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by: Kaci Terry


Kaci Terry
GPA 3.95

A. Skavantzos

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About this Document

A. Skavantzos
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaci Terry on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EE 3755 at Louisiana State University taught by A. Skavantzos in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/223166/ee-3755-louisiana-state-university in Electrical Engineering at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
EE 3755 Com PAW Ar e zme11fc HamclomL 7 g ROME Cvnsiier 490 h H Ckihqrg Vq on loynL H030 3 23Ln1 Ellaa xquin how 5 COW USE ke yrocedorz W oLVCJCn 0L Qn L in ogev AmuletLA Lg qvl hL Nigger A v ieov in order 0 COMFU39 1 31 3 wLefe f3 Mus 0450 2 98 0m nL EVRCJVW g3 Wuer Le Hze Leg n L Jr Rffkor XLmqLan 6 EL 2 Answer I Consc Jer he in wafers AjB where n Y0 oo iv eJev A I mn1 i 910 00 Mkeger B Lh 91 Lo Divicle A by B 0 636 01h n LH V0Jr enlr Q owl om n Li relwade 3 Then ABltampR 0 A 3 a 6 Recq indv kq RltBltor O lti 1 is oLw39ous 441014 klt Led nedaer q93roximo hloh of g 5 Q or Eu B E Q where Q 2Q 0 B lt l OLViouSJ A28 x61 1 I Lei Q Le Ql33L 1 114 Then 32 29 quot ia i quotquotLL LO Quegk vh 0413 does ke qLove 0042 6252239 E1 1 AicMNL39ES mutt QL0L00000Z knit 31 7024 Wm 11292 or szL 2 2 OWL l quot 39 Q OOquot39O 2 N L39Vi 019 X C 39z win 7quot D of km 0o2 gm 4 Wild jg 0 41 9 532 X 0 1M 92Z 1 2 L1 mo EXo mil z COMP gng 1J 2 owe HLe fo lowx39hcf L11l 0 qucliahs 3121000 2110 l2839 Soiuioni Here AOOO 0000Z 361002 12 DivJinx A 13 B where we 5d uvheh r Q 10 3 I 00192 01ml YemganJev R 5 Lioooh Here 7 3 gt31 Tho fave Q1 31 11 IOU2 fwd 3 1quot lt lollZ Twit see Hglr Janice 3 J fz1100 he 2 8ch 91162 is gig7 WquJr we 0 015 Q VL qT PrOX m074L mx Log 1 1 5L g87g iOlI Iigll l The oLJm neA resuH lol1z687 iS Hm clOSQSJr Ll EH qudiovzg q wra XCMQllov1 06 lgzz C gm v ObseWe 4154 ol0L 625 0 6875 is closer 0 39 66C Hugh 625 5


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