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by: Gladys Ritchie PhD


Gladys Ritchie PhD
GPA 3.97

W. Dennis

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About this Document

W. Dennis
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gladys Ritchie PhD on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 1005 at Louisiana State University taught by W. Dennis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/223177/engl-1005-louisiana-state-university in Foreign Language at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
English 1005 Fall 2010 Whitney B Dennis Office hours M 200400 pm Office Allen Hall 321 T 3 15415 pm Phone 5780273 W 10001100 am Email wdennil tigerslsuedu Th 3154 15 pm COURSE OBJECTIVES ENGL 1005 is a General Education course that teaches English composition to students whose rst language is not English In this course you will learn how to Recognize and use the language of academic writing Position yourself as a writer and researcher within an academic community Recognize and use a variety of patterns common to academic writing Read critically and critique the work of others Revise your working using instructor and peer feedback Summarize the work of others Write a research paper lcxuszwi VVVVVVV COURSE MATERIALS Required Writing in the Disciplines A Reader and Rhetoric forAcademic Writers 63911 edition Kennedy and Kennedy Keys for Writers Raimes A standardsized folder to keep your work in Two blue books Looseleaf paper Recommended A collegelevel dictionary COURSE REQUIREMENTS In addition to a diagnostic essay and nal exam you will complete two timed inclass essays and two paced essays one of which will require your own research and the use of multiple sources if possible in your eld of study You will also be responsible for daily readings and written work To be eligible to take the nal examination all assigned work must be completed and turned in on time Ifillness or any other excused absence prevents you from submitting work on time you must submit your work within two class periods of your return to class I am happy to respond to questions through email butI will not accept assignments or essays electronically A hard copy is required To allow for exibility a more detailed syllabus including all assignments and due dates will be put on Moodle every two to three weeks ATTENDANCE Attendance is essential to your success in this course Coursework includes inclass writing and group work which cannot be done outside of class or be made up later In addition much of the planning for major assignments is done in class Missing class is not an excuse for failing to complete assignments If you must be absent check with a classmate not me for any assignments you may have missed Unless your absence is excused by me or the University you are expected to submit all assignments on time Graduate students who miss more than 20 of the class meetings 8 absences for MWF classes and 6 absences for TTh classes this semester will be reported to the graduate school GRADING Graduate students You will receive a grade of pass 80 100 or no credit 0 79 your grade will be based on your nal exam essay only but remember that you MUST complete ALL other essays and assignments in order to take the nal exam Undergraduate students Your grade will be based on all of your work this semester attendance and class participation will be factored into your grade as well Your grading scale is as follows A907100B80789C70779D60769F0759 CONFERENCES Conferences will be required at designated times during the semester and are always encouraged They offer the opportunity to discuss speci c strengths and weaknesses as well as areas of improvement Missing a conference is equivalent to missing a class PAPER FORMAT 1 Papers written outside of class should be typed doublespaced 12point Times New Roman font In the upper righthand comer of the first page type the following Your Name ENGL 1005 7 00X Type of Essay The Date Computers are available on many places on campus Check the LSU homepage under Student LifeComputingPublic Access Labs for locations times and programs 2 I prefer that you write in ink for inclass essays however if you write in pencil you must use 2 lead In either case your writing must be neat and clearly legible


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