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by: Kenya Rutherford


Kenya Rutherford
GPA 3.79

A. Skavantzos

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About this Document

A. Skavantzos
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kenya Rutherford on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EE 3755 at Louisiana State University taught by A. Skavantzos in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/223166/ee-3755-louisiana-state-university in Electrical Engineering at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
EE 3755 Comfu39kv AvirLkmehc HQHJOU39L 2 3 El W 3755 QC Fter 1644 Div ion InkeJchMn ConsiJev a Zh LZ humLer A 2H1a2n2 Called divides OmA am n1 Bbn1LnZL1Lo mild Aiuisov The Javl sion nf A b 5 wiU sun 39m we nuvaPY S am n AH humbev 619quot1 12 quot 1410 Jim jun lquotm th 91 4 ql quotlt0 hum Lev 94 quot H LIL hUYh Lev R rhJ rn z 39 rl Fa gt Q Yema nJev The Aaqi md A Azu sor B guohe ml remmznclev 11 Aug 49 gonadsquot m w if Hm huwbe axe Signal zen 39Hne remaiwa t v R has Hne same Sign 05 19 diuiJeuJ A The iueHenJ Q 5 F S Jrhe if ae divided A 4m dcvijov B are of Hue same 525v LoH Poul ve or Lak we zlive wk 65 1vO4n39fh is he qhve if he JiviJenJ an Jim39sw we 0 Jlffeven s5th one Poulwe oma ohe nedpqlivd Davism Ova Elmo CnhsiJev 62 frouem of JUNE 0 ZhLH Aha914 A 53 0quot n Lil dzviscv B 39va ordev 0 DH HV 0m hbil39 inclied Q and um n LZL remqimlev R A division oueflow clturs if h NSUIHWJ gecko Q meal none 4 an v1 28 for 8 Yffffich Fqlion w nere 1th ConsiJev H t c ConsiJev q Zn Lil Jivfdend Aqzn1quotznzquot39quot n 3911quot e wmasl n L d quot4er A4 NJ 14 HJH ww hlailr Mr A0 quot59quot 394439 zn La zn zquotquot h amJ Aoan 1 u ca 0bv ouslg Me valve or A 3 AgAJKZnAO Cansiclcv how we division of 4 b 0 h LH Jivisov B The w quot39quotJ 4 WM 50 39Wfl Shawn quotlg Ame Hen a 4mm over ow ouwrg39f 434vueml 2 quot 4 lt8 39Hven vg Jc w sion over w I UCltuv shyweng 1 A z Ankle 5 The cesqu 4 p ruf cierJ Conclckoquot gov a division overflow 0 occur 4 mt AigtBquot wo oz Sjquwen l Cow Je 42 Jivlsiu of q Zn LH Jim deml 413439quot 0 39 bn A u lube w Ale b M h lul Jusor B a A A1qZ I1gvvzquot39 In Imd A0qnJquotquot uatu Thequot 5 Velvc E u m wink 12 leasion ev H 5 ABXGLR C4 Co meg 3 4nd 4 we e 39 Alxa 3 emsz 9 Asxvue mm 94 A1 3 and assume 59 JIVI39Sl vv WNWquot does occwr The qssour m cf no over ow occur03 9an JhyI Q CQn be rue ed iv v Itquot or qu mvma 1 Under 4hr NR ssuurhon ke mungMM a H E H C egu ihoh is 95 q gunc uyfcgeggtri J Ufa BQRquot quotMvm BxQM lx Ewan BKCZ LJJrRJ v1 3quot 3 3 1 Exit1ij wal 1440 Etctour 59 00 We wkicl mean RWHFBJ39 To Iummariag we we 1 M n inwm o r H Side age I 82n l 5 r L2H now gem he minimum cf hlt le siJe of c uq ivn 5 vhJev quotre Humidow Hui A1gt8 Under Hai assuwp ian Al MM N UM 50 we now Aqve n n 391 AJKZ 41Mmlmum Alminsz 49 mlquot 8x2 0 sz 0V Minimum 0 ride of gar 8x2 From euqx39on5 6 and 7 wefcl WW4 which cg es39gt m 5 w nfh L Je orgy This last fad Shaggy 49 4M4 if we some I an nLix 1oaHean Q J 141 4qu 9 He r31 SIJE of est cm m reacL w mum of he 31 5W 4 5 leP weqns 414 he uni n Q sAauH Le Vl LL Oh which baffle 01 d39fvu39sivv lama v Hm ch om W00 0 S gtl wewl 2 quoteve we home OfWVE Hx f ALlt3 59 Jim sfov ma a Jags ecuY nuier QZQCP ivq4l390v 5 can assume 631 he 0Vtv 0w occur No ovaflaw c n EH quotWVawn 94 Q cqn be repvrseu ed w 1 QCCUY ing Megquot Under HIE quvaa ichj 52 DY awnMW Zn L 3 Hue YES VH 545 of eyuwow C5 is a m CBKQ RMQ A 9 wa Eu BquotCzn39l3 i B ZJ OY Mme a zine m 0 aw 7 3quot 9 Loo39L nS new adv ke de of CiUQiOh 5 AL 5L 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