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by: Ms. Rodrigo Okuneva
Ms. Rodrigo Okuneva
GPA 3.57

D. McCaughey

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About this Document

D. McCaughey
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Rodrigo Okuneva on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 2123 at Louisiana State University taught by D. McCaughey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/223178/engl-2123-louisiana-state-university in Foreign Language at Louisiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Jeremy Brunet 112712 Topic The Way Down is the Way Up The Entrance to Elysium It is a time unknown in the Elysian Fields the place of resting for those who have done good works in their lifetimes Sitting at a table in an enclosed patio are Nixon Socrates Gilgamesh and Orestes talking of their lives and the tragic things that they have experienced Nixon passed away after being hit by a car that was about to hit his best friend Turner Stull Socrates has been in Elysium for some time after drinking the hemlock in Athens Gilgamesh died in his sleep at the age of 70 after a long and fruitful rule in Uruk Orestes also had a successful rule after he returned to Argos from his trial in Athens The four men discuss their personal apocalypses and how they moved forward after them Through their dialogue the four men discover truths about life in general and how their own personal experiences tie into the bigger picture Nixon Man after all I ve been through getting hit by a car is the least of my troubles I ve seen the whole world destroyed by a storm my whole world at least My wife and kids washed away by that damn storm Gilgamesh One storm That s all Ifought and killed Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven I lost my best friend Enkidu went through the Tunnel of the Sun crossed the Waters of Death and returned to rule a great kingdom Uruk Orestes I had to avenge my father and kill my own mother and her lover Do you know what that does to you To have Furies follow you to feel the wings of madness pass over you W0men who served that house they came like Gorgons they wore robes of black and they were wreathed in a tangle of snakes I could no longer stay pg 110 1048 1050 Socrates Peace friends we are all equal in our exploits All of us are here in paradise Is that not the goal I drank hemlock rather than leave my beloved Athens All of us loved Athens is my love Orestes you have your father and the city of Argos Gilgamesh your friend Enkidu and mighty Uruk Nixon your family and friends We all suffered personal apocalypses and used them to grow and become new men better men reborn after the ends of our worlds That is how we got here Gilgamesh You are right Socrates I learned about myself through my journey and loss My personal growth gave me the tools to create a great city and bring Uruk to power I have carved my trials on stone tablets have restored the holy Eanna Temple and the massive wall of Uruk which no city on earth like can equal 69 All of this became possible through my pain the pain from my apocalypse from losing Enkidu and searching for immortality Nixon Brother Ihear you I was lost in my pain and there was no exit Turner saved me just like I saved him He pushed me out of the way of the bus of my disconnection that was hurtling toward me Losing my family made me hurt so bad but taught me to learn from my pain I grew wiser and freer of soul but was imprisoned until Turner saved my mind Orestes I J J 39 39J My J mind was imprisoned in a sound body My r body was the asylum that my spirit was locked inside of Only being acquitted freed me from the chains of insanity Gilgamesh After Enkidu s death I was in denial When the maggot fell from his nostril I became obsessed with immortality I went through many trials and tribulations in order to chase eternal life Only when the Plant of Eternal Youth was stolen by the snake and I arrived home with the boatman Urshanabi did I see the truth I saw that my apocalypse of losing my best friend and adopted brother was the way that I became the man and ruler that my people needed and that I was meant to be Socrates My apocalypse occurred when I was to be exiled a fate worse than death My teachings were condemned by the leaders but rather than surrender to them and leave I still won even though I lost my life Nixon You think that leaving your city hurts Try leaving your family and returning to find them dead Do you know how much it hurts to know that you might have been able to save them from the storm I could have stayed I should have stayed Do you think I would have left my family if I knew it was gonna hit Do you think that huh I need my family Socrates Nixon Stop You did what you could It is passed and you have them back here in the Elysian Fields No one is perfect Without their deaths you would have wasted your life They would have died anyway Perhaps you would have died too Gilgamesh Nixon Socrates is right And if you had died with them then Turner would have wasted his life too Also he would have died from being hit by that bus instead of you So their deaths saved your life for a while as well as Tumer s life Nixon Fine fine I concede Orestes Nixon my mother Clytemnestra and her lover had to die The god Apollo said that she must It was destined to happen Likewise your family was supposed to die and you were meant to live and suffer and as a result grow That is the lot that destiny allocated to you So embrace the tragedy and own it as your own Do not regret but rejoice It is what was meant to be and it tested you and you passed the test You survived your apocalypse Nixon You are all wise men I m just an average guy There s nothing special about me when you think about it Orestes You survived your personal apocalypse Do you know how many people do not They fail They cannot handle the test before them and fail They live lukewarm lives which is to say never truly live or even worse kill themselves because they can t take the pain You survived and were empowered through it You are a champion just like us You saved a man s life How is that not special Socrates Wisdom comes from suffering You have hurt immeasurably You are wise beyond your years Sooner or later every man experiences a personal apocalypse and is faced with a choice A choice that must be made to surrender and become like the masses of men around you oundering like sh out of water or to ght and stand proud and never surrender but march on proudly Gilgamesh I did that I marched on and did not surrender I attacked the challenges as they came at me and triumphed Only by never surrendering and facing all that can harm you with courage can you enter the palace that is wisdom Nixon Thank you all for your kind words It s very reassuring to know that my decision was the right one How is it that we all came to make the right decision And are our experiences the reason that we are now here in Elysium Why us Some of us like me are just normal men Why are we the chosen ones to be here in this paradise We are like everyone else in our humanity Socrates I believe that we were given the ability to withstand such hurt for a reason We were to spread what we had experienced and learned from our suffering If there is a reason that we are here then that must be it Orestes I agree with Socrates Because if this is the land of those who did good throughout their lives and lived virtuously then we all must have done both of these things Therefore Ithink that the suffering granted us our wisdom And that through our wisdom we were enabled to choose virtuous and become good people We are now people who cleansed through suffering are able to be more concerned with helping others than helping just ourselves All of us were just rulers or men of knowledge that were above our station Only through great pain and suffering are the rewards of justice and knowledge bestowed upon men Our apocalypses are the magnifier that focuses the heat of the sun onto us and makes the hurt our own individual possession which we can be proud of Gilgamesh So you are saying that the reason that we are here in the wonder and glory that is Elysium is because we are smarter than all other men That only the wise are saved Nixon No man What he s saying is that only those who choose to be saved are saved You have to decide that you want to be something more And to be something more you have to do more The suffering is in the doing Ifwe all sat around and did nothing it is very likely that we would not suffer much at all But we did things many things difficult things And we never gave in never surrendered Gilgamesh I see By enduring the pain that is one of the inevitable facts of life the mind undergoes a fundamental change Wisdom is achieved that amazing state of understanding and awareness Socrates It is true It is all true But now I wish to pose a question to you all What causes suffering Or to be more specific why do men suffer and what in us allows it to happen Are we born suffering Is this a world of pain and anguish Or do we learn to suffer Orestes Ithink men are born to suffer How could we not be From birth to death humans are made to feel to experience That is the purpose of our senses The only reasonable answer is that since the dawn of time we were created to suffer Gilgamesh No no Orestes listen and I shall tell you the true answer to Socrates conundrum I believe that humans learn suffering We are not born in pain not conceived in the throes of agony If someone never experienced pain throughout the duration of his life then there is no possible way that he would know how to suffer It is possible that his body would not even be able to feel pain by the fact that it would be unaware that it should hurt If such a stimulus is there and it is not felt then therefore suffering is a foreign concept to that person In other words the person did not learn how to suffer Nixon I am not sure who to believe you both sound right in different ways How am I supposed to find the truth Socrates You all are looking at the effect not the cause These are the places pain comes from that is true but it is the cause we search for here today The cause of either learned pain or being born into a world that in icts pain is love Love is the reason that humanity experiences suffering It is also the reason that we have capacity to suffer So both of you are right Love is the spark that fires our personal apocalypse Without love in the world we would not know how to hurt because we would not know what is good and what is not But at the same time we are born into a world filled with many things among them love So both of you have found half of the answer in your quests to discover the root of the individual apocalypse and it is only through the medium of men that suffering permeates the world of the living Some depart in innocence as sufferers 01 doers of evil Victims not of the laws but of men 10 Nixon Thank you all for your kind words and insights on life and existence You are all good men and even better friends Now if you all will excuse me I am going back to see my family Socrates Good day Nixon Itoo will leave for I have new pupils to teach I shall go tutor them on the very things we have discussed here today on the topics of the root of suffering and how it comes to all men to suffer as a result of the world they inhabit as well as their human nature


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