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by: Eliseo Moore


Eliseo Moore
GPA 3.78

B. Haggard

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About this Document

B. Haggard
Class Notes
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eliseo Moore on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGRO 4078 at Louisiana State University taught by B. Haggard in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see /class/223175/agro-4078-louisiana-state-university in Agricultural & Resource Econ at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
The Relationship Between Technology and Society What role do you think technology plays in shaping society if at all Technological determinism Introduction of new technologies produces direct and unalterable social changes People have little control over technology and the effect it has on the world Technological development follows a logical or natural path of progression one invention builds on another and humans do not can not in uence the order or direction Technological determinism Development of technology is unaffected by social and 77 v 7 Euwummumlldmt wamrs Technologies change i 39 in a i 7 of 39 39 science engineering Base 5 Material rnsnumnt utllachmlngy Technology is a powerful force it requires to behave in certain ways The technningical detenninistt munu sausal reductisnist madeI 0f change Chapter 8 The Social Construction of Artifacts Empirical Programme of Relativism EPOR Demonstrates the social construction of scientific knowledge in the hard sciences Focuses on the empirical study of Contemporary scientific developments and the study of scientific controversies EPOR Three stages l Interpretative exibility Social mechanisms Closure Mechanisms EPOR represents a continuing effort by sociologists to understand the content of the natural sciences in terms of social construction Most studies focus on second stage social mechanisms Social Constructivism Technology is in uenced by society Societal factors contribute to the success or failure of a technology j j Technological development occurs recursively The Social Construction of Technology SCOT lt3 The developmental process of a technological art1fact is an alternation of variation and selection r e Focuses on the multidirectional vs linear development of a technology lt19 Failures of a technology are an important aspect of ii its development it Decide which problems are relevant based on the meanings that SOClal groups give to the artifact EPOR and SCOT EPOR first stageInterpretative exibility Must be shown that different interpretations of nature are available to scientists and that nature alone does not provide a determinant outcome to scientific debate SCOT first stageDemonstration of artifacts Must demonstrate that technological artifacts are culturally constructed and interpreted There also is exibility in how artifacts are designed There is more than one way of designing an artifact EPOR and SCOT EPOR second stage e Concerns the mapping of mechanism for the closure of debate SCOT second stage at Concerns the stabilization of an artifact EPOR and SCOT EPOR third stage relate the content of a technological artifact to a wider sociopolitical environment SCOT third stage describing technological artifacts by focusing on the meanings given to them by relevant social groups seems to suggest a way forward Technological Momentum Is it a form of social constructivism When a technology is new social factors play an important role in its adaptation and development Once a technology is accepted social factors diminish in importance 39 x Chapter 9 Technological Momentum E Hughes believes that large sociotechnical systems can gain momentum meaning these systems can appear to have a mind of their own and cannot be stopped e Social groups corporations government industries consumers have reasons for keeping the systems going financial infrastructure ideological reasons ti 33 Technological Momentum Hughes argues that the investment of money effort and resources to develop technological systems can make subsequent efforts to change the systems ff39 as difficult EBASCO Electric Bond and Share Company L n H d H 30 gm 7 L 31 m u My 1 i k 1 Interpretations of EBASCO a Technological determinism EBASCO S technical core is a cause with many social effects causing change in social components and in society Social constructivism the impact of economic political geographical forces and social values is shaping the EBASCO system 4 Technological momentum EBASCO is a technological system with interacting technical and social components Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change u n mayst 39 39 I I Q SlT u 39 P stmanas Five 16 LCulture pays a price for technology 2 are winners and lasersin technological change a expression hawthe technology makes people use 4 is mt atiditfve it is ecological is a creation not a natural one Postman We should not Sleepwalk through technological Change it has a tendency to control What we do we have been too willing to Shape our lives to fit the requirements of technology not the requirements of culture Postman Questions to Ponder l Postman states We need to proceed with our eyes wide open so that we may use technology rather than be used by it What does he mean by this 2 Postman also discusses the idea that technological change is ecological and not additive what do you think he means by this


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