quot rotor a motor has a synchronous reactance of 11 2 per phase When it draws 1658 kW the power angle is 15 electrical degrees Neglect ohmic losses a Determine the excitation voltage per phase Ef b Determine the supply line current Ia c Determine the supply power factor d If the mechanical load is thrown off and all losses become negligible Determine the new line current and supply power factor Draw the phasor diagram By what percent should the eld current If be changed to minimize the line current 402 7 5sz V V am y 4 Ag5 5 a 173 z 0 a Ia WVRg f A 4 797 5 7V M j quot 0 45 K75 V 2 gr M5 P m Li fJ yfm Jazz9 I amp a f2MWWo Aa 1f ffx af 45 AFV K20V 56 I 41 J f f 439 j 3935 I K W 33quot 76 WW I f Pp a d75T J 12 g39 rm4i f J z 5 I V 7 a rr 39 39 quot r 39 M V Ali Z 2 EW xIU PM K0 6 f5 a P y 7 j A VLV dfme V f 15 90 0 2 j g391230276 7A31 02 773 Azo Z z 34 a a J f f 1i 39a W 394 W 399 M mmo 3934 1WMJV Z 2595 s 1er 5 quot quot f a sigma395 x22 M A A 23957 SX 27 L 4 24 i g yd 0 44 I 71 d v we m ma WM 91 W 239 KL 1 I A a 1 11 U 4 LA71 5 Egg if Jl x 5 17 5 I 7 7 MiaWig fafgl Md 1 lt A Aw amlr H 777 A p quot1quot I v x gay gs w J Z T 4 qzwa x Z X W rgg r k JU 39ayz waai g v finpg 13 4M Mr 4 a7 0 2 yfd39 477 V05lt739 r6707 wa 577 awew w w avg2W J mm A v A J az0yvx f5 0 2 53 214 y o V j100 y fezgm LJyya d sz 76i 0 217 W Profm 3 024 5 7 V ggao V i Yt f f 39o7 A V opr oqrm 0 7p 2 W a r 27 p 1 z w fr a 7 X5 39 A 39 AW 29 g y xxxM P I a T ra 32 7 WMAMZ Jff 1 7 M m f2300 cff ZHAFMA I W 7 5 7 W 4 KW K pg39m J W W E7 V 7 7 7221 Jgivp szfff 39m a2 j 3 I 7347 m 754 VMc C 73776Q VICOwI7 rfWzy o V f P Jy weoy a 5 gaf 957 J 40 5quot r v f Z 0 37 5 q 3 7 474 lt2 w 45 Problem 4 A 3V 7 KY quot1 5 gt Ml V ryjarVy39f 1 I 39 if g V I X M 71 Mm M f 4 Ar 2 07 Va 7 1 g 2 r 5quot 1306 f r fl 1 r V f 2 7 32c 397 quota U quot 5 n 513 r f 3 f 1 7 3 4 f k wh1m 7 Jazz V 3 930ng bin1 47quot X j I 7 L f V I y I Z r IVVV v I V 39 7 A a h 3 2K I I 1 xi gt75 455 7 345539f 39 f g4 r quot 39v x 5 4 ur t x me 7 4r v AH 7 k L I I 39r quot Lav 1 4 1 1 Z X 43 7 H H v V mag2 83 7 r quot S f z sgr 39 r L I K H N Q m gt1 m N K v 15 E 4


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