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by: Ms. Rodrigo Okuneva


Ms. Rodrigo Okuneva
GPA 3.57

J. Gellrich

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About this Document

J. Gellrich
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Rodrigo Okuneva on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 3020 at Louisiana State University taught by J. Gellrich in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/223191/engl-3020-louisiana-state-university in Foreign Language at Louisiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
English 302 0 Class Notes BEUWULF 1 EPIC o NARRATIVE THAT MOVES INA LINEAR FASHION THAT TESTS THE HERO WHO AFFIRMS THE CULTURE S VALUES 0 Length long 0 National significance at stake o The language is formal 0 Uses epic similes 0 Cultural values and morals are resolved in the end in order for the culture to continue 0 Begins quotin medias res middle of the action 2 Date and Composition 0 Composed between 7501000 AD About events in 449650 German and Danish AngloSaxon and Iutes invading Briton Thought to come from close to Wales etc and was written in AngloSaxon The poem is about the Germanic forbearers of the English 3 IudeoChristian elements 0 Elements of Christianity are thought to have been inlaid at a later date probably by the monk who transcribed it 0 God in the poem Will of god is figured in the Old English quotWyrdquot fate o Grendal is a descendent of Cain from the Bible 0 The dead in the poem await God s judgment a purely Christian idea 0 Hell and the Devil are also ideas present in the poem that are purely Christian 0 Believers are said to find their father s embrace Heaven 0 However there is no notion of quotbeing under the allseeing eye of God therefore continuing the vengeance society 4 Structure of the Action 0 The group rather than the individual in uence the action group identity 0 The commitatus is summarized in the events of the hero Assures defense and survival of the unit Fortitude in adversity quotfortitudoquot 5 Beowulf after 50 winters 6 Beowulf s legacy The poem is full of genealogy The style of the poem is elevated and the characters are idealized Deeds of valor and superhuman strength Values of Beowulf 1 Fortitude 2 Sapientia wisdom 3 Deornede manliness courage strength 4 Respect for and defense of the wergild Grendal s Mother Grabs Grendal s arm so that his defeat cannot be memorialized When Beowulf goes after Grendal s mom with his comitatus the comitatus ees leaving Beowulf to fight alone which reestablishes the comitatus because the unity of society is dependent on strength of at the least its strongest member Grendal s mom is a second challenge to the comitatus When Grendal is defeated the hall is saved when Grendal s mom is defeated all of nature is calmed All of the boasting in the poem reaffirms the values of traditional culture shame oriented actions rather than guiltoriented actions Early Late Character Youth Age Comradeship Loneliness Action Heroic exploits fore EXploits for defense of testing the hero the realm Forwardlooking Backwardlooking Tone Positive Hesitation accomplishments Qualifications Triumph Limitations Theme Affirmation of what a What a thane cannot do thane can do Violence overcomes Wergild overcomes wergild violence Dragon The treasure is the wergild of an extinct race Ln 22472 266 The Last Survivor s Speech Ln 2430 Beowulflooks back Ln 2510 Beowulfboasts at the beginning of the attack this is the equivalent ofa public oath he cannot back down now Ln 2530 Beowulf separates himself from the comitatus and the comitatus once again ees Ln 2632 Wiglaf brings the comitatus back in a powerful defense of thaneship Ln 2700 Both Beowulf and WIglaf simultaneously kill the dragon under on shield English 3020 Class Notes CADMAN39S HYMN Oral Formulas Milman Parry said a word or group of words regularly used under strictly determined metrical conditions in order to express essential ideas THE DREAM OF THE ROOD quotRoodquot as speaker The tree represents a thane in a retinue personification The poem attempts to integrate a new Christian social pattern into a Wergild society In a world ofWergild and vengeance the tree cannot exact any retaliation for his lord because God is the one whom the tree must have ultimate loyalty to THE WANDERER Genre elegy elegiac mood Also present in Beowulf Topoi Conventional figure syntax or expression etc In The Wanderer 1 Exile 2 Ruin 3 Ubi Sunt where are they The poem is a form of Christian consolation consolatio Boethius Consolation of Philosophy is the parent idea of The Wanderer It is a stoic meditation on loss Consolation is the effect of human strength quotThe earth walker eardstapa Someone who is gravid and earth bound Alone wandering All of his kinsmen have been killed and he is rowing with his hands in a boat He is a thane without a comitatus and therefore has no identity and as a result he is looking for a lord It is winter with hail storms etc Exile M otif Ruin Motif Ubi Sunt quotWhere has the horse gone Lament for the loss of the comitatus Anaphora repetition of syllables ofinitial position in the syntax creates in ation of the emotional mood In this poem the mood that is in ated is loss The speaker returns to comment on what the wanderer is saying last paragraph comfort is not in human control this is the final thought of the poem


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